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					                                               UNITED KINGDOM                                                          AIC 70/2001
                                                                                                                          (White 46)
                          AERONAUTICAL INFORMATION CIRCULAR                                                               23 August
Civil Aviation Authority
Aeronautical Information Service
Control Tower Building, London Heathrow Airport
Hounslow, Middlesex TW6 1JJ
Editorial: 020-8745 3460 (NATS AIS)
Distribution: 01242-235151 (Documedia Ltd)
Content: 01293- 573614 (Licensing Standards, PLD)                                                        Cancels AIC 71/2000 (White 23)


1     Except where the Air Navigation Order (ANO) provides otherwise, notably in relation to student pilots and glider pilots (Article 21), ‘the
Licensee of an aircraft radio station shall not permit or suffer any person to use the station’ unless that person:
      possesses a valid Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence (FRTOL) issued by the CAA; or
      is under the supervision of a person possessing a FRTOL.
1.1 Other UK/CAA issued flight crew licences (pilot, flight navigator, flight engineer) do not convey this privilege. The privileges of
the FRTOL are limited to VHF only (frequencies above 60 MHz) where the holder has not passed an examination in HF radio theory.
Holders of UK professional pilot licences do not have this limitation.

2      Tests and examinations for the Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence (VHF and HF) are conducted at various centres
throughout the United Kingdom and some overseas locations by Radiotelephony (RTF) Examiners authorised by the Civil Aviation
Authority. A list of these centres with their addresses, the names of the examiners and telephone numbers, is given at Annexe A to this

3     Applications to take these tests and examinations should be made directly to the Examiner at the centre most convenient to the
applicant. The appropriate fee should be paid at the centre where the applicant is examined. The syllabus of training is given at
Annexe B to this Circular.

4      Applicants for a JAR-FCL PPL are required to pass a written ‘Communications’ examination in order to qualify to take the PPL
Skill Test. This examination may be taken at the Registered Facility (RF) or Flying Training Organisation (FTO) where the training is
conducted. Candidates passing this examination will be exempt from the requirement to sit the written examination with an RTF
examiner provided that the RTF practical test is passed within 12 months of passing the written examination.

5      Qualified Service Pilots (QSPs) within 12 months of a flying appointment, are exempt the requirement to sit the RTF practical
test. They may complete the RTF written examination for the FRTOL at either a RF, a FTO, or with an RTF Examiner. QSPs obtaining
a pass in the JAR-FCL communications examinations are exempt from this requirement.

6     Student pilots undergoing a course of Integrated Pilot Training for JAR-FCL CPL/ATPL are required to pass written
examinations in VFR and IFR Communications. Students who have passed these examinations will be exempt from the requirement to
pass the written examination with an RTF Examiner.

7       Validity - The RTF written examinations and practical test are valid for a period of 12 months for licence issue. Where a
candidate completes the examinations for FRTOL in conjunction with a course of training for a JAR-FCL private pilots licence, the
validity of the examinations may be extended to 24 months from the date of passing the last PPL examination, provided that application
for both licences is made at the same time.

8     Applications for issue of a FRTOL are to be submitted on CAA Form FCL508. A fee specified in the ANO scheme of charges is
payable on application. Where the applicant is also making application for a flight crew licence, holds an existing UK flight
crew licence, or is undergoing training for such a licence no fee is payable.

9      JAR-FCL - The UK Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence is a national licence issued to comply with the requirements of the
Wireless Telegraphy Act (1949). The Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) requirements for Flight Crew Licensing JAR-FCL Part 1
(Aeroplane) and Part 2 (Helicopters) make no provision for Radiotelephony Operator Licences. Provision is made for the inclusion of a
national FRTOL within the JAR-FCL flight crew licence as either a separate document, or for the privileges of the FRTOL to be
endorsed upon the flight crew licence. JAR-FCL theoretical examinations for the IR, CPL and ATPL include examination in
‘Communications’ at two levels, VFR and IFR. It is mandatory to pass the JAR-FCL Communications examination, except when it
has already been passed at the appropriate level. There are no exemptions for candidates who have passed the UK National RTF
written examination (PPL Communications). The JAR-FCL communications examination syllabus is published in JAR-FCL Part 1,
AMC-FCL 1.470 (b) and (c) and is based upon ICAO communication procedures, this does not take into account UK variations
published in CAP 413. The CAA RTF Practical test will continue to be based upon the procedures detailed in CAP 413 as a test of
national procedures. Facilities will continue to be available to allow persons who do not hold a flight crew licence to obtain a FRTOL.
10     Privileges - The FRTOL entitles the holder to operate radiotelephony equipment in any aircraft. It does not convey any
privileges for the operation of ground or portable radio stations, and does not licence any radio transmitting apparatus.

11    If any difficulty is experienced in arranging a booking, contact the Civil Aviation Authority, Personnel Licensing Department,
Licensing Standards, Aviation House, Gatwick Airport South, West Sussex, RH6 0YR.
(Mr M J Grierson, Chief RTF Examiner; Tel: 01293-573614; Fax: 01293-573996; E-Mail:

                                         This Circular is issued for information, guidance and necessary action.

