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Accommodation Policies


   Policy   Subject                                               Page
  number                                                         number

    1       Values statement                                      2/3

    2       Accommodation Contract                                 4

    3       Applications for Halls and the Allocation Strategy    5/6

    4       Requests to move rooms                                 7

    5       Termination Policy                                   8/9/10

    6       Ending a contract by the University                    11

    7       Accommodation Deposit                                  12

    8       Accommodation Charge                                   13

    9       Exchange students                                      14

    10      Short course groups                                    15

    11      Summer Lettings                                        16

    12      Keys                                                   17

    13      Guest Policy                                           18

    14      Complaints                                             19

    15      Marketing                                              20

    16      Additional services                                    21

1.0   Values   1.1 Policy Statement

               The Accommodation Office aims to offer an efficient, reliable, high
               quality service.

               1.2 Key Functions

               The Accommodation Office manages 1200 study rooms on contract to
               students of Liverpool Hope University. The main functions of the service

                  applications for halls
                  allocation of rooms
                  contract management
                  raising Residence Charges
                  room moves
                  student welfare issues

               1.3 Information

               Information about our service can be found on the Liverpool Hope
               University website and through the Accommodation Brochure. Other
               information will be given from time to time by letter, email or hall

               Information will be presented in a clear and easy to understand format.

               1.4 Access to the Accommodation Service

               The Accommodation Office is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to
               Friday, all year round. There are three telephone lines and three email
               addresses, which Accommodation staff aim to respond to promptly and
               efficiently. At certain times of year, when workload is heavy, the
               response to calls and emails may be slower than at other times.
               Wherever possible, additional staff will be recruited to avoid delays in
               service delivery.

               People who call to the enquiry counter are seen immediately without an
               appointment, although at busy times there may be a queue. Private
               interview rooms are available on request.

               1.5 Service Standards

               The Accommodation Office aims to operate the following service

                  clear and consistent policies
                  accurate and reliable information
                  prompt and timely response to applications and enquiries
   courteous and helpful at all times
   compliance with the University’s equal opportunities policy

Accommodation staff are committed to respecting the individual and
working towards equality of opportunity for all. We aim to offer a high
standard of service by responding to all types of enquiry quickly and
knowledgably. Issues are dealt with in a professional and efficient way
and where appropriate, referrals will be made to other departments.

1.6 Confidentiality

All information received by the Accommodation Office is treated in the
strictest confidence and will not be passed to a third party unless we are
obliged by law to do so. Information may be shared with other
Liverpool Hope University departments and some data may be common
to several sections of the University. The Accommodation Office aims
to comply with the Data Protection Act at all times.

1.7.Contact details

General – 0151 291 3434
Carol Crawford – 0151 291 3407
Janet Thomas 0151 291 3408

General -
Carol Crawford –
Janet Thomas –

Enquiry counter opening hours:
9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday (except for
Bank Holidays and Christmas).

2.0   The           2.1 Policy Statement
      Contract      The terms and conditions related to living in Halls which are owned
                    or managed by Liverpool Hope University are set out in the
                    Accommodation Contract, which includes the contract details (room
                    address, type, cost and period). The terms and conditions are
                    approved by the Company Secretary and are subject to change from
                    time to time. No changes are made to an existing agreement
                    without prior consultation with and agreement by the student.

                       2.2 Signing the Contract

                       Students agree to the Accommodation Contract on line or are asked
                       to sign a hard copy. A copy of the contract is available on the
                       website at

                       Under the Distance Selling Regulations students can use the ‘cooling
                       off period’ of seven days to cancel a contract after signing. This does
                       not apply if the student moves into the premises, even if this is
                       within seven days of signing.

                       Copies of the Particulars and the Contract can be downloaded from
                       the website or can be issued to the student on request.

3.0   Allocation   3.1 Policy Statement
                   Liverpool Hope University undertake to offer a room to all first year
                   undergraduate students who accept a course at the University (this
                   excludes students who accept a course place through Clearing, when
                   rooms are subject to availability).

                   A limited number of rooms will also be made available to
                   postgraduate students, second and third year undergraduates and
                   international exchange students.

                   Allocations are made from the waiting list in date order and rooms in
                   any particular hall will be offered to groups of students studying
                   under the same Faculty.

                   We do not have a defined geographical restriction, however priority
                   will be given to students from outside the Merseyside region.

