The Shat Gambuj Mosque by mkmonir123


									                   The Shat Gambuj Mosque
The Shat Gambuj Mosque is a great mosque of Bangladesh. It was founded by Khan Jahan Ali in 15th

Shat gambuj mean sixty domes. So the meaning of Shat Gambuj Mosque is the mosque which is
containing sixty domes on its roof. But actually it has 77 domes on the roof. There is a large tank in front
of the mosque. It is full with crocodile! Do not be afraid. They are not harmful to human. It is a surprise
in the world.

Now I want to tell about the mosque. The mosque is situated in Bagerhat district. It is near Sundorban.
So the visitors of Sundorban easily can visit it. The mosque is roofed over with 77 squat domes including
7 four-sided domes in the middle row. The vast prayer hall is provided with 11 arched door ways on the
east and 7 each on north and south for ventilation and light. The interior and the exterior of the mosque
give a view of rather plain architecture with terracotta flowers and foliage.

Besides being used as a prayer hall the mosque was also used as the court of Khan Jahan Ali. Now it is
one of the greatest tourist attractions and best architectural beauties f Bangladesh.

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