Printed and distributed by Documedia Solutions Ltd, Cheltenham, Glos

                                                           ANNEXE A

Examinations and practical testing for the Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence (FRTOL) may only be conducted by an authorised
RTF Examiner. All the following information has been supplied by the respective examiners, any queries should be directed to
Personnel Licensing Department, Licensing Standards.
This information is updated regularly on the CD-ROM and the AIS website:
SRG website:

ABERDEEN                                    BELFAST (NEWTONARDS)                        Mr M Hingley (VHF only)
                                                                                        Westair Flying School
Mr G L Greavey (VHF and HF)                 Mr S Smiley (VHF only)                      Blackpool Airport
Granite City Aviation                       Helicopter Training and Hire                Lancs
Aberdeen Flying Club                        The Helicopter Centre                       FY4 2QY
Wellheads Drive                             Newtonards Airfield                         Tel: 01253-404925(Work)
Aberdeen Airport                            28 Comber Road                                   01772-682799(Home)
Dyce                                        Newtonards                                       07870-874323(Mobile)
Aberdeen                                    Northern Ireland                            E-mail:
AB21 0GQ                                    BT23 4QP
Tel: 01224-725333 (Club)                    Tel: 028-9182 0028                          Mr W Bateson (VHF only)
     01224-727160 (Work)                    Fax: 028-9182 7022                          (Blackpool Air Centre)
     01569-767585 (Home)                    E-mail:        Blackpool Airport
E-mail:                                                     Squires Gate Lane
                                            BELFAST                                     Blackpool
ANDREWSFIELD (ESSEX)                                                                    Lancs
                                            Mr R Burrows (VHF only)                     FY4 2QS
Ms C Cooper (VHF only)                      (University of Ulster)                      Tel: 01253-341871
Andrewsfield Aviation Ltd                   33 Old Mill Meadows                         Fax: 01253-341567
Saling Aerodrome                            Dundonald
Stebbing                                    Belfast                                     Mr R Murgatroyd (VHF only)
Great Dunmow                                BT16 1WQ                                    Comed Flight Training
Essex                                       Tel: 028-9048 0747                          Building 28
CM6 3TH                                                                                 Blackpool Airport
Tel: 01371-856744(Work)                     BICESTER                                    Squiresgate Lane
Tel: 01371-850955(Home)                                                                 Blackpool
E-mail:         Mr M J Orr (VHF only)                       Lancs
                                            (RAF Gliding and Soaring Association)       FY4 2QY
                                            104 Cruickshank Grove                       Tel: 01253-349072.
BAGBY (THIRSK)                              Crown Hill
                                            Milton Keynes                               BOSTON
Mr J Dundon (VHF only)                      MK8 0HG
Bagby Aerodrome                             Tel: 01908-561497 (Home)                    Mr G Day (VHF only)
Bagby                                       E-mail:                     39 Sibsey Road
Thirsk                                                                                  Boston
North Yorkshire                             BIGGIN HILL                                 Lincs
YO7 2PH                                                                                 PE21 9QY
Tel: 01845-597385 (Airfield)                Mr G A Dobson (VHF and HF)                  Tel: 07703-284144 (Mobile)
      01845-597747 (Home)                   Biggin Hill School of Flying
E-mail:                    Biggin Hill Airport                         BOURNEMOUTH
BELFAST ALDERGROVE                          Kent                                        Mr P Lucas (VHF only)
                                            TN16 3BN                                    Bournemouth Commercial Flight Training
Mr M Woodgate (VHF and HF)                  Tel: 01959-573583(Work)                     Building 33/34
(EAC Flight Training Ltd)                        01959-576124(Home)                     Red Zone
Clady                                       E-mail:               Bournemouth International Airport
Audleystown Road                                                                        Christchurch
Strangford                                  BLACKBUSHE                                  Dorset
Co. Down                                                                                BH23 6ED
BT30 7LP                                    Mr N Pappillon (VHF and HF)                 Tel: 01202-599888
Tel: 028-9488 1247 (Home)                   Blackbushe School of Flying
Tel: 028-9442 2789 (Work)                   Blackbushe Airport                          Mr A Mollison (VHF only)
E-mail:        Camberley                                   Professional Air Training
                                            Surrey                                      Building 66
Mr J Pheelan (VHF only)                     GU17 9LQ                                    South East Sector
Belfast Flying Club Ltd                     Tel: 01252-870999                           Bournemouth International Airport
Belfast International Airport                                                           Dorset
Belfast                                     BLACKPOOL                                   BH23 6SE
BT29 4AB                                                                                Tel: 01202-593366
Tel/Fax: 028 9445 2153                      Mr M Cull (VHF only)                        Fax: 01202-574020
                                            Heli 2000                                   E-mail:
                                            167 Canley Road
                                            CV5 6AS
                                            Tel: 01253-298802(Work)
                                                  02476-673730 (Home)
                                                  07973-175205 (Mobile)

                                                           ANNEXE A (cont)

BOURNEMOUTH (cont)                       CARLISLE                            CHICHESTER (GOODWOOD)