                   3.2 Level C Undergraduates, Exchange, Erasmus and Study Abroad

                   Applications for Halls are accepted from full time students of
                   Liverpool Hope University who will earn 120 points in one academic
                   year. Room offers will be made to students who wish to reside in
                   halls for the full academic year, unless they are international
                   students on an exchange programme or short course.

                   3.3 Level I and H (continuing) Undergraduates

                   A limited number of rooms are reserved for full time second, third
                   and fourth year undergraduates. Students in this category will
                   usually be allowed to apply on line in February. Room offers will be
                   made to students who wish to reside in halls for the full academic
                   year, unless they have a period of study abroad during the academic

                   3.4 Postgraduates

                   A limited number of rooms are reserved for full time PGCE and
                   Masters students.

                   Students in this category can apply on line when the waiting list
                   opens world- wide (usually April). Room offers will be made to
                   students who wish to reside in halls for the full academic year,

                   3.5. Application and offer procedure

                   Students apply on line from
                   Allocations are made in order of the date the application was
                   received. Rooms are allocated in line with the Allocation Strategy,
                   which is agreed by the Pro Vice Chancellor (Resource management
and Planning) and which may change from year to year.

Room offers are made by email stating the room, hall, campus and
contract price. Applicants can accept their contract and pay the
accommodation deposit on line.

Students are asked to respond within one or two weeks of receipt of
the offer. If no response is received the University reserves the right
to withdraw the offer.

4.0   Requests to   4.1 Policy Statement
      move rooms
                    Requests for a transfer from one study room to another will be given
                    due consideration by the Accommodation Team.

                    4.2 Before arrival

                    Students in receipt of an offer of accommodation may ask to change
                    to an alternative room or Hall. Requests are subject to availability
                    and the overall allocation quotas of the university. A new room offer
                    will be sent to the student by email.

                    4.3 After arrival

                    Students who have moved into their allocated room may request a
                    room move by submitting an Application to Move Room at the
                    Accommodation Office. Accommodation staff will decide whether a
                    room move is possible and will advise the student of the decision
                    within one week of receiving the application.

                    Approved moves are subject to an administration fee of £25.00,
                    payable to Liverpool Hope University for accommodation at Hope
                    Park and to Opal Property Group for accommodation at Aigburth
                    Park. The administration fee must be paid in full before the move
                    takes place and may not be added to any other accumulated debt
                    owed by the student. Students must make their own arrangements
                    for moving their belongings and will be recharged for any
                    extraordinary cleaning or damage to the room they have vacated.

                    Students who wish to appeal the decision made by the
                    Accommodation Office must do so in writing within one week of
                    receiving the decision. Appeals are to be addressed to the Dean of
                    Students who will consider the circumstances and respond within
                    one week of receiving the appeal.

5.0   Accommodation 5.1 Termination Policy Outline
      Termination   A student may leave and surrender their room in Halls to the
      Policy        University, but the contract will not be terminated or the
                    accommodation charge reduced unless extraordinary circumstances
                    exist. It is very rare for such an application to be successful and will
                    only be considered in the circumstances set out in Section 2 below.

                        Students are reminded that there is competition for residential
                        accommodation at Liverpool Hope University and that the room they
                        take could easily have been offered to another unsuccessful
                        candidate. If an accommodation contract is terminated a financial
                        burden is placed on the University, as the room may be difficult to fill
                        once the student has left. The University will therefore make
                        provision for any financial losses it may incur. In practice this means:

                        i)   that the student may be liable to pay all or part of the
                             accommodation charge, and/or
                        ii) that the University will retain some or all of the accommodation
                             charge already paid by that student, and
                        iii) that the University will withhold the deposit paid by that student

                        The decision as to whether to terminate the contract shall be made
                        by a Pro-Vice Chancellor, or his/her nominee, at his/her absolute
                        discretion and only in extraordinary circumstances in accordance
                        with this policy

                        5.2 Criteria for termination

                        The provisions of this policy allow for a termination of the contract
                        and a resultant reduction in the accommodation charge under the
                        following extraordinary circumstances only:

                         where the student no longer qualifies to live in halls, for example,
                          if their course of study is no longer a full time course earning at
                          least 120 credits in a given year, or where the student’s
                          registration with the University has been terminated

                         where the student has to return home permanently due to their
                          own a serious illness or disability where daily care is required from
                          the family. This must be supported by medical evidence from a GP
                          or medical consultant confirming the need for daily care for the

