8th AGM Proxy Form Non Corporate Owners by 8XIkARS


									                         (FOR USE BY NON-CORPORATE OWNER)

                                                           PROXY FORM

Date:        ____________________ 2011

The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 2719
The Management Office
10 Ubi Crescent
#02-05 Ubi Techpark
Singapore 408564

Dear Sirs


I/ We                                                   of Block       Unit No.               of                                    Ubi
Techpark, being subsidiary proprietor(s) of Ubi Techpark, MCST Plan No. 2719 hereby appoint:-

                   Name                                      Address                            NRIC/ Passport No.

Or failing him/ her,
              Name                                           Address                            NRIC/ Passport No.

As *my/ our *proxy/ proxies to attend and vote for *me/ us on *my/ our behalf and, if necessary, to
demand a poll at the 8 Annual General Meeting to be held on 29 December 2011 at 12.00pm at
Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, Chengal Ballroom , Level 1, 75 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 81 9664
and at any adjournment thereof. *I/ We direct *my/ our *proxy/ proxies to vote for or against the
Resolutions to be proposed at the Meeting as indicated hereunder. If no specific direction as to voting is
given, the *proxy/ proxies will vote or abstain from voting at *his/ their discretion.

Agenda                                                     Resolutions
                                                                                                                      For      Against
      2.0        Adoption of the Minutes of the Seventh (7 ) Annual General Meeting
      3.0        Adoption of the Seventh (7 ) Management Council Report
      4.0        Adoption of the Audited Accounts for the period from 1 September 2009 to 31
                 August 2010

      5.0        Approval on Management Fund 2011/ 2012 at S$0.80 p.s.v per month and Sinking
                 Fund Contributions 2011/ 2012 at S$0.60 p.s.v per month

      6.0        Approval on Interest on Late Payment
      7.0        Approval on Recovery of Legal Fees & Breach of Bylaws and Houserules
      8.0        Approval on Appointment of Auditor
      9.0        Approval on Appointment of Managing Agent
      10.0       Election & empowerment to Management Council of the Management Corporation

Yours faithfully

____________________________                                   ___________________________________
Signature of Subsidiary Proprietor                             Name in Block Letters & NRIC/ Passport No.

01.          This Original Proxy Form must be completely filled, signed and returned to “The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No.
             2719, The Management Office, 10 Ubi Crescent #02-05 Ubi Techpark Singapore 408564”, not less than 48 hours before the
             commencement of the Meeting, on or before 27 December 2011 (Tuesday), 12.00 pm . Failure to do so would invalidate this
             proxy form.
02.          Faxed copy of the proxy form will not be accepted.

             “ * ” delete those which is not applicable.

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