Mr J Greaves (VHF only)                  Mr G Rowntree (VHF only)            Mr M Hughes (VHF only)
Bournemouth Flying Club Ltd              Border Air Training                 Goodwood School of Flying
Aviation Park East                       Stainhie                            ‘Hangleton’
Off Matchams Lane                        Station Road                        Priors Leaze Lane
Bournemouth International Airport        Brampton                            Hambrook
Christchurch                             Cumbria                             Chichester
Dorset                                   CA8 1EX                             West Sussex
BH23 6NE                                 Tel: 07774-189119 (Work)            PO18 8RQ
Tel: 01202-578558                              016977-42661 (Home)           Tel: 01243-755066 (Club)
E-mail:           Fax: 016977-42662                         01243-575990 (Home)
                                                                             Mr P Martin (VHF and HF)
Mr J Cross                               Mr A C Newton (VHF and HF)          Elite Helicopters and Aviation Services
10 St Pauls Drive                        On-Track Aviation Ltd               Hangar 3
Tickton                                  56 Garner Close                     Goodwood Aerodrome
Beverley                                 Carterton                           West Sussex
East Yorkshire                           Oxon                                PO18 0PH
HU17 9RN                                 OX18 1GA                            Tel: 01243-530165
Tel: 01964-542117 (Home)                 Tel/Fax: 01993-841791
      01977-682674 (Work)                E-mail:          CLACTON
      07930-279208 (Work Mobile)
E-mail:          Mr D Maddocks (VHF only)            Mr B Hughes (VHF only)
                                         Brize Norton Flying Club            Clacton Aero Club
BRISTOL                                  RAF Brize Norton                    The Airfield
                                         Carterton                           West Road
Mr J Craw (VHF and HF)                   OX18 3LX                            Clacton
(British Balloon and Airship Club)       Tel: 01993-845886                   Essex
Summer Haze                                                                  CO15 1AC
58 The Hedges                            CHANNEL ISLANDS                     Tel: 01255-424671
St Georges
Weston-Super-Mare                        ALDERNEY                            COVENTRY
Tel: 01934-514378 (Home)                 Mr R Burridge (VHF and HF)          Mr P J N Bryan (VHF only)
                                         Alderney Flying Club                Air Traffic Services Unit
Ms A J Warren (VHF only)                 Alderney                            Coventry Airport
Bristol Flying Centre                    Channel Islands                     Baginton
Bristol Airport                          Tel: 01481-822889                   Coventry
Bristol                                       01481-822297                   CV8 3AZ
                                                                             Tel: 024-7511738 (Office)
BS19 3DP                                 GUERNSEY                            Tel: 01608-662167 (Home)
Tel: 01275-474501
                                         Mr R Guy (VHF only)                 Mr A Simmons (VHF and HF)
                                         St Anne’s Cottage                   Atlantic Flight Training
CAERNARFON                               Rue de la Porte                     Hangar 5
                                         Kings Mills                         Coventry Airport
Mr D Ginsberg (VHF only)                 Guernsey                            Baginton
Caernarfon Aero Club                     GY5 7JR                             Coventry
Caernarfonairparc                        Tel: 01481-256364                   CV8 3AZ
Dinas Dinelle                            E-mail:      Tel: 024-7630 7566
LL54 5TP
Tel: 01624-853320 (Home)                 JERSEY                              CRANFIELD
     07624-470842 (Mobile)
                                         Mr M J Le Galle (VHF and HF)        Mr S Awad (VHF and HF)
CAMBRIDGE                                Mr G A Tipping (VHF and HF)         Bonus Aviation Ltd
                                         Jersey Aero Club                    Cranfield Aerodrome
Mr P A Lewis (VHF and HF)
                                         Jersey Airport                      Cranfield
Cambridge Flying Group
                                         Jersey                              Bedfordshire
Cambridge Airport
                                         Channel Islands                     MK43 0JR
                                         Tel: 01534-743990 (Work)            Tel: 01234-751800 (School)
                                              01534-742629 (Home)                 020-8207 6510 Work)
                                                                                  020-8953 9519 (Home)
Tel: 01279-669328 (Work)
                                         CHESTER (HAWARDEN)                       07785-388883 (Mobile)
     01223-292519 (Home)
                                         Mr I Sixsmith (VHF only)            Mr G Bethell (VHF only)
                                         Chester Flying Club                 Cabair College of Air Training
                                         Hangar 1                            Cranfield Aerodrome
Mr C Hubbard (VHF only)                  Flint Road                          Cranfield
Cardiff Wales Aero Club                  Saltney Ferry                       Bedfordshire
The White House                          Chester                             MK43 0JR
Cardiff International Airport            CH4 0GZ                             Tel: 01234-752819
Southside                                Tel: 01244 534353 (Club)                 07773-493085 (Mobile)
Rhoose                                         0161-928 9219
CF62 3BD
Tel: 01446-710000

                                        ANNEXE A (cont)

CRANFIELD (cont)                    EAGLESCOTT                      ELMSETT
Mr S Catton (VHF only)              Mr D Boxell (VHF and HF)        Mr B Stitt (VHF and HF)
Cabair College of Air Training      Eaglescott School of Flying     Horizon Flying Club
56 North Tenth Street               Eaglescott Aerodrome            Elmsett Airfield
Milton Keynes                       Burrington                      Elmsett
Bucks                               Umberley                        Ipswich
MK9 3AX                             Devon                           Suffolk
Tel: 07974-075388                   EX37 9LH                        IP7 6LN
                                    Tel: 01769-520404               Tel: 01473-829229 (Work/Office)
DEENETHORPE (NORTHANTS)                                                   07813105071 (Mobile)
                                    EAST MIDLANDS
Mr A J Davies (VHF only)                                                  01473-626859 (Home)
see Nottingham                      Mr J Kinsella (VHF and HF)      E-mail:
                                    (East Midlands Flying School)
DENHAM                                                              ELSTREE
                                    51 Ashby Road
Mr R Brown (VHF only)               Kegworth                        Mr A Khan (VHF and HF)
Denham School of Flying             Derbyshire                      London School of Flying
Denham Aerodrome                    DE74 2DH                        Elstree Aerodrome
Uxbridge                            Tel: 01509-672801 (Home)        Borehamwood
Middlesex                                 01132-852020 (Work)       Hertfordshire
UB9 5DE                                                             WD6 3AW
                                    Mrs B Berresford (VHF only)
Tel: 01895-833327                                                   Tel: 020-8953 4343 (Club)
                                    Donair Flying Club
E-mail:                                                 020-8363 8290 (Home)
                                    Building 33
Mr N Jeffers (VHF and HF)           East Midlands Airport           Mr A Alam (VHF only)
Heli-Air                            Castle Donington                Firecrest Aviation Ltd
Denham Aerodrome                    Derby                           Elstree Aerodrome
Uxbridge                            DE74 2SA                        Borehamwood
Middlesex                           Tel: 01332-810444               Hertfordshire
UB9 5DF                                                             WD6 3AW
                                    EAST MIDLANDS (COSTOCK)
Tel: 01895-835899                                                   Tel: 020-8207 6201
E-mail:     Mr N Burton (VHF only)
                                                                    ENSTONE (OXFORD)
                                    East Midlands Helicopters
                                    Oaklands                        Mr P Lewis (VHF only)
Mr S Bailey (VHF and HF)            Loughborough Road               Oxfordshire Sport Flying
Dawn Patrol                         Costock                         Enstone Aerodrome
Dunkeswell Aerodrome                Loughborough                    Enstone
Honiton                             Leicestershire                  Oxford
Devon                               LE12 6XB                        OX7 4NP
EX14 0RA                            Tel: 01509-856464               Tel: 01608-677208
Tel: 01404-891811
                                    EARLS COLNE                     EXETER
                                    Mr A Jones (VHF only)           Mr P Little (VHF only)
Mr M K Heliar (VHF only)
                                    Anglian Flight Centres          Exeter Flying Club
Devon School of Flying
                                    Earls Colne Airfield            The Airport
Dunkeswell Aerodrome
                                    Earls Colne                     Exeter
                                    Colchester                      Devon
                                    Essex                           EX5 2BA
EX14 0RA
                                    CO6 2NS
Tel: 01935-863700 (Home)
                                    Tel: 01787-223676 (School)      Tel: 01392-367653 (Club)
     01404-891643 (Club)
                                          01223-891829 (Home)       Fax: 01392-447847
DUNDEE                              E-mail:        07712-206437 (Mobile)
Mr M Bledowski (VHF only)           EAST FORTUNE (EDINBURGH)
Tayside Aviation                                                    FAIROAKS
                                    Mr C Rodger (VHF only)
Dundee Airport
                                    East of Scotland Microlights
Riverside Drive                                                     Mr R M Trott (VHF and HF)
                                    33 Park Hill
Dundee                                                              Fairoaks Flight Centre
DD2 1UH                                                             Fairoaks Airport
Tel: 01382-644372                                                   Chobham
                                    EH23 4BP
E-mail:                                   Surrey
                                    Tel: 01875-822055 (Home)
                                                                    GU24 8HX
                                         01620-880332 (Club)
                                                                    Tel: 01276-858075 (Club)
                                    EGLINTON (CITY OF DERRY)             01483-824360 (Home)
                                    Mr S Smiley (VHF only)
                                    Helicopter Training and Hire
                                    Longfield Road
                                    BT47 3PY
                                    Tel: 01849-453663