                         where the student has to return home permanently due to the
                          serious illness or disability of a close family member (Mother,
                          Father or sibling) where daily care has to be provided to that
                          person by the student. This must be supported by medical
                          evidence from a GP or medical consultant confirming the need for
                          daily care by the student

 where the student has to return home permanently due to a
  serious family crisis, such as the death of a parent or sibling, which
  must be supported by written evidence

Applications based on students leaving Halls by choice, financial
difficulties, loneliness, homesickness, or any personal
circumstances other than those outlined above, will not qualify for
termination of the contract and there will be no reduction in the
accommodation charge, unless the criteria set out in 3.3. below

5.3 Procedure for applying to terminate a contract

   If the student wishes to terminate the accommodation contract
    before the end of the period of residence they are required to
    complete an Application to Terminate which should be submitted
    to the Accommodation Manager

   If the student feels that their reasons for terminating the
    accommodation contract are extraordinary, they should
    complete the relevant section of the Application to Terminate
    and attach any supporting evidence necessary to prove the
    claims made in the application

   The student should discuss the circumstances relating to the
    application with a Senior Resident Tutor, who will provide
    comments/support to the Accommodation Office

   If the student is withdrawing from University, they should meet
    with an academic advisor and complete a Registry Withdrawal or
    Interruption of Studies form, a copy of which should be given to
    the Accommodation Office. Such students are strongly advised
    to discuss the financial implications of leaving with a member of
    the Finance and/or Student Funds team

   The Accommodation Office will confirm to the student in writing
    whether or not the contract will be terminated

   If the student wishes to leave after hearing the University’s
    decision, they should relinquish the room to the University by
    handing in the keys to the Accommodation Office

5.4 Where the student meets the criteria for termination

If the University agrees to terminate the contract, the termination
date will be the date that the room keys are surrendered plus four
weeks. A reduction in the accommodation charge will be applied for
the period from the termination date to the end of the contract.
The deposit of £150 will be retained by the University and will not be
refunded to the student.

It should be noted that any monies refunded will be returned to the
account from which it was received.

5.5 Where the student does not meet the criteria for termination

If the University decides not to terminate the contract then the
student will remain liable for the full charge, even after the student
relinquishes the accommodation to the University.

However the accommodation charge will be reduced for the period
after termination (or part of), less four weeks, if the premises are
licensed by the University (at its discretion) to a new student who is
not already residing at Halls and wanting to relocate. In these
circumstances, the deposit of £150 will be retained by the University
and will not be refunded to the student.

5.6 Appeal

If the student wishes to appeal against the decision of the Pro Vice-
Chancellor, such an appeal should be put in writing to the Vice-
Chancellor & Rector, setting out the reasons for the appeal. The
Vice-Chancellor (or a senior officer of the University nominated by
the Vice-Chancellor & Rector) will investigate and make a final
decision as to whether the original decision was made fairly and in
line with this procedure. The appeal will not be an opportunity to
introduce new evidence, but will assess whether the original decision
was reached fairly.

If the student is still dissatisfied after the Vice-Chancellor's decision,
the student would have recourse to the Office of the Independent
Adjudicator. Details of this scheme will be given when internal
procedures are exhausted.

6.0   Ending a          6.1 Policy statement
      contract by the
      University        Where there has been a clear breach of the terms and conditions set
                        out in the agreement, Liverpool Hope University reserve the right to
                        end the accommodation contract.

                        NB This should not be confused with students who request to end
                        the contract (see 5 above).

                        6.2 Non-Payment of accommodation charge

                        Where there is an outstanding accommodation charge and where all
                        procedures for debt collection by the Finance department have been
                        exhausted, the Credit Control Manager may, with the approval of the
                        Pro Vice-Chancellor (Resource Management and Planning), serve
                        notice on the student to end the accommodation contract.

                        The student will be given a reasonable amount of time to discuss the
                        matter with Finance staff and opportunity to either pay the
                        outstanding fee or to agree an acceptable payment plan. A clear
                        date by which these things must be achieved will be included in a
                        covering letter, sent with the notice to end the accommodation

                        At the end of the notice period, a letter will be sent to the student
                        either confirming the continuation of the contract where payment
                        recovery has been secured or giving a date by which the student
                        should leave Halls.

