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"Mouth to Mouth" a cult perspective: a Movie Review

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Through this movie you'll learn how some cults work. You will also learn
how easy that is and how people often just fall into cults.

cults, mind control, influence, persuasion, JK Ellis

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As a person interested in "group influence" it would be well worth
anyones while to rent/buy the movie "Mouth to Mouth".

Based on the directors brief experience in Europe as part of cult the
story centers around Sherry, a young runaway meets the radical street
collective SPARK - Street People Armed with Radical Knowledge - while she
is living on the streets of Europe. She travels through the continent in
the SPARK van, recruiting members from street gangs and disenfranchised
youth at raves and town squares and experiencing the group's giddy
thrills as well as its punishing manipulations. Searching for a place to
belong where she can still be herself, Sherry thinks she has found this
in SPARK, but when her mother comes to find her, Sherry discovers that
she must pay a heavy personal price for rebellion. Director, Alison
Murray combines drama, suspense and choreographed movement in an intense,
stylish and provocative look at youth culture, the struggles of
parenthood, and the dark side of nonconformity.

What one can learn about "group influence" from this film is how easy it
is to influence people when you offer them a sense of community and a
little hope and encouragement.

The formula becomes very clear.
1) treat them as your friend and show interest in them as a person.

2) Act like you know what you're talking about.

3) Give them the idea that they are part of something bigger, a cause.

4) Enforce obedience to the group cause.

You can also learn how easy it is for a group leader to abuse the power
that is given him.

All the characters in this movie have SOMETHING in them that we can
empathize with, even the abusive cult leader.

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