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					                                                       CURRICULUM VITAE
1.         Surname:                         ZINNA
2.         First Name:                      Giovanni (Mr.)
3.         Date of Birth:                   04-May-1949
4.         Nationality:                   Italian
5.         Civil status:                  Separate
6.         Education:
    Institution:                  from / to              Di     Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
    Palermo University                   Feb. 2000 / July 2000 Diploma of participation “Politic for industrial development school”
    Bologna University                   July 1999 / Dec. 1999 Diploma of specialization on “Marketing of Agricultural and Food Products”,
    Assonapa - Rome                                        1996 Diploma of participation on “Milk and Meat production specialization”
    University of Agricultural Sciences July 1971 / Sept.1976 Agronomist
    ITA (Istituto Tecnico Agrario) Italy Sep.1965 / Jul.1970 Engineer in Agriculture
7. Language skill: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)
    Language                                            Reading                           Speaking                           Writing
    Italian                                                  1                                1                                 1
    English                                                  2                                2                                 2
    French                                                   2                                2                                 2
    Spanish                                                  1                                1                                 1
    Georgian                                                 5                                3                                 5
    Russian                                                  5                                4                                 5

     8. Membership of professional bodies: Research on quality improvement of different cattle’s, pigs, buffalo, sheep and
         rabbit breeds, in collaboration with the Faculty of Agricultural University of Catania. National evaluation Expert for
         Comisana Sheep Breed. Regional evaluation Expert for Landrace and Large White Pig Breeds.
     9. Other skills: Computer compatibility
     10. Present position: Free consultant
     11. Years of Experience: 41 years
     12. Key Qualifications: (Relevant to the project)
         Livestock Expert on Food Security and Rural Development Projects.
         International consultant with 41 years of experience in the field of development cooperation in the Latin America,
         Mediterranean Areas, Commonwealth Independent States (CIS), East Europe and Africa.
      Team Leader and Project management, institutional capacity building and technical advisory;
      Strong experience in technical assistance missions for the European Commission and Italian Cooperation
         projects/programs, including design and feasibility of Food Safety, in livestock and agro-alimentary products;
      Strong experiences in Food Security Project;
      Experiences in Animal Health;
      Strong experiences in Monitoring and Evaluation fields;
      Strong and long experiences in logistic of projects;
      Cluster programs development and execution;
      Applicable knowledge within the field of budgeting and reporting;
      Strong capacity for coordination and organization in difficult local conditions;
      Has designed and implemented rural development projects;
      Experience of working in co-financed projects undertaken by international (aid) agencies.