                        There is no appeals process, but students who have been served
                        notice are free to discuss their situation with the Credit Control
                        Manager during their notice period.

                        6.3 Disciplinary

                        For reasons other than non-payment, subject to the disciplinary
                        procedures set out in the Student’s handbook, the Proctor can
                        decide to impose a penalty of exclusion either temporarily or
                        permanently. A permanent exclusion will end the accommodation

                        Students who have been the subject of disciplinary action will be
                        interviewed by the Proctor who will put her decision in writing and
                        give a date on which the exclusion from Halls will be effective.

7.0   Accommodation 7.1 Policy Statement
                    Liverpool Hope University requires students to confirm acceptance of
                    their offer of a room in Halls with a deposit of £150. This confirms
                    the student’s intention to take up the offer and live in Halls for the
                    full period of residence as stated in the Particulars. Failure to move
                    into Halls or to stay for the full period of residence will result in
                    forfeiture of the deposit. Students who move in and remain in Halls
                    for the full period of residence are entitled to a refund of the deposit
                    subject to the University’s reserved right to deduct the cost of any
                    damage caused by the student to the study room, Hall or common
                    parts, if payment has not been otherwise made.

                        7.2 Paying the deposit

                        The student will usually pay the Deposit on line by credit or debit
                        card. Transactions are handled by an external company, Secpay, who
                        issue a receipt for the payment by email. In some circumstances a
                        cheque or cash payment will be accepted by the Accommodation

                        7.3 Refunding the deposit

                        The deposit will be refunded when the student leaves, subject to a
                        full inspection of the room and communal parts. The deposit is
                        refunded to the student by bank transfer or cheque, less any charge
                        for damage or lost keys, unless otherwise paid.

                        Refunds will not be made in cash.

8.0   Accommodation 8.1 Policy Statement
                    The Accommodation Charge is the amount payable by a student for
                    the use of a study room at a Hall owned or managed by Liverpool
                    Hope University. The charge is an annual charge, however, where
                    the period of residence is for part of an academic year, or where
                    additional weeks are payable, the weekly charge is calculated at
                    1/36th of the annual charge.

                       8.2 Responsibility for payment

                       Responsibility for payment lies with the student.

                       Students will be advised by the Finance Department when payments
                       are due. All fees must be paid in full by the end of April each year.
                       Students will not be allowed to graduate if there are outstanding
                       fees on their account.

                       8.3 Initial Payment

                       Full time undergraduate students are sent an on-line task in August
                       asking for an initial payment of approximately 15% of the
                       Accommodation Charge. This may only be waived at the discretion
                       of the Finance Office. Students who have not made the Initial
                       Payment will be interviewed by Finance staff and asked to set up a
                       payment plan before being allowed to collect the keys to their room.

                       8.4 Accommodation Charge payments

                       After making the Initial Payment, full time undergraduate students
                       will be asked to make a payment plan on-line for the remaining
                       balance of the Accommodation Charge. Three options will be
                       offered: payment in full, a five month plan and a three term plan.

                       All student who have not made a payment plan before arrival will be
                       asked to do so when they arrive to collect the room key..

                       8.5 PGCE Students

                       PGCE students who are in receipt of a teaching bursary will be given
                       the option to have the Accommodation Charge deducted from the
                       bursary at a rate of 1/9th per month from October to June inclusive.

9.0   Exchange   9.1 Policy Statement
                 The Accommodation Office actively supports exchange programme
                 with partner universities abroad. Students will usually stay for one

                 9.2 Eligibility

                 Eligibility is controlled by the International Office

                 9.3 Room allocation

                 A limited number of rooms (approximately 50) will be made available
                 at Aigburth Park for incoming Exchange, Erasmus and Study Abroad
                 students. Rooms are allocated to students who apply to the on-line
                 waiting list and are confirmed as eligible by the International Office.

                 There is usually two intakes; in September and January. The second
                 intake will use rooms vacated by the first intake.

                 9.4 Accommodation charge

                 Exchange students are liable for the Accommodation Charge.
                 Students are invited to set up a payment plan with Finance on

                 9.5 Deposit

                 A deposit is required at room acceptance stage as usual. The deposit
                 will be refunded when the student returns home.

10.0 Short course   10.1 Policy statement
                    The Accommodation Office accepts applications from academic staff
                    for groups of students who have accepted a place on a short course,
                    generally for a period of less than three months.

