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                   Beckman’s College Application Packet
                                  Letter of Recommendation Guidelines
All private and some out-of-state colleges ask their applicants to submit letters of recommendation from teachers
and student’s guidance counselor for admissions and/or for scholarships. These letters have an important
bearing on your acceptance. Here are some guidelines that will help you secure a favorable letter of
Calendar and Timeline:
       Writing a good letter of recommendation takes time. Give your chosen teacher and counselor four to six
       weeks (typically November 1 for regular decision – October 13 for Early Action/ Early Decision).
       (Remember Thanksgiving and Winter Break are holidays for teachers and counselors . . . no last minute
   When you ask teachers to write a supportive letter, give them everything they need including:
      Application Deadline(s).
      Complete BCAP: Detailed Resume, Student Questionnaire, and Parent Questionnaire
      On-line connection or Stamped Addressed Envelope(s) (do not write in your return address)
Choose the Right Teachers:
   Think about who really knows you, not necessarily the most prestigious person you know. Colleges
   want the letter of recommendation sent directly to them without you seeing it. It is important
   that you ask if the teacher is willing to support your application. If not, choose another teacher.
   Most colleges want letters from two areas:
       Humanities (English, Foreign Language, and Social Science) and
       Math or Science
Concise and Extra Recommendations:
       Admissions committees do not make decisions based on the weight of the admissions folder. If they ask
       for two recommendations, they do not mean four, five, or six. Succinctness and compliance with
       directions are virtues.
Counselor Recommendation:
       Your counselor is required to complete a Letter of Recommendation, Secondary School Report, and
       Official transcript. Counselors prefer to submit on-line through Naviance but if your college isn’t part of the
       Common Application we may have to submit via US mail.
       You must:
        Compile your list of Colleges in Naviance http://connection.naviance.com/beckman
        Give your counselor a detailed BCAP
          If sending via US Mail, please provide a Large Envelope with 4 Stamps for each college application.
           (Do not write in your return address on the envelope as the information must come from your school).
          Some transcripts are the student’s responsibility and must be ordered in the Student Store. .cost
           $2.00 per transcript.
Cool Manners – Send a Thank You Note:
Send thank you note a week or two before the deadline. It is a polite way to remind teachers of an approaching
deadline plus is good manners. Remember writing a supportive letter may take an hour or longer.

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                     Activity Resume Suggestions
      1) List only activities in which you participated in high school. (Don't need to include that 3rd
      Grade Spelling Bee)

      2) Give full description when using acronyms. Who knows what “FAotW – 15 hrs/week” means?

      3) If the club, group or organization is regional or self-established, attach a brief explanation so
      the reader can be familiar with what it entails.

      4) List any positions held or awards won. This includes "founder" or "co-founder" if you started a

      5) List how many hours a week you participate and how many weeks out of the year. (If a group
      meets for an hour a week only during the school year, you would say "1 hr/week for 40 weeks".
      Make sure that your hours add up correctly. You would be surprised at how many students list
      activates that couldn't possibly be accomplished in a week, based on the number of hours they

      6) Be sure to list part time work or any thing that prevents you from participating in
      extracurricular activities, such as having to care for younger siblings because either parents
      work, or single parent is working.

      7) Be sure to list all activities, even if you don't think it's important. You may not think much
      about the Photography Club, but the person reading your file may be an amateur photographer.

      PS: “FAotW” is a club at a school and is an acronym for Future Activists of the World.

