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									2008-2009 Annual Report
Gulfshore Playhouse is Naples’ first and finest self producing-
 professional theatre company, currently producing exclusively
     at the Norris Center in downtown Naples. Gulfshore
    Playhouse is passionately devoted to creating nationally
    noteworthy professional theatre – from the powerful and
inspiring classics, to innovative new works. It is unwaveringly
   committed to bringing the best theatre professionals in our
country to the stages and the classrooms of Southwest Florida.
 Founder and Producing Artistic Director Kristen Coury is a
resident of Naples and an experienced director, producer and
theatre manager with a career spanning nearly two decades in
            various aspects of the theatre business.

Incorporated in 2004, Gulfshore Playhouse is a not-for-profit
   501 (c) (3) organization that has been providing quality
 professional theatre and unique educational opportunities to
   residents and visitors of Southwest Florida since 2006 .
The Gulfshore Playhouse Board of Directors

Chairman       President       Secretary
        The Gulfshore Playhouse Advisory Boards

 Advisory Board                       Artistic Advisory Board

   Roger Baker                        Anna Maria Alberghetti
   Philip Beuth                           Alan Campbell
   Don Gunther                           Carol Channing
Jason Hunter Korn                       Franc D’Ambrosio
Christine Paddock                       Brian Lane Green
    Ned Sachs
Our Mission
 •To enrich: producing the finest high-quality
 professional theatre, creating a stimulating cultural
 environment which is affordable and accessible to all

 •To educate: providing first-class in-school
 educational outreach for students and unique learning
 opportunities for residents and visitors of all ages

 •To entertain: Encouraging all people in our diverse
 community to explore theatre as an art form, thus
 contributing to the growth of Southwest Florida as a
 cultural center
                                 Our Values
•Excellence: To draw from the finest professional
actors, singers and creative personnel the country has to
offer while simultaneously encouraging and supporting
the development of local talent

•Service: To respond to community tastes and needs,
acknowledging that theatrical art cannot be sustained
without its audience. We are committed to excellence in
every aspect of the community's experience of
Gulfshore Playhouse.

•Inclusion: Theatre exists for the masses. Gulfshore
Playhouse will serve people from the broad spectrum of
race, creed and socio-economic levels.
   ART SMART, which is currently up and running in both Collier and Lee
County, offers theatre-based workshops that are brought into classrooms during
the school day to teach curriculum content. Correlating with the Sunshine State
 Standards, these workshops teach literacy and numeracy skills while fostering
             self-esteem, self-confidence and cooperative learning.
   ART SMART staff has designed a series of residencies, classes and workshops that
educate by delivering traditional curriculum (history, science, social studies, etc.) through
   arts-based lessons. Recently the National Education Association awarded a grant to
  support the innovative work Gulfshore Playhouse is undertaking with Bonita Springs
     Elementary School. The project, expanding curriculum delivery methods in the
     classroom, was one of only 30 funded nationwide out of hundreds of applicants.

      Under the direction of Ms. Irene Horowitz, Director of Education for Gulfshore
 Playhouse and an award-winning educator, these ART SMART educational programs are
   staffed by a pool of professional educators with significant arts backgrounds. All Art
Smart programs integrate into numerous traditional curriculum topics, enhance delivery of
                     those subjects and provide a resource to teachers.
                        ART SMART Funders

                In 2008-2009, ART SMART received grants from:

                       The National Education Association
                         Suncoast for Kids Foundation
                          The Rabb Family Foundation
                    The United Arts Council of Collier County

This enabled us to bring 22 workshops to approximately 600 students without any
                        fee to the school or school district.

Many of the area’s schools, especially those designated Title 1, can not afford even
  the half-price fees ART SMART charges. (While the total cost of offering one
residency is approximately $765, Gulfshore Playhouse charges schools $350 only,
    making up the difference through earned income and individual donations.)
                          Educational Offerings

                   This year, we are proud to have instituted:

Adult Classes - ranging from stage combat to audition technique, movement and
  mask work, as well as master classes given by Tony-Award winning actors,
          Award-winning singer/songwriters, and Broadway veterans

The STAR Program – The Student Theatre Artists in Residence for young adults
ages 14-18 which focuses on acting training, technical theatre, and lectures given
                     by various professionals in the field
                         Gulfshore Playhouse Productions

                                     Mainstage Productions
 Our seasons are comprised of three to four productions each year. These shows are carefully
  selected to provide Southwest Florida audiences with an enriching, entertaining and unique
experience each time they come to the theatre. These plays feature highly talented professional
   actors and skilled theatre artisans producing New York-quality theatre right here in Naples.

                                         Music Events
Gulfshore Playhouse continues to give area residents and visitors an experience they can find no
 where else with two special concert/cabaret events. These events find the theatre at the Norris
  Center transformed into a New York-style jazz club. These nights of song and entertainment
            spotlight unique performers from up-and-comers to Broadway veterans.

                                 Annual Charity Golf Classic
This annual fundraising event includes a reception/ silent auction, lively golf tournament followed
 by an awards dinner and ceremony. Participants include patrons, supporters and sponsors in
                                     registered foursomes.
             Recognition from the Community

In the Fall of 2008, the Norris Center, current home
 of Gulfshore Playhouse, won the “Star Award for
Live Theatre” from the Naples Daily News Choice

   In the same season, Producing Artistic Director
  Kristen Coury was the recipient of the “40 Under
 40” distinction, awarded to the top professionals in
southwest Florida by Gulfshore Business Magazine.

Kristen was also honored to be featured on the cover
      of e Bella Magazine in November 2008.
2008-2009 Productions
We are proud to have been able to produce several
  Florida Premieres, including “Another Night
 Before Christmas” this season, which was only
   the second time it was done in the country.

