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Page 2                                                                                                                                       February 5, 2009

          WHY YOU SHOULD
         CARE ABOUT DOWNTOWN                   By Jason Thiel
                                                                                                              Published monthly by the Niche
                                                                                                              Publications Department of the
                                                                                                              Winston-Salem Journal
                                                                                                              418 N. Marshall St.
                     Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership President                                             Winston-Salem, NC 27101
              I am encouraged on a daily basis by         the other tremendous cultural resources             Fax 336-727-7485
         the number of people who care about this         such as the Stevens Center, the Millennium
         city and volunteer their time, resources and     Center, and the soon to be completed
         funds to help downtown Winston-Salem             Downtown Center for the Arts, you must              Editor
         become a more vibrant place. However, it         admit that downtown is the center for cul-          Tammy Holoman
         should come as no surprise that there are        tural expression in our great city.
         those who question the impor-                                    " The strength of downtown          Layout and Design
         tance and necessity of con-                                   cultural, entertainment and liv-       Karen E. Liparulo
         tinuing to work toward improv-                                ing options is becoming a major
         ing our downtown. During                                      component of attracting talented
         such occasions I try to quickly                               and skilled employees, and com-        Cover Design
         provide some meaningful                                       panies which bring jobs to our         Kyle T. Webster Illustration
         points that might change the                                  region. Increasingly, studies are
         opinion of those who have this                                showing that a strong downtown         Advertising Account Executives
         negativity. I am providing the                                economy is a prerequisite to the
                                                                                                              Charlene Brown-Farris
         following talking points that you                             overall economy of the region.
         may find helpful in your own                                      " High-density develop-            336-727-7494
         encounters with people who                                    ment such as office towers and         James Hastings
         do not support downtown:                  Jason Thiel         residential condos in downtown         336-727-7403
              " The history of our city         DWSP PRESIDENT         Winston-Salem are valued and
         (Winston and Salem) was                                       thus offer significant tax-revenue
         formed in our downtown. In a                                  benefits to our city and county.     Downtown: The Heart of
         nation that has been dominated by subur-         These new buildings are built with most of        Winston-Salem is produced by
         ban development over the past 50 years,          the critical infrastructure already in place      the Niche Publications Department
         downtown Winston-Salem features extraor-         and do not require new service facilities to
                                                                                                            of the Winston-Salem Journal in
         dinary design and architecture. Our sky-         be built such as libraries and fire stations.
         line is featured in countless television and         These points are simply stated in this        association with the Downtown
         advertising visuals because most people          opinion column as general points and              Winston-Salem Partnership.
         inherently take pride in the features that       should not be confused with more in-depth
         make Winston-Salem unique.                       academic or journalistic coverage (there            Rence Callahan, Chairman
              " Although Winston-Salem’s cultural         are a plethora of academic journal and              Jason Thiel, President
         resources are strong throughout the city,        newspaper articles written across the nation
         it is downtown where they co-mingle              debating these important issues).
                                                                                                              Justin Gomez, Director of
         in a cauldron of creativity such as the              If you are interested in downtown and             Marketing and Operations
         Downtown Arts District, where First Friday       our efforts, please consider attending our          Mary Charlotte Hinkle, Project
         Gallery Hops and Summer on Trade have            Annual Meeting on Feb. 12 at 7:30 a.m.                Manager
         brought countless people from all over the       at the Embassy Suites Grand Pavilion in             305 W. Fourth St., Suite 2-E
         region together in cultural exchange. With       downtown Winston-Salem.
                                                                                                              Winston-Salem, NC 27101

                                                                                                            Downtown: The Heart of Winston-
                                                                                                            Salem is published monthly and
                                                                                                            copies are distributed throughout the
                                                                                                            downtown area in select racks and
                                                                                                            boxes, ZIP zoned into the Winston-
                                                                                                            Salem Journal, direct mailed to
                                                                                                            Winston-Salem Partnership members,
                                                                                                            and inserted into The Chronicle.
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Page 4                                                                                                                                        February 5, 2009

 I’M            DOWN                   when it comes to creative endeavors, out of
                                        our minds puts Winston-Salem on the map
                                                                        By Monica Young
                                                                     Special Sections Writer

