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Equipment Review

Audiant 80i

A full range of killer
Integrated amplifier
Corresponding to several types of USB built-in converter integrated amplifier. Launch date:
September 2010. Each channel output power (less than 0.05% THD + N): 80 watts (8 ohm load), 130
watts (4 ohm load), total harmonic distortion (THD + N): 0.002% @ 1kHz, 80 watts output (8 ohm                  Reference Equipment
load), frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz (± 0.1dB), signal to noise ratio (A weighted): 105dB (80-
watt output, 8 ohm load), damping factor: 400 @ 1kHz, ref. 8 , Gain: 28dB , Analogue input
terminals: a high level, a group of singing the first amplification, a set of pre-level inputs (switchable),    PSE CD310 CD player
analogue input impedance: 47k ohms, digital input: a set of coaxial, fibre optic Toslink two groups, a          PSB Imagine T Speaker
group of USB , Analogue output terminals: one before the class, a group of high level, the analogue
output impedance: 540 Ohm (front stage output), 270 ohms (high output), the volume control range:-              Dynaudio Contour S1.4 Speaker
90.0dB to +6.0 dB, digital input sampling frequency: 96kHz (coaxial, optical fibre), 48kHz (USB),
digital input bit precision : 24-bit (coaxial, optical fibre), 16-bit (USB), Dimension (WHD): 431 × 309 ×
67mm, weight: 11.5 kg. Import Agent: Sheng Kai (02-26215880).

Text | Lin Yihong

       or audio fans, younger,                       DAC, amplifier works before                           Therefore 80i in four-ohm load,

