parent letter by HC12071411551


									 [Print on School Letter Head]

 To:        Parent of <<<Mail Merge Student name here>>>
 Student: <<<Mail merge student name here>>>
 From:      <<<Name of school goes here>>>
 Date:      <<<Date>>>
 Re:        Edline Parent Access to Grade Reports

 <<<Name of school here>>> is pleased to provide parents a new opportunity to monitor student
 academic progress. Brevard Public Schools has contracted with Jackson Software to bring you secure
 access to your child’s information over the Internet. You will need an Activation Code to enter the
 system where you will then create an account.

 Our goal is to use this system to the best advantage of parents, students, and teachers. We look forward
 to working with you.

 <<<School Principal’s name here>>>, Principal
 <<<Name of School Here>>>

 Please fill out this form and return it in person to the front office. Please bring your photo ID with you
 for verification.

By signing the following, I agree to safeguard my screen name and password for the Edline system.

            (Student Name(s))

            (Parent Name-print)

            (Parent Signature)


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