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To help promote solar power in Los Angeles and decrease our
dependence upon traditional, scarce energy resources, LADWP
offers a solar incentive program to make solar power more
affordable. Our goal is 100,000 solar rooftops in Los Angeles by

Funds are allocated to the program on a fiscal year basis. The
LADWP fiscal year starts July 1 of each year, through June 30 of
the following year.

The solar power program has been authorized a total budget of
$150 million through June 30, 2011.

The Incentive Program is available for LADWP customers only. The
cost of eligible solar PV systems is reduced with Incentive
funds, which function like rebates. LADWP customers, both
residential and commercial, may participate. The LADWP currently
is providing an Incentive of $3.50/watt for qualified PV
equipment. Losses will be taken for inverter inefficiencies and
performance losses at 13% for soiling, wiring, etc. To qualify,
equipment must be Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL)-listed, and
also be approved and listed by the California Energy Commission.
The solar program includes an LA Manufacturing Credit, in which
a system will qualify for an additional incentive if it is
manufactured in Los Angeles. The incentive for PV systems made
by a qualified Los Angeles manufacturer is currently an
additional $1.00/Watt, for a total maximum Incentive of
$4.50/Watt. Please note that Shell Solar panels (including
Powerlight Solar Electrical Systems that use Shell Solar panels)
no longer qualify for the Los Angeles Manufacturing Credit.
Solar Manufacturers and Distributors
The following companies manufacture, distribute, and/or install
commercial and residential and/or commercial PV systems, and/or
have participated in the LADWP Solar Incentive Program. Please
contact each company to determine its full array of services. We
hope you find this list helpful.

However, a listing here does not imply an endorsement by the
Department of Water and Power of the City of Los Angeles of any
product, process, service or entity. LADWP recommends that its
customers verify that installers/contractors have current
California license/s and insurance coverage. Also check under
the "photovoltaic," "electrical contractors," "engineers," and
"solar" listings in your local phone directory for additional


Astro Power                           BP Solar Inc.
5036 Commercial Circle, Suite B       (For commercial projects larger
Concord, CA 94520                     than 100kw in size)
Tel (800) 800-8727                    2300 N. Watney Way
Fax (925) 288-0404                    Fairfield, CA 94533                   Tel (707) 428-7800
                                      Fax (707) 428-7878
Kyocera Solar, Inc.                   Powerlight Corporation
7812 E. Acoma Dr.                     2954 San Pablo Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ 85260                  Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel (480) 951-6330                    Tel 877-PV-SOLAR
Fax (480) 443-7724                    Tel: 510-540-0550                 Fax: 510-540-0552
Shell Solar                           Uni-Solar
4560 Adohr Lane                       (Bekaert ECD Solar Systems)
PO Box 6032                           403 Las Posas Road
Camarillo, CA 93011                   San Marcos, CA 92069
Tel (877) 777-8466                    Tel (800) 397-2083                   Fax (760) 744-3660


Alternative Solar Products (BP        Go Solar Company
Solar systems under 50 kw)            12439 Magnolia Blvd., PMB 132
28441 Rancho California Road, Suite   North Hollywood, CA 91607
U                                     Tel (818) 566-6870
Temecula, CA 92590                    Fax (818) 566-6879
Tel (909) 308-2366          
Fax (909) 694-1458
Schott Applied Power                  Solar Depot (BP Solar systems under
1447 Summit Avenue                    50 kw)
Cardiff, CA 92007                     61 Paul Drive
Tel (858) 483-8982                    San Rafael, CA 94903
Cell: (858) 722-3553                  Tel (415) 499-1333
Fax (208) 977-6068                    Fax (415) 499-0316 
Solar Electrical Systems              SUN Utility Network, Inc.
2500 Townsgate Rd. #J                 4301 East Valley Boulevard
Westlake Village, CA 91361            Green Technology Center
Tel (805) 497-9808                    Los Angeles, Ca 90032
Fax (805) 497-6199                    Tel (323) 350-5750 or (323) 982-       0426
For additional distributors visit California Energy Commission's
website at: PhotoVoltaic Retailers List

You can also call (800) 555-7794 for a free list.
What is Green Power?
Green Power is electricity produced in an environmentally
friendly manner. Sources of green power include the sun, wind,
and water, which are pollution free and natural. Renewable
electricity technologies are among the cleanest and have the
least impact on the environment. Find out more about the sources
of green power here

The Green Power for a Green LA Program gives us all the
opportunity to support cleaner energy resources for Los Angeles.
By signing up, you can actually help bring more renewable power
to LA - electricity that is cleaner than fossil fuels and
nuclear energy. Green Power means cleaner air and a greener Los
Angeles for us and for our children.

The price for new green power is slightly higher than power
generated from conventional sources such as coal and oil.
LADWP's residential Green Power Program enables you to support
renewable energy by paying a small premium on your bill. The
extra cost for this package is 6% or approximately $3 a month
for the average customer with a monthly electricity cost of $50.
Customers who sign up for Green Power will receive two
complimentary compact fluorescent bulbs.
Trees for a Green LA: FREE Residential Shade Trees
LADWP has made it simple for Los Angeles City residents to
receive FREE shade trees through the Trees for a Green LA
program (TFGLA). Follow these simple steps to enjoy the benefits
of cool natural shade, energy efficiency, and clean air:
     1. Participate in an online or neighborhood workshop
     2. Submit your completed tree order and site plan
     3. LADWP will deliver the trees to your home; you then
     plant and care for them.

Note: You must be an electric customer of the Los Angeles
Department of Water and Power to receive free trees.

Workshop Options
To receive your FREE trees, you must first learn how to properly
plan for, plant, and protect your new trees through one of our
workshops. You may either complete the workshop online or
personally attend a workshop located close to your neighborhood.
Please select an option below:

Online Workshop (Approximately 20 minutes)

Neighborhood Workshop (1 hour presentation/assistance)

Contact Us
If you have any questions or need further assistance, please
call 1-800-GreenLA (800-473-3652) and select Trees for a Green
LA or email us at

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