                    10.2 Eligibility

                    Any student who has confirmed attendance on a short course is
                    eligible to live in Halls. Applications are taken from the course
                    organiser for the whole group not from the individual student.

                    10.3 Size of groups

                    Groups can be of any size, but accommodation is subject to
                    estimated availability at the time of booking. Availability cannot be

                    10.4 Charges

                    The accommodation charge for the period of residence and any
                    additional costs, such as catering or bed packs, is calculated in
                    advance of arrival and the course organiser advised accordingly.
                    Costs are usually recovered by internal journal transfer or direct
                    invoice to an agent and do not involve the student paying anything
                    to the Finance Office. However, some students may be charged
                    directly via the student account and fees collected by Finance. The
                    method of payment will be agreed with the course organiser.

                    10.5 Accommodation contract

                    Course organisers are to ensure that the students have read and
                    understood the terms and conditions of residence before arrival. On
                    arrival each student will be required to sign the Liverpool Hope copy
                    of the contract if the course organiser has not already arranged for
                    this to happen earlier. Keys will usually be given to the course
                    organiser who will carry out the induction into Halls.

                    10.6 Deposit

                    Liverpool Hope does not generally require students on short courses
                    to pay a deposit. Exceptions to this may be made where the
                    incoming group are considered to be high risk, or where there is a
                    history of problems from their HEI, in which case a suitable amount
                    will be agreed with the course organiser.

11.0 Summer     11.1 Policy Statement
                Liverpool Hope University make available a limited number of rooms
                to students who wish to stay in Halls during the summer vacation.

                11.2 Eligibility

                Students are eligible for summer accommodation if they have been
                resident in Halls in the preceding academic year or have accepted a
                room in halls for the forthcoming academic year. Exceptions to this
                rule may be made at the discretion of the Accommodation Manager,
                although residents must always be a student of Liverpool Hope

                11.3 Application for summer accommodation

                Applications from current Hall residents may be made in the third
                term of the academic year. Applications are subject to availability.

                11.4 BAQTS

                Students whose course involves teaching practice beyond the end of
                the undergraduate academic year are allowed to stay in Halls until
                the end of their course. This may mean a room move due to
                conferencing bookings or maintenance work.

                11.5 Summer Accommodation Contract

                Students who stay in Halls during the summer vacation must sign a
                Summer Contract, which sets out the terms and conditions of
                residence. Students are given a personal copy and a signed copy is
                kept on file. The notice period to end this contract is one week for
                either party.

                11.6 Summer Accommodation Charge

                The summer accommodation charge is set each year by the
                University. Payment can be made in full or weekly. Charges which
                remain unpaid at the end of the summer contract will be added to
                the student’s university account.

12.0 Keys   12.1 Policy Statement

            The Accommodation Office is responsible for the management of Hall
            keys. Strict procedures to maximise the security of the Halls and the
            students’ possessions are adhered to at all times

            12.2 Vacant Rooms

            Keys to vacant rooms will be kept in key cabinets in the
            Accommodation Office. Only designated authorised personnel will
            have access to the key cabinet, which will be kept secure at all times.

            12.3 Occupied rooms

            Students are given a key to their room on arrival and are then
            responsible for that key until the end of their contract period. Keys are
            not handed back at Christmas and Easter holidays and remain the
            responsibility of the student at all times.

            Spare keys to occupied rooms will be kept in a locked cabinet in the
            Accommodation Office. The Accommodation Manager is responsible
            for the custody of the key to this cabinet. The key cabinet will be kept
            secure at all times.

            12.4 Lost keys

            When a student loses a key, a spare key will be provided, if available,
            subject to proof of identity. If no spare key is available, arrangements
            to change the lock will be made with the Estates Office. In both cases
            a charge is payable by the student, the charge will be set before start
            of the academic year.

            12.5 Conference Keys

            During the summer break, the Conference Department will use most
            Halls for conference bookings. Accommodation staff will assist, as
            necessary, with the preparation of keys for this purpose.

            12.6 End of Academic Year

            Students will be sent an advice letter and an envelope labelled with
            the room address before they leave. Students should hand in their
            keys before departure either at the Accommodation Office or Main
            Lodge. Keys should not be left with friends or Resident Tutors. Keys
            left at the Main Lodge will be stored in a designated place ready for
            collection by Accommodation Staff.

