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									                                                           2012 Grant Application Budget Forms
              Applicant Organization:                                       <Legal Name of Organization>
                          Budget for:                              <Program Name for which Budget covers>

     Instructions for Completing Grant Application Budget Forms
     These budget forms should include revenues and expenses related to the operation of your golf program only. Even if
     your organization operates many programs (e.g. Boys & Girls Club), please do not provide the organization's entire
     Revenues Form:
     Please list revenues for each category and fill in additional rows as necessary to describe other types of revenue. For each
     line item, please list whether the revenues are Committed (money in hand or written commitment) or Pending (planned
     but not yet received) by placing a "P" or "C" in the yellow box to the right of the amount. For sources other than the
     National Alliance for Accessible Golf, pending revenues should represent funds reasonably expected to be received, not
     necessarily the amounts requested. If you plan to request Alliance funds in subsequent years, please estimate the
     amount of your request and list the revenue as pending.
     The In-Kind Contributions section is optional. However, please feel free to list significant in-kind contributions which may
     assist in demonstrating community support of your program. Please provide a label and estimated monetary value for the
     contribution(s). It is not necessary to include volunteer hours in this section.
     Expenses Form:
     Please list expenses for each category and add labels as necessary to describe other expenses incurred by your program.
     Please take care to categorize expense labels appropriately as Program-, Fundraising-, or Management & General
     Administrative- related.
     Budget Narrative:
     Please describe each revenue and expense line item in detail for the column marked "Year of Grant" on the Budget
     Narrative worksheet. The narrative for revenues should describe fundraising events, individual solicitation efforts,
     corporate contributions and grants requested/received and all other sources of funding for the program. The expense
     narrative should clearly explain what expenses are included in each categorical line item. Please see the Budget Narrative
     Example or contact our office at (812) 320-1126 for additional assistance.

             Revenue                                   Actual                                      Projected
                                              Total agency golf budget          Budget for this grant     Expected agency golf
                                             for most recent year               program only             budget next year
           Fiscal Year (Mo./Yr. - Mo./Yr.)      (M/YY - M/YY)                   (M/YY - M/YY)      *C/P
     National Alliance for Accessible Golf
       Program Fees (from Participants)
                       Fundraising Events
                       Golf Organizations
               Facility Operation Income
            Interest/Investment Income
                 Other (please specify) :

              Total Committed Revenues $                           -        $                       -
                 Total Pending Revenues $                          -        $                       -        $                -
               Total Annual Revenues $                            -         $                      -         $               -
                             *C=Committed funds & P=Pending funds which the program may receive

IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS                              Value                            Value

                 Total In-Kind Donations                               $0                               $0

                                                                                                                      Date printed:
                       EXPENSE                                                           Actual                                          Projected
                                                                            Total agency golf budget       Expense for this grant program               Expected agency golf
                                         Programs                           for most recent year             only-- current year                          budget next year
                                                                                      (M/YY - M/YY)                      (M/YY - M/YY)              *
                                        Fiscal Year (Mo./Yr. - Mo./Yr.) →
                                      Golf Course & Driving Range Access
                                                     PGA/LPGA Instructors
                         Other Instructors (recreation/inclusion, etc )
                                                     Golf Clubs and Bags
                                           Transportation of Participants
                                   Teaching Materials/Supplies/Golf Balls

                                       Wages/Benefits for Program Staff
                                  Please list any full time agency staff
                                               involved in this program
                                                    Other: Please specify

                                                                                                           NOTE: Please mark with an * expenses to be included in grant request

                                                 Total Program Expenses $                              -      $                              -
                                                      Fundraising Events

                                            Other Fundraising Expenses
                            Salaries/Wages/Benefits for Fundraising Staff

                                              Total Fundraising Expenses $                             -      $                              -
                         Salaries/Wages/Benefits for Administrative Staff
Management & General

                                                  Office Mortgage/Rent
                                                  Accounting/Legal Fees

                                  Total Management & General Expenses $                                -      $                              -
                                         Total Annual Cash Expenses                                    $0                                    $0
                                        Net Operating Surplus/Deficit                                  $0                                    $0
                                                           Budget Narrative for Year of Grant
                                              Revenues            $                                 Description
                       Insert Items from Revenue Spreadsheet
                                        for this grant program

                             In-Kind Contributions               Value                              Description

                        Projected Cash Expenses                   $                                 Description
                         For this Grant Program
                          Golf Course & Driving Range Access             $3/ bucket maximum; $5.00 per person for course play
                                       PGA/LPGA Instructors              $50/hr maximum for Class A; $35/hr maximum for apprentice
                                            Other Instructors            $20 per hour maximum
                                         Golf Clubs and Bags             $200 per set maximum
Program (Grant)

