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					Japan Travel Guide

 Regions of Japan:
 Hokkaido                Chubu                          Shikoku
 Tohoku                  Kinki                          Kyushu
 Kanto                   Chugoku                        Okinawa

 Top Destinations:
 Tokyo                   Hiroshima                      Takayama
 Kyoto                   Yokohama                       Kanazawa
 Kamakura                Nara                           Nagasaki
 Osaka                   Nikko                          more destinations...

 Complete Sightseeing Guide

                        Japan offers a very wide range of attractions, from historical and
                        cultural treasures to modern and futuristic sights and beautiful
                        forests, mountains and sea coasts.

 Temples              A list of Japan's most famous temples.
 Shrines              A list of Japan's most famous shrines.
 Gardens              A list of Japan's most famous gardens.
 Castles              A list of Japan's most famous castles.
 Hot Springs          Hot springs can be found all over Japan.
 Festivals            Every municipality has at least one.
 Open Air Museums     Exhibiting Japan's architectural heritage.
 Cherry Blossoms      During March, April or May in most of Japan.
Autumn Leaves            During October or November in most of Japan.
Winter Sports            Skiing and snowboarding in Japan.
Where to find snow       A list of places with snow during winter.
Under Construction       A list of sights affected by renovation or construction works.

                          Besides Western style hotels and pensions, a variety of uniquely
                          Japanese style accommodations can be found in Japan, such as
                          ryokan and minshuku.

Accommodation            Overview over the various accommodation types.
Ryokan                   Ryokan are Japanese style inns.
Minshuku                 Minshuku are Japanese style bed and breakfasts.
Youth Hostels            Information on Japanese Youth Hostels.

                          Most of Japan's major cities offer efficient public transportation
                          networks, and are connected with each other by the shinkansen,
                          the Japanese bullet train.

International Flights    International air travel to Japan.
Narita Airport           Tokyo's international airport.
Kansai Airport           Osaka's international airport.
Domestic Flights         Domestic air travel in Japan.
Discount Air Tickets     How to save on domestic air travel.

Railways                 Information on Japanese trains.
Shinkansen               The Japanese high speed or bullet train.
Night Trains             About Japanese sleeper trains.
Taking trains            Instructions on how to use trains in Japan.
Timetables               About printed and online train timetables.
Guide to Train Tickets   Introduction to regular and discount rail tickets .
Japan Rail Pass          About the Japan Rail Pass.

Highway Bus              Information on long-distance buses.
Bus                      How to use local buses.
Domestic Ferries   Ferry routes between Japan's islands.
Car Rental         About renting a car in Japan.
Highways           About Japan's network of expressways.
Taxi               How to take a Japanese taxi.

                    The Japanese cuisine is one of Japan's greatest attractions. A
                    great variety of Japanese cuisine and food from around the world
                    can be enjoyed in Japan.

Dishes             Introduction of some of the most popular dishes.
Restaurant Types   Overview over the various restaurant types.
Dining out         How to dine at a Japanese restaurant.
Table manners      Introduction of basic table manners.
Chopsticks         How to use chopsticks properly in Japan.

                    More general travel information and background information on
                    Japan can be found below. Please visit the question forum if you
                    cannot find an answer to your question(s).

Before you go:
 When to travel    When to travel to Japan.
 What to bring     About baggage and coin lockers.
 Immigration       About different types of visa.
 Itineraries       Suggested travel itineraries for Japan.
 Trip Reports      Trip reports by other travelers.
 Tour Packages     About individual and guided package tours.

Money matters:
 Travel Cost       Sample budgets for travelling in Japan.
 Budget Travel     How to save money on your travels in Japan.
 Banking           Information about banks.
 ATMs              Information about international ATMs.
Pratical Information:
 Mobile Phones          How to get a mobile phone for your trip.
 Postal Services        About post offices and Japanese addresses.
 Delivery Services      About luggage delivery services.
 Electricity            About voltage and Japanese plugs.
 Emergencies            What to do in an emergency.

 Shop Directory         A directory of intersting shops in Japan.
 100 Yen Shops          About 100 Yen Shops.
 Convenience Stores     About Japanese convenience stores.
 Department Stores      About Japanese department stores.
 Supermarkets           About Japanese supermarkets.

Background Information:
 Japan A-Z              Covering most aspects of modern and old Japan.
 Arts and Crafts        Introduction to Japan's arts and crafts.
 Etiquette              Introduction to the Japanese etiquette.
 History                Introduction to Japanese history.
 Language               Introduction to the Japanese language.
 Entertainment          Introduction to Japan's world of entertainment.
 Tradition              Introduction to traditional Japan.

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