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					  Wan-hua Tung董挽華: Returning Back to East of
         Eden (—by John Ernst Steinbeck)
11/25/2009 NCTU New Renaissance Reading Project
                 East of Eden

                First edition cover

             Returning Back to East of Eden (—by
2009/11/25                                         2
                    John Ernst Steinbeck)
             ‘East of Eden’-Genesis                                4:16
 “Then Cain went out from the Presence of the Lord, and
        settled in the land of Nod, east of Eden”
The True ‘First’ Bloody War of Human: Cain Killed Abel
Genesis 4:1~16
1Now the man had relations with his wife Eve, and she conceived and gave birth to

Cain, and she said, "I have gotten a manchild with the help of the LORD." 2Again,
she gave birth to his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of flocks, but Cain was a
tiller of the ground. 3So it came about in the course of time that Cain brought an
offering to the LORD of the fruit of the ground. 4Abel, on his part also brought of the
firstlings of his flock and of their fat portions. And the LORD had regard for Abel and
for his offering; 5but for Cain and for his offering He had no regard. So Cain became
very angry and his countenance fell. 6Then the LORD said to Cain, "Why are you
angry? And why has your countenance fallen? 7If you do well, will not your
countenance be lifted up? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the
door; and its desire is for you, but you must master it."

                             Returning Back to East of Eden (—by
2009/11/25                                                                            3
                                    John Ernst Steinbeck)
Genesis 4:1~16 (continued)
8Cain told Abel his brother. And it came about when they were in the field, that Cain

rose up against Abel his brother and killed him. 9Then the LORD said to Cain,
"Where is Abel your brother?" And he said, "I do not know. Am I my brother's
keeper?" 10He said, "What have you done? The voice of your brother's blood is crying
to Me from the ground. 11"Now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its
mouth to receive your brother's blood from your hand. 12"When you cultivate the
ground, it will no longer yield its strength to you; you will be a vagrant and a
wanderer on the earth." 13Cain said to the LORD, "My punishment is too great to
bear! 14"Behold, You have driven me this day from the face of the ground; and from
Your face I will be hidden, and I will be a vagrant and a wanderer on the earth, and
whoever finds me will kill me." 15So the LORD said to him, "Therefore whoever kills
Cain, vengeance will be taken on him sevenfold " And the LORD appointed a sign for
Cain, so that no one finding him would slay him. 16Then Cain went out from the
presence of the LORD, and settled in the land of Nod, east of Eden. (-NASB)

                            Returning Back to East of Eden (—by
2009/11/25                                                                          4
                                   John Ernst Steinbeck)
  The Author of East of Eden: John Steinbeck

    John Ernst Steinbeck (1902—1968) was one of the best-known authors of
the 20th century. John Steinbeck was born on 27 February 1902 of German and
Irish ancestry. Salinas, in CA, was John Steinbeck’s hometown. He attended
Stanford University intermittently from 1919 to 1925 but he never earned a
    His works generally deal with the social and economic issues of rural
America. He wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Grapes of Wrath
(1939) and a total of twenty-five books, novels, non-fiction and short stories. In
1962 Steinbeck received the Nobel Prize in Literature “for his realistic and
imaginative writings, combining as they do sympathetic humour and keen social
perception.” Arguably Steinbeck’s best-known works are East of Eden, Of Mice
and Men and The Grapes of Wrath.
    John Steinbeck died of heart failure on 20 December 1968, in New York,
N.Y, United States. On 4 March 1969, his ashes were buried in the Garden of
Memories cemetery in Salinas in the Hamilton Family plot.

                           Returning Back to East of Eden (—by
2009/11/25                                                                       5
                                  John Ernst Steinbeck)
                                               John Steinbeck: “The free
                                               exploring mind of the
             John Steinbeck                    individual human is the most
                                               valuable thing in the world.”

                              Returning Back to East of Eden (—by
2009/11/25                                                                     6
                                     John Ernst Steinbeck)
                          East of Eden

    Often described as Steinbeck’s most ambitious novel, East of Eden,
published in September 1952, brings to life the intricate details of two
families, the Trasks and the Hamiltons, and their interwoven stories.
The novel was originally addressed to Steinbeck's young sons, Thom
and John (then 6½ and 4½ respectively). Steinbeck wanted to describe
the Salinas Valley for them in detail: the sights, sounds, smells, and
    The Hamilton family in the novel is said to be based on the real-life
family of Samuel Hamilton, Steinbeck's maternal grandfather.
    According to his last wife Elaine, he considered this to be a requiem
for himself—his greatest novel ever. Steinbeck stated about East of
Eden: "It has everything in it I have been able to learn about my craft
or profession in all these years." He further claimed: "I think everything
else I have written has been, in a sense, practice for this."