                                                         giant pencil hangs from             Welcome to Out of Our Minds, a 25-
                                                         one corner of the brightly      year-old visual communications company,
                                                         painted entrance of Out of      where nothing is taken seriously but their
                                                         Our Minds Animation Studio      work. Out of Our Minds’ work with digital

                                                         on West Fourth Street. An       animation led to meshing marketing and
                                         equally enormous paintbrush is suspended        entertainment long before experiential mar-
                                         in a silver hoop. A strand of purple lights     keting became a trend.
                                         winds around the ceiling. A mannequin who           “We just keep trying new things. We’re
                                         has seen many years is dressed in a quirky      not ahead of the curve. We just wait for the
                                         costume in the corner while legs adorned        curve to catch up. For example, we first
                                         in purple-and-black-striped tights and black    started with digital animation 10 years ago,”
                                         buckled shoes poke out of the fireplace, as     says company founder John Cernak.
                                         if a witch was just given her final farewell.       “Anything art-related, we do,” says


                                                                                                                       Out of Our Minds’ upcoming fea-
                                                                                                                       ture, The Magistical, is a fairy tale
                                                                                                                       about a boy with glasses as large
                                                                                                                       as his courage to save people.

 Image courtesy of Out of Our Minds
February 5, 2009                                                                                                                                                    Page 5

                                                                                                                                          Photos courtesy of Out of Our Minds

                                                       animation supervisor Danny
                                                           Ironically, the forward-
                                                       thinking Out of Our Minds
                                                       is housed in a 1927 down-
                                                       town building. Major electrical
                                                       updates have been added four
                                                       times to allow Out of Our Minds

{                                                  }
                                                       to keep up with the technol-        Out of Our Minds employees Danny Oakley (right) and Matt
                                                       ogy necessary to create their
                   I wish everyone would realize       art. They have become adept
                                                       at creating 15-second clips for
                                                                                           Thurber keep up with the technology necessary to create
                                                                                           their art.

      the buck does need to stop here.                 corporate marketing and longer
                                                       pieces such as their recently
                                                                                           voice for the film. Through local
                                                                                           networking, the connection to
                                                                                                                                   They proved their own point
                                                                                                                               by spending 90 percent of their
                                                       completed movie, a fantasy          Holder, whose voice is easily       budget for the movie in the
              If we don’t keep our money here,         fairy tale called The Magistical.
                                                           Four years ago Out of
                                                                                           recognizable, was made.
                                                                                               Cernak is passionate about
                                                                                                                               Winston-Salem area. As they
                                                                                                                               create animation for corporate
                                                       Our Minds was tapped to
       downtown will disappear again.                  create the animation for The
                                                                                           downtown businesses courting
                                                                                           and winning local support.
                                                                                                                               clients that include medical
                                                                                                                               shorts detailing the path taken
                                                       Magistical. The studio labored          “Sometimes companies            by robotic medical equipment
              JOHN CERNAK                              to bring a story of a boy with
                                                       glasses as large as his cour-
                                                                                           don’t seem to realize that the
                                                                                           budgets they spend in New
                                                                                                                               inside bodies to catchy, clever
                                                                                                                               ads for NASCAR, the Dixie
                                                       age to save people in a world       York could be spent right           Classic Fair and winemakers,
                                                       teeming with dragons and evil       here in Winston-Salem. I wish       Out of Our Mind’s work show-
                                                       forces. The art is as vivid as      everyone would realize the          cases a depth that ranges
                                                       the story line, narrated by Tony    buck does need to stop here.        from silly to serious, colorful to
                                                       Award-winner Geoffrey Holder        If we don’t keep our money          mature, yet always creative.
                                                       of Charlie and the Chocolate        here, downtown will disappear           “What we do has been
                                                       Factory fame.                       again,” says Cernak.                done for a million years. We
                                                           Holder’s association with the       He cites a study that           create for the audience. We
                                                       movie, which is in the hands        showed that the major-              always focus on the story line,
                                                       of people marketing the film,       ity of companies associated         whether it is for 15 seconds or
                                                       proves Cernak’s theory that         with creative entertainment         90 minutes,” says Cernak.
                                                       everything a company needs          in California only have four
                                                       to be successful can be found       or fewer employees. Out of               To see Out of Our Minds
                                                       in Winston-Salem. Cernak says       Our Minds Animation Studio          firsthand, visit www.outofour
                                                       that they needed a celebrity        employs 11 full-time workers.
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Page 8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Page 9

