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1. Playing tricks on others is _____ we should never do.
 A. anything      B. something C. everything D. nothing
We should never do前省略了充当宾语的关系代词that / which,
复合句的主语是“动名词短语Playing tricks on others”。

2. For a long time they walked without saying ______ word. Jim was
the first to break _____ silence.
 A. the; a       B. a; the    C. a; 不填      D. the; 不填
联想:have a word with sb, 短语中的word前有a ;
have words with sb. 与下句的quarrel with sb 意思相同;
Word came that he managed to pass the driving test. Word是“消息”;
break the silence 与keep silence 属于习惯用法。
3. He accidentally _____he had quarreled with his wife and that he
hadn't been home for a couple of weeks.
A. let out    B. took care C. made sure       D. made out
Let out :放大,放出,泄露等,句中作“泄露”解;
make out: 理解,辨认出,填写(支票)
 4. Don’t leave the container _____ he can get it.
 A. in the place       B. where     C. when        D. in which
where 引出状语从句,修饰动词leave ,选项A in the place 后加where也行,
 5. ______ fire minutes earlier, you could have seen them off.
 A. should you arrive         B. Had you arrived
 C. If you arrive             D. If you should arrive
事实相反的假设,故从句谓语形式应为:had arrived , 答案 B 是省略if 的用法

 6. ----Did you have any trouble in getting here?
   ----No. _______, I would have telephoned you.
 A. Otherwise B. Therefore C. Anyway              D. However

 Otherwise意思相当于“ If I had had any trouble in getting here,”
7. The project failed because of ______ enough money.
    A. it was lacking of           B. it lacked
    C. the lacking                 D. the lack of
考查lack当作名词时的用法,它跟介词of 连用;若题干中的because of
改为because, 答案为B,而be lacking 要与in 连用。
8. Mary’s face suggested that she _____ ill, and her parents suggested that
   she ______ a medical examination.
   A. was; has                 B. should be; had
   C. was; have               D. be; should have
  第二个是“建议”,后接虚拟语气,谓语动词用“should + 动词原形“,

9. A fire ______ in their workshop and now the workshop
   ______ fire.
   A. was breaking out; was on      B. broke out; is on
  C. took place; is on              D. happened; is over
发生不好的事情,常用break out, 如战争爆发;火灾发生等;
happen 常指偶然性发生,take place指按计划发生。
10. Just putting away the dishes, __________ .
   A. the doorbell rang                 B. Nancy heard the doorbell ring
   C. the doorbell was heard to ring     D. there went the doorbell
      根据putting away 的逻辑主语可以选B,因为只有Nancy才
11. My daughter , __________ a nice young doctor two years ago , will get
   married next month.
   A. got engaged to                    B. got engaged in
  C. engaged to                           D. engaged in
   got engaged to 与……订婚
   got engaged in 从事

12. I hope this book will be __________ to beginners of
   A. some help             B. great helpful
  C. of very help           D. of some help
 of +抽象名词help 相当于helpful
13.You can give the books to __________ need them most.
   A. those that           B. whoever you think
   C. you think who        D. anyone you think
   that从句限制those, 意思是“你可以把这些书交给最需要的那些人。”

14. He was so angry at all ___ he was doing ___ he walked out.
   A. what; that                 B. that; that
  C. that; what                 D. what ; what
 第一个that引出定语从句,第二个that 与so 构成搭配。

15. The students ______ busily when Miss Brown went to get
   a book she ______ in the office.
A. had written; left        B. were writing; has left
C. had written; had left    D. were writing; had left
 had left“表示过去的过去”
16._______ the wheelchair, the old man thought of his son
   who bought it for him.
   A. Sat    B. Sitting     C. Sitting in   D. When
 Sitting的逻辑主语是the old man, sit 是不及物动词,后面要加介词后
17. I have good eyesight. I can see _______ the distant island
   in the sea.
 A. as far as B. so long as      C. as long as      D. so far

   As far as 意为“远至”, so far “到目前为止”
   So long as / as long as 1. “与……一样长” 2. 只要

18. It is _______ but not _______ that Auntie will come over
   to see us.
A. likely; possible              B. probably; likely
C. probably; possible           D. possible; probable
19.This is our school, _______ is _______ the factory by a river.
 A. it; made up               B. which; separated from
 C. as; divided into          D. that; consisted of
 Be separated from:与……分隔开; be divided into: 把整体分成若干部份
20. _______, so we have taken Jim to hospital. Which of the following can't
   be used?

