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       POSITIVE ATTITUDES                COURAGE             PATIENCE             WISDOM            PEACEFUL WAYS

             St. Mark Catholic School
                          A BRIDGE BETWEEN SCHOOL AND PARENTS

           Every virtue in your soul is a precious ornament which makes you dear to God and to man.
      But holy purity, the queen of virtues, the angelic virtue, is a jewel so precious that those who possess it
                 become like the angels of God in Heaven, even though clothed in mortal flesh.
                                                   - St. John Bosco

                                                February 20, 2009

                                               Principal’s Corner

Dear Parents,

Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of our Lenten Season. During
these forty days of Lent, we strive to grow closer to God by renewing our commitment to
living the holy life He asks of us. The Lenten Committee has prepared a meaningful
Lenten experience with special prayer services, stewardship opportunities and activities to
assist us on this spiritual journey. Look for details in the newsletters.

Many of you have returned your “Intent to Return” forms and we thank you. I know there
are quite a few that still haven’t yet sent them in but are planning to. We really do need
the student enrollment numbers in order for the Finance Committee to calculate the tuition
costs for the 2009-2010 school year. New students are being enrolled, and we want to make
sure existing students have secured their places on the classroom rosters. Please send the
forms in as soon as possible.

The Kindergarten’s “Sneak Peek” Open House for prospective students is this coming
Tuesday, February 24th, from 9:45-10:30. We hope to see many there. Please pass the
word on to any friends and family members who have children looking for an outstanding
Kindergarten experience

Have a good weekend everyone. I’ll see you at the Parish Dinner Dance Saturday.


Kent A. Schwartz
                            GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS

        This spring the state is requiring the 6th, 7th and 8th grade to complete the math portion of
I-Step with the use of calculators. The calculators purchased at the beginning of school (Texas
Instrument) TI-30XA, TI-30X IIS or TI-34II are on the list of acceptable calculators.
        A recent supply check indicated that around one fourth of the junior high students no
longer had a calculator or were no longer using one of the TI calculators. All junior high
students will be taking the math portion on the same day, March 3. Students must have an
acceptable calculator on Monday, March 2. Students will not be able to borrow one of the math
classroom’s calculators for the test nor will they be allowed to share calculators.
        Thank you for checking with your student to see if they have a working Texas Instrument
calculator and replacing damaged or lost calculators before March 2.

       The Spring Book Fair will arrive at Saint Mark for a star-studded run from March 2-6!
Award winning books and authors will be on center stage! Bad Kitty and Froggy are back in
another adventure. The Jonas Brothers have a starring role in their new book. Fans of the
Wimpy Kid have a chance to own the newest installment of the series. Authors Mike Lupica,
Margaret Haddix, Carl Hiasson, Will Hobbs and Andrew Clements are sending their newest
books. Join us on Family Night, Tuesday, March 3 from 3:15-8:00 for your chance to purchase
books as a family. Lights! Camera! Action! Reading Makes Your Children Stars!

HOGWARTS NEWS: We will meet in the music room on Thursday from 3 – 4 pm. Pick up
will be at 4 pm behind the school. Thanks to everyone who has helped with supervision! I
couldn’t do the club without you!

DRAMA NEWS: The next children’s rehearsal is Friday, 2/27, from 3 – 4 pm. Please note the
change in time. Pick up will be at 4 pm behind the school. If you have any questions, email
Mrs. VB at

ST MARK SKATING PARTY: On Tuesday, March 10, 2009, from 6:30 – 8:30 PM, Pack 92
would like to invite St. Mark School to a Skating Party at Southland Skate Center. The cost is
$4.00 per skater or $10.00 per family and skate rental is included. In-line skates or speed skates
are not included in this price, but can be rented for an extra $3.00. Please mark your


PIZZA FUNDRAISER:!!!!! OK LETS GET EXCITED!!!!!!!!! We are having a contest for a
pizza party. The classroom that sells the most pizzas will be treated to a pizza party! Please start
selling, selling, selling, remember order your cheese pizzas for Lent!!!! Go to family and friends
and sell!!!!!
        If you are not familiar with Gallagher’s Pizza, they provide an exceptional product for a
reasonable cost! Plus the big bonus is they are very generous and give 30% of total sales back to
the P.T.G. Our goal is for every family to sell at least 3 pizzas. Please contact friends and
family. Everyone loves a pizza night! All orders are due by February 23 and pick-up date
will be March 5 from 5-6:30 in the elementary wing of the school. These pizzas come wrapped
and boxed with baking instructions. Think about March Madness or even Lent! Cheese Pizzas
for your Fridays. You will need 6 of them. I did the math! All payments are due with the order
form. Please make checks payable to St Mark P.T.G.      Any questions please contact Jennifer
McNulty 889-3167.