                        Returning Back to East of Eden (—by
2009/11/25                                                               7
                               John Ernst Steinbeck)
Human’s Story—the Imagery of Our Hero, Adam Trask

 (Ch. 22)
      Samuel: “Have you thought of your own name?”
      Adam: “Mine?”
      Samuel: “Of course, your first-born—Cain and Abel.”
      Samuel: “We are Cain’s children. … three grown men, here in a century
      so many thousands of years away, discuss this crime as though it
      happened in King City yesterday and hadn’t come up for trial?”
         One of the twins awakened and yawned and looked at Lee and
      went to sleep again. Lee said, “…—a great and lasting story is about
      everyone or it will not last. The strange and foreign is not
      interesting—only the deeply personal and familiar.”

                          Returning Back to East of Eden (—by
 2009/11/25                                                               8
                                 John Ernst Steinbeck)
        The Central Theme of Good VS. Evil:
       Samuel Hamilton VS. Cathy Ames (1/2)
• Samuel Hamilton,
     The positive patriarch, mentors Adam with support
    and guidance, unlike Adam's own father, Cyrus, who
    lies about his military record to amass a fortune.
    Samuel, an Irish immigrant himself, views books as
    treasures, and fathers nine children. Throughout
    the novel, he is associated with light, water, and

                   Returning Back to East of Eden (—by
2009/11/25                                               9
                          John Ernst Steinbeck)
        The Central Theme of Good VS. Evil:
       Samuel Hamilton VS. Cathy Ames (2/2)
• Cathy Ames:
Cathy Ames is Samuel Hamilton’s polar opposite. She
  murders her parents, becomes a prostitute and brothel
  owner, enslaves her whores with drugs, encourages
  sadomasochistic sexual practices, and blackmails her
  customers. In contrast to Samuel, Cathy is associated
  with darkness and gloom.
Both the innate goodness of Samuel Hamilton and the
  inherent evil of Cathy Ames deeply influence Adam Trask,
  and throughout the novel he wavers between the two poles.
  He loves his wife Cathy even when he is confronted with
  her evil nature, but also deeply admires his teacher and
  mentor, Samuel.
                   Returning Back to East of Eden (—by
2009/11/25                                                10
                          John Ernst Steinbeck)
                     Left Picture: The cover of East of Eden says,
                     “The book that created Cathy—the most evil
                     woman in fiction.”

                        East of Eden DVD                            EAST OF EDEN MINI-
                        (2009 ed.)                                  SERIES DVD - JANE

             Returning Back to East of Eden (—by
2009/11/25                                                                                       11
                    John Ernst Steinbeck)
     The True ‘First’ World War Happened
              Between Brothers:
• Genesis 4:1-16, Abel VS. Cain (“A” VS. “C.” (1))

                 Returning Back to East of Eden (—by
2009/11/25                                             12
                        John Ernst Steinbeck)
• The First Generation-Adam VS. Charles
  (“A” VS. “C” (2))

                                                     Aron (Left):
                                                     “A” type person,takes
                                                     after Adam

                                                     Cal (middle):
                                                     “C” type person, takes
                                                     after Charles

               Returning Back to East of Eden (—by
2009/11/25                                                                    13
                      John Ernst Steinbeck)
• The Second Generation-Aron VS. Caleb (“A” VS.
  “C” (3))

             Aron VS.Cal
                                                            Aron was beaten by Cal