                                                            Twin City Quarter offers convenience for
                                                                                                                 By Michael Huie
                                                                                                             Special Sections Writer

                                                          travelers and competition with other markets

                                                      he Marriott and                   Ron Stephens, the director of        the three main properties, the area
                                                                                   marketing for the Twin City Quarter,      offers a variety of businesses and
                                                      Hilton hotel brands          says the name allows the three            restaurants. The Twin City Quarter
                                                      are competitors in           main businesses to work as one.           also includes restaurants WS/Prime                                                       Executive
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Chef Timothy
                                                      most markets, but in         Embassy Suites, the Marriott and the and The Grille, along with Starbucks
                                                                                   convention center share one sales         Coffee, Silk Road Salon and Spa,
                                               Winston-Salem they work             staff as well as one housekeeping         and the event planners Weddings in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      oversees pre-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      paring of plates
                                               hand-in-hand.                       and one culinary team.                    the Quarter.                                                                             for a recent lun-
                                                  The Marriott Winston-                 “Twin City Quarter was designed           Stephens says that the alliance                                                     cheon.
                                               Salem, the Embassy Suites           originally as a marketing umbrella to     between the three main businesses
                                                                                   bring together three brands. It has       is a convenience for meeting plan-
                                               Hotel (which is owned by            developed into more of a geographic ners and business travelers. Booking
                                               Hilton) and the Benton              area rather than just                                          an event in the
                                               Convention Center make              three buildings,”                                              past meant work-
                                                                                   Stephens said. “It            “Twin City Quarter was           ing with three
                                               up a three-block area of            does sort of create                                            different staffs.
                                               downtown known as the               the feeling of a neigh-       designed originally as a         Today, calls for the     playing field when we’re dealing with
                                               Twin City Quarter. It’s a           borhood, an area. It                                           two hotels and           big products like [Greensboro’s]
                                               moniker that boasts coop-           reminds one obvi-           marketing umbrella to bring the convention                  Koury Convention Center or the new
                                                                                   ously of the French                                            center are handled       convention complex in Raleigh,” he
                                               eration between the three           Quarter [in New            together three brands. It has through one sales              said.
                                               businesses and a market-            Orleans], but it is a                                          office.                       The Twin City Quarter’s sales staff
                                               ing brand that means con-           geographic destina-          developed into more of a               “Now we are         also stresses its proximity to down-
                                                                                   tion.”                                                         a one-stop shop,         town Winston-Salem in its marketing
                                               venience for the business                Noble Investment       geographic area rather than “Stephens said.                 efforts. Its Web site [twincityquarter.
                                               traveler.                           Group purchased                                                “It’s still three dif-   com] lists other downtown restau-
                                                                                   the old Adam’s Mark            just three buildings.”          ferent businesses,       rants and businesses in addition to
         Photos by Allie Brown

                                                                                   hotel and converted                                            but we try to make       those within the Quarter.
                                                                                   it into two separate                                           it a seamless tran-           “Our guests spread out into
                                                                                   hotels. The Marriott and Embassy          sition.”                                      the neighborhood. We’re down on
                                                                                   Suites offer 461 rooms with about              Stephens believes the afford-            Fourth Street hitting Restaurant Row
                                                                                   70,000 square feet of meeting             ability of the hotels and the Twin City       and we’re down on Trade Street
                                                                                   and banquet space. The Benton             Quarter’s accessibility to I-40 makes         hitting Gallery Row. All that is within
                                                                                   Convention Center has more than           the complex a strong player when it           walking distance,” Stephens said.
                                                                                   200,000 square feet of space. More comes to competing with other large                       Stephens believes the area is
                                                                                   than 300 employees work in the            hotels and convention centers in the          an important neighborhood, and
                                                                                   Twin City Quarter.                        state.                                        there are times when the Quarter
                                                                                        “If you’re coming to downtown             “We also try very hard to make           becomes the center of the excite-
                                                                                   Winston-Salem, this is the place          sure that customers understand that           ment and energy downtown. “We
                                                                                   to be,” said Stephen Baldwin, the         while we are three businesses it is           want to be the keystone for the
                                                                                   Quarter’s director of housekeep-          one complex. It’s one team, one               revitalization of downtown Winston-
                             Banquet Captain Robert Baity checks tables before a
                             recent luncheon.                                      ing. Baldwin says that in addition to     brand out there to help us level the          Salem.”
Page 10                                                                                       February 5, 2009

                                             N OW I N S TO C K . . .