F      from    New        Zealand
       Perreaux probably an
unfamiliar "new faces", but
                                                     high-level, passive before the
                                                     class, before singing the first
                                                     amplification stage, headphone
                                                                                                           up to 130 watts per channel
                                                                                                           output power, and the damping
                                                                                                           factor of up to 400, showed
they actually founded in 1974,                       amplifier, integrated amplifier,                      extraordinary     low-frequency
but the sound old plant, the                         multi-channel after the class,                        control.
year after the class 5570                            After the level stereo, mono,
Cuikulaxiu     flagship      drive                   and so after the class. And this
capability level (500 watts per                      hero Audiant 80i (hereinafter                         Set in One of Many
channel, eight-ohm load), a                          referred to as 80i), can be said                      Technical Advantages
senior audio fans certainly                          that a number of technical
                                                                                                           Said again, "News Source"
unforgettable. Today, they                           advantages Perreaux is a killer
                                                                                                           section. 80i is a driving force
drive     capability    for    the                   in one product.
                                                                                                           not only impressive but also an
requirements of the amplifier
                                                     How do you say? First of all,                         integrated amplifier with USB
remains the same, just under
                                                     80i inherited Perreaux attaches                       input terminals of the several
the mid-range model is only
                                                     great importance to the                               types of converters. The USB
250i, full of confidence in the                                                                            interface chip with Burr-Brown
                                                     traditional driving force, so the
original to the page marked
                                                     output power of 80 watts per                          PCM2707 has 16bit/48kHz
"the strongest driving force of
                                                     channel in the book figures to                        digital signal corresponding
the world integrated amplifier",                                                                           ability to listen to CD
                                                     spend a Japanese Toshiba
while     The      evolution    of
                                                     2SJ1201/2SK1530 MOSFET                                specifications based on the
sophisticated three decades,
                                                     power transistor, and a very                          number of users in terms of bit-
leaving     a rich Perreaux
                                                     clever locked in the roof panel.                      stream called practical. If it is
complete product line, all kinds
                                                     One piece of the metal surface                        coaxial or optical digital inputs,
of information readily available                                                                           up      to      a      maximum
                                                     cooling, coupled with an almost
source and amplifier.
                                                     occupied the whole left half of                       corresponding       to       high-
                                                     space, large chassis custom                           resolution files 24bit/96kHz. If
Excellent Low-                                       toroidal transformer, with up to                      not high-resolution files, 80i
                                                     12 and the fast charge and                            uses     several     types      of
Frequency Control                                                                                          conversion chip is           ESS
                                                     discharge capacity of 2,200uF
Perreaux current source of                           filter capacitor, creating a rapid                    ES9006, can be all digital input
product information, including a                     reaction, the energy sufficient                       signals up-to 24bit/96kHz,
CD turntable, CD discs, USB                          The power centre of gravity.                          further enhance the sound of
resolving power. Not only that,      momentum, and a pleasant              and sound field, this time limit
Perreaux original and stressed       surprise to play through 80i          has been like a bit like out of
its digital coaxial input, a cross   And content. Waves from the           space, showing a more open
with the installation of a           start, blending the orchestra to      three-dimensional far-reaching
transformer, can be isolated         orchestra         playing   only      sense, musical instruments,
from noise and lower jitter. Not     gradually, 80i will be able to        vocals and delicate texture is
only take care of the digital        voice different textures, audio       more smooth, apart from a
stream players, Perreaux did         and video to large and open,          large audio and video Also
not forget vinyl enthusiasts, the    surrounded by audition room           been more clear lines, the
80i did not even sing the first or   full to the front.                    sound      improvement      was
the lack of amplification, so                                              substantial. In other words, 80i
                                     When the string to pull out a
that users in the digital /                                                is not just an excellent
                                     large amount of group feeling,
analogue information source of                                             integrated              amplifier
                                     speakers spaced only about
the basic needs of a clean                                                 Constitution, and also a very
                                     six tenths the width of space,
sweep. Finally, said functional                                            high standard, the performance
                                     but the two sides of the video
part. This machine has the                                                 of    digital    to    analogue
                                     is not as broad as is the
PRE OUT terminals, so users                                                converter, the company heard
                                     speaker box binding-like, to
can         have       adjustable                                          that several other editors
                                     direct the heavy string around
brightness, touch panel design                                             conversion      between      the
                                     the    side     wall  group     .
of the 80i, as the use of a                                                number of classes, but also
                                     Subsequent       bass    rhythm,
preamplifier;     it   with    HT                                          can not help on the "new faces
                                     distinct particles together into
terminals (after level input), to                                          "Perreaux       began       with
                                     pop, but also with just the right
facilitate connection with the                                             admiration.
                                     impact, so the low frequency
family around Processor or
                                     levels and lines, is particularly     But I do not like to meet, so
other former level, to the
                                     clear and explicit sense of the       then      replaced     Dynaudio
machine after the class to use
                                     whole scene has become very           Contour S1.4 bookshelf-type
as a stereo.
                                     persuasive.                           speakers, in some positioning
                                                                           adjustment, so that the sound
                                     When the song melody
Infectious Sound and                 appears, 80i shown that not all
                                                                           level combination is more
Audio Visual Field                                                         satisfying. The main difference
                                     seems to be no harmony, but
                                                                           is that the former although you
                                     without affecting the clarity of
Beginning with a listening                                                 can create a large screen, but
                                     the sound level of texture, so
mode, the news source is PSE                                               not the same as the latter, all
                                     that a large sound the same, a
CD310 direct output analogue                                               musical instruments the human
                                     large sound field coverage out
signals to the 80i, with PSB                                               voice in the voice, the sound
                                     front, with production The
Imagine T small floor speakers.                                            field in the impurities settle
                                     accession of other sound
In such combinations of, 80i,                                              down like all the general, the
                                     elements, filled the space quite
and did not let the sound field                                            sound level is more calm and
                                     a scene a sense of fun. Listen
appears to shrink or shrink                                                organized, pay attention to
                                     to the album, other tracks
audio to relax, but showed rare                                            sounds Qiyun And musical
                                     sound as long as there's music
amplifier characteristics. How                                             recordings, even with the
                                     section, 80i will be able to
do you say? First of all, 80i                                              sound quality charm.
                                     demonstrate space-like audio
audio and video completely to
                                     and video coverage of the
form a small way, in exchange
for a clear positioning sense
                                     thickness of the front, but           Not Omnipotent, But All-
                                     unfortunately at this time still is
and sense of hierarchy, but the                                            Powerful
                                     not enough energy in the full
full audio and video to show
                                     low-frequency, or momentum            Like listening to string playing
the relative proportion of the
                                     can certainly lay out the screen      is full of tango style album
right, so filled with the sounds
                                     was more complete.                    "Tango Tango", 80i stringed
of elements such as space, like
                                                                           instrument from the speakers
a large to a large Sway out of
                                                                           can limit the location in the
the music sounds so special          Impressive Performance                back wall of sound. And its
opening, open sound field in         of Several Types of                   string fascinating is that it is not
particular, rich audio and video
                                     Conversion                            high, although noble sense of
in particular of infection.
                                                                           sophisticated equipment, but
Eight Dimensions Jay Chou            Then I used the PSE as a dial         has a high sense of watery
album like Orcs, if the amplifier    to a coaxial digital cable to         moist and sweet with a very
open degree sound field full of      connect to the 80i, with its built    refreshing and will not lose too
low level audio and video, you       several types of converters.          much sound accuracy, plus
can not hold up like a video         The results had been restricted       Tough line on the tenacious
game epic song Zhuang Sheng          from the speakers like video          sense, showing a very unique
voice texture. Also because of       attention to speed, rhythm and      Best Recommended
its characteristics dictates, the    energy of jazz playing, can be
stringed instrument stringed         irresistible charm, can not help    80i is not everything top model
viscous friction and density of      but swing dance with the            student, but it is more
feeling a sense of sympathy in       melody. Like Oscar Peterson         comprehensive nature of audio
some of the finest musical           Trio You Look Good To Me,           fans need. And thrust both,
instruments appear more bold         audio-visual width to the left      function and design ingenuity
aesthetic. Simply put, it is not     corner of the drums against the     of 80i, is indeed worthy of the
mining the details of the most       wall, the wall width to the right   essence for the Perreaux
feeble strength.                     corner of the double bass, as       range of products in one set of
                                     well as in the sound field          killer designs. Comprehensive
Such as "The Bass Gang"                                                  consideration         of       the
                                     continue to beat out strong
double bass recordings, 80i                                              performance of its voice again,
                                     central grain grand piano
piano in the performance of the                                          driving ability and the quality of
                                     sound, 80i makes these three
most subtle vibration chamber,                                           several types of conversion,
                                     Very solid body instruments in
it is not yet very subtle, can not                                       plus locally made New Zealand
                                     the sound field in the sense of
bring out the generous and                                               great texture, I think it is
                                     the far side, and open sense of
noble instruments detailed                                               recommended to obtain the
                                     space, with the instruments of
sound quality. And such a                                                best magazine to its name.
                                     dialogue in the sense of
feature in the performance of
                                     recording space.

