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									Advanced Google Earth
  Creating Curricular Materials
      and Adding Custom
         Building Placemarks
   Creates Innovative Lessons
   Advanced placemarks allows the
    addition of information and graphic
    to placemarks.
    • Descriptions
    • Images
    • Video links
    • Hyperlinks
         Advanced Placemarks

   Ask question that students need to
   Turn lessons into inquiry
   Motivate students
   Use emerging technologies
   Be creative
           A few reminders
   Most of the images in Google Earth
    are taken by low flying planes.
   Zoom to the desired appearance
    before placing your placemark.
          Adding Placemarks
   From task bar,
    select the pushpin
   A window will open
    to permit
    information to be
Adding information to the
                Give the placemark
                 a name
                The coordinates
                 are given
                Add a description
                Click on the
                 Style/Color tab and
                 make selection
                Altitude tab allows
                 placement to be at
                 a given altitude
                 above the ground.
    Change the icon appearance
   Select the icon
    beside the title box
   Select the icon of
    choice or import a
    custom icon.
      Editing information in the
         balloon description
   To add/edit information in a
    • Right click
    • Select properties
    • Add information in the description
    • If only text is entered, the
      formatting will not change.
    • Once the first piece of html is
      added, all the formatting is lost.
               USING HTML
   The addition of formatting in the html
    code uses “tags”
   Tags begin with a “<“ and end with a “>”
   There will be instructions placed between
    the < and > symbols.
   The instructions must also tell when to
    end that formatting. This is performed by
    using </instruction>.
   Example: <b>Dr. Archie Bone</b> will
    bold only the words Dr. Archie Bone.
A Few Basic Formatting Codes
   <p> This is for a paragraph and is
    really a double enter – double
   <br> This is a Break or a single
   <b> Bold for bolding information
   <u> Underline for underlining
   <i> italizing
             More Code
 To bold and underline <b><u>
 The order does not matter; however the

  order must be reserved to close the
This text is said to be nested.
The resulting text will look like
       Adding a link to Internet
   The anchor tag is used to add a link
    to Internet.
   Represented by <a>. It must be
    closed by using </a>
   <a href=“ url”</a>
   There is a space between a and href.
    There is no space before the end tag.
   HTML code chart
             Bring in images
   Locally from computer
    • Images from your camera
    • Short videos from your camera
   Link to a web address
    • Images from your Internet
    • Short videos from the Internet
                Bring in images

   HTML code is needed by a recipe can be
   An image tag is written
   Pathway on local computer
    •  <img src=“image location” >
    •  There must be a space between “ and >
    •  Locate the image on your computer, right click, go
       to properties, copy path, add the image name and
    Example: <img scr=“C:\Documents and
       Settings\coleyj.JCTC\My Documents\cow.jpg” >
            More on images
   The width of the image may be
    limited by using the following code:
    <img scr=“C:\Documents and
    Documents\cow.jpg”, width=300 >
   There is a space before width=
   300 pix is a good setting for an
    image in a balloon.
   The balloon may be saved as a .klm
    file and shared with others.
           What is a .kml file?
   The curriculum piece in Google earth
    will be saved as a .kmz file. This
    nothing more than a zip file.
   Individual information such as a
    ballon will be saved as a .kml file.
   To save a ballon
    • Right click
    • Save as
    • .klm
      Other formatting changes for
   Font color
    • <font color=white> or <font color=#A52A2A>
    • To assure that the same color shows on all
      computers, use the color number (RGB color
   Font size
    • <font size=X>text here
    • X = Font size and may be from 1 (smallest) to 7
   Background color for the balloon
    • This MUST be the first entry in the ballon.
    • <body bgcolor=yellow>

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