                                               & CAPS
                                         A LT E R AT I O N S                       SUIT SALE
             HATS                             N OW !
                                            P ro f e s s i o n a l
                                                                                   Suit, Shirt, Tie Set & Shoes
                                                                                            for only ...

                                                                                      129 9 5
                                              S a m e D ay
            I N TOW N
          F E AT U R I N G K A N G O L
                                                Service                             $

                                                    Kangol Hats & Caps

                                                       Dress & Casual

                                               Shoes, Suits, Socks & Accessories

              Miller’s Variety Store
                       622 North Trade St. Winston-Salem, NC 27101 • 336-722-0549
          Gift Cards                                                                                 Gift Cards
          Available        S E RV I N G YO U F O R 8 0 Y E A R S. . . S I N C E 1 9 2 8 !            Available
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Page 12                                                                                                                                                     February 5, 2009

    Comfort                                                                                                                    DOWN

            CUP OF

                Chelsee’s Coffee offers more                                                                                   TOWN
               than your daily dose of caffeine
                                            By Monica Young
                                         Special Sections Writer

                he smell of freshly brewed coffee wafts    that involved traveling throughout the Piedmont,
                through the air as the door opens at       her confidence grew, as did her familiarity with
                Chelsee’s Coffee Shop on Trade Street.     Winston-Salem.
      A cozy spot with intimate tables in varying                She and her husband attended a Friday
      heights and a leather sofa and chairs clustered      night jazz event downtown one evening, and
      around a fireplace in the back invite anyone who     she thought to herself, “This would be a cool
      enjoys good coffee and good conversation.            little area to own a business.”
          Owner Gena Knighten opened her coffee                  That seed led to thinking that a coffee shop
      shop in 2002. After spending 16 years in sales       would enhance the neighborhood for residents
      and being networking-savvy, Knighten did not         and the businesspeople who work downtown.
      let her retail inexperience or coffee shop naivete   Soon, Knighten and her husband transformed
      dissuade her from creating what has become           the space into Chelsee’s, a combination of

      Trade Street’s hot spot. For                                                modern style with an old feel.
      the first week of business, she                                             The coffee shop, pristine in its
      gave away coffee and took                                                   cleanliness, remains the same
      feedback from what people            The customers                          as it looked when it opened
      liked.                                                                      seven years ago.
          “The customers decide          decide everything                            She expanded her
      everything we carry. They                                                   résumé to become involved
      are the ones paying, so they         we carry. They                         in the Downtown Arts District
      should get what they want,”                                                 Association (DADA), an orga-
      says Knighten of her simple           are the ones                          nization dedicated to the
      business philosophy.                                                        promotion of arts and culture
          A row of glass containers      paying, so they                          in our community. She joined       Gena Knighten (above), owner of Chelsee’s, opened
                                                                                                                     the coffee shop to enhance the neighborhood for

      with silver lids lines a dark-                                              the Restaurant Round Table.
      hued vintage-looking coun-          should get what                         She became the chairperson
                                                                                                                     residents and people who work downtown. Regulars
                                                                                                                     Cindy Salley and Tom Skinner (below) agree that she
      ter. Snicker-Roo, Chelsee’s                                                 of the Winston-Salem Public
      “own secret mix of country             they want.                           Safety Commission.
                                                                                                                     has met her goal.