                           Returning Back to East of Eden (—by
                                  John Ernst Steinbeck)                              14
 Book of Genesis,           East of Eden, Charles and
                                                                  East of Eden, Caleb and Aron
                                              Bible, crops.
                 A Faith According to theinvests in beanA Aron vies to
  Cain and Abel                       Adam
  Cain is a "worker of    Charles is a farmer who
                  Marvelous Literature Design— commonly
the ground"; Abel is a  works diligently even after he
                                     become a priest (who are
"keeper of sheep" (Gen. inherits considerable wealth
                                     compared with shepherds).
4:2, ESV).              from his father, Cyrus.
                              Cyrus prefers the gift from his
  God rejects Cain's                   • Three “A” VS. “C”, Some of the
                            son Adam (a stray puppy he
gift of crops in favor of                                      Adam rejects his son Cal's money and
                            found) over theBiblical Parallels:
                                           gift from his
Abel's lamb (Gen. 4:3,                                        would rather he lead a good life like Aron.
                            other son Charles (a hard- allusion to Cain and Abel is
                            earned expensive knife).
                                           furthered by the naming of the Trask family:
            The Mark of Cain               The first letters of the names of the brothers money, Caleb
                                                                 After Adam rejects Caleb's
  After rejection from                             by their
                              After being rejected match throughout the generations
                                           are in             informs Aron of their mother's brothel.
God, Cain kills Abel        father, Charles attacks Adam
                                           (Charles and Adam, Caleb and Aron).
                                                              Aron, distraught, enlists in the war and is
(Gen. 4:8, ESV).            and beats him nearly to death.
                                                              killed in combat.
     • The order of brothers in East of Eden VS. the order of
                                         Caleb is described as having a more dark
       brothers in Genesis—            and sinister appearance than Aron. Also
  God put a mark on
                         Charles receives a dark scar   noteworthy is the fact that Adam tells
     to deter did not
CainAdam: “Iothers kill my brother” (Ch. 22)
                       on his forehead while trying to  Caleb, "timshel," meaning "thou mayest."
from In Genesis, Cain (elder brother) killed Abel (younger brother)
     killing him (Gen.
                       move a boulder from his fields.  This implies Caleb may overcome his evil
4:15, In East of Eden, the first generation, Charles (younger brother) almost killed
                                                        nature because of the "mark" put upon
         Adam (elder brother).                          him by Adam.
      In East of Eden, the second generation, Cal (younger brother) “killed” Aron
       indirectly.       Charles is the only one with
 Cain is the only one       children, as it is speculated that       Aron dies in the war, and Caleb is the
with 2009/11/25                        Returning Caleb are         only one
                            the twins Aron andBack to East of Eden (—by able to carry on and have children.
                            his.               John Ernst Steinbeck)
              Major Theme of East of Eden
A.   East of Eden, sharing the teaching of the Bible as literature,
     combines narrative theology and narrative literature together.
      Returning back to the first four chapters of the Bible, East of Eden
        explores the original of man and patriarchal society.
      There are biblical parallels and contrasts in East of Eden; in other
        words, the entire book is John Steinbeck’s exegesis of Genesis 4:1-16.
      From my perspective, often raising a hidden, but keen question, “What
        is Man?”East of Eden creates imagery and plots interwoven with
        thoughts of the creation, salvation and revolution of the lord, the
        power of sin, the accuse of man’s consciousness, the quest for love, the
        capacity for self-destruction, as well as the self-defense of human’s
        inner soul etc.
B.   The Sins of the Father
      The book is keep questioning Psalm 79:8:”Do not remember the
        iniquities of own forefathers against us.”
      The crime and punishment of the first generation.
      The crime and punishment of the second generation.
C.   Timshel
D.   Good VS. Evil
E.   Truth etc。
                             Returning Back to East of Eden
 2009/11/25                                                                 16
                              (─by John Ernst Steinbeck)
                               Timshel (1/2)
    The concept of this Hebrew word, “Timshel”, is a major thematic concern
     throughout the novel. “timshel” means, “You may”(“You may”(conquer sin.)).This
     word conveys a faith that man can refuse evil and return back to goodness when
     man relies on the lord.
    This word is from Genesis 4:7: “If you do well, will not your countenance be lifted
     up? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door; and its desire is for you,
     but you ‘must’(‘timshel’) master it.”
    The discussion of this biblical word is in Chapter 24 ─ The verb in Genesis 4:7:
                                                   The special Steinbeck, in
     “…and thou shalt rule over him(sin)” is a tough verb. Johnreference─ order to
     explore the exact meaning of the verb, checked two English versions─ “you shall
                                                   John Steinbeck’s
     rule over”(KJV) and “You should rule over”(ASB), also, the original meaning of
                                                   Journal of a Novel:
     Hebrew: “you may rule over.” Then Steinbeck took the original Hebrew verb:
                                                   The East of Eden Letters
     “timshel” as the best one. Lee, as a representative of the wisdom of Chinese(or
                                                   (“Timshel”is carved “ …And this
     Oriental people ), claims Steinbeck’s exciting and fantastic viewpoint, in
                                                   the wooden cover over sin.’
     was the gold from our mining : ‘Thou mayest. ’ ‘Thou mayest ruleof this ” “But
     the Hebrew word, the word timshel ─ ‘Thou book.)
                                                   mayest’─that gives a choice, It might
     be the most important word in the world. That says the way is open. …” “Now,
     there are many millions…who feel the order, ‘Do thou,’… And there are millions
     more who feel predestination in ‘Thou shalt.’ But ‘Thou mayest’ ! Why, that makes
                                                   ails.php?URLPAIR=... )
     a man great, that gives him stature with the gods,…”
                                Returning Back to East of Eden
2009/11/25                                                                              17
                                 (─by John Ernst Steinbeck)
                                  Timshel (2/2)
     The idea of ‘timshel’ is particularly pertinent at the end of the novel, during Adam’s
      death scene (Ch.55)─
           Lee’s breath whistled in his throat. “Adam, give him your blessing. Don’t leave him
      alone with his guilt. Adam, can you hear me? Give him your blessing”!
           A terrible brightness shone in Adam’s eyes and he closed them and…
           Lee said, “Help him, Adam─ Help him. Give him his chance. Let him be free.
      That’s all a man has over the beasts. Free him! Bless him!”
           The whole bed seemed to shake under the concentration. Adam’s breath came
      quick with his effort and then, slowly, his right hand lifted─ lifted an inch and then
           Lee’s face was haggard. He moved to the head of the bed…Lee whispered, “Thank
      you, Adam─ thank you,…Can you move your lips? Make your lips form his name.”
           Adam looked up with sick weariness. His lips parted and failed and tried again.
      Then his lungs filled. He expelled the air and his lips combed the rushing sign. His
      whispered word seemed to hang in the air:
           His eyes closed and he slept      (The end)
                                   Returning Back to East of Eden
    2009/11/25                      (─by John Ernst Steinbeck)                          18
             Caleb (Cal): A Rebirth of Biblical
1.    A Character of Cain (Genesis 4) and Cain-Abel Syndrome (Genesis 4)
2.    A Conflict Between Twins (Genesis 25)
3.    A Type Of Jacob and Jacob’s Life (Genesis 30,32)
4.    A Prodigal Son (Luke15)

