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Hazlet Pharmacy by jennyyingdi


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Page 30 THE INDEPENDENT February 19, 1986

Elegant linen makes ideal gift
as newlyweds start household
                                                                                                        ¥                                                                                                ¥
   You've done it! You're
engaged and the celebra-
tions have begun. Your
                                       Linen for bed and bath
                                       The flax fiber used to
                                    make linen looks like bam-
                                                                      better department and
                                                                      specialty stores.
                                                                         Linen and the pleasures        ¥               it           MISS OUT
                                                                                                                                  TBlazing Diamond
                                                                                                                             On this
newlywed lifestyle may be           boo under a microscope. Its
                                    hollow structure makes linen
                                                                               of the table
                                                                        With the rise of gourmet        ¥
traditional or that of a two-
career couple. It may in-           "wick" moisture more              and regional cuisine, enter-      ¥                        Engagement special                                                      ¥
clude a ready-made family
of stepchildren as well.
                                    quickly than other fibers,
                                    which translates into
                                                                      taining at home is "hot"
                                                                      again. And how tables are         ¥                                                                                                ¥
   A lifetime of dreams will
become realities as you
create a new home unit
together, one that will sym-
                                    wonderful sleeping comfort
                                    on smooth, luxurious linen
                                       Some firms, such as New
                                    York-based Belgamer, even
                                                                      "dressed" is scrutinized as
                                                                      closely as the menu.
                                                                        With the variety of linen
                                                                      table fashions available, you
                                                                      can tease the eye with style
                                                                                                                                                      Vi Carat
bolize your happiness to all
those who share its warmth.         custome-design linen sheets       and color as you tease the
                                                                      palate with a balance of          ¥                                           Fine Clarity & color
   Whether your taste leans
to luxurious formality or
                                    to harmonize with bedroom
                                    decor. Linen sheets cost          flavors.
                                                                                                        ¥                                                                        00                      ¥
strong contemporary looks,
think of linen as you gather
the treasures for your new
   This elegant fabric, a ver-
satile favorite since the
                                    more, but they outlast other
                                    sheets to such a degree they
                                    are often called "heirlooms
                                    of the future."
                                       In the bath, linen towels
                                    are absorbent, lint-free, and
                                                                        Elegance, durability and
                                                                      ease of maintenance can be
                                                                      yours in table textiles of pure
                                                                      linen and linen/polyester
                                                                        Stately linen damask can
                                                                                                                                                        695                         including
Egyptian Pharaohs, is in de-        sanitary. The flax fiber is ex-   serve as a foil for the drama
                                                                      of special occasion menus.        ¥                           MONEY BACK GUARANTEE                            Mounting
mand today for upholstery,
drapery, wallcoverings,
                                    tremely smooth, so linen
                                    traps very little dirt and        And brightly colored of           ¥       All other sizes at our regular low prices.                                               ¥
sheets, towels and all man-
ner of table textiles.
                                    makes a poor breeding
                                    ground for germs.
                                                                      handwoven linen mats and
                                                                      napkins can underline the         ¥                                                                                                ¥
   Available in a wide range
of colors and textures, linen
                                       Linen terry "friction"
                                    towels, popular in Europe
                                                                      fun of a brunch for two.
                                                                         A special personal touch       ¥         See our other
presents a partician facade         for saunas, soothe sore
                                    muscles and polish complex-
                                                                      can be added to your table
                                                                      desigh with linen napkin
                                                                                                        ¥    selections of Rings,
                                                                                                             Bracelets, Necklaces, etc.
                                                                                                                                                                      Ask about our Custom
                                                                                                                                                                      Designing, Ring sizing,            ¥
with multiple practical
characteristics: High ab-           ions.                             sculptures. Ten easy folded
                                                                      designs are described in
                                                                                                        ¥                                                             setting, and Polishing.
sorbency, durability, anti-
static, and anti-allergenic
                                       Linen towels can also be
                                    had in elegant damasks,           Fold a Pretty Napkin, 25' per     ¥
qualities, sound and thermal        huck weaves, and contem-          copy from the International
Pauline V. Delli-Carpini,
                                    porary stripes and solids,
                                    trimmed with lace, cutwork
                                                                      Linen Promotion Commis-
                                                                         Each      linen     napkin
                                                                                                                        Jewelry Repairs "R" Us
Director of U.S. Operations         or embroidery.                                                                  339 Route 9 South          STMTHMORE SHOPPING CENTER   HOWEU.
for the International Linen            And unlike many syn-           sculpture gives a different           Prince Summerton Shopping Center   ROUTE 31                    ROUTE 9 A 6TH ST.
Promotion Commission,               thetics, linen will not "pill"    look, from the formal                                                    ABERDEEN. Hi. 583-7700      HOWELL N.J. 370-4WC
                                    or gray with age, but grows       Bishop's Hat to the tailored                   Manalapan. N. I.          TUES.-SAT.10a.ffl.-6pm.
sees the return to linen tex-                                                                                                                                              M0N.-SAT. 10 i . m - 6 p.m.
tiles for the home as "part of      softer and more lustrous
                                    with use.
                                                                      Double Diamonds and char-
                                                                      ming Candle, perfect for          ¥   (201) 780-1500 • 780-1501 CUBED SUN. «'MON                     CLOSED SUN                    ¥
a growing demand by the
American consumer for the              Look for linen sheets,         birthdays-and wedding an-
quality and performance             towels and table textiles at      niversaries.
found in natural fibers.
Linen yarns and finished
products from Western
Europe benefit from cen-
turies of experience in the
linen industries there.
   "Also, the emphasis plac-
                                                                            With this Ring
ed on quality in design
reflects the rich artistic
heritage and respect given to
Western European craft-
smen and designers and the                                                      Perfect Gifts for Weddings
products they create."
                                                                                    and Anniversaries
          Linen for the
       walls and windows
    In first homes, bedrooms                                         "With this Ring" Collector's Plate
 often do double duty as home
 offices, dens or libraries.                                    WDO1                                    $45.00
 Guest rooms can be found in                                        "With this Ring" Porcelain Figurine
 a living room sofabed. Walls
 covered        with      linen                                 WFO1                                    $45.00
 wallcoverings (woven or                                                   "With this Ring" Bell
 warp-lay), or upholstered in                                   WBO1                                    $15.00
 linen fabric, insulate multi-
 use rooms from extremes of
 noise and temperature.
   The International Linen
Promotion Commisssion, 200
Lexington Ave. #225, New
                                                                                    30% OFF
York, NY 10016, offers
detailed instructions on how
to cover walls with linen by
                                                                                   All Wedding                                        An indelible pen is
                                                                                                                                      included with each
                                                                                                                                      plate so customers
the staple method (To Staple
Wallcoverings, 25' per
                                                                                    Invitations                                       can add a personal

