Do you want to make a tour in Bangladesh?You should to know this (Part-1) by mkmonir123


									Do you want to make a tour in Bangladesh?
You should to know this (Part-1)
Every year a huge number of tourists come to visit in Bangladesh from different
countries. To make your
Tour successful, you must have knowledge about Bangladeshi culture. Here I am giving
some tips which
are very necessary to foreigners.
At the airport: The name of Bangladeshi International airport is, “Hazrat Sahjalal
International Airport.”
Before it was, “Zia International Airport.” There are taxis and auto-rickshaws called CNG.
But you have
to bargain for the fair. They demand three or four times more than the used fair, even
more when they
see foreigners. Especially Europeans. Taxicab services have been introduced but many
taxis do not use
meters and therefore you may be overcharged. So you should be careful to take a taxi.
No more today. For more information and due parts, plz wait for next publications.

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