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					                          BEGINNING BAND

                    Welcome to the World of Music!


     1)   Learn to play your musical instrument
     2)   Learn how to read music
     3)   Learn about music theory
     4)   Learn about great musicians of the past and present
     5)   Perform for family and friends
     6)   Change your life forever


     1)   Practice at home at least 10 minutes a day (1 hour per week)
     2)   Send Mr. McGhee SMART Music assignments by the due date
     3)   Bring music, work book, pencil, and instrument to class every band day
     4)   Be seated and ready to rehearse 2 minutes after the tardy bell
     5)   Learn and test off on all your music
     6)   Put your instrument and your music in the place assigned
     7)   Be supportive of fellow musicians at all times


     1)   Talk while Mr. McGhee is on the podium
     2)   Play your instrument until asked
     3)   Eat or chew gum
     4)   Touch another person’s instrument
     5)   Use foul language
     6)   Be negative toward others in class

SEVERE CLAUSE: (automatic referral and possible dismissal from band)

     1) Defiance of director’s directions
     2) Running in the band room
     3) Causing harm to anyone in the band room
     4) Touching the chalk board, podium, or Mr. McGhee’s desk without
        expressed permission
     5) Cause a substitute to report your behavior as inappropriate
     6) Touching another student’s belongings

HOW YOU ARE GRADED: Academic – one grade deducted after 4 marks from below

     1) Missed SMART Music submission of weekly practice homework
     2) Not having instrument, music, or pencil during class
     3) Being tardy
     4) Not having instrument or music in proper place after class
                         Band Member Agreement
                              Beginning Band

As a member of the Beginning Band at San Elijo Middle School for the 2011-12 school

I understand that I need to purchase a Band T-Shirt for $12 which I will wear for picture day, all
performances and off-campus activities.

I understand that I will wear dark pants, dark socks & dark shoes (no tennis shoes) for each
concert. Black pants, black socks and black shoes are preferred.

I will bring my instrument and supplies (reeds, music, lesson book) to school on all band
rehearsal days, and practice all music assigned to me. I will also have a music stand available
at home for when I practice.

San Elijo Middle School Band students will attend two formal performances this year: Fall
Concert (held at SEMS) on November 15, 2011 and Spring Concert (held at California Center
for the Arts in Escondido) on June 4, 2012.

                                     A Note on Etiquette

As a member of the audience, you can enhance your student’s educational experience by
adhering to these guidelines. Your students will also be taught these guidelines in class.

      Do turn off pagers and cell phones
      Do plan to attend the entire concert (approximately two hours). There are 5 different
       bands in the program and it benefits your student to hear each performance.
      Do make arrangements for younger children. It may be hard for them to sit for a 2
       hour performance
      Do applaud only. Don’t hoot, holler, or call out your student’s name. While appropriate
       at a football game, doing so at a formal concert detracts from the enjoyment of others
       and may embarrass your student. If you are overwhelmingly moved, lead a standing
      If it becomes absolutely necessary to leave the audience PLEASE DON’T LEAVE


I have read and will adhere to the Beginning Band Member Agreement

Signed _________________________________________Date____________

Signed _________________________________________Date____________
             (parent or guardian)

Email __________________________________________________________
     (Please print clearly as this is used for correspondence)

                                 Band Donations

We are so pleased to welcome you to Band and are looking forward to
a spectacular year!! This letter explains how our award-winning band
program at San Elijo Middle School is funded. It costs about $100.00 per
student to cover basic band program operating costs for a single school
year (festival and travel expenses are additional). Funding the Band
program is done primarily through parent donations, fundraisers and by
donations from local businesses for particular items needed. Although our
band director is paid by the District, the remaining band program expenses
are NOT subsidized or funded by our school district. The Band Boosters
will work diligently to raise a portion of the money for the band, but we also
need your help to reach our annual funding goal!

Basic Band operating expenses include: instrument purchases and
repairs, professional coaching, concert expenses, festival competition fees,
music licensing and copy fees, office supplies, and the SMART Music tool.

About Smart Music:
The licensed SMART Music tool benefits our band students and program
greatly. Each band student receives a SMART Music CD and a
microphone for use on his/her home computer (we also have computer
stations available in the band room for all students to use). Through the
program, students receive assignments from Mr. McGhee, practice
required music and send in their weekly assignments. The program
provides students with immediate feedback on their practice progress, and
allows Mr. McGhee to hear firsthand how your individual student is
progressing and provide his personal feedback. Using the program, Mr.
McGhee is also able to communicate important dates and information to
you and your student, so we can go paperless in the band room – no more
practice records!