                                                            ANNEXE A (cont)

FARTHING CORNER                            Ms J A Lyons (VHF and HF)                  Mr C Stringer (VHF only)
                                           Staverton Flying School                    Frank Morgan School of Flying
Mr J P Stevens (VHF only)                  Gloucestershire Airport                    Hall Gray
Medway Flight Training                     Staverton                                  Humberside Airport
Matts Hill Road                            GL51 6ST                                   Kirmington
Hartlip                                    Tel: 01452-712388                          South Humberside
Nr Sittingbourne                           E-mail:   DN39 6YH
Kent                                                                                  Tel: 01652-688859 (Work)
ME9 7XA                                    Mr P Mathews (VHF only)
Tel: 01634-389757                          CPM Enterprises Ltd                        Mr G Stewart (VHF only)
Fax: 01634-264011                          Aviation House                             SoloFlight
                                           Gloucestershire Airport                    Humberside Airport
FENLAND (LINCOLNSHIRE)                     Cheltenham                                 Kirmington
                                           Glos                                       South Humberside
Mr L Haunch (VHF only)
                                           GL51 6SP                                   DN39 6YH
Fenland Flying School
                                           Tel: 01452-855796 (Work)                   Tel: 01652-688833
Fenland Airport
                                                 07785-392586 (Home)
Holbeach St Johns                                                                     Mr J Greenfield (VHF only)
                                           Fax: 01452-855223
Lincolnshire                                                                          Humber Flying Club
PE12 8RQ                                                                              26 Franklins Way
Tel: 01406-540461                                                                     Humberside Airport
                                           HALTON                                     Kirmington
FOWLMERE (ROYSTON)                         Mr S Thorogood(VHF only)                   South Humberside
                                           RAF Halton Flying Club                     DN39 6YH
Ms S Hughes (VHF only)
                                           3 Hangar, The Airfield                     Tel: 01652-680746
Modern Air Ltd
                                           RAF Halton
28 Grange Close
Blackhorse LAne                                                                       INVERNESS
                                           HP22 5PG
Herts SG4 9HD                                                                         Mr S Card (VHF and HF)
                                           Tel: 01296-622697 (Club)
Tel: 01763-208281(Club)                                                               Highland Flying School
                                                01494-532491 (Home)
      01462-440181(Home)                                                              North Apron
E-mail:              HAVERFORDWEST                              Inverness Airport
                                           Mr K Bennett (VHF only)                    IV2 7JB
                                           Haverfordwest Flying School                Tel: 01667-462666 (Club)
Mr J Noone (VHF only)                      4 Canoldre                                      01463-793631 (Home)
Eastern Air Centre                         Lamptere Velfrey
                                           Narbeth                                    ISLE OF MAN
Gamston Airport
Retford                                    Pembrokeshire
                                                                                      Mr George A Gardner (VHF only)
Nottinghamshire                            SA67 8UQ
                                                                                      Ashley Gardner School of Flying
DN22 0QL                                   Tel: 01834-831404
                                                                                      Hangar 2
Tel: 01777-838222 (School)                                                            Ronaldsway Airport
                                           HEADCORN (LASHENDEN)
      01623-823638 (Home)                                                             Ballasalla
      0792-945 3095 (Mobile)               Mr P J Sidders (VHF and HF)                Isle of Man
                                           PJS Aviation                               Tel: 01624-823454 (Work)
                                           Headcorn Airfield                                01624 822079 (Home)
Mr I Weir (VHF and HF)                     Nr Ashford
                                           Kent                                       Mr D Ginsberg
Glasgow College of Aeronautical Studies
                                           TN27 9HX                                   Manx Flyers Aero Club
21 Thistle Street
                                           Tel: 01622-891539 (Club)                   27 Club House
                                                01797-270234 (Home)                   Derby Haven
G5 9XB
                                                                                      Isle of Man
Tel: 0141-565 2598 (Work)
                                           HENSTRIDGE                                 IM9 1UD
      01292-314895 (Home) After 1800 hrs
                                                                                      Tel: 01624-822926 (School)
E-mail:      Mr D Davidson (VHF only)                         01624-621552 (Home)
                                           Airbourne School of Flying
                                           Henstridge Aerodrome                       ISLE OF WIGHT
Mr A Lemmon (VHF and HF)                   Henstridge
                                           Somerset                                   Mr J R Ayers (VHF and HF)
45 Spoolers Road                                                                      3 Sovereign Way
Paisley                                    BA8 0TN
                                           Tel: 01963-364231 (School)                 Ryde
Renfrewshire                                                                          Isle of Wight
PA1 2UL                                         01202-590442 (Home)
                                                                                      PO33 3DL
Tel/Fax: 0141-887 5784                     HUMBERSIDE                                 Tel: 01983-566269
Mobile: 07780-703794
E-mail:            Mr A Wrigley (VHF only)                    KEMBLE
                                           Triple ‘A’ Flying
GLOUCESTERSHIRE                            Ash Cottage                                Mr I Young (VHF and HF)
                                           Rufforth Airfield                          Masonair
Mr R Dobney VHF(only)                                                                 Building 4
Aeros Flying Club                          Bradley Lane
                                           Rufforth                                   Kemble Airfield
Building SE4                                                                          Kemble
Gloucestershire Airport                    York
                                           YO23 3QL                                   Cirencester
Cheltenham                                                                            Glos
Glos                                       Tel: 01904-738878 (Home)
                                           E-mail:          GL7 6BA
GL51 6SP                                                                              Tel: 01285-771025
Tel: 01452-857419                                                                     Fax: 01285-771026