      spices blended with a hint                                                      Like most businesses, the
      of real hazelnuts, cinnamon                                                 sluggish economy has had its
      and a dash of nutty flavor,” is a house favorite.    effect on Chelsee’s. Always the entrepreneur,
      Bolivia is a bold yet creamy coffee with hints of    Knighten has introduced gift shop-oriented
      chocolate. And then there is Pralines & Cream,       products that make Chelsee’s not only an ideal
      with the flavors of pecan and a hint of sweet        place to grab an excellent cup of coffee but a
      cream.                                               spot to find a clever gift.
          Gena Knighten’s coffee shop, named for                 Continually planning and improving, Knighten
      her beloved late schnauzer, has become a via-        has started Girls on Grapes, a wine-tasting
      ble fixture for the movers and shakers of Trade      group where women can socialize and net-
      Street. ISP executives come from across the          work at the coffee shop. The group meets
      street to grab coffee and conduct a little busi-     once a month and has limited availability. Go to
      ness. Artists claim Knighten and Chelsee’s as        Chelsee’s Web site,,
      a huge supporter of the arts district. Students      for more information.
      appreciate the Wi-Fi and the sanctity of a                 “I like to always remember that the customer
      clean, quiet space to study.                         comes first,” says Knighten.
          Ironically, Knighten, a Yadkin County native,
      was “scared of her own shadow” when she                 Chelsee’s is open at 533 N. Trade St. on
      moved to Winston-Salem. She refused to drive         Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.,
      on I-40 and visit areas of the city that infringed   Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sundays
      on her comfort zone. When she got a sales job        from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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                              Courtesy of Molly Grogan Rawls, author of Winston-Salem in Vintage Postcards

 The new Carolina Theatre (center) opened for the first time on Monday night,
 January 14, 1929. The $1 million theater on the corner of Fourth and Marshall
 streets was designed by Johnson & Brannan, built by John B. Pettyjohn, and
 operated by Publix-Saenger Theatres. Newspaper accounts of the opening ex-
 tol the theater’s 2,600 seating capacity, its 21 exits, the large lounge rooms on
 the balcony and gallery floors, the heating and cooling system that could be
 regulated in minutes, the Modernistic interior design, and the many other fea-
 tures that made going to the Carolina Theatre a memorable experience for 46
Page 14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         February 5, 2009

WHATDO                                                                                                                 TO                                                  For a complete listing of Downtown events, please visit
                                                                                                                                                                    and click on the “Events Calendar.”

                                                                                                                                                                           February 2009                       (a partial list of happenings)

        Sunday                                    Monday                                      Tuesday                           Wednesday                                Thursday                                      Friday                               Saturday
     1 “L’elisir d’amore” (The Elixir         2 Monday Night Specials, Rec-              3 Idea Exchange, 5:30 p.m.,             4 Brother Reade, 8 p.m.,             5 Retro Night w/ DJ S.K., 9                6 First Friday Gallery Hop;            7 Matt Walsh, 10:30 p.m.,
 of Love), 2 p.m., Stevens Center         reation Billiards (412 W. Fourth St.), No   Center for Design Innovation (301 N.   Krankies (211 E. Third St.), www.     p.m., 6th & Vine (209 W. Sixth St.),     7–10 p.m., Arts District, 6th & Trade    Foothills Brewing (638 W. Fourth St.),
 (405 W. Fourth St.), $10–$20, www.       cover,          Main St.– Ste 2105), Free, www.                                 Streets, Free,                        Free Appetizers, 5–7 p.m.,                  Open Mic Night, 8 p.m.–Mid-          Trivia Night @ Foothills, 9 p.m.,          Distrails w/ Ryan Gustafson,
     Sports Bonanza, 2 p.m., Chil-        Hutch & Harris (424 W. Fourth St.),            Sangria Tuesday, 6th & Vine         night; The Garage (110 West 7th       Foothills Brewing (638 W. 4th St.), No   Willie Breeding, 8 p.m., Krankies (211
 dren’s Museum (300 S. Liberty St.),                   (209 W. Sixth St.), www.6thandvine.    Street); Call Dan at 336-924-5332     cover,          E. Third St.), $7, www.krankiescoffee.
 $7,                                                      com                                    on Mondays after 4 p.m..; www.the-                                             com

     ½ Price Wine & Sunday                                                               Trivia Night, Finnigan’s Wake

 Brunch, 6th & Vine (209 W. Sixth St.),                                               (620 N. Trade St.), Free, 336-723-