     13. Specific experience in the region (most recent first)

Country                 Date from /Date to
Guatemala              05-2009/07-2010; 08-2010/07-2011
Nicaragua              06-2008/ 04-2009; 12-2007/05-2008; 02-2008; 06-2006/06-2007; 05-2006/06-2006; 07-2002/12-2005;10-2011/Ongoing
Montenegro             09-2000/05-2001
Ukraine                10-1999/02-2000
Spain                  02-1998/09-1999
Russian Federation     05-1996/12-1997
Venezuela              08-1994/04-1996
Georgia                04-1993/07-1994
Italy                  1979/09-1992; 11-1970/07-1979
Africa and France      05-06/1989; 07-09/1990; 04-06/1991 // 04-05/1990; 04-05/1991
14. Professionals experience
Date from- to       Location      Company & reference person           Position                                                                             Description
                                     (name & contact details)
10-2011          Nicaragua     Agricultural farm “La Guadalupe”     Agro Economist    Farm raising pigs and dairy cows. 180 hectares. 300 reproductive sows, 85 cows in milk. 12 employees.
                               Tel + 505 2276 4034 Nicaragua                          In progress review of all technical activities-economic practices, to evaluate the bottlenecks that limits and affects the earnings of the Company.
08-2010          Guatemala      Beato Giovanni Liggio Caccamo       Team Leader       “Un vaso de leche para los niños de Guatemala” The Food Security Project supports 30 poor single mothers Poptun and Dolores Petén,
                               Italia Padre Angelo Belloni          Food Security     northern Guatemala, the substantiation of nutrition of children. Donated a cow for every woman. The objective is strengthening the capacity of
                                  Project           management and organization of single mothers through training in various subjects. Carried training workshops on resource management, supply
                               Tel. +39 370 11 66 246                                 management and dairy cattle, vaccination, pasture management, milk processing, sex education and child feeding. Support for sale of fresh milk and
                                                                                      cheese processing and sale occurred. ADECOP (ASSOCIATION FOR DEVELOPMENT AND PROGRESS OF THE COMMUNITIES OF PETEN).
05/2009-          Guatemala    Italian Cooperation / B. G. Liggio   Team Leader       “Vaca lechera, Lucha a la Malnutrición Infantil” Project (No. 9230/GUAT/CS/AMISTAD/005) Food Security Project (750.000 Euros, 185
07/2010                        Luigi Pierleoni                      Food Security     beneficiary families). Analysis of productions in rural zones of North the Country (Dolores-Petén) In specific: to improve milk and meat production,
                         Project           sanitary conditions, genetic improvement and artificial insemination to contribute to reduce the infantil malnutrition relative to food security, develop
                                tel.+ 502 232 18 686                                  by an Association. Support to sell milk and milk products (Marketing). Support for distribuition of milk and cheese in orphanage and nutrition centres,
                                                                                      production by a ONG “LA AMISTAD”. Construction of a new road and electrical line.
06/2008           Nicaragua    Cooproleche r.l                      Inequity Expert   Designed and implemented projects to improve production in Boaco and Chontales places.
04/2009                        El Triunfo-Nueva Guinea                                Application of AR and BPA, HACCP of milk and meat products with mechanism of control considering sanitary characteristic in particular through
                               Dr. Rosalino Lazo Director of                          animal Identification & Registration and veterinary surveillance systems.
                               Tel. +505 8832 3245 Nicaragua
12/2007           Nicaragua    European                             Project            Desarrollo de la Costa Sur (DECOSUR) (6.000.000 Euros -980 families beneficiaries) Mission for “Realization of study on breeding situation
05/2008                        Commission/PROATEC srl               evaluation        and social and economic impact”.
                               Grosseto Italy                       Expert            Its main objective is to reduce poverty in the municipalities of the department of Rivas, generating local processes of sustainable socioeconomic
                               Project Director                                       development and improve the net income of small and medium rural producers, facilitating synergy among various local actors through
                                                      transfer appropriate technologies and the increase and diversification of dairy and meat.
                               Tel. +505 2276 1843 Nicaragua
02/2008           Nicaragua    Italian Co-operation                 Food Security     PROJECT MAE - MASAYA 7520 / Terre de Homme Italia (480.000 Euros -180 families beneficiaries) Investigation to improve the pigs program
                               Terre des Hommes Italia              Expert            husband in rural areas to guarantee food security to the family participant in the program.
                               Dr. Giovan Maria Ferrazzi.