                                       ANNEXE A (cont)

LASHAM                            LIVERPOOL                               MANSTON

Mr M Davenport (VHF only)         Mr M Hodgson (VHF only)                 Mr S Preece (VHF only)
Lasham Gliding Club               Mr P Marsden (VHF only)                 TG Aviation
Lasham Aerodrome                  Liverpool Flying School                 London Manston Airport
Alton                             321 Manchester Road                     Manston
Hants                             Northwich                               Ramsgate
GU34 5SS                          Cheshire                                Kent
Tel: 01256-384900 (Club)          CW9 7NL                                 CT12 5BP
      01252-622297 (Home)         Tel: 01606-48359                        Tel: 07967-445320 (Work)
E-mail:   E-mail:                 01843-863543 (Home)
                                  Mr J T Nuttall (VHF and HF)
Mr M Dobson (VHF only)            Ravenair Flying School                  NETHERTHORPE (SHEFFIELD)
Lambson Aviation Ltd              Business Aviation Centre
10A Wharfedale Walk               South Terminal                          Mr R G Cooper (VHF only)
Leeds Bradford Airport            Liverpool Airport                       Sheffield Aero Club
Yeadon                            Liverpool                               Netherthorpe Aerodrome
Leeds                             L24 1YD                                 Thorpe Salvin
LS19 7TU                          Tel: 0151-486 6161                      Worksop
Tel: 0113-250 2263 (Work)         Fax: 0151-486 5151                      Notts
     0113-258 6306 (Home)                                                 S80 3JQ
     07770-842143 (Mobile)        LONDON (CENTRAL)                        Tel: 01909-475233 (Office)
Fax: 0113-250 1959
                                  Mr D Horton (VHF and HF)                NEWCASTLE
Mr D Graham (VHF only)            Department of Civil Aviation Studies
(Multiflight Ltd)                 London Guildhall University             Mr J Corlett (VHF only)
45 New Lane                       100 Minories                            Newcastle Aero Club Ltd
Green Hammerton                   London                                  Newcastle International Airport
York                              EC3N 1JY                                Woolsington
YO26 8BL                          Tel: 020-7320 1783                      Newcastle-on-Tyne
Tel: 07850-766474 (Work)          Fax: 020-7320 1759                      NE13 8BT
      01423-330968 (Home)         E-mail:                Tel: 0191-286 1321
Mr D Pozowski (VHF only)                                                  NORWICH
(Multiflight Ltd)                 LYDD
233 Snydale Road                                                          Mr R H Goff (VHF only)
Cudworth                          Mr M Richardson (VHF only)              (Norwich School of Flying)
Barnsley                          Romney Marsh Aviation Ltd               ATC, Norwich Airport Ltd
South Yorkshire                   Lydd Airport                            Amsterdam Way
S72 8EX                           Lydd                                    Norwich
Tel: 01226-710775                 Kent                                    Norfolk
                                  TN29 9QL                                NR6 6JA
LEEDS (HEADINGLEY)                Tel: 01797-320734                       Tel: 01603-420624 (Office)
                                                                          Tel: 01603-869210 (Home)
Mr I Weinstein (VHF only)
CAVOK Aviation Ltd                MANCHESTER (BARTON)                     Mr M J Brown (VHF only)
Cliff Lawn Hotel                                                          (Norwich School of Flying)
Headingley                        Mr C Copple (VHF only)                  Gambling Close
Leeds                             Mainair Microlight School               Norwich Airport
LS6 2ET                           Barton Aerodrome                        Norwich
Tel: 0113-278 5424                Liverpool Road                          Norfolk
                                  Eccles                                  NR6 6EU
LEICESTER                         Manchester                              Tel: 07961-867874
                                  M30 7SA                                 E-mail:
Mr A Mildred (VHF only)           Tel: 0161-787 9034 (Work)
Leicestershire Aero Club                0161-792 1657 (Home)              NOTTINGHAM (TOLLERTON)
Leicester Airport
Gartree Road                      MANCHESTER (INTERNATIONAL)              Mr D Robinson (VHF only)
Leicester                                                                 (Trumanair Flying School)
LE2 2FG                           Mr K S Edmunds (VHF only)               39 Grove Road
Tel: 0116-259 2360 (Work)         (Ravenair)                              Bingham
     0116-259 3094 (Home)         24 Portree Drive                        Notts
                                  Holmes Chapel                           NG13 8DY
                                  Cheshire                                Tel: 01949-876095
                                  CW4 7JB                                 E-mail:
                                  Tel: 01477-544223 (Home/Work)
                                       07768-272181 (Mobile)              Mr A J Davis (VHF only)
                                  E-mail:        (Sherwood Flying Club)
                                                                          48 Huntingdon Road
                                                                          NN14 4NQ
                                                                          Tel: 0780-106 3502 (Work)
                                                                               01832-735410 (Home)

