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									Office of the State Court Administrator

                                  PRESS RELEASE
Gerald A. Marroney
                                  SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 29, 2001
State Court Administrator
                                  Mary J. Mullarkey, Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court released the
Kim Morss
Legal Counsel                     following statement today.
Troy C. Singleton                 “On September 21, 2001, I temporarily removed Judge Jesse Manzanares of
Administrative Assistant
________                          Trinidad, Colorado, from his position as Chief Judge of the 3rd Judicial District. I
                                  did so because he was allegedly the source of false allegations concerning Judge
                                  Claude Appel and Judge Robert Haeger of Walsenberg and other judicial
Nancy E. Rutledge
Court Services                    employees. I intend to have this matter investigated as expeditiously as possible.
Mary Flanigan Otto                If in fact he is the source of false accusations, I am required by the Code of Judicial
Financial Services
                                  Conduct to refer such conduct by Judge Manzanares to the Commission on Judicial
James G. Benway                   Discipline for its investigation and recommendations. Matters pending before the
Human Resources
                                  Commission are confidential; therefore, I cannot discuss this matter further.
Robert T. Roper, CIO
Integrated Information Services   In the meantime, I have assigned Judge Norman Arends of the 15th Judicial District
Sherry Kester                     to assume the administrative duties of Chief Judge for the district.
Planning & Analysis

Vern Fogg
                                  All judges and employees in the 3rd Judicial District have been asked to refrain from
Probation Services                any comment concerning these matters. I directed this to insure that a fair and
                                  complete investigation could be undertaken.”
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