Do you want to make a tour in Bangladesh?You should to know this (Part-3)

					Do you want to make a tour in Bangladesh?
You should to know this (Part-3)
Welcome to all. I am starting now my 3rd post. Today I will write about some Bangladeshi
culture to Foreigners.
Friendliness: Bangladeshis are very friendly to all others. Hospitality has long been a
part of our culture in Bangladesh. Although many other things are changing now. People
of Bangladesh are still quite polite and friendly towards foreigners. They like to speak
with foreigners even if they have not been introduced. It is a common matter for
Bangladeshi people to ask personal questions about family, jobs and income which
visitors from overseas might find awkward. However, it should be understood that no
harm is meant by such questions. So do not fill afraid. On the other hand, they express a
genuine interest in the foreigners’ state of affairs.
I am finishing today. Please wait for next post. Thank you.

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