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This 30-hour course will introduce students to databases and techniques to manipulate data using Microsoft
Access software. Topics will include database terminology, creating and modifying a database, data types,
tables, creating and modifying records, forms, creating and editing queries and reports.

Boyce Campus               XAI-209-1101       $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM-9:30PM              W                  9/12/07 Sharkey
Downtown Center            XAI-209-1891       $149    10 Sessions
5:30PM-8:30PM              M                  9/17/07 Faculty
North Campus               XAI-209-1450       $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM-9:30PM              T                  9/11/07 Faculty
South Campus               XAI-209-1540       $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM-9:30PM              W                  9/11/07 Stephan
West Hills Center          XAI-209-1480       $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM-9:30PM              T                  9/25/07 Faculty

In this 6-hour course learn the basics of Microsoft Access, including creating, entering data, editing data,
saving and printing a database. Topics will include, basic creation, editing and navigating of records, basic
users of tables, queries, forms, reports and a basic introduction to database structure.

Allegheny Campus           XWK-401-1210       $99     1 Session
9:30AM-4:00PM              S                  9/15/07 Janosko
Boyce Campus               XWK-401-1101       $99      1 Session
9:00AM-4:00PM              F                  10/26/07 Deloach
Downtown Center            XWK-401-1896       $99     1 Session
9:00AM-4:00PM              R                  9/20/07 Faculty
Downtown Center            XWK-401-1897       $99      1 Session
9:00AM-4:00PM              T                  10/23/07 Faculty
North Campus               XWK-401-1450       $99      1 Session
9:00AM-4:00PM              F                  10/12/07 Gallagher
South Campus               XWK-401-1540       $99     1 Sessions
9:00AM-3:30PM              S                  9/29/07 Stephan

Access Workshop 2
This 6-hour intermediate level Access course will build upon your basic skills. Topics include data types,
and intermediate level of understanding of forms and sub forms, multiple table queries, “and/or” queries,
various types of advanced queries, intermediate techniques for developing reports, importing and exporting
data to other application software and an introduction to using hyperlinks with Access.

Downtown Center            XWK-402-1896       $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              R                  10/4/07 Faculty
Downtown Center            XWK-402-1897       $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              R                  11/8/07 Faculty
This 24-course provides an introduction to the standard Dream Weaver web creation tools for the
nonprogramming web developer. Develop your site visually, insert buttons, links, tables, and forms, and
Dream Weaver writes the codes for you. The software allows the creation and management of web sites
from scratch, or by incorporating pre-existing web pages using round-web HTML. The course includes an
introduction to HTML.

Downtown Center            XAI-345-1891       $155    8 Sessions
5:30PM–8:30PM              T                  9/18/07 Faculty

Dreamweaver Workshop 1
In this 6-hour course, learn to create, enhance and design a web page; connect web pages; work with
images; create tables; create frames and upload sites. Topics covered include creating documents,
formatting documents, creating links, inserting images, working with tables and modifying frames. In
addition, learn to create a cascading style sheet and insert flash text.

Downtown Center            XWK-901-1896       $99      1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              R                  10/11/07 Tonti

This 30-hour Excel course will introduce students to Excel terminology, creating worksheets and
workbooks, entering data, saving files, labels, the use of formulas and functions, copying formulas, and
functions, and formatting text, numbers, rows & columns. Topics will also include creating, formatting and
using charts, creating, sorting and entering data lists, and multiple worksheets within a workbook.

Boyce Campus               XAI-187-1101       $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM–9:30PM              M                  9/10/07 Sharkey
Downtown Center            XAI-187-1891       $149    10 Sessions
5:30PM–8:30PM              T                  9/18/07 Sharkey
North Campus               XAI-187-1450       $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM–9:30PM              M                  9/10/07 Faculty
South Campus               XAI-187-1540       $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM–9:30PM              M                  9/10/07 Smith
West Hills Center          XAI-187-1480       $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM–9:30PM              M                  9/24/07 Faculty
Washington County Ctr      XAI-187-1590       $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM–9:30PM              W                  9/12/07 Kovacik
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Excel Workshop 1
In this 6-hour course learn the basics of Microsoft Excel, including creating, editing, saving and printing
spreadsheets. Topics include formatting labels, values, formulas, functions, relative and absolute cell
references, formatting and charts.

Allegheny Campus           XWK-301-1210       $99     1 Session
9:30AM–4:00PM              S                  9/22/07 Janosko
Boyce Campus               XWK-301-1101       $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              F                  9/28/07 Deloach
Boyce Campus               XWK-301-1102       $99      1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              S                  10/13/07 Deloach
Downtown Center            XWK-301-1896       $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              T                  9/25/07 Faculty
Downtown Center            XWK-301-1897       $99      1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              T                  10/30/07 Faculty
North Campus               XWK-301-1450       $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              F                  9/28/07 Gallagher
Excel Workshop 1
In this 4-hour course learn the basics of Microsoft Excel, including creating, editing, saving and printing
spreadsheets. Topics include formatting labels, values, formulas, functions, relative and absolute cell
references, formatting and charts.