    Available through interior
 designers and design depart-
 ments of fine stores, linen          The Lord Bless You                               Good now thru 4/15/86
 wallcoverings come in a                And Keep You
 dazzling array of colors and
  restful naturals, in tradi-
  tional and contemporary
  prints, stripes, solids,
  geometries and velvets.
    At windows, sheer linen
 casements can provide
 privacy without sacrificing
 sunlight. Heavier linen
 draperies adapt gracefully
 to traditional or modern win-
                                          Bless You Two                 FOR COLLECTIBLES
 dow teatments. Another op-
 tion: Vertical blinds
  laminated with linen. The                                                                     GOOD NEIGHBOR PHARMACY
  play of light on linen's rich
  texture is particularly at-
  tractive on the vertical slats.
 Taylor completes
 recruit training
   Navy Fireman Ret. Chris-
                                                            Hazlet Pharmacy, i
topher M. Taylor, son of                                                                                                                                    HRS.:
Charles R. and Arlene F.
Taylor of 8 High St., Mata-
wan, has completed recruit
training at the Recruit Com-
mand, San Diego.
                                                                                                             Sou/tee"                                       Mon. to Fri. 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                            Sat. 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                            Sun. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  Taylor, a 1985 graduate of
Cedar Ridge High School,
Matawan, joined the Navy in               80B Bethany Rd., Hazlet N J .                                                                                        264-3310

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