A. Something has wrong with Jim
 B. There is something wrong with Jim
                                            注意: 这是选错题
 C. Something is the matter with Jim
 D. Something is wrong with Jim

21. —Good morning. Can I help you?
    —How do you want to send them?
 A. I think I should send them by airmail; I'd like to buy three ten-yuan
 B. I want to send these letters to the United States; I guess I should send
   them by airmail
 C. I'll fly back to the United States; You may send email to me
 D. Stamps, please; I'll write home
 22.The beef is too hard ___________.
    A. to be eaten    B. for eating C. eating     D. to eat
   Easy , difficult / hard, light, heavy, fit等形容词后面接不定式,

 23.I don’t like the movie _____ at the cinema now but I want to
    see the one _____ next week.
   A. shown, being shown           B. to be shown, to be shown
   C. to be shown, shown           D. being shown, to be shown
   Being shown 表示被动,动作正在进行,与now相吻合,
   to be shown 表示被动,动作将要发生,与next week吻合

 24. “I’m very _________ with my own cooking. It looks nice and
    smells delicious.”
  “Mm, it does have a________ smell.”
  A. pleasing, satisfied       B. satisfying, pleasing
  C. satisfied, pleasing       D. pleased, satisfied
Be satisfied / pleased with 意为“对……满意”。Pleasing 意为“令人愉快的
25. After ________ and a half hours’ firing, all these bank
   robbers were caught _______ except one.
   A. one, alive                 B. an, alive
   C. one, living                D. an, living
 one and a half hours = an hour and a hour
 Catch sb alive 活捉某人
26. Sometimes teachers find it difficult to _________ their
  students, which, I think, is so called “generation gap”.
  A. relate                     B. relate to
  C. to be related              D. to be related to
 句中的Relate to 表示“理解”
27. ______ with a difficult situation, Arnold decided to ask his
   boss for advice.
A. To face        B. Having faced C. Faced          D. Facing

Be faced with 表示“面临”,充当状语时,be 可以省略。

28. He is ready to help others, seldom, _____, refusing them
   when they turn to him.
  A. if never       B. if ever    C. if not    D. if any
  If any 表示“如果有的话”
29. Shanghai students from 23 high schools visited places in Anhui,
  Xingjiang and Henan this summer to _______.
 A. represent their schools to attend the International Youth Exchange
  for Trade Justice in Hongkong.
 B. carry out their research into the impact of globalization on farmers’
  C. hope to help farmers out of poverty by collecting donations for them.
 D. help farmers with their farm work.
 30. Bush’s cycle ride in Beijing is much more than just his favorite
  pastime because ______.
 A. compared with his bike trail on the Crawford ranch, this one is
  greater and really difficult.
 B. this was a specially arranged activity by the US government.
 C. it expressed the friendliness with people in China, where the bicycle
  is an important part of life and culture.
 D. most Americans have now come to accept China’s rising economic
  and political influence.

1. When I went for my first i_________ for the job, I
    arrived extremely early.

2. I was deeply i_________ by what he said at the

3. Everyone has his own p_________(喜好,偏好), and
    Helen would rather take the red skirt.

4. Marie Curie made a great c__________ to the science
    of Physics.

5. This club c________ of more than 200 members.
6. The airport is under ____________ . (建造)

                        ____________ (责任)for
7. I will undertake the responsibility

8. The teacher has great ________ (影响)over
    his students.

9. With the _________ (接近) of winter the
    weather gets colder.

10. The wife can’t _________________ (容忍)
    her husband’s bad manners any more.

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