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                                College Activity Resume
                        (Sample -- you fill in with your information)
                                 William (Bill) G. Jones
                                      9876 Irvine Boulevard
                                        Irvine, CA 92602
              Home Phone: 949.789.1234                      E-Mail: billjones@aol.com
              Birth Date: April 15, 1992                    Graduation Date: June, 2010
Academic Information:
Arnold O. Beckman High School                         CEEB/ACT Code: 051 267
3588 Bryan Avenue                                     School Phone: 714.734.2900
Irvine, CA 92602-1347                                 School FAX: 949.509.7866

SAT Reasoning Test:      Date             Score
                         May 09           660 Critical Reading 620 Math 640 Writing
                         (Plan to retake 12/09)

SAT Subject Tests:      Date             Score Subject
                        June 08           560 Biology          600 Math IIC
                        June 09          680 Literature
                        (Plan to retake 11/09)

Advanced Placement: May 08                World History    4
                    May 09                US History        4
                    May 10                Planned: English, Econ, Government, and Psychology

ACT                      Date: June 09          28 Composite

________English ______ Math ______ Reading _______ Science_____ Writing

Weighted 9-11 GPA:        4.37           Unweighted         3.98

Extracurricular Activities:
Outside of School

Summer Experiences:
Work and Volunteer Experience:

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Name the teachers and counselor who are writing a supportive letter of recommendation on your

                                  Student Questionnaire
                           Please complete entire packet and give a copy to your
                 counselor and to the teachers who will be writing a supportive letter for you.

Student Name                                                 Stu #

E-Mail                                                Cell

Are you the first one in your family to go to college? Circle    Yes     or   No

If No, answer the following:
Family Members

Mother: College                                Degree           Career
Father:   College                              Degree           Career
Brother/Sister                                 College                        Age
Brother/Sister                                 College                        Age

   1. What career or major you are considering? Why?

   2. List the college(s) you are considering. Why are they on your list?

   3. List five adjectives, which you believe best, describe you.

   4. List your three most distinguishing, most admirable qualities. Explain each in one or two
      sentences. Think about what aspects of yourself you would like to have stressed to colleges.

   5. What do you see as your greatest strength and why?

   6. Please describe your family. Who lives with you? Has anyone in your family been a particularly
      strong influence on you?

   7. Do you feel passionate about anything in particular? If so, what and why?

   8. How have you seen yourself change and grow since you have been at BHS?

   9. What was your most memorable high school experience?

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   10. What academic courses have been the most challenging for you and why? How did you
       overcome the difficulties in these courses?

   11. Does your academic record reflect an accurate measure of your ability and potential? If not
       what do you consider the best measure of your potential for college coursework?

   12. What would you like highlighted in your letter of recommendation?

                                 Parent Questionnaire
      In order to write the strongest and most supportive letter of recommendation on behalf of your child, your
      input is important. Please complete this form and send to child’s counselor via E-mail by June 12.

Name of Student                                             Stu #

Parents’ Name

What is the best way to reach you?

Phone: (H)______________(W)___________ FAX:________________

Cell _______________________________

E-mail: ___________________________________________________

         1. What do you consider to be your child’s outstanding accomplishments (activities, sports,
            special talents, etc)

         2. What does your child enjoy learning about? Have certain subjects and/or teachers been
            common topics at the dinner table?

         3. In what ways is your child a leader, a follower?

         4. What makes you the proudest about your child? Please brag (antidotes are very helpful).

         5. What words/adjectives would you use to describe your child?

         6. What is the single most important thing you want colleges to know about your child?

         7. Are there any unusual or special circumstances that have affected your child’s educational
            experiences? Has he or she faced any unusual challenges through the years at home or at
            school? Please explain. How does your child handle setbacks?
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         8. What role did your parents play in your college selection process? What role do you
            anticipate playing as your child chooses a college?

         9. What kind of college environment do you feel would best suit your child’s needs and abilities
            at this time? Are there any colleges you would like your child to include on his/her
            application list? Why?

   Size of school –

   Location –

   Student body characteristics –

   Academic programs –

   Social life –

   Campus (city, suburban or rural) –

         10. Are there any specific colleges you would like for your child to include on their application
             list (also explain the reason for including them)?

         11. Please list anything else about your child you believe is relevant in the college application

         12. What would you like highlighted in the letter of recommendation?

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