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					    Blues News
  Newsletter of the Canberra Blues Society

                 April 2010

             Jam Action
   Brian Taylor and Drew Wimhurst
    Photo courtesy of Paul Livingstone
           Canberra Blues Society’s
           April Blues Jam Session

      Our April Jam will be hosted by

        Nightless Lovers
       Percy Mayfield Revue outfit
 with Tony Haley leading the way on vocals
    and the Gripping Stuff Horn Section
Remember, Nightless Lovers = All Percy Mayfield, All The Time

  Sunday 18 April from 1.00pm to 4.30pm
The Statesman Hotel, Strangways Street Curtin
       Always a big afternoon of blues!!!
      Bring your instruments and/or voice.
     Everyone Welcome! See you all there!!
                                  President’s Rave

I am sad to say that Ree Heffernan has resigned from her position as President of the Canberra Blues Society.
Ree had spent many hours – on a voluntary basis – as not only President, but also temporarily taking on the
role as Secretary.
The CBS Committee thanks Ree for all the effort she had put in to assist in running the Canberra Blues Society.
The Committee has started to reallocate some of the responsibilities that were being undertaken by Ree and
also to formalise ‘who does what’ until the next AGM.
I will be taking on the role of acting President and continuing as Treasurer. Dom Melano and Steve Russell will
be looking after the musician and band aspects, Shelley Clarke will be emailing details of the next Jam and will
continue to edit and produce Blues News. CBS Member, Kerry Sattler, volunteered to assist the Committee and
has accepted the role of Secretary. Cath Graham and Shane Phillips, the remaining members of the
Committee, will have their responsibilities allocated when the club’s records have been obtained, and we know
where we stand as to what needs to be done.
Col Whittaker

Spotted on Facebook Teenagers can now work in NSW pubs and bars playing music. Changes to
NSW liquor laws from 2008 mean that under 18's can now work in bars and nightclubs playing music provided
they are with a responsible adult. This should be of interest to parents, teachers with younger students and
especially young musicians who would benefit from getting out there and doing gigs. It’s best to liaise with
management before the gig so they are abreast of what's happening and there are no surprises. Legal
reference LIQUOR ACT 2007 - SECT 123; (3) A minor
does not commit an offence under subsection (1) (a) if the minor: (b) is performing in a show or other live
entertainment performance held in the bar area, and is in the company of a responsible adult while in the bar

Committee Resignation Please be advised that I am resigning from the CBS committee as I am
moving to Wagga. Regards, Cameron. Anyone with a burning desire to help out, can contact Col via The Editor.

Geof Cook Update For all those blues bods who have been asking/wondering, Geof is in good spirits,
starts his radiotherapy treatment on Monday and is currently exploring a brand new experience - ‘being bored’!
Got a Muso Joke?
Why not share it? Or THEM as our anonymous (for his own safety) contributor has done!

Q. If you threw a guitar player and a harmonica player off a cliff, which one would hit the ground first?
A. The guitar player. The harp would have to stop halfway down to ask what key they're in.

Q. How do you get a harp player to play softer?
A. Give him some sheet music.

Q. What do a vacuum cleaner and an amplified harmonica player have in common?
A. Both suck when you plug them in.

Q. How many Harp Players does it take to change a light bulb?
A. None--they just steal somebody else's light.

Q. What does it mean when a harmonica player is drooling out both sides of his mouth?
A. The stage is level.

Q. How many harp players does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Five. One to change the bulb and four to contemplate how 'Little Walter' would have done it.

Q. How many Harmonica Players does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Only one, but he'll go through a whole box of bulbs before he finds the right one.

Q. What does a harp player do in his life's most tender moments?
A. He puts his reverb on "slow".

Q. Why were vintage guitar amplifiers invented?
A. So the harp player would have a place to put his beer.

Q. Why don't Guitar players suffer from piles?
A. Because all the arseholes are playing harmonicas.

Q. What's the difference between a Guitar and a Harmonica?
A. No-one minds if you spill beer on a Harmonica.

These two harmonica players walk past a bar...Well, it could happen!

A blues musician dies and goes to heaven. He is told "Hey man, welcome! You have been elected to the Blues
All-Stars of Heaven--right up there with Muddy and the Wolf and Freddy King, all the greats. We have a gig
tonight. Only one problem--God gets to play harmonica."

More next month…Think you can stand it? Think you can do better? Send them in.
         ***************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************

          Articles, comments, suggestions, whatever
   for the May 2010 issue? Send them to The Editor, Shelley Clarke at by 7 May
    Why not join the Canberra Blues Society?
    Got the blues!! If you enjoy blues music and want to help support the activities of the Canberra Blues Society
    throughout the Canberra region, why not become a financial member?

    The Canberra Blues Society was formed in 1996 by a few local blues musicians. Their aim was to
    promote blues music and local blues musicians throughout the Canberra region. The CBS has now
    been incorporated as a non-profit organisation with the following aims and objectives:
   The promotion of blues music throughout the Canberra region;
   The organisation of regular CBS music activities in order to achieve CBS aims and objectives;
   The organisation of social gatherings for members of the CBS;
   The publication of a monthly blues newsletter, and other blues-related publications;
   The promotion and encouragement of youth in blues; and
   Any other lawful activities which the committee, from time to time, organise in order to further the aims
    and objectives of the CBS.


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Bass player seeking guitarist, drummer and vocalist for regular jam sessions I am a 35 year old bass
player who wants to immerse himself in the sweet, sweet sound of the blues. I am currently seeking a guitarist
and drummer to regularly jam with in anticipation of getting up and playing at the monthly jam sessions. As for
my bass playing experience, I used to play in original rock and funk bands in Brisbane in my 20s. By the time I
reached the end of my 20's I put down the bass in pursuit of other interests. I am now keen to get back into it.
This time around I want to focus on the blues. As for my current blues playing ability, I can run through
numerous scales and know basic progressions. I reckon it wont take me long to be kicking ass up on stage
though. My ideal scenario is to meet with a guitarist and a drummer a few times a week to jam and exchange
ideas. I also wouldn't mind finding a female singer who wants to experiment with her voice. It doesn't matter if
she has never sung on stage before. All that matters is she has a unique sound and wants to take the next step.
If there is also a guitarist out there who is just looking for someone to practice their lead and chord progressions
against that would be great. Practice makes perfect. As for my gear I have the following: 1) 5-string Musicman
Stingray bass guitar; 2) 50 watt practice amp; and 3) 1200 watt Mesa Boogie Big Block Titan V-12 bass amp
and a 4 x 10 inch Mesa Boogie cabinet on lay buy which I plan to have paid off shortly. Basically, I just want to
get up and start jammin’ again. ASAP! Please feel free to ring or text me on 0413 758 348 to discuss. Cheers,
Dan McKinney-Smith.


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