FOREST HILL SCHOOL COUNCIL

Attendance: Barbara White, Nancy Bailey, Emily McMillin, Laurie Crosson, Michele
Tkachenko, Coleen Stewart, Nadine Carr, Sue Jackson, Jane Hay, Anthony Rauws and
Janine Peck

The Intermediate Enrichment Group (Laura Bailey, Blaire Muir, Eamonn Corrigan,
Larissa Taylor and Kevin Nixon) led by Megan McColm kicked off the meeting with a
truly inspiring Global Action presentation entitled “From Me to We”. The presentation
focused on the plight of children in the world, with a special lens on the children in Sierra
Leone. The group’s goal is to:
     Educate the school
     Raise an awareness
     Raise $ (not fund-raising but consciousness-raising and conscience-raising)
After presenting the idea to Coleen Stewart, the group presented the plan to the
teachers at their Staff Meeting. A kick-off assembly will be held Tuesday, November 15th
for all students, and will explain their goals and their calendar of activities. A copy of the
Calendar of Activities will be attached to the minutes. Congratulations on an excellent

A proposal was made that Coleen approach the teachers to discuss forgoing
“Christmas Presents” from students and instead, promote a donation/sponsorship of
another community through the Global Action initiative. A letter to all students
(customized from each teacher) would explain their support of the Global Action initiative
and details regarding taxable donations/income tax receipts will need to be finalized. In
addition Coleen is to add the Global Action initiatives to the Fund-raising Plan.
Motion made by Laurie Crosson and seconded by Anthony Rauws.

The Minutes from the October 3rd meeting were reviewed. The electronic distribution of
minutes is working well and the process will continue. Motion to accept the minutes was
made by Jane Hay and seconded by Michele Tkachenko. Motion carried.

A list of council members was distributed, with changes/additions being made. This list
will be distributed via e-mail to all council members

Both Nancy Bailey and Emily McMillin represented Forest Hill Public School by attending
the Chairs’ Orientation Meeting held October 27th. The purpose of the meeting was to
provide general information, standards, networking and resources for Chairs. Please
refer to for any questions you may have regarding school council

Midhurst Mile Update – Nancy Chung has once again volunteered to organize this
excellent family fun and fund-raising event to be held in May of 2006. Last year’s event
raised $965.00 towards the FHPS track.. More details will follow in the upcoming

Field Trip Report:

A copy of the report is attached. The document was reviewed and further investigation
or action is required in the following areas:
     What is the purpose for the Grade 6 overnight trip?
     Should overnight trips be limited to Grade 8 students only as a final reward for
        completing school?
     Is there an opportunity to reduce expenses by bringing experts in to the school
        instead of incurring transportation expenses, etc. (specifically a replacement for
        the Grade 6 overnight trip)
     A teacher rep will present a monthly update/overview at each council meeting
The field trip report will be tabled for the December meeting.

EQAO Results:

A copy of the report is attached (2 selected pages). Coleen reviewed the document with
council. Coleen will request that a PM SERT person and other related reading programs
coordinator attend a future meeting


Financial Report:

The Financial Report was distributed. However, a number of questions were tabled that
couldn’t be answered as Val Brown was unable to be in attendance. We will defer
these questions and acceptance of the report until December’s meeting. Variances to
be investigated by Coleen include:

   Reporting period
   Balance of $2,321.27 in the Quebec Trip account
   Entries in Field Trip accounts to be reconciled
   Location of pop machine revenue
   Review Track account – specifically the $2,500.00 2nd installment from the Lion’s
    Club and $965 from Midhurst Mile

Fundraising Report:

Barbara White (Fundraising Chair) was thrilled to inform council that gross sales totaled
$34.000.00 – approximately equal to last year’s efforts. QSP informed us that usually
the first year’s sales would drop by approximately 20 % in the next year, but the students
and their families managed to maintain this excellent result. The net deposit to Forest
Hill should be approximately $12,000.00 with funds going towards the Track initiative. In
addition, a bonus cheque of $1,200.00 was received from QSP as a “two-year signing”

A special thank you to Nancy Bailey, Lisa Church, Nancy Zahgi and Jane Hay for their
support processing all the orders and preparing the financials for QSP.
Teacher’s Report:

Due to the overwhelming workload with report cards, the teacher representative wasn’t
in attendance at this meeting, but will resume participation in December.


Track update:

Terry Arnio will provide a track update at December’s meeting. Items to review will
     Fundraising to date
     Next steps
     Projected on-going maintenance requirements (to be considered for additional
       fundraising requirements)

Presenting… “The Jane Hay Show”… aka “The Forest Hill Follies”
    Dates for the variety show will be April 6th and 7th
    Dress rehearsal during two assemblies will be held on the Tuesday before
    January 25th will be the “Audition Workshop” (it teaches students how to audition)
    Auditions will be held the week of February 13th (dates to be announced)
    More details will follow in December including request for volunteers

Code of Behaviour:

New “suspension” plans are underway in Simcoe County. Coleen will investigate these
new developments with her contacts at the board and will report in December.

Community Representative:

Emily McMillin was approached by a high school student proposing membership on the
council as a Community Representative. In return, he would like to receive credits
towards Community Hours. The council would like a letter from the individual describing
his input, qualifications and stating his commitment to Forest Hill. To be reviewed at the
next meeting.

NEXT MEETING: Monday, December 5th 2005 at 7:00pm in the library.

Please forward any agenda items to Nancy, Emily or Coleen by November 25th.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

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