                                Transportation of Participants
                       Teaching Materials/Supplies/Golf Balls
                                          Inclusion Activities
                                              Other (Specify):

                      Expenses not included in grant request

                                          Fundraising Events
                                Other Fundraising Expenses
                          Administrative staff wages/salaries
                                          Employee Benefits
                                       Office Mortgage/Rent
                                      Accounting/Legal Fees
                                         Budget Narrative (EXAMPLE- Do Not Include with your budget)
                 **Please note that the figures and descriptions below are completely fictitious and in no way represent preferred rates,
                                                           revenue sources, or expenditures.**

                                                 Cash Revenues     Value                                       Description
                           National Alliance for Accessible Golf $   11,700 This request represents 10% of our cash budget, a decrease from our 2009
                                                                             grant which represented 16% of our cash budget.
                             Program Fees (from Participants) $        5,000 Based on half of our 400 participants paying a $25 program fee.
                                    Fundraising Events (Gross) $     22,500 Fall Golf Tournament - $10,000; Spring Silent Auction - $12,500
                                                     Individuals $   40,000 $25,000 anticipated from Board Member Contributions; $15,000 anticipated
                                                                             from our annual contribution drive
                                                   Corporations $    15,000 Includes a contribution of $5,000 from Corporation A, $7,500 from
                                                                             Corporation B, and $2,500 from Corporation C. These amounts are consistent
                                                                             with gifts we have received in the past and have been discussed with the
                                                                             leaders of each organization.
                                            Foundations/Grants $     10,000 Includes a request for $7,000 from Foundation 1 (anticipate receiving $4,000
                                                                             and hearing decision by January 15) and $6,000 commitment from
                                                                             Foundation 2.
                                                   Government $            -
                                             Golf Organizations $      7,500 We have applied to our state golf association for $5,000 and have requested
                                                                             $2,500 from The First Tee home office.
                                     Facility Operation Income $           -
                                  Interest/Investment Income $           875 Interest from our cash savings account
                                            Parent Organization $    16,000 Our parent organization supports the program each year with a contribution
                                                                             of $16,000.

                                         In-Kind Contributions   Value                                        Description
                                        John's Sporting Goods $      1,000 This store has offered us its clearance inventory of 1,000 golf balls
                                          Jane's Grocery Store $     2,500 This store provides snacks for the participants
                                  Green Meadows Golf Course $        5,000 The course provides driving range access in-kind during scheduled
                                                                           programming ($5 per bucket x 1,000 large buckets)

                                Cash Expenses                        Value                                        Description
                                                                 $       9,600 Green fees during scheduled programming - 400 participants x 8 rounds x $3
                           Golf Course & Driving Range Access                  per round
                                        PGA/LPGA Instructors $         20,000 PGA/LPGA professional instructors paid $25 per hour; PGA/LPGA Apprentices
                                                                               paid $15 per hour & 75% of program director's salary
                                             Other Instructors $         3,500 Includes high school golf instructors @ $12 per hour

                                          Golf Clubs and Bags $          1,950 We will purchase 30 new junior sets @ $65 per set in 2010
                                 Transportation of Participants $        2,000 We assist with fuel costs for social service organizations which provide
                                                                               transportation to participants.
                         Teaching Materials/Supplies/Golf Balls $        1,000 Cayman balls, indoor hitting nets/mats, instruction manuals
                                                    Golf Shirts $        3,000 Participant shirts ($5 each) & Volunteer/Instructor shirts ($10 each)
                                         Marketing/Promotion $            750 Expenses for fall and spring participant recruitment events - includes signage,
                                                                              duplication of registration materials, newspaper ad.
                                           Fundraising Events    $      4,500   Expenses for Fall Golf Outing and Spring Silent Auction Events

                                   Other Fundraising Expenses    $        600   Expense related to annual fund campaign (printing, postage)
                                     Executive Director Salary   $      7,500   ED spends approximately 30% of time on resource development
                                           Donor Recognition     $        500   Donor plaques and thank-you gifts

                        Salaries/Wages for Administrative Staff $      42,500 Includes two 70% of Executive Director salary, 25% of Program Director salary
                                                                              and one part-time staff member (administrative assistant).
Mgmt & General

                                           Employee Benefits     $      6,000   Medical insurance premiums
                                                    Insurance    $      3,500   Directors & Officers Insurance, General Liability Insurance
                                        Office Mortgage/Rent     $      4,800   12 months x $400 per month for rent of office and storage space
                                               Telephone/Fax     $      1,100   Cell phones for two full-time employees, land-line for office, internet service
                                        Accounting/Legal Fees    $      3,200   Fee for annual audit and preparation of Form 990 (discounted)
                                               Office Supplies   $        800   General office & computer suppplies

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