                                                          ANNEXE A (cont)

Mr I G McDowell (VHF and HF)             Mr G James (VHF only)
                                                                             Mr D I Davies (VHF only)
Touchdown Aerocentre                     Plymouth School of Flying
                                                                             Herefordshire Aero Club Ltd
Old Buckenham Airfield                   Plymouth City Airport
                                                                             Shobdon Aerodrome
Abbey Road                               Crownhill
                                                                             Nr Leominster
Old Buckenham                            Plymouth
Nr Attleborough                          Devon
                                                                             HR6 9NR
Norfolk                                  PL6 8BW
                                                                             Tel: 01568-708369/708723
Tel: 01953-860806 (Club)                 Tel: 01752-773335
      01603-736762 (Home)
                                         Mr P Rowell (VHF and HF)
E-mail:                                       Mr A Ramsden (VHF only)
                                         Plymouth School of Flying Ltd
                                                                             Tiger Helicopters
OLD SARUM (SALISBURY)                    Plymouth City Airport
                                                                             Shobdon Aerodrome
Mr K Morton (VHF only)                                                       Nr Leominster
Old Sarum Flying Club                                                        Hereford
                                         PL6 8BW
Hangar 3                                                                     HR6 9NR
                                         Tel: 01752-773335 (Work)
Portway                                                                      Tel: 01568-708028
                                              07802-723408 (Home)
Salisbury                                                                    E-mail:
SP4 6BJ                                  PRESTON
Tel: 01722-322525 (Work)                                                     Mr P K Ghose (VHF and HF)
                                         Mr G Hobson (VHF only)
      01329-843883 (Home)                                                    (Brighton Flying Group)
                                         (Northern Microlight School)
                                                                             Truleigh Manor
OXFORD                                   2 Ashley Cottage
                                         St Michaels Road
Mr T Eagles (VHF only)                                                       Henfield
Pilot Flight Training                                                        Sussex
Oxford Airport                                                               BN5 9LL
                                         PR3 0RT
Kidlington                                                                   Tel: 01903-813035
                                         Tel: 01995-641058
                                                                             Mr C Cleaver (VHF and HF)
OX5 1RA                                  PRESTWICK
Tel: 01865-370814 (Work)
                                         Mr P Nobbs (VHF only)               The Flying Hut
      01280-706272 (Home)
                                         Prestwick Flight Centre             Shoreham Airport
                                         11 Dunchattan Way                   West Sussex
Mr D Wasdell (VHF and HF)                Troon                               BN43 5PF
Oxford Air Training School               Ayrshire                            Tel: 01273-455177 (Work)
Oxford Airport                           KA10 7AS                                 01903-743414 (Home)
Oxford                                   Tel: 01292-476523 (Club)                 07805-000248 (Mobile)
OX5 1RA                                       01292-317927 (Home)
                                                                             Mr J Crabbe (VHF only)
Tel: 01865-844262
                                         Mr R D Thomson (VHF only)           Sussex Flying School
     01608-661313 (Home)
                                         Prestwick Flight Centre             Terminal Building
                                         179 North Side                      Shoreham Airport
                                         Prestwick Airport                   Shoreham-by-Sea
Mr H Merkado (VHF only)                  KA9 2SA                             West Sussex
Mr E Shaxted (VHF only)                  Tel: 01292-476 523 (Club)           BN43 5FF
East Herts Flying School                      0141-884 3953                  Tel: 01273-440852 (Work)
Panshanger Airfield                                                               01273-553119 (Home)
Cole Green                                                                   E-mail:
Nr Hertford                              Ms Jill S Develin (VHF and HF)
                                                                             Mr J Hudson (VHF and HF)
Hertfordshire                            Redhill Aviation
                                                                             Ace Aviation
SG14 2NH                                 South Block
                                                                             Premier House
Tel: 01707-391791                        Redhill Aerodrome
                                                                             Shoreham Airport
PETERBOROUGH (CONINGTON)                                                     Shoreham-by-Sea
                                         RH1 5JY
                                                                             West Sussex
Mr C Northrop (VHF only)                 Tel: 01737-822959
                                                                             BN43 5FF
Flying Club Conington                          01342-328835 (Home)
                                                                             Tel: 01273-454457
14 Lake Way
                                         Mr A Boswell (VHF and HF)                01273-885359 (Home)
                                         London Helicopter Centres                07410-215125 (Mobile)
                                         Hangar Four
PE29 6SU
                                         Redhill Aerodrome
Tel: 01487-834161 (Club)
      01480-456040 (Home)
                                         RH1 5JY
PETERBOROUGH (SIBSON)                    Tel: 01737-823514
Mr J Nicholls (VHF only)
Walkbury Flying Club
Sibson Aerodrome
Tel: 01832-280289 (Work)

                                               ANNEXE A (cont)

