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									                                        ISSUE 59, JULY 2004


                                                                                                         Note from the Editor

CONTENTS                                                                                                 You will notice that in this re-designed
                                                                                                         edition of the QM News we are bringing
                                                                                                         you a bumper edition by amalgamating
                                                                                                         the QM News with QM Scene, our
                                                                                                         alumni magazine. We feel that the
                                                                                                         stories in QM News are equally of
02 - 03           Forensic footprint expert hot on criminals’ heels                                      interest to our graduates and we have
                                                                                                         therefore decided to bring both
                                                                                                         publications together, whilst maintaining
04 - 05           New centre to revolutionise healthcare across Scotland                                 a dedicated alumni section.
                  Joint directors to lead COPA
                                                                                                         In this edition, we give you a fascinating
                                                                                                         insight into the developing field of
06                Researchers throw light on Asperger’s Syndrome                                         forensic podiatry. Through cutting edge
                                                                                                         research carried out by William Kerr,
                  Professor Hardcastle becomes Fellow of the British Academy                             lecturer in podiatry, we can see how his
                                                                                                         work will help to track down criminals
                                                                                                         by the forensic identification of their
07                Welcome                                                                                footprints at crime scenes.
                  Reunion News
                                                                                                         We are also delighted to announce that

                                                                                           ALUMNI NEWS
                                                                                                         QMUC is the lead partner in the
08                Annual Fund                                                                            development of a new centre which will
                                                                                                         revolutionise healthcare across
                  International News                                                                     Scotland. £2.45m, the largest grant
                  In the Spotlight                                                                       that QMUC has ever received, will
                                                                                                         enable the University College to work in
                                                                                                         partnership with other universities and
09                QMUCGA Newsletter                                                                      the NHS to establish the Centre for
                                                                                                         Integrated Healthcare Research.
                                                                                                         Specifically working in the areas of
10 - 13           Classnotes                                                                             nursing, midwifery and the allied health
                                                                                                         professions the Centre will fill a major
                                                                                                         gap in Scotland’s health research. This
14                RE:LOCATE - Planning permission moves a step closer                                    substantial funding is a major coup for
                                                                                                         Scotland as it is the largest research
                  Top rating for institutional review                                                    investment for these professions in the
                  Gateway to showcase Scottish theatre talent                                            UK.

                                                                                                         In the alumni pages, you will find
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Looking into the world of forensic podiatry   £2.45 to revolutionise Scottish healthcare                 Marketing & Communications Office,

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New study will help children with one of      In the Spotlight - Q & A’s with former                     Email. marketing@qmuc.ac.uk
the most frequent variants or autism          student Jennifer McGonigle
                                                                                                                          GRADUATION - PAGE 01

