Do you want to make a tour in Bangladesh?You should to know this (Part-2) by mkmonir123


									Do you want to make a tour in Bangladesh?
You should to know this (Part-2)
Thanks to all visitors. I have written about the airport in the previous post. Now I am
starting my 2nd
post. It is about driving in Bangladesh.
Driving: You can drive on the way, but it is very difficult if you have no experience of
driving here. As a
foreigner, you might see lane-changing without signals quite distressing. Most of drivers
change lanes
frequently. Many people do not follow traffic rolls. Rickshaws and baby-taxis move in and
out in a zigzag
course and try to push through anywhere they find some space. Moreover, pedestrians
cross over
whenever they wish.
All these make driving in Bangladesh a nightmare experience. Moreover, traffic-jam is a
problem in Bangladesh. Especially Dhaka (the capital of Bangladesh). Other cities of
Bangladesh are
severally free from this problem.
Here I am finishing my 2nd post. Plz wait for next post. Thanks to all

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