MARKET DAY NEWS: Thank you for your Market Day orders in February. We had 40
customers and earned about $214 for the PTG. The bad news is we did not reach our goal of
$3000 in sales to earn the $250 gift certificate to buy books for the school library. The good
news is that we had 5 more customers and earned $15 more this February versus last February.
This is the first month this year that sales have exceeded sales compared to the same period last
        Brunch items are featured in March to help with your Easter celebrations. Market Day
has a number of fish and meatless options for Lent. There will be 3 ½ weeks of Lent remaining
after the March Market Day pick-up so it will not be too late to order fish and meatless meals.
        Finally, you probably wonder if anyone at St. Mark ever wins any of the Market Day
contests. We had a customer win a $25 Market Day gift certificate in January. The next contest
winner might be you!
        For more information contact Dawn Collier at 319-3061 or

SCRIP: February contest: Congratulations to Jordan Frederick who has now taken the lead to
qualify for $50 in Scrip gift cards at the end of the month. She has sold $765 so far. She is
followed closely by Alyssa Candler with $550, Liam Collier with $550, Andrew Jaeger with
$440, Matthew Jones with $435, Joe Burns with $285, Sam Bramlett with $185, Riley Seddon
with $100 and Alyssa Seddon with $100. There is still 1 week left and plenty of time for you to
win. Thanks to all who are supporting Scrip and keep up the good work.
        Planning your spring break vacation? Don't forget to purchase your scrip gift cards. You
can use scrip to book your flight, reserve a hotel room, and go out to eat. Check out some of the
vendors that could help you out: Avis & Budget Car rental, American Airlines, Disney & Disney
Cruise Line, Quality & Comfort Inn, Hyatt & Marriott, Rainforest Cafe, Hard Rock Cafe and
American Express.

                               SPECIAL THANKS TO …

The Market Day volunteers in February. Mrs. Kinney was the sponsoring teacher. Volunteers
were Carole and Sam Bramlett; Stephanie, Sean, Olivia and Emily Hornek; Danny Kinney; and
Bridget King.

                               FROM THE CAFETERIA

                        LUNCH MENU – FEBRUARY 23RD WEEK

Mon. – Chicken Tenders, spiral fries, glazed carrots, pear slices
Tues. – Pancakes, warm syrup, cheddar omelet, peach slices
Wed. – Cheese Pizza, warm breadstick, marinara sauce, Italian salad, fresh apple
Thurs. – Turkey Manhattan, mashed potatoes, green beans, sliced wheat bread, mixed fruit
Fri. – Cheese Quesadilla, nacho chips & salsa, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, applesauce

REMINDER: Lunches are $2.25 per day; Milk is $0.40 each; 5 lunches are $11.25; 10 lunches
are $22.50; and 15 lunches are $33.75.

On Ash Wednesday and the Fridays during Lent, we will offer PBJ, PB, J. Cheese Pizza, Fish
sandwich, salad with tuna salad and hot lunch.

Sports Notes

 Event              Day of Week        Opponent          Time, Location
 February 20-27
 Cadet A Volley     Sunday (2/22)      Nativity         1:00, Nativity
 56 A Volleyball    Tuesday (2/24)     St. Rose of Lima 5:00, St. Mark
 4 Volleyball       Tuesday (2/24)     St. Mich. Green. 5:45, St. Mich. Greenfield
 Cadet B Volley     Tuesday (2/24)     St. Jude         6:30, St. Mark
 56 B Volleyball    Tuesday (2/24)     St. Mich. Green. 7:15, St. Mich. Greenfield
 K-8 Wrestling      Thursday (2/26)    Nativity         6:00, Nativity
 Cadet A Volley     Thursday (2/26)    St. Lawrence     6:15, St. Matthew

St. Mark CYO Spring Sports Registration - Registration for co-ed soccer (Grades 5-8) and co-
ed track (Grades 4-8) is now underway. The registration deadline is February 23. St. Mark
registration and CYO physical exam forms are available in the church narthex, parish office,
school office, and “CYO Athletics” page on the parish web site. Registration for CYO sports
now is a two-step process. You must register for each sport using a St. Mark registration form
(same as in the past) PLUS complete a CYO registration once per school year. CYO is also
requiring each child and coach to register annually with the CYO Office. Registration is
performed online at Follow the “Register Child” and “Coach
Registration” links and complete the information requested. CYO registration is only required
once per school year. Please contact Patrick Collier at 881-0316 or for
more information.

St. Mark Wrestlers Earn Awards – Six St. Mark Lion Pride wrestlers competed at the recent
St. Maria Goretti Jim Troy Tournament against wrestlers from 15 other teams. All six Lion
wrestlers placed in the top four in their age & weight classes. Earning medals were Brian
Keeney (2nd), Isaac Garcia (3rd), Michael Cento (4th), Liam Collier (4th), Jacob Fryar (4th), and
Cory Toler (4th).

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