Do you want to make a tour in Bangladesh?You should to know this (Part-5) by mkmonir123


									Do you want to make a tour in Bangladesh?
You should to know this (Part-5)
Today I am starting my 5th post. Today I will tell you tell about transport & mailing system
of Bangladesh.
Transport system: The whole country has a fairly good communication network now.
Anybody can travel to most places now by bus or train. The major cities have air-links
too. Some cities have regular flight, from Dhaka. However, time schedules are not often
maintained strictly and there may be disruption due to unforeseen courses.
News paper: In Bangladesh there are some English newspapers for foreigners. These
are the Daily Star, the Daily Observer, the Daily News Today and the Bangladesh Today
etc. You can collect newspapers in anywhere from hawkers.
E-mail & Internet services: Cybercafés have opened up in the major cities which provide
internet service including e-mail, quite cheaply to everyone. Internet services have also
opened up some of Dhaka’s daily newspapers to people anywhere and everywhere in
the world. Here I am completing my post. I hope you will enjoy your Bangladesh tour
sincerely. If you see any mistaken, you can inform me that.
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