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									                              Diabetes Patient Self Management Skills
                             Nursing Competency-Based Training Form

Purpose: To provide the medical trainer with the skills and educational tools necessary to provide basic
survival skills education to patients with diabetes. It is recommended that all clinicians providing
diabetes education complete this module.

   1. Identify and contrast the 2 principle types of diabetes
   2. State the diagnostic criteria for diabetes
   3. Describe the acute complications and treatment interventions
   4. Explain actions and indications of oral anti-diabetes medications and insulins
   5. Explain purpose of self-monitoring of blood glucose
   6. Explain importance of meal regularity
   7. Describe sick day management

Method of Instruction:
Computer based training module on “Diabetes Self-Management Education for Patients” available within
the DAT Toolbox located at: www-nehc.med.navy.mil

Core Curriculum for Diabetes Educators, 5th edition

Educational Resources:
Survival Skills Educational Materials: DAT Toolbox
Web Site Resources: DAT Toolbox

Diabetes Education Survival Skills For Medical Trainer
_____Completed the Computer Based Training (CBT) program on “Diabetes Self-Management
       Education for Patients”
_____Lists professional resources available as reference for own teaching needs
_____Describes how to obtain educational resource materials for patients
_____Describes differences between major types of diabetes
_____States diagnostic criteria for diabetes
_____Defines hypoglycemia, causes, and treatment interventions
_____Defines hyperglycemia, causes, and treatment interventions
_____Describes actions and side effects of oral anti-diabetes medications
_____Describes how to draw up insulin, rotation of sites, and storage
_____Describes onset, peak, and duration of insulins
_____Explains purpose of self-monitoring of glucose
_____Demonstrates use of glucometer
_____Explains the importance of meal regularity
_____Describes sick day management

__________________________________________________has successfully met Diabetes Education
Survival Skills for Patients on __________________.

______________________________________________Supervisor and Date


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