SLEAP                                     SYWELL (NORTHAMPTON)                           WELLESBOURNE MOUNTFORD

Mr R Darnell (VHF only)                   Mr F McClurg (VHF only)                        Mr D Ryles (VHF only)
Shropshire Aero Club                      Northampton School of Flying                   South Warwickshire Flying School
Sleap Aerodrome                           Sywell Airport                                 Wellesbourne Mountford Aerodrome
Harmer Hill                               Northampton                                    Nr Warwick
Shropshire                                NN6 0BN                                        CV35 9EU
SY4 3HE                                   Tel: 01604-644678                              Tel: 01789-840094
Tel: 01939-232882
                                                                                         Mr J Francis-Smith (VHF only)
SOUTHAMPTON                               TATENHILL (STAFFORDSHIRE)                      Heli-Air
                                                                                         Wellesbourne Mountford Aerodrome
Mr B Mellor (VHF only)                    Mr D Wood (VHF only)                           Nr Warwick
(Solent Flight)                           Tatenhill Aviation                             CV35 9EU
117 Olivers Battery Road South            Tatenhill Aerodrome                            Tel: 01789-470476
Winchester                                Newborough Road                                Fax: 01789-470466
SO22 4HA                                  Needwood
Tel: 01962-842555                         Burton-upon-Trent                              WOLVERHAMPTON
E-mail:        DE13 9PD
                                          Tel: 01283-575283                              Mr A Moon (VHF only)
Mrs E P C Rabson (VHF only)                                                              Halfpenny Green Flight Centre
Carill Aviation Ltd                       TEESSIDE                                       Wolverhampton Business Airport
Building 2 (Cargo Hangar)                                                                Bobbington
Southampton International Airport         Mr S Chilton (VHF only)                        West Midlands
Southampton                               Teesside Aero Club Ltd                         DY7 5DY
Hants                                     Teesside International Airport                 Tel: 01384-221456
SO18 2NL                                  Darlington                                     Fax: 01384-221006
Tel: 02380-643528                         DL2 1NW
E-mail:    Tel: 01325-332752                              WYCOMBE AIR PARK (BOOKER)

SOUTHEND                                  Mr A Austin (VHF only)                         Mr T Orchard (VHF and HF)
                                          Cleveland Flying School                        British Airways Flying Club
Mr B Andrews (VHF only)                   Teesside International Airport                 Wycombe Air Park
Seawing Flying Club                       Darlington                                     Booker
Southend Airport                          DL2 1NW                                        Marlow
Southend-on-Sea                           Tel: 01325-332855                              Bucks
Essex                                                                                    SL7 3DP
SS2 6YF                                   Mr E Reed (VHF only)                           Tel: 01494-523426 (Office)
Tel: 01702-545420 (Work)                  St George Flight Training                            01296-658111 (Home)
     01702-712357 (Home)                  Teesside International Airport
                                          Darlington                                     Mr L Smith (VHF and HF)
Mr D Hatt (VHF only)                      DL2 1NL                                        British Airways Flying Club
Southend Flying Club                      Tel/Fax: 01325-333431                          Wycombe Air Park
South Road                         Booker
Southend Airport                                                                         Marlow
Southend-on-Sea                           THRUXTON                                       Bucks
Essex                                                                                    SL7 3DP
SS2 6XU                                   Mr B J Dyke (VHF only)                         Tel: 01494-529262/513166 (Work)
Tel: 01702-545198                         Western Air (Thruxton) Ltd                           01494-562785 (Home)
E-mail:   Thruxton Airport
                                          Andover                                        Mr K Dearman (VHF and HF)
STAPLEFORD                                Hampshire                                      Wycombe Air Centre
                                          SP11 8PW                                       Wycombe Air Park
Mr J Carlarne (VHF only)                  Tel: 01264-773900                              Booker
Stapleford Flight Centre                                                                 Marlow
Stapleford Aerodrome                      TURWESTON (NORTHAMPTON)                        Bucks
Stapleford Tawney                                                                        SL7 3DR
Essex                                     Mr V Coultan (VHF only)                        Tel: 01494-443737 (Office)
RM4 1SJ                                   Turweston Aero Club                                 01869-343327 (Home)
Tel: 01708-688380                         Turweston                                      E-mail:
SWANSEA                                   Northants                                      WYTON (CAMBRIDGESHIRE)
                                          NN13 5YD
Mr C Good (VHF only)                      Tel: 01280-701167                              Mr J Hudson (VHF and HF)
Gower Flying Club                         E-mail:                    (RAF Wyton Flying Club)
Swansea Airport                                                                          17 Brasslands Drive
Swansea                                   UPAVON (WILTSHIRE)                             Portslade
Tel: 07751-913576 (Work)                                                                 East Sussex
     02920-599506 (Home)                  Mr C Marren (VHF and HF)                       Tel: 01273-885359 (Home)
                                          (Wyvern Gliding Club)                                07410-215125 (Mobile)
                                          Newtown Lodge
                                          Newtown Road
                                          SN8 2QD
                                          Tel: 01672-520654 (Home)

                                                 ANNEXE A (cont)

AUSTRALIA (VICTORIA)                      USA (FLORIDA)                              USA (MICHIGAN)

Mrs L Mariner (VHF and HF)                FORT PIERCE                                BATTLE CREEK
'Aviation English Training Services'
3/109 Barkly Street                       Mr B Wood (VHF only)                       Mr T V Armstrong (VHF and HF)
Mordialloc                                European Flight Training plc               Western Michigan University
Victoria                                  3800 St Lucie Boulevard                    College of Aviation Studies
Australia 3195                            Fort Pierce                                237 Helmer Road
Tel: (00) 61 3 95874826                   Florida 34946                              Battle Creek
E-mail:           USA                                        Michigan 49015
                                          Tel: (00 1) 561 388 0834                   USA
                                          E mail:   Tel: (00 1) 616 964 7706 (Work)
                                          website:          (00 1) 616 329 6938 (Home)
FRANCE (TOULOUSE)                                                                    E-mail:
                                          Mr P Thompson (VHF and HF)
Mr D Sharples (VHF only)                  Pan Am Flight Academy Inc
(Airbus Industrie (AI/G))                 Tel: (00 1) 561 467 0070
Les Peyrous 4                             (see Naples)
Rue Ginestet
31700                                     NAPLES
Toulouse                                  Mr P Thompson (VHF and HF)
France                                    Naples Air Centre
Tel: (00 33) 5 6171 20 34                 2076, 53rd Ave
E-mail:          Vero Beach
                                          Tel: (00 1) 941 643 1717
SPAIN (JEREZ)                                   (00 1) 561 562 6723
Mr B Mellor (VHF only)
BAE Systems Flight Training (Europe) SL   ORMOND BEACH
Aeropuerto de Jerez
Antigua Base Militar ‘La Parra’           Mr A Thompson (VHF only)
11400 Jerez de La Frontera                Ormond Beach Aviation
Cadiz                                     770 Airport Road, Suite 7
Spain                                     Ormond Beach
Tel: (00 34) 956 317800                   FL 32174
                                          Tel: (00 1) 386 673 9862