   In addition, we also produced “Tartuffe”, a
 comedy over 300 years old, replete with period
    costumes, wigs, fans and walking sticks,
reminding audiences that comedy is timeless, and
           good writing never gets old.

  We cast all our shows in New York, seeking
members of the Actors’ Equity Union to populate
most of our cast openings, as well as attend FPTA
 (The Florida Professional Theatre Association)
   auditions and hold local auditions as well.
           Potential for Growth in Production Area

As Gulfshore Playhouse grows and stabilizes, the intention is to continue to add
 to the number of productions each year until a traditional nine-month season is
attained. This kind of expansion is especially challenging when the organization
must work out of leased space forcing it to accommodate the schedules of other
     organizations and negotiate the space issues that naturally arise in these

In addition, the acquisition of space dedicated not to performance, but rather to
   the technical necessities of production such as set and props construction,
costume creation and storage as well as rehearsals would actually reduce costs
              now associated with renting these additional spaces.
       Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Income Detail

                                        Jul 1, '08 - Apr 23, 09
     Total Music Events                                10,079.00

         Corporate Matching Donations                   2,000.00
        Individual Donations                           81,555.00
    Total Donations                                    83,555.00

         Production Sponsorships                       44,000.00
         Production Tickets Sales                      77,667.24
        Concessions and Other Income                    3,868.17
    Total Production                                  125,535.41

    Total Golf Tournament                              55,952.00

    Education Division
       Foundations/Grants                              28,765.00
       Earned                                           5,750.00
         Adult Classes                                    287.00
    Total Education Division                           34,802.00

Total Income                                          309,923.41
      Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Expense Detail

        Music Event Expense                    2,723.15
        Transfer                                 100.00
        Interest Expense                          47.49
        Ticketing Agent                       12,537.61
        Golf Tournament Expense               15,751.67

            Independent Contractors           55,135.00

            Total Overhead                     5,396.00
            Total Office Expense               2,348.00
            Total Marketing & Advertising     34,260.00
            Total Research & Development          18.85

        Total Administrative                  97,157.85

        Total Education Division Expense      31,669.00

        Total Production Expense             159,335.00

        Total Production Expense             159,355.00

    Total Expense                            319,342.00

Net Ordinary Income                          (9,418.59)
2008-2009 Sponsors
    Patty and Jay Baker
   Bob and Pam Cahners
  Bob and Linda Harden
Edward and Marquelda Jones
 John and Dottie Remondi
     Christine Paddock
                                  2008-2009 Donors

Robert and Linda Harden                   Chrissie Paddock
Robert and Pamela Cahners                 The Rabb Family Charitable Foundation
Don and Mosey Gunther                     The D'Jamoos Group*
Edward and Marquelda Jones


Kellie Warner and Matthew J. Soldavini*   Douglas and Janet Danforth
Phil and Mary Beuth                       The Suncoast for Kids Foundation
J. Aron Charitable Foundation, Inc.       Bob and Diane Levy
Jerry and Gail Coury                      Mr. and Mrs. John J. Remondi
Patty and Jay Baker                       TIB Bank
Inn of *


Kristen Coury                             Illustrated*
John Nice


Richard W. Miller and Jan M. Eveleigh     David and Shirley Hubers
Sandy and George Pastoor                  Leo and Jean Hertzog
Laurent Chevalier                         Noreen A. Murray
Doug and Janet Danforth                   Anonymous (2)

The Minneapolis Foundation                 Acadia Wealth Management*

Jeffrey M. Folkman, Esq.                   Alicia and Mark Wertheim

Hahn, Loeser and Parks, LLP*               Jack and Kathy Pavlish

Kristen Coury                              Jack and Lucille Tymann

Phyllis and Larry Liebman                  Stuart and Gladys Warshauer

Gendelman Insurance*                       Roger and Judy Anderson

Noreen Murray and Keith Dallas             Rebecca Fishel Bright*

John A. Nice, M. Nice Charitable Trust     Dick and Jo Beightol

Judith A. Liegeois and John Scot Mueller


Dick Stonesifer                            Leah Okimoto and Dan Schneider

Felix Zulauf                               Gerald and Kathleen Clark

Frank and Kathleen Pezzuti                 John and Nancy Hoey

Jacqueline and Richard Bearse              John and Johne McTavish

Paul and


Joel and Arlene Banow                      Premiere Properties of SW Florida

Marjorie and Jerry Rubacky                 Dennis and Lynn Blum

Denis and Linda Olson                      Skip Becker

Ron Ciesla                                 Don and Angelina Smith

Dolores K. Fetters*                        Dr. Mark Rubin

Ruth Hecht                                 Richard and Linda Censits

Barbara and Jack Morgan                    Larry and Mary Culligan

Glen Powell                                Neil and Joanne McAneny

Millie Sernovitz                           Malcolm McDonald

Bud Hornbeck Lutgert Insurance             Marsha Poster

Dennis and Adrianne Cady                   Michael and Bonnie Sherman

Paul and Marilyn O'Rourke                  Christine Evans Melnik

Richard and Karna Bodman                   Ronald and Arlene Diorio

Leah Okimoto and Daniel Schneider          Rose Mary Everett

Patricia and Donald Griesdorn              James and Sally Clemens

Robert and Ellis Naegele                   Dr. Bernard and Roberta Lublin

Edward and Beverly Tassinari               Heather Begley

Terrance Flynn
                            Future Goals
Our dream continues to be to create a building of our own: a state-of-the-
  art theatre space for our year-round season, a black-box for cabaret
   events, children’s theatre and experimental programming, and an
educational wing for hosting an increased roster of opportunities for the
community. Until then, we’ll continue to bring you professional theatre
        at affordable prices and unique educational opportunities.

                   Hope to see you on opening night!


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