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cio summit by rxk45T


									              The Intellipedians:
The social software movement within the US Intelligence

                   Chris Rasmussen
         Knowledge Management with social software
         Intellipedia, tag|connect, blogs, mashups, etc.

           Summarized in Federal Computer Week
           Information Stocks and Flows

   Remember list servers?
   When you only know how to use a hammer all
    problems are a nail
   Kicking the email and PowerPoint addiction (point-
    to-point communications)
   “Email is So Five Minutes Ago” – Business Week,
    November 2005
   Just say stop out loud!
               Edit Before/After Publish

   Edit before publish systems
     Most   production systems model a paper-based world
   Edit after publish systems
   Something that’s 80% accurate, on time, and sharable
    is better than something that is too much, perfectly
    formatted, too late, and over-classified.
      Knowledge Management is not IT

 IT is the plumbing
 Wikis,* social bookmarks,* blogs* (generate,
  categorize, and integrate the data externally)
       to manage the noise internally but
  external tool are preferable
 *hybrid services - RSS notification
 Intelink RSS search output (short index time)
     Issue Dominance, Agency Transparency

   Why Web 2.0 tools do not belong in the footprint of
    an agency (DTO & ICES)
   No one person or organization owns ANY iPed page
   How to limit corporate brand, ownership behavior
    and the circulation and/or replication of “finished
   50,000 reports per year many lengthy and redundant
   We want your knowledge not your agency seal
       Information Access, Synchronization

   How to integrate legacy product into iPed (use <rss>
   How to integrate time-dominant and one-off
    production into iPed (use <rss> sparingly)
   Ever get an MRI at the Mall? There is no such thing
    as “one-stop shopping”
   Don’t think in terms of Web 1.0
   “The old Web was about website, clicks, and hits.
    The new web is about communities, participation, and
    peering” –Tapscott & Williams, Wikinomics
     How to keep track of changes and issues
   our customer is _____ (fill in the agency) - name 10 people?
   Watch this page and my watch list
   What links here
   Get to know the people speaking your tag language
   {{Tag}} and NGA product – idea did not come from NGA
   Many blog about iPed updates, projects, and ideas
   Intelink Instant Messaging (groups)
   Organizational, issue, discipline, and language templates group
    people together
   {{Infobox IC Resource Catalog}}
Tracking templates and contribution portals help
 gauge knowledge contributions vs. counting the
  number of reports (publish or perish metrics)

    Everything does not have to be an essay

         Moving beyond office pages
     Swarm on the issue not the office page
                            Please feel free to add yourself to this tracker

  name       organization   contributions   talk       blog        tags        Uploaded   Edit count

  Chris      NGA/JOIO       contributions   talk       blog        tags        uploads      3,766

Eric Eagle   DIA/UFAC       contributions   talk       blog        tags        uploads      4,675

 Andrea       CIA/DS        contributions   talk       blog        tags        uploads      6,308
             This is for everyone

 Leadership gap
 What is the J-curve?

   Training, training, and more training
   Turn the evangelists into trainers
   NGA Social Software 101 & CIA Intellipedia Sabbatical
   “You’re either green and growin’ or dead and dying”
   Posters, handbills, grassroots, gimmicks (iPed shovel) and
   Write social software contributions into performance plans


All press inquires must be cleared through NGA Public Affairs

          This is not a hassle and is not censorship

                   Federal Computer Week
                      Wired Magazine
                      New York Times

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