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Collecting and returning the motor home a helpful hint: if possible, try not to start your holiday
on the same day you collect your vehicle. We need to show you exactly how to get the most out
of your motor home, and this will take some time. It is essential that the hirer should be given a
thorough introduction to the rental vehicle by our experts before the journey begins.

Since the times for collecting and returning motor homes are carefully planned, please return
your motor home on time. A penalty of £18- per hour is payable for time between expiry of the
rent agreement and the return of your vehicle. Should the late return of the vehicle make us liable
for extra costs (e.g. compensation of the next hirer), we reserve the right to pass on these costs to
you. Please return your vehicle on time. Bedlinen/ kitchen equipment please bring your own
bedlinen, blankets, pillows, towels. And equipment such as camping table and chairs your motor
home will include all crockery and other kitchen equipment.

Replacement vehicle guarantee. If your chosen motor home is not available, MotorHolme
reserves the right to offer you another alternative vehicle. This may be of similar size and grade
to the vehicle originally booked or may be a larger higher grade model, and will be similarly

In this event, the hirer is not liable for higher rental charges. If a smaller vehicle or lower grade
vehicle is offered and accepted, the difference in charges will be refunded. If a larger vehicle is
offered, MotorHolme agrees to be liable for additional expenses e.g. higher ferry charges or road

The hirer may travel in any European countries with the exception of Turkey. Travel in countries
outside Europe is only possible after prior agreement with the MotorHolme. Written
confirmation from MotorHolme and an additional insurance premium are required before
beginning the journey. All bookings made with Motorholme are subject to a £7.50 booking fee
(excluding VAT).

Once you have received the collection details (Usually around 10 days prior to the
commencement of the hire) please contact the keeper of the vehicle approximately a week prior
to the commencement of your hire to agree a mutually convenient collection time. Upon
collection of the vehicle please ensure a mutually convenient return time is arranged to allow for
the vehicle to be fully inspected. If this is not permissible you may be contacted by the keeper of
the vehicle to discuss any damage discovered in your absence as soon as it is
discovered Collection or return times which fall outside the dates and times given must be agreed
with MotorHolme directly.

The return of the vehicle is confirmed in writing, signed by the hirer and the MotorHolme.
Collection and return days are charged as per day. Drivers. No one other than the drivers named
in the insurance proposal form may drive the vehicle. ALL hires must pay either a £1250
refundable security deposit OR £12.50 per day per driver Insurance Excess Cover (IEC Policy)

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