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                                                       SUBLEASE AGREEMENT
                                                          Attachment A

    1.   The term of the lease is stated in paragraph 7 of the Sublease Agreement.

    2.   Salon Facilities will be available for use by Lessee during the following hours:
            SUNDAY through SATURDAY from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    3.   Lease and commission fees shall be as follows: (circle one)
             a. Lease fee is [$EVALUATION WEEKLY AMOUNT] per week per styling station for the
                 first [LENGTH OF EVALUATION] weeks, with an increase to [$FINAL WEEKLY
                 AMOUNT] per week per styling station every week thereafter with the possibility for increases as
                 deemed necessary by ChriShan’s administration.
             b. Commission Benefits is
                         i.   $0.00           -        $500.00            =        50% you and %50 [SALON NAME]
                        ii.   $501.00         -        $800.00            =        60% you and %40 [SALON NAME]
                       iii.   $801.00         -        $1000.00           =        65% you and %35 [SALON NAME]
                      iv.     $1001.00        -        and up             =        70% you and %30 [SALON NAME]

    4.   Weekly lease fees for assistants are as follows:
            a. NOT APPLICABLE Per week for first six weeks of training.
            b. NOT APPLICABLE Per week after training period.

    5.   Lease payments are due each Saturday as payment in advance for the following week.

    6.   [$SECURITY DEPOSIT AMOUNT] security deposit is required when lease is executed for payment
         of first and last week’s lease and to cover unpaid portions of property damage.

    7.   Lessee is responsible for collecting all service fees from his/her clients, including any incidental banking or
         legal fees, unless otherwise noted and agreed upon between Lessor and Lessee.

Lessee: ___________________________                               Lessor: ___________________________

         [NEW STYLISTS FULL NAME]                                         [SHOP OWNER/MANAGER]

Date:    Saturday, July 14, 2012                       Date:      Saturday, July 14, 2012

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