Jacob exchanged red stew          Jacob kissed Esau          The Return of the
  with Esau’s birthright.                                      Prodigal Son
                            Returning Back to East of Eden
2009/11/25                   (─by John Ernst Steinbeck)                          19

• In East of Eden, John Steinbeck has pointed out through the
  young hero, Cal, that God has great love and unconditional grace,
  and also man is given personal moral choice and responsibility.
  ─ God’s love and grace: Cal is wise enough to make money (as
  Jacob), finds his mother first, and then he gains his father’s
  blessing eventually.
   ─ Cal’s spiritual leap: His own moral decision and choice:
     Cal said, “I was afraid I had you in me.”→”No, I haven’t. I’m
  my own.
      I don’t have to be you.”(Ch.39)

                        Returning Back to East of Eden
2009/11/25               (─by John Ernst Steinbeck)              20
    The Ambiguity of ‘East of Eden’ and It’s
          Worldly Influence (1/2)
The Ambiguity of the name of ‘East of Eden’
   A. The place of Nod

   B. East of Eden: John Steinbeck’s novel
   C. East of Eden: 1955 movie (according to Steinbeck’s novel)
   D. East of Eden: 1981 miniseries (according to Steinbeck’s novel)
   E. East of Eden: An Rock Team in England
   F. East of Eden: Music Group: An American Music Group
   G. East of Eden: 2008 Korean TV Series
   H. East of Eden: 2009 DVD series (the most faithful series according to
      Steinbeck’s novel)

                            Returning Back to East of Eden
 2009/11/25                  (─by John Ernst Steinbeck)                      21
   The Ambiguity of ‘East of Eden’ and It’s
         Worldly Influence (2/2)
   The Worldly Influence of East of Eden:
      A. The Rebel
      B. The Brief Introduction of Korean Series, East of Eden.

                    James Dean

                    On June 24, 1996,
                    the US Postal

                    honored James
                    with a stamp in
                    the “Legends of
                    Hollywood” series.

                                                    Korean Series, East of Eden

                          Returning Back to East of Eden
2009/11/25                 (─by John Ernst Steinbeck)                             22
               ‘We are Cain’s Children.’(Ch.22)
                        VS. Timshel

                                                              "Timshel" = "Thou mayest" in hebrew
Handmade oil painting reproduction of Cain, No. 21            on my right wrist. From the incredible
The Conscience, from The Legend of the Centuries              East Of Eden. May be going back to
by Victor Hugo, 1859, 1880, a painting by Fernand-            the tattoo shop tomorrow for a
Anne Piestre Cormon.                                          Mystery Science Theater tattoo....
(           (─
                                      Returning Back to East of Eden
  2009/11/25                           (─by John Ernst Steinbeck)                                23
             East of Eden Cover Pictures

                     Returning Back to East of Eden
2009/11/25            (─by John Ernst Steinbeck)      24
  East of Eden: This is signed limited first

     This signed limited first edition came had dark green boards and
     came in a slip case.

                           ( )

                            Returning Back to East of Eden
2009/11/25                   (─by John Ernst Steinbeck)                    25
      Salinas Valley: Steinbeck’s New Eden

                  Returning Back to East of Eden
2009/11/25         (─by John Ernst Steinbeck)      26
                         A List of Reference─
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                                   Returning Back to East of Eden
2009/11/25                          (─by John Ernst Steinbeck)                      27

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