 No cover,                                                         0322

     8 Chocolate Cooking Class,               9 Arthur’s Preview Class,                  10 Trivia Night, Finnigan’s Wake        11 Open Mic Night, 8 p.m.–            12 Downtown Partnership                  13 What’s Love Got to Do with             14 Dad & Daughter Dance,
 4:30 p.m., Meridian Restaurant (411      11:30 a.m., Children’s Museum (300          (620 N. Trade St.), Free, 336-723-     Midnight; The Garage (110 West 7th    Annual Meeting, 8 a.m., Grand            It? Concert feat. Billy Lord, 7 p.m.,     5 p.m., Children’s Museum (300
 S. Marshall St.), $35 including food &   S. Liberty St.), $7, www.childrens          0322                                   Street); Call Dan at 336-924-5332     Pavilion Embassy Suites (460 N.          First Pres. Church (200 N. Cherry St),    S. Liberty St.), $12, www.childrens
 drink,                                       Sangria Tuesday, 6th & Vine         on Mondays after 4 p.m.; www.the-     Cherry St.), Keynote speaker and         $10,           
     ½ Price Wine & Sunday                    Monday Night Specials, Recre-           (209 W. Sixth St.), www.6thandvine.                             Excellence Awards, Free, www.dwsp.           Valentine’s Day Dinner Pre-               Valentine’s Day Dinner, WS
 Brunch, 6th & Vine (209 W. Sixth St.),   ation Billiards (412 W. Fourth St.), No     com                                        Latin Wednesdays w/ DJ Paco,      org                                      view, WS Prime Steakhouse (460            Prime Steakhouse (460 N. Cherry St.),
 No cover,             cover,             Idea Exchange, 5:30 p.m.,           8 p.m. dance lesson & 9 p.m. start;       Wine Paired Dinner, 6:30 p.m.,       N. Cherry St.), $29+ including 4          $29+ including 4 course dinner, Res-
                                                                                      Center for Design Innovation (301 N.   The 411 Club (411 N. Cherry St.),     Meridian Restaurant (411 S. Marshall     course dinner, Reservations at 336-       ervations at 336-722-5232
                                                                                      Main St.– Ste 2105), Free, www.                      St.), $55 including 5 course dinner,     722-5232                                      Matt Hill, 10:30 p.m.; Foothills
                                                                                                                                                                                   Brewing (638 W. Fourth St.), www.

    15 ½ Price Wine & Sunday                  16 Monday Night Specials,                  17 Sangria Tuesday, 6th & Vine          18 Open Mic Night; 8 p.m.–            19 Retro Night w/ DJ S.K., 9             20 Downtown Winter Dance                21 Live Music, 10:30 p.m.;
 Brunch, 6th & Vine (209 W. Sixth St.),   Recreation Billiards (412 W. Fourth         (209 W. Sixth St.), www.6thandvine.    Midnight; The Garage (110 West 7th    p.m., 6th & Vine (209 W. Sixth St.),     feat. Party On the Moon; Doors at        Foothills Brewing (638 W. Fourth St.),
 No cover,             St.), No cover, www.recreationbilliards.    com                                    Street); Call Dan at 336-924-5332                       8 p.m., band at 9 p.m.; Millennium
                                          com                                            Idea Exchange, 5:30 p.m.,           on Mondays after 4 p.m.; www.the-         Trivia Night @ Foothills, 9 p.m.,    Center (101 W. 5th St.), $10 at the
                                              Free Appetizers, 5–7 p.m.,              Center for Design Innovation (301 N.                             Foothills Brewing (638 W. 4th St.), No   door,
                                          Hutch & Harris (424 W. Fourth St.),         Main St.– Ste 2105), Free, www.                                              cover,
                                                                                             Breast Cancer Benefit,
                                                                                                                                                                   Krankies (211 E. Third St.), www.