Regional Lrng Alliance     XWK-316-1101       $75      1 Session
10:00AM–2:00PM             S                  10/13/07 Dvorak

Excel Workshop 1
In this 6-hour course learn the basics of Microsoft Excel, including creating, editing, saving and printing
spreadsheets. Topics include formatting labels, values, formulas, functions, relative and absolute cell
references, formatting and charts.

South Campus               XWK-301-1540       $99     1 Session
9:00AM–3:30PM              S                  9/22/07 Wolf

Excel Workshop—Beyond the Basics
This second level 6-hour course will build upon skills learned in the basics if Microsoft Excel. Topics will
include working with large worksheets, hiding and displaying data, working with multiple worksheets,
graphic techniques, advanced formatting and list management.

Allegheny Campus           XWK-302-1210       $99      1 Session
9:30AM–4:00PM              S                  10/20/07 Janosko
Boyce Campus               XWK-302-1101       $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              F                  11/2/07 Deloach
Downtown Center            XWK-302-1896       $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              T                  10/9/07 Faculty
Downtown Center            XWK-302-1897       $99      1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              T                  11/13/07 Faculty
North Campus               XWK-302-1450       $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              F                  10/5/07 Gallagher
South Campus               XWK-302-1540       $99     1 Session
9:00AM–3:30PM              S                  11/3/07 Wetzler

In this 24-hour course, Flash functions as an authorizing application for Web developers, enabling the
creation of high-impact, fully interactive web sites. You will become familiar with the Flash workspace,
menus, modifiers, timelines, and features.

Downtown Center            XAI-182-1891       $155    8 Sessions
5:30PM–8:30PM              F                  9/21/07 Tonti
South Campus               XAI-182-1540       $155    8 Sessions
6:30PM–9:30PM              T                  9/11/07 Ahearn

Flash Workshop 1
Gain experience with Flash tools and methods for working in Flash in this 6-hour course. Topics will
include basic Flash tools, creating animations, sounds, frame actions, special text effects, adding buttons,
creating gradients and importing bitmaps. You will build on this knowledge by using Flash to create
animations that you can publish on the Web or as stand-alone files.

Downtown Center            XWK-750-1896       $99      1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              R                  11/15/07 Tonti
Introduction to Geographical Information Systems
This 36-hour course is designed to provide students with a solid foundation of the principles and
applications of GIS and an introduction to the desktop software ArcView. Students will produce both static
and dynamic maps using real data. Prerequisites: Windows.

Downtown Center           XAI-287-1891      $269    9 Sessions
5:30PM–9:30PM             F                 9/21/07 Lewis

Mail Merge, Envelopes & Labels Workshop
In this six-hour course you will learn to use Microsoft Office to generate multiple documents for
automating mailings. Learn how to use a database of names, addresses, and more to create duplicate
documents applying different information on each with one print command.

Boyce Campus              XAI-284-1101      $99      1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM             F                 10/12/07 Deloach
South Campus              XAI-284-1540      $99      1 Session
9:00AM–3:30PM             S                 10/20/07 Wetzler

MS Office
This 30-hour introductory course will introduce the main features of the four Microsoft Office components.
Learn to create, copy, save, edit & format documents and tables in Word; create formulas and functions,
format, build and edit worksheets and charts in Excel; create & edit databases, use tables, write queries,
develop forms and reports in Access; create, format, modify and enhance PowerPoint presentations.

Allegheny Campus          XAI-356-1210      $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM–9:30PM             R                 9/13/07 Ferris
Boyce Campus              XAI-356-1101      $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM–9:30PM             M                 9/10/07 Sharkey
Homewood Brushton Ctr XAI-356-1240          $149    10 Sessions
9:30AM–12:30PM        S                     9/15/07 Faculty
North Campus              XAI-356-1450      $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM–9:30PM             W                 9/12/07 Faculty
South Campus              XAI-356-1540      $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM–9:30PM             W                 9/12/07 Smith
West Hills Center         XAI-356-1480      $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM–9:30PM             W                 9/12/07 Faculty
Washington County Ctr     XAI-356-1590      $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM–9:30PM             T                 9/11/07 House

MS Office—Beyond the Basics
In this 30-hour course, students having a basic working knowledge of MS Office will learn and apply more
advanced features of the Office package. Using Word, students will work with tables and charts, perform
mail merge, insert graphics and clip art, and create a table of contents. Using Excel, students will create
data bases, pivot tables and pivot chart reports, create macros, and use lookup functions, formulas, data
analysis, and auditing tools. Using Access, students will create and use data bases, write queries, create
forms and reports. Students will create a power point presentation incorporating the advanced MS Office

Boyce Campus              XAI-377-1101      $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM–9:30PM             W                 9/12/07 Faculty
South Campus              XAI-377-1540      $149    10 Sessions
6:30PM–9:30PM             R                 9/13/07 Wetzler
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PowerPoint Workshop 1
In this 6-hour course learn the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint, presentation software. Create, edit, enhance
and customize presentations. Topics include adding and formatting text and graphics, use of design
templates, working with slides and their various views, and various ways to print the presentation.