The doyenne of female broadcasters,             Research and Education (which he                        of spoken and written English, the
one of the world's most influential             founded and for which he has generated                  monumental Survey of English Usage.
occupational therapists, an                     millions of dollars in research funding),               He was awarded a CBE in 1976,
internationally renowned linguist and           he pioneered a participatory approach to                knighted in 1985 and raised to the
the man who led one of the boldest              occupational therapy that involves client               peerage in 1994. He is currently a
and most accessible Royal                       and therapist working together to                       trustee of the Wolfson Foundation and,
Commissions received honorary                   develop theory and practice - the                       as a member of the House of Lords
degrees from Queen Margaret                     scholarship of practice. Dr Kielhofner is               Select Committee on Science and
University College at its summer                a prolific writer who has received the                  Technology, he has been an active and
graduation ceremony.                            highest academic honours in his field,                  influential spokesman on educational
                                                but he has many diverse interests                       matters.
On Friday 2 July 2004, the university           among them making his own furniture,
college honoured one of the most                playing a mean banjo and kayaking.                      Sir Stewart Sutherland, elevated to the
popular, respected and enduring figures                                                                 peerage in 2001 as Lord Sutherland of
in the media, Joan Bakewell, whose                                                                      Houndwood, is best known throughout
journalistic and broadcasting career has                                                                Scotland - and beyond - for his
spanned 50 years from the post war                                                                      chairmanship of the Royal Commission
era. In the '60s, Ms Bakewell made her                                                                  on the Funding of the Long Term Care of
mark in the male dominated world of                                                                     the Elderly (1997-9), and for his astute
current affairs; in the '70s, she focused                                                               but inspired leadership of the University
on religion and ethics and was a regular                                                                of Edinburgh (1994-2002). Lord
contributor to the Manchester Evening                                                                   Sutherland's career has spanned posts
News, Punch, The Times and London               left to right: Professor Gary Kielhofner DrPH           in philosophy and in the history and
                                                OTR/L FAOTA, Alan Gilloran, Dean of the Faculty
News. In the '80s, she became the               of Health and Social Sciences                           philosophy of religion at the University
BBC's arts correspondent, and at the                                                                    College of North Wales, the University of
end of that decade she began to explore                                                                 Stirling and King's College London; as
moral dilemmas across the world in              left to right: Professor the Lord Quirk of Bloomsbury   Principal and Vice-Chancellor of King's
Heart of the Matter. She is a founder of        KT CBE FBA, Professor Bill Hardcastle FBA               College, London and Edinburgh
the National Campaign for the Arts, and                                                                 universities; as HM Chief Inspector of
was on the judging panel for the Booker                                                                 Schools; and as a notable scholar and
Prize. In 1999, her own achievements in                                                                 author. He is a Fellow of the British
journalism and the arts were recognised                                                                 Academy and the Royal Society of
with the award of a CBE.                                                                                Edinburgh (of which he is currently
                                                                                                        president). His public service has
left to right: Joan Bakewell CBE, Rosalyn                                                               involved him in diverse organisations
Marshall, Vice Principal (Strategic Projects)                                                           from the Cabinet's Council for Science
                                                                                                        and Technology to the Hong Kong
                                                The university college also honoured the                University Grants Council. In recognition
                                                internationally renowned linguist and                   of his major contributions to society in
                                                expert on the English language, Lord                    general and to education in particular, he
                                                Randolph Quirk. He chaired the                          was knighted in 1995 and appointed
                                                Government Committee of Inquiry into                    Knight of the Order of the Thistle in
                                                speech therapy services, whose Quirk                    2002.
                                                Report of 1972 forms the cornerstone
                                                                                                        left to right: Professor John Laver CBE, Deputy
                                                of the UK's current service. During a                   Principal, The Rt Hon the Lord Sutherland of
Over the past three decades, Dr Gary            long and distinguished career, Lord                     Houndwood KT FBA PRSE
Kielhofner has had an enormous impact           Quirk has held chairs of English
on our understanding of the factors that        language at the universities of Durham
help disabled people to lead satisfying         and London, served as Vice-Chancellor
lives and, through his theory, The Model        of London; and has held many
of Human Occupation, has transformed            prestigious honorary posts such as
rehabilitation practice throughout the          President of the British Academy. His
world. Based at the University of Illinois      interest in the grammar of present-day
at Chicago at the Centre for Outcomes           English led to the first major compilation

Scotland’s first footprint expert will be     two footprints in the world will have the     windows. Comparisons of this were
hot on the heels of criminals when he         same shape and the right foot is always       made with an impression taken from a
produces the findings of his ground-          different from the left – there is never a    suspect and the similar characteristics
breaking research into forensic               mirror image. The ridge patterns on           between the two were used as part of
podiatry.                                     certain areas of the feet are as              the evidence. The suspect was
                                              identifiable as fingerprints and that’s why   subsequently found guilty and
Through his PhD research, William Kerr,       footprinting is just as interesting and       sentenced to four years imprisonment
a podiatry lecturer at QMUC, is now able      exacting a science as fingerprinting.”        after which he was deported.
to give a description of a suspect’s
appearance by analysing their footprints.     There are two aspects to Kerr’s               A serial housebreaker in 1998 broke into
                                              research. Firstly, he has been analysing      an old-folks’ home hoping to carry out
For some time now, it has been possible       the measurements of specific aspects of       what he considered to be the perfect
to tell a person’s height from a footprint.   the footprint, for example, lengths and       crime. He had previously been convicted
However, Kerr’s initial findings will allow   areas with establishment of indices. The      on fingerprint evidence and on
him to analyse a footprint and calculate      second part of the research looks at the      impressions left by his training shoes.
both the height and now the weight of         difference to the shape of the footprint      So, on this occasion he decided to
an individual to within two to three          when it has been influenced by weight.        remove his trainers and put his socks on
kilograms.                                    For the first time, Kerr’s research will be   his hands to act as gloves. Unfortunately
                                              able to identify, for example, the owner      for him he left behind excellent toe
Forensic podiatry is the study of             of a footprint even if they had been          impressions that were used by the
footprints and ridges on toes and soles       carrying a heavy rucksack while               prosecution as part of their evidence. He
of the feet. Kerr is one of only a few        committing a crime.                           was found guilty and sentenced to two
experts in the UK who are developing                                                        years’ imprisonment.
the science so that it can be used to         Obviously, in countries such as India
provide evidence in legal proceedings.        where many go barefoot, forensic              Kerr’s research is due to be published in
                                              podiatry has been a well used tool by         January 2005 and there is little doubt
His research has led him to work with a       the police, but there are now increasing      that he will then be called on by the
variety of experts including a tyre print     amounts of crimes solved in the UK.           police to consult on crime scene
expert in the States. Ernest Hamm, a          Kerr has researched a wide variety of         investigations. With the advances in
retired FBI agent, has been helping Kerr      crimes where footprints have been             forensic podiatry into footprints and
in the techniques used to lift prints. Kerr   identified.                                   shoeprints, perpetrators will find it
has researched the way the FBI lift tyre                                                    increasingly difficult to walk away Scott
prints and is using a similar technique to    A perpetual housebreaker was caught           free from their crimes. According to Kerr,
lift footprints. He has also been             out by his unfortunate choice of socks        the only way to get off with leaving prints
consulting with the Scottish police at        after he had removed his shoes to tip         at the scene of a crime is to use
their headquarters in Fettes, Edinburgh,      toe around an Aberdeen house. He wore         someone else’s shoes! Kerr explained:
and showing them the expertise which          gloves so left no fingerprints, but was       “It is impossible to tell from the shoeprint
he has built up. In return they have          identified by his toe print due to the        if someone else actually wore the
involved him in the type of forensic work     large hole in his sock. He was jailed for     owner’s shoes to commit a crime.’’
which they have recently carried out and      three years.
which could benefit from his new                                                            He concluded: “Although this particular
research techniques.                          In 1990 an indecent sexual assault was        area of forensic science is in its infancy,
                                              carried out in a women’s home in the          as more research is carried out and
Kerr uses the foot length and the area        Caymen Islands. When the police               more specialists become involved, it will
covered by the certain aspects of the         carried out a thorough examination of         become another important facility that
footprint to produce an equation. This is     the premises a very clear barefoot            can be used for identification purposes
then used to calculate the individual’s       impression was found near one of the          during crime scene investigations.”
height and weight. He explained: “No
                                           MAIN FEATURE - PAGE 03