                               Project Director
                               Tel. +505 8810 2779 Nicaragua
06/2006           Nicaragua    Italian Co-operation                 Zoo technician    Consultant to give technical attendance to local breeders and technicians on meat and milk production (800.000 Euros -160 family’s
06/2007                        Dr. Luciano Palmitesta Project       and               beneficiaries) Training to transfer technologies to improve meet and milk quality and quantity. Training to enterprise, news cooperatives associations,
                               Director                             Cooperatives      and management. Organization the breeders of the participation zone.
                               Tel.+ 505 22764034 Nicaragua         Expert
05/2006           Nicaragua    European Commission                  Project           Desarrollo de la Costa Pacifica Norte del Nicaragua (DECOPANN) (7.000.000 Euros -1150 families beneficiaries) Economic and managerial
06/2006                        Dr. Mauro Gasbarra                   evaluation        analysis of a cheese factory Cooperative COPESEPROC, with specific objectives in the appraisal of financing a cheese factory. In specific,
                               Project Director                     Expert            estimating the possibility of competition with others enterprises and of increase technical, relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and
                               Tel. +505 2276 1843 Nicaragua
07/2002      Nicaragua    Italian Co-operation                  Livestock         Project “Programa de Riabiltacion Arrosero Desarrollo Campesino” (PRA-DC) Rural area Nueva Guinea- (8.000.000 Euros -1200 families
12/2005                   Agriconsulting, Rome, Italy           Expert            beneficiaries). Census of all the livestock heads with morphological evaluation of cows, heifers. Reviewing of the local milk and meat quality
                          Dr. Andrea Alieri project Director.                     standards productions in 80 demonstratives farms. Support to Team Leader to coordinated the activities of the consultant staff in the project.
                          Tel. +39 06 57051 Italy
09/2000      Montenegro   Ministry of Agriculture/Free          Zoo technician    Agricultural livestock farm (1.000.000 Euros -100 families beneficiaries) in growing the milk cows consisted by 290 heads, 78 milk cows and 110
05/2001                   consultant                            Expert            beef. Revision of milking practices, feeding, the calf weaning, revision of mechanic and hydro plants, therapy, work practice animal identification.
10/1999       Ukraine      European                             Project           (5.000.000 Euros -1200 families beneficiaries) Evaluation of reconstruction of an ex Kolkhoz with a capacity to receive 10.000 heads (pigs and
02/2000                   Commission/Agristudio                 Evaluation        beef fattening). The old and obsolete construction has been modified in all equipment: electrical, hydraulic ventilation system. The lands (7.000
                          Dr. Fabio Sammicheli,                 Expert            hectares) to produce forages and maize were prepared and fertilised pored because.
                          tel. + 39 055 575175 Italy
02/1998        Spain      ASSONAPA Rome                         Genetic Expert    Study for the realization and the construction of the “Progeny control Center” to be realized in Malaga province. The project expected the
09/1999                   Dr. Michele Cavalli                                     construction of different buildings for the reception of the sheep to be tested for the progeny control, to valorize the genetically selection of the
                          Vice President Italy                                    animals produced in their own farms, through the controls and official certification.
                           Tel. +039 06-409001
05/1996       Russian     European Commission                   Livestock          Project TACIS FDRUS 9401 (4.500.000 US $ 1300 family’s beneficiaries) The project include T.A to three ex Kolkhoz, in rural area, with a total of
12/1997      Federation   AGRISTUDIO/ PARTE X                   Expert            30.000 hectares. Livestock activities include 1.700 milk cows, 3.600 beef fattening, 980 sows. Introduction of tags and tattoo for animal recording
                          CONSORTIUM                            (Food             according with bi and mono-color coat respectively. Preparation of a simplified database forms through computer spreadsheet (on excel) for
                          Dr. Fabio Sammicheli                  Distribution      recording and livestock managing porpoises. Contacts with local Authority University, Artificial insemination station, Foodstuff factories, Veterinary
                           Project)          service.
                          tel. + 39 055 575175 Italy
08/1994      Venezuela    Ministry of Agriculture/Free           Project          Total Heads n° 3450, ships and goats; Farm area: Ha 150 Grassland, Ha 100 pasture, Ha 150 Cereals; Breeding activities: sheep, milk, wool
04/1996                   consultant                            evaluation        production; Equipment: feed stuffs factory, refrigerators and dairy plant. Design and construction of a pilot sheepfold to receive the sheep for