Downtown Center            XWK-501-1896      $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              W                 9/19/07 Faculty
Downtown Center            XWK-501-1897      $99      1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              W                 10/24/07 Faculty
South Campus               XWK-501-1540      $99      1 Session
9:00AM–3:30PM              S                 10/27/07 Wetzler

PowerPoint Workshop 2
In this 6-hour, second level course build on your basic knowledge of PowerPoint. Topics covered include
setting up a slide show, slide masters and techniques, enhancing charts, using multimedia in presentations,
working with embedded and linked objects and hyperlinks, and adding special effects.

Downtown Center            XWK-502-1896      $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              W                 10/3/07 Faculty
Downtown Center            XWK-502-1897      $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              W                 11/7/07 Faculty
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Publisher Workshop
In this 6 hour course, create professional looking publications quickly and easily. Combine text, graphics,
worksheets, and charts into a simple integrated document. Work with art, use multiple pages and create
page layouts.

Allegheny Campus           XAI-296-1210      $99      1 Session
9:30AM–4:00PM              S                 10/13/07 Ferris
Boyce Campus               XAI-296-1101      $99      2 Sessions
6:00PM–9:00PM              MW                10/15/07 Deloach
Downtown Center            XAI-296-1896      $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              R                 9/27/07 Faculty

Which Computer Course Is Right for Me?
Are you confused about which computer class is right for you? Whether you are a novice or an expert, this
FREE session will help you determine the correct CCAC computer course for you.

Allegheny Campus           YAI-100-1210      FREE    1 Session
6:30PM–8:00PM              W                 8/29/07 Ferris
Braddock Hills Center      YAI-100-1102      FREE    1 Session
6:30PM–9:30PM              R                 8/30/07 Deloach
Boyce Campus               YAI-100-1101      FREE    1 Session
6:30PM–9:30PM              W                 8/29/07 Deloach
North Campus               YAI-100-1450      FREE    1 Session
6:30PM–7:30PM              W                 8/15/07 Green
North Campus               YAI-100-1451      FREE    1 Session
7:30PM–8:30PM              W                 8/15/07 Green
South Campus               YAI-100-1540      FREE    1 Session
6:30PM–9:30PM              T                 8/28/07 Wetzler
Washington Crown Ctr.      YAI-100-1590      FREE    1 Session
6:30PM–8:00PM              R                 8/30/07 Ferris
Windows Workshop 1
In this 6-hour workshop, learn to create, retrieve, edit, copy, save and print files using Word Pad. Topics
covered include My Computer, Windows Explorer, settings, folders, desktop, menus, toolbars, panes, scroll
bars, dialog boxes, shortcuts, favorites, control panel, formatting and starting programs.

Downtown Center            XWK-101-1896      $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              T                 9/18/07 Faculty

Word Workshop 1
In this 6-hour course, learn the basics of Microsoft Word, including creating, editing, saving, and printing
documents. Topics will include: entering and editing text; coping, cutting and pasting text; formatting fonts,
lines and paragraphs; margins, tabs, indents, bullets, page breaks, use of the thesaurus, and the spelling and
grammar checker.

Allegheny Campus           XWK-201-1210      $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              S                 10/6/07 Ferris
Downtown Center            XWK-201-1896      $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              W                 9/26/07 Faculty
Downtown Center            XWK-201-1897      $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              R                 11/1/07 Faculty
North Campus               XWK-201-1450      $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              F                 9/21/07 Gallagher
South Campus               XWK-201-1540      $99     1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              S                 9/15/07 Stephan

Word Workshop—Beyond the Basics
Build on your basic knowledge of Microsoft Word with this 6-hour intermediate level course. Topics
covered include illustrating documents with graphics, tables and columns, mail merges, working with styles
and templates, and developing multi-page documents.

Allegheny Campus           XWK-202-1210      $99      1 Session
9:30AM–4:00PM              T                 10/20/07 S Ferris
Downtown Center            XWK-202-1896      $99      1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              W                 10/10/07 Faculty
Downtown Center            XWK-202-1897      $99      1 Session
9:00AM–4:00PM              W                 11/14/07 Faculty
South Campus               XWK-202-1540      $99      1 Session
9:00AM–3:30PM              S                 10/20/07 Wetzler

A textbook may be required for computer courses and is not included in cost of class.

Call CCAC Community Education with questions or to register: 412.369.3703 or visit their
website Community College of Allegheny County

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