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									Operations Manager Job Description

Operations manager reports to the VP of Operations and is responsible for handling the
daily operational issues in the Global Maintenance Business Group. The manager will
work with the VP of Operations to develop long term solutions to improve productivity
of the renewals team and build best practices designed to create an efficient process. The
preferred location for this position is in Farnborough, UK, but could be in Alpharetta,

            Assist in the handling of operational break downs, resolution of process
             problems, refine and improve processes as needed.
            Responsible for creating and maintaining the SAM operations manual
             providing instruction on the function and systems.
            Responsible for on going training and develop programs for Support
             Account Mangers (SAM).
            Provide instruction and guidance to SAM teams on processing questions.
            Responsible for the hiring and training of contractor staff used to audit
             customer data during the next year (up to 20 contractors).
            Manage and direct the contractor staff on a year long project to audit
             customer installation and renewal data.
            Manage the channel rationalization project and represent the renewals
             group. This project involves the direct billing of end customers and
             commissioning partners. The manager will manage the hand off of data to
             SAM group and monitor additional SAM personnel needs to ensure proper
            Liaison with other departments to develop processes and solve inter
             department problems.
            Assist in the planning and management of system migrations of legacy
            Develop migration plans for newly acquired business.
            Work with VP of Operations, SAM management, and other related
             departments to develop best practices approach to process and systems for
             the renewal process to maximize efficiency and productivity.
            Assist in development of measurable reporting metrics designed to
             monitor renewal processing efficiency, and other critical business
            Responsible for preparing monthly reporting on SAM productivity.
            Work with VP on development of new processes for changing business
            Work with renewal team leaders and IT to develop effective training

 5-10 years experience in software industry dealing with maintenance
 Background in accounting, auditing, internal controls, or financial analysis
 Background in software maintenance renewals or customer support very
 Understanding of the renewals process including interactions with
  customers and internal organizations
 Advanced understanding of Softrax software helpful
 Experience in managing multiple projects at a time
 Strong written and oral communication skills
 Understanding of typical software contracts and negotiating terms
 Ability to managing project teams
 Strong dispute resolution skills and ability to make effective decisions
 Must be a problem solver
 Ability to manage change and create processes that support internal

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