                                                                Expert            fecundation, gestation, parturition and breeding
04/1993       Georgia     European Commission                   Meat and Meat      Project FOOD DISTRIBUTION - C.E.C. TA CIS/91 FD066 (2.000.000 US$ 1250 families beneficiaries). Several meeting with local technicians of
07/1994                   AGRER-IRITECNA CONSORTIUM             Product Expert    the Ministry Agriculture, Forestry and Industry (MAFI), concerning different stages of production as well as meat and meat products quality standards.
                          Dr.Gaetano Calamita Di Tria           (Food             Losses analysis in production, marketing and transportation. Preparation and presentation of “Identification” and “Sectorial Report” Cooperation with
                             Distribution      the Team Leader to prepare “Inception Report” and participation in designing the” Agriculture and Food Processing National master
                          tel. + 39 06 7847153 Italy            Project)          Plan”.
11/1979         Italy     Regional Breeders Association         Chief Inspector   Responsible cows, cattle, sheep and goats breed improvement in Sicily. Collaboration with Catania’s Zoo technical Faculty, for “Pinzirita”
09/1992                   Catania Sicily                                          breeds improvement research. Organization of Sheep Breeders Co-operatives. Milk, fresh cheese, curds, meat, sausage, wool, animals recorded in
                          Dr. Rapisarda Antonio Director                          herd-Books abroad and in Italy marketing. In charge of Herd Book-registrated cattle, pigs and rabbit breeds evaluation Expertise.
                                Tel. +39 348 7068736 Italy
11/1970         Italy     “Associazione Semplice                Farm manager      Farm area: Ha 350 Grass land, 150; Pasture 250 Cereals. Meat line: pigs: 1200 sows; Cattle: 1500 cattle / year; Dairy line: Cattle 450 cows, sheep
07/1979                   Produttori Agricoli                                     1350 ewes; Equipments: feedstuffs factory, daily capacity production 500t/day; refrigerating slaughterhouse, daily slaughter capacity 150
                           Catania (Italy)                                        cattle, 300 pigs, 350 sheep; meat processing plant (sausages and salami) Daily capacity production 10t. Feedstuff factory and
05/06/1989     Africa     Italian Coo peration                  Rural             “The productive family” project. Financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs -(1.37 million USD 207 beneficiary families). Revisionated all
07/09/1990                MEDIACOOP Rome                        development       activities in Agricultural integrated project including sheep and rams breeding in the rural area of El Kef region. Donated by the Italian Government to
04/06/1991                Dr.Gaetano Calamita Di Tria           Expert (Food      the Government of Tunis and later assigned to 207 beneficiary families. Training of technicians in Italy, to learn the method for improves hygienic and
                             Security          sanitary livestock condition, as well as control and mastitis reduction.
                          tel. + 39 06 7847153 Italy            Project)
04/05/1990            France      ASSO.NA.PA. (National association      Breeding              PARIS INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURE EXHIBITION (16° and 17° edition) Transfer of animals, Comisana sheep breed, to Manifestation,
04/05/1991                        of sheep-rearing)-Rome                 representative        selected in Sicily breeding farms. Assistance to participating breeders. Stand assistance, promotion of typical regional sheep’s cheeses, tasting and
                                  Dr. Cavalli Michele                    expert of Sicily      illustration of characteristics to public. Assistance to animals and presentation to public, magazines and television. Assistance to exposed animals
                                  Vice director of ASSONAPA Tel.                               sales.
                                  +39 95 9565194 Italy

15. Other relevant information:

      PUBLICATIONS: For the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAFI) Tbilisi (Georgia) “Practical guide for breeding farms management.

      NEWS PAPER: For PRA-DC/IDR- Italian Cooperation-Nicaragua Project “DESARROLLO EMPRESARIAL” : La Voz Informativa del Productor del Trópico Húmedo Nueva Guinea - Zelaya Central.

                      : For “Vaca Lechera Lucha a la malnutrición Infantil” Project -Guatemala: El Nuevo Diario, News Paper at national level, publicación of “Inauguración de línea eléctrica y camino rural”.

                            See to:

                      : EL DIARIO NICARAGUA:

16.       ANEXES
           1 - 6 Diplomas and degrees
           7-11 Employments Certifications
           12- 13 Publications

                  Permanent address:                                                         Via Bellini 1 Alacamo (Trapani )- Italy
                  Current address:                                                           Costado sur Iglesia Magdalena Masaya, Nicaragua.
                  Mobile telephone number:                                                  + 505 84 90 91 26
                  Personal and professional e-mail:                               

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