     22 Bookmarks: A Conversa-               23 Free Appetizers, 5–7 p.m.,                24 Loose Tooth Storytime,              25 Latin Wednesdays w/ DJ             26 Trivia Night @ Foothills; 9           27 Discount Friday Night, 4             28 Live Music, 10:30 p.m.;
 tion w/ Elizabeth Gilbert, 4 p.m.;       Hutch & Harris (424 W. Fourth St.),         11:30 a.m., Children’s Museum (300     Paco, 8 p.m. dance lesson & 9 p.m.    p.m., Foothills Brewing (638 W. 4th      p.m., Children’s Museum (300 S.          Foothills Brewing (638 W. Fourth St.),
 Hawthorne Inn & Conference Center                   S. Liberty St.), $7, www.childrens-    start; The 411 Club (411 N. Cherry    St.), No cover, www.foothillsbrewing.    Liberty St.), $3, www.childrensmuseu
 (420 High St.), $20–$95, www.                                                                       St.),                com                                                                                            Sangria Tuesday, 6th & Vine            Open Mic Night, 8 p.m.–Mid-           Retro Night w/ DJ S.K., 9
     ½ Price Wine & Sunday                                                            (209 W. Sixth St.), www.6thandvine.    night; The Garage (110 West 7th       p.m., 6th & Vine (209 W. Sixth St.),
 Brunch, 6th & Vine (209 W. Sixth St.),                                               com                                    Street); Call Dan at 336-924-5332
 No cover,                                                                                                on Mondays after 4 p.m.; www.the-
February 5, 2009                                                                   Page 15


           THE ANNUAL GENERAL                    THE “FAITH IN FILM”
       MEMBERSHIP MEETING of                 SERIES, hosted by Centenary
       the Downtown Winston-Salem            Church, returned recently. Led
       Partnership will be held Thursday,    by Butter Birkas, former direc-
       Feb. 12, at 8 a.m. in the Grand       tor of the RiverRun Film Festival,
       Pavilion of the Embassy Suites        the series focuses on the topic
       Hotel. The meeting is free and        “Children and War.” During the
       open to the public with conti-        series, participants will view
       nental breakfast available at 7:30    award-winning films and explore
       a.m. A special feature of the         the devastating effects war has
       meeting will be the presentation      on children.
       of the Downtown Excellence                Some of this year’s films are:
       Awards by Mayor Allen Joines.         Feb. 8—Grave of the Fireflies,
       The keynote speaker at the            1988, (Japan); Feb. 15—Kolya,
       annual meeting will be Dr. Emil       1996, (Czech Republic); and
       Malizia, chair of the city and        Feb. 22—Hope and Glory,
       regional planning department at       1987, (England).
       the University of North Carolina at       Faith in Film is free and open
       Chapel Hill.                          to the public. For additional
                                             information, visit www.centenary-
           KERNEL KUSTARD will be  
       the latest restaurant to open its
       doors downtown. The fun and               WILDFIRE WAS
       family-friendly store will feature    RECENTLY FEATURED
       many of the same menu items           AS FRESH AGENCY IN
       available at its current location     COMMUNICATION ARTS
       such as Chicago-style hot dogs        Communication Arts, a highly
       and popcorn, as well as their         respected creative publication
       famous frozen custard. A late-        that recognizes the best and
       spring opening is anticipated and     most creative in the advertising
       the restaurant will be at the cor-    industry, highlighted Wildfire as
       ner of Fourth and Cherry streets      an agency of note in its fresh
       in the historic Nissen Building.      section the week of January 12.
       This will be the company’s sec-       Fresh, which can be found on
       ond location.                         the Communication Arts Web
                                             site — — is
           THE SNOW BALL                     dedicated to recognizing agen-
       CONCERT will take place Friday,       cies that have been in business
       Feb. 20 featuring the awe-            for at least five years and are
       some dance music of Party on          seen to be doing highly innova-
       The Moon. It will be held at the      tive work. Wildfire is at 709 N.
       Millennium Center on Fifth Street     Main St.
       with doors opening at 8 p.m.
       and the band kicking off at 9             THE BIG EAT will kick off
       p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door;     Tuesday, Feb. 3. Every Tuesday
       however, if you spend $25 at          night through March 31, this
       a downtown restaurant or retail       special nine-week promotion
       shop, or Arts Council-funded          enables individuals to receive
       partner, and bring your receipt to    50 percent off a signature dish
       the Downtown Partnership office,      at 15 participating restaurants
       you will receive a FREE ticket.       throughout downtown. Visit www.
       Visit for more  for
       details. Snow Ball is presented by    a list of participating restaurants
       the Millennium Fund.                  and their signature dishes.

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