Twenty to Sound Icon

Five Elements of Audio Character
Gold : putting bright and lively
Wood : a warm affinity reserved
Water : soft warm neutral
Fire : the impact of rapid warm
Earth : thick full stable
                                                                    Reference Software
                                                                                       Jay's sui generis,
                                                                                       never change the
                                                                                       style    as   the
                                                                                       market trend is
                                                                                       different on the
                                                                                       Chinese     music
                                                                                       market,       the
                                                                    number of classics. Place the
                                                                    classical style of music not only in
                                                                    its trend-setting, but also its
                                                                    outstanding mix album recording
                                                                    effect, allowing a variety of musical
                                                                    elements blend nicely and have fun.
                                                                    (74321959972, Sony Music)

                                                                    Focus Points
                                                                    ① Full audio amplifier sound the
                                                                    end of the huge field. ② Converter
                                                                    built several types of outstanding
Internal and Back                                                   performance. ③ Beyond the size of
                                                                    the speaker drive capability.
Perreaux amplifier attaches great importance to the
performance of drivers work, so power supply can be done that
sufficiently. King's custom toroidal transformer, occupies nearly
the entire left part of the chassis space, charge and discharge
rapidly, as many as 12 of the 2,200uF filter capacitor capacity,    ① Cheap and digital information
creating a rapid reaction, the energy sufficient power supply.      sources (e.g. DVD player) can make
                                                                    good use of the built-in digital to
                                                                    analogue converter to enhance
Appearance                                                          performance. ② Full-range floor
                                                                    standing speakers, do not worry too
Neat and elegant appearance, with a touch panel 80i, in fact, is    much about driver issues.
one of the panels and roof shape, and to provide power crystal
cooling purposes, and not see a strong driving force of the heat
sink claws.

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