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高职高专版 英 语


        英             语


                  book two
        Unit 1
The Education I Received
Background information
Pre-reading activities
New Words & Expressions
Structure of the passage
Grammar Focus
Merry learning
    Background information
     Today education is regarded as both an
individual benefit and a social necessity all
over the world. The degree of civilization and
the development of economy depends largely
on education.
     Formal education in the U.S. consists of
elementary, secondary and higher education.
The same as China’s nine-year compulsory
education system, elementary and secondary
education, which forms public education, is
free and compulsory.
An outstanding characteristic of American
education must be diversity. This can be seen
not only in the type, size and control of the
institutions, but educational policies and
practices. Unlike it is in China, there is not a
national system of education in the U.S.. The
federal government influences education and
contributes financially to its development, but
it has no control over educational policy and
practice across the state.
     There is not a single pattern of state
administration of public education, but it is
common that each state delegates its power
to an elected or appointed state board of
education, which is responsible for
establishing policies and, through a state
department of education, delegates authority
for the operation of schools to local school
districts. While in China, there are regional
educational administration, which is
responsible for district education.
     In the U.S., the administration of most
colleges and universities is quite separate
from that of the schools.
      Most states have separate university
boards for higher education. Except for some
colleges sponsored by the Catholic church,
which report directly to a church official, all
colleges and universities in the U.S., public
and private, are governed by a board of
trustees composed primarily of layman (in
public institutions it is often called board of
regents). It choose the president or
chancellor, establishes the mission of the
institution and policies for administrators and
faculty to follow in operating the institution,
 reviews all major decisions made by the
administration, and approves budgets and
all purchases and sales of real estate and
other major items of property.
       In a word, although there are some
sameness between American and Chinese
education, we could obviously see that on
the basic of the current education system,
we have to learn more from American
education system, especially the
community college. I believe that the
education makes progress, the nation gets
Pre-reading question
1. Spot dictation
 Directions: You will hear a passage. It
  will be read twice. Listen carefully and
  supply the missing words.

2. Listen, Look & say
 Directions: Watch the video and then
  discuss the topics.
New Words & Expressions n.
    e.g I went to Sias international
  college of business and management in
   2. dormitory n.
    e.g I shared a room with other five
  boys in the students’ dorm.
3. fair a.
   e.g Do you think it fair or unfair ?
4. graduate v.
   e.g I graduated from Zhengzhou
University in 2004.
5. math n.
   e.g Math is one of my favorite
6. method n.
   e.g Only use this method can you
solve the problem.
 7. patient a.
     e.g Nurses are very patient to
patients who are ill in hospital.
  8. philosophy
     e.g He gained his Doctor’s Degree
of philosophy in the U.S..
  9. private a.
     e.g This is really a private business
that should not be interfered.
10. refuse v.
     e.g I offered my help to the old
lady but she refused it.
11. strike v.
     e.g The workers had been on a
strike for 3 months claiming to raise
their salary as well as improve their
living conditions.
12. sympathy n.
   e.g Mother always tells me to show
sympathy for those who need help.
13. useless a.
  e.g It’s useless crying over the split
14. take courses
  e.g Collages have to take many
courses before they graduate from
15. enjoy one’s life
   e.g The old man does not want to
care more about this world, and he just
wants to enjoy his life in the rest years
of his days.
16. graduate from
   e.g I graduated from Zhengzhou
University in 2003.
17. no point in doing sth
   e.g It’s no point in talking about this.
  Just do something meaningful.
18. go on strike
   e.g The workers went on a strike for
  salary lift.
19. protest against
   e.g We protest against any words
  invading our own business.
20. have a chance
  e.g The spider on the net now had a
chance to have a good meal.
21. pass one’s exam
 e.g He failed to pass his exam in the
22. feel sympathy for
 e.g He always has a gentle heart and
feels sympathy for the poor./
Structure of the passage
Para 1. Caroline loved math very much.

Para 2. Caroline helped some students
  pass the math exam.
Grammar Focus
 Simple Past Tense

 主语 +谓语动词过去式+ 宾语
 I Studied Spanish At school.
 We met Mr. Green in London last
1) 动词的过去式有规则和不规则两种。
2) 规则动词的变化形式应注意词尾变化,
  如:helped, studied, stopped 等。
3) 不规则动词的变化形式应经常查对
Merry learning
1. A good medicine tastes bitter.
2. All things are difficult before they are

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