13.0 Guest Policy   13.1.Policy Statement

                    The University recognises that students will occasionally benefit from
                    a visit from family or close friends and that this can help them to
                    cope with being away from home. Students are not allowed to have
                    a guest in their rooms overnight but can apply for permission to book
                    a room for a guest (max three nights), subject to availability of a
                    guest room and payment of a nightly charge.

                    13.2 Bookings procedure

                       the student completes a Guest Application form and submits it to
                        the Senior Resident Tutor – approval will only be given in
                        exceptional circumstances as indicated in the accommodation
                        contract. This will not include friends who live locally who want
                        to sleep over after a social event or evening out

                       approval will not be given if the student has a previous record of
                        their guests causing a problem on campus

                       the student presents the signed form at the Accommodation
                        Office and asks if a room is available. Room allocation is subject
                        to availability of a suitable room and will be at the absolute
                        discretion of the Accommodation staff. Rooms can only be
                        booked seven days or less in advance of the visit. Rooms will
                        usually be in standard rooms with shared bathrooms and males
                        will stay in ‘male’ halls and females will stay in ‘female’ halls

                       the student pays a fee of £15 per room per night at the time of

                    13.3 Security and behaviour during the guest visit

                    The student must sign the guests in at the Security Lodge/Office at
                    the campus where the guest is staying

                    The student must take responsibility for the behaviour of guests
                    during their visit – students will be subject to disciplinary action if
                    their guest(s) breaks any rules under the Student Code of Discipline

                    Accommodation staff will provide Security with a daily list of the
                    guests who have been allocated a room. Non-residents found in
                    Halls who have not had prior agreement to stay will be asked to leave
                    the campus and you will be subject to disciplinary action

14.0 Complaints   14.1 Policy Statement

                  The University has a procedure for escalated complaints, but as an
                  immediate response, the Accommodation Office will endeavour to
                  resolve complaints immediately by taking appropriate action and
                  avoiding precipitation of the complaint.

                  Where appropriate, especially in complex cases or where the
                  complainant wishes to put have their feelings recorded, the
                  Accommodation Complaints Procedure can be invoked using the
                  Complaint Form.

                  14.2 Responding to a complaint

                  The Accommodation Office aims to acknowledge written complaints
                  within two working days and to respond fully within ten working
                  days. If there is a delay due to internal or external information
                  gathering, staff will keep the complainant informed of progress and
                  let them know the reason for any delay.

15.0 Marketing   15.1 Policy statement

                 The Accommodation Manager is responsible, in partnership with the
                 Marketing Department, for ensuring that all potential students are
                 aware of the range and quality of Halls available to applicants of
                 Liverpool Hope University.

                 15.2 Accommodation Brochure

                 The Accommodation Brochure contains the procedure for applying for
                 Halls and a description of the Halls, the facilities and prices. The
                 brochure is updated annually.

                 15.3 Website

                 Liverpool Hope’s website has designated ages for Accommodation
                 with links to the on-line application, the Accommodation Brochure and
                 the Accommodation Contract.

                 Facilities and prices for each Hall are clearly stated and the application
                 procedure made available.

                 15.4 Open Days

                 On Open Days and Applicant Days, Accommodation staff are available
                 for general enquiries and to assist with on-line applications. Applicants
                 and their families can view the accommodation both at Hope Park,
                 Aigburth Park and the Creative campus.

                 The Accommodation Manager is responsible for liaising with
                 Marketing and the Senior Resident Tutors to ensure that adequate
                 staffing is available on open days to cover the viewings and enquiries.
                 The Marketing Department is responsible for arranging coach travel to
                 off-site accommodation.

16.0 Additional   16.1 Enquiry desk
                  The Accommodation Office operates an enquiry desk from 9.00am to
                  5.00pm, Monday to Friday. There is also a dedicated phone line (0151
                  291 3434) and a dedicated email address:

                  16.2 Bed Packs

                  The Accommodation Office purchases and maintains a stock of bed
                  packs, which are made available to the students at cost price plus an
                  administration charge. The charge is set by the Accommodation
                  Manager. Stock is kept in a locked storeroom, to which only
                  Accommodation staff have access.

                  16.3 Repair requests

                  Students can report repairs in Halls to the Accommodation Office.
                  Repair requests are recorded manually and reported to the Estates
                  Helpdesk or faxed or emailed to the Estates helpdesk.


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