In order to keep offering this remarkable band program at San Elijo Middle
School, we are asking all our music program families to make a voluntary
tax deductible donation to SEMS Band Boosters to assist us in meeting our
annual goal.
                     Beginning Band Donation Form

The Band Boosters ask for a $100 donation from each band student’s family to keep the
Band program going each year. Of course, we are happy to accept a larger donation if
you would like to further support this exceptional program.

Please fill out the section below. If you are including money, please send this form and
your check in a sealed envelope labeled with the student’s name, grade, band period,
and amount enclosed. For security purposes DO NOT SEND CASH WITH YOUR
STUDENT. Please make checks payable to: “SEMS Band Boosters”. All donations are
100% tax deductible. The SEMS Band Booster Tax Identification # is: 20-1360655

____ I am donating $100.00 to help cover the cost of the band’s basic operation.
      *A Free Band T-shirt will be provided with this donation.

____ I would like to donate more to support this excellent program. Please
     accept my donation of $_____________

      Check #_________

      Credit Card # __________________________________________________
      Expiration date _____________________ 3 digit code on back __________
      Name as it appears on Card ______________________________________
      Billing Address _________________________________________________
      Signature         _________________________________________________

      ____ My company offers a matching donation program.
      ____ My business would like to make a donation in the amount of $_________

Student Name (Print) ________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian (Print) ______________________________________________
Band Period ______________ Grade __________________________________
Home Phone _________________________ Cell Phone ___________________
Parent’s E-mail address ______________________________________________
(Please print clearly, as this is used for correspondence and announcements)

Mr. McGhee recommends all beginning band students start out
on a band instrument, such as: trumpet, clarinet, flute,
saxophone, French horn, trombone, baritone or tuba

Due to limited physical space in the classroom and limited
amplifier capacity, beginning band classes can only
accommodate 5 bass guitar players per beginning band class. In
addition each bass player MUST be enrolled in private lessons
throughout the year. Proof of enrollment in private lessons will be

Students that wish to play percussion in Beginning Band MUST
be enrolled in the 7th period beginning band class in order to
receive instruction from our Drum coach.

Local Private Teachers:


Steve Wright                             760-613-3435
Kyle Anastasio                           760-591-9811


John Pramis                              619-298-5754
San Diego Music Studio                   760-761-0055
San Diego Music Exchange                 760-630-7451
California Music                         760-632-7577
                            SAN ELIJO MIDDLE SCHOOL
                                BEGINNING BAND
                            INSTRUMENT INFORMATION

It is not necessary for your student to know what instrument they would like to play before
starting Beginning Band. During the first few weeks of school, your student will have the
opportunity to try different instruments in the classroom. Mr. McGhee and the Beginning Band
Coaches will work with your student to help them to determine which instrument they would like
to play.

Recommended Instruments for Beginning Band Students:

Flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, French horn, baritone or tuba.

Percussion & Bass Guitar: Due to the unique aspects of percussion instruments and the
bass guitar, these instruments have certain restrictions. Please see separate sheet enclosed in
your First Day Packet. Also, please note: bass players are only allowed in Beginning and
Golden Eagle Band. The Symphonic Winds do not have bass players.

Required Music Book: ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS 2000 Book #1 (for their instrument).
Students will also need a music stand for practicing at home.

Instrument Rentals: GOOD NEWS! It is not necessary to purchase an instrument
immediately. Rather, you may rent instruments from any of the following local music stores.
The cost for rentals is approximately $25 to $30 per month for flutes, clarinets, trombones and
trumpets. Saxophones cost $45- $65. Percussionists will need to purchase mallets or sticks
(size 2A or 5B) and a practice pad. Many of these stores offer rent to own options.

Mr. McGhee Highly Recommends:

985 Escondido Ave #102, Vista (Escondido Ave. exit off the 78)
(760) 630-7451

San Diego Music Exchange offers high-quality new and used instrument rentals with a rent-to-
own option. Minor maintenance repairs are covered by your rental agreement, and the SDME
on-site repair staff can complete most repairs while you wait. If your instrument requires more
extensive repairs, loaner instruments are provided when available. Also, a Music Exchange
representative makes weekly service visits to the band room to pick up or drop off instruments
needing repair, and to deliver reeds or other supplies using the order form on our band web site.


SD MUSIC STUDIO                      LA COSTA MUSIC
1285 Stone Dr., San Marcos           7760 El Camino Real, #B, Carlsbad
(760)761-0055                        (760)334-4500

If you are looking for a used instrument, note the brand and ask Mr. McGhee. Used instruments
can be found in the following newspapers: PennySaver, Union Tribune “Thrifties” section, and
The Reader.

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