USA (CALIFORNIA)                          STUART (WITHAM FIELD)

GILESPIE FIELD                            Mr S Fisher (VHF only)
                                          International Flight Training Academy
Mr P Pemberton (VHF only)                 1829 SE Airport Rd
Anglo American Aviation                   Stuart
2035 North Marshall Ave                   FL 34996
El Cajon                                  USA
California 92020                          Tel: (00 1) 561 463 7373
USA                                       Fax: (00 1) 561 463 7178
Tel: (00 1) 619 448 9149                  E-mail:

LONGBEACH                                 TITUSVILLE

Mr A K Sinha (VHF and HF)                 Mr D Macdonald (VHF only)
UK Flight Training                        Helicopter Adventures Inc
4211 Donald Douglas Drive                 Space Coast Regional Airport
Longbeach Airport                         365 Golden Knights Boulevard
Longbeach                                 Titusville
CA90808                                   Florida 327809
USA                                       USA
Tel: (00 1) 562 404 6696                  Tel: (00 1) 321 385 9695
Fax: (00 1) 562 809 5645                  Fax: (00 1) 321 267 1061
E-mail:                      Website:

                                          WINTER HAVEN

                                          Mr E Shipley (VHF and HF)
                                          Britannia Flight Centre Inc
                                          3082, 21st Street NW
                                          Winter Haven
                                          Florida 33881
                                          Tel: (00 1) 863 291 0992
                                          Fax: (00 1) 863 967 4643

                                                               ANNEXE B


1     Introduction

1.1 Applicants for the Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence (FRTOL) will be required to pass the communications written
examination and to pass a practical communications test. The licence is normally issued with a VHF only limitation which may be
removed by passing an additional written examination in HF radio theory or the Radio Navigation theory examinations at CPL or ATPL
level. The FRTOL may be issued to any person who does not hold any other flight crew licence. Privileges of the FRTOL are given at
Schedule 8 to the Air Navigation Order 2000 Section 1 paragraph 5.

2     RTF Examinations

2.1 The Communications written examination may be conducted by an authorised RTF Examiner, or in the case of PPL students at a
Registered Facility or Flying Training Organisation where the flying training is conducted. The syllabus for the examination is detailed
at paragraph 2.2.

2.2   Syllabus

2.2.1 Pre-Flight

      Use of United Kingdom AIP (CAP 32):
      General (GEN) 1.7, 2.4, 2.5, 3.3, 3.6;
      En Route (ENR) 1.1, 1.2, 1.6, 2.2;
      Aerodrome (AD) Individual aerodrome radio procedures.

      The Air Navigation Order Articles 15, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 46.

      Familiarisation with aircraft radio equipment and (RA) aircraft radio licence.

      Familiarisation with CAP 413 Radiotelephony Manual,
      Microphone technique and listening out,
      Call signs and abbreviations,
      Phonetic alphabet and standard words and phrases.

2.2.2 Departure Procedures

      Radio Checks,
      Taxi instructions/information and read back,
      Pre-departure manoeuvring,
      Departure clearance.

2.2.3 En-Route Procedures

      Frequency changing,
      Level reporting,
      Position reporting,
      Use of FIS,
      Use of LARS,
      Use of SSR,
      MATZ Penetration,
      SVFR Flight,
      Flight in a Control Zone (CTR),
      VDF procedures and terminology.

2.2.4 Circuit Procedures

      Joining circuit,
      Landing clearance,
      Orbit, Extend, Touch-and-go,
      Go around,
      Vacating runway.

2.2.5 Emergency Procedures

      Uncertainty of position,
      Radio failure,
      Degrees of Urgency,
      Practice PAN,
      PAN, PAN,
      Mayday (Not transmitted).

2.3   Practical Communication Test

2.3.1 The practical communication test may only be conducted by an authorised RTF Examiner using approved testing equipment at a
location approved by the Authority. The candidate will be briefed to follow a route representative of a typical cross country flight in a
light aircraft during which he/she must make all the appropriate communications in accordance with the published syllabus. The list of
authorised RTF Examiners is shown at Annexe A to this Circular.

                                                          ANNEXE B (cont)

2.4   HF Theory Written Examination

2.4.1 Candidates who require to operate HF radiotelephony equipment (below 60 MHz) and do not hold a CAA or JAR-FCL ATPL,
CPL or Flight Navigator’s licence are required to pass the additional RTF HF written examination with an RTF Examiner authorised to
conduct the HF examination. Reference material includes Ground Studies for Pilots Vol 1 - R B Underdown - Blackwell Science. The
syllabus is as follows:

2.4.2 Electro magnetic radiation

      Speed of propagation,
      Frequency bands.

2.4.3 Basic Radio Transmitter

      Signal generation,
      Feeding and emission of RF signals,
      Modulation, CW, AM, SSB,
      Classification of Emissions.

2.4.4 Wave Propagation

      Factors affecting range of ground, direct and sky waves,
      Height and layers of the ionosphere.

2.4.5 Radio Communication

      HF radio equipment and operation,
      Frequency prediction charts,
      HF R/T Networks,


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