“No two footprints in the world will have the same
shape and the right foot is always different from
the left - there is never a mirror image.”


A grant of £2.45 million will allow a        medical professions. There is very little     · Maximising recovery from acute illness
group of universities and NHS                interdisciplinary research that can be          and trauma
partners to establish a centre that will     used to help these professionals work         · Early years and parenting
help to improve the health of the            more effectively together to provide a full   · Improving the management of
people of Scotland, as well as leading       and coordinated service that will meet all      enduring conditions
the way in Europe for healthcare             of the patient’s health needs.”
research.                                                                                  Professor Beth Alder, Director of
                                             Dr Donaghy continued: “This grant will        Research in the Faculty of Health and
Specifically working in the areas of         allow the new Centre to pull together         Life Sciences at Napier University said:
nursing, midwifery and the allied health     these professionals to conduct research       “These main programmes of research
professions (physiotherapy, radiography,     which will relate to the delivery of          relate to the Scottish Executive’s
podiatry, dietetics, art therapy,            integrated healthcare.”                       healthcare priorities of mental health,
occupational therapy, speech therapy                                                       cardiovascular disease and stroke,
and nutrition) the new Centre for            Aiming to change the research culture         cancer, older people and public/child
Integrated Healthcare Research will fill a   within these professions, the Centre will     health and reflect the expertise across
major gap in Scotland’s health research.     focus on the application of research to       the institutions involved in the Centre.”
This substantial funding is a major coup     improve patient care, but, most
for Scotland as it is the largest research   importantly, its work will be informed at     However, even though its research will
investment for these professions in the      every stage by the opinion of people          be firmly based in tackling Scotland’s
UK.                                          who actually use health services.             health problems, there will be an
                                                                                           international recruitment drive to attract
A collaborative project, the new Centre      The Centre will also impact on the            a director to lead the project.
will bring healthcare specialists from       ongoing problem of staff recruitment and
QMUC, University of Edinburgh and            retention in both the NHS and higher          Dr Heather Cubie, Director of Research
Napier University to work in partnership     education. Academics and health               and Development at NHS Lothian -
with NHS Lothian, NHS Borders and            professionals will benefit from more          University Hospitals Division, stated:
NHS Lanarkshire.                             cross-over career options between             “This will be an extremely exciting and
                                             academia and the NHS and a vibrant            dynamic project to be involved in.
Dr Marie Donaghy, Head of School of          research culture which it is hoped will       Recognising the international nature of
Health Sciences at the lead partner          develop across all these health areas. At     healthcare, we will be publicising the
institution, Queen Margaret University       the moment, it is difficult to attract        director’s post internationally as we
College, explained: “Unlike the area of      nurses, midwives, and allied health           search for a high calibre individual with a
medicine - nursing, midwifery and the        professionals into research and there are     strong research track record who can
allied health professions have really        few clinical/research opportunities.          take this project from inception and
suffered from a lack of investment in        However, the new Centre will provide          develop it into an international centre of
research. While there has been good          opportunities to attract more UK and          excellence within five to seven years.”
examples of small-scale research             international research funding thereby
undertaken in the NHS in recent years,       providing a wider variety of career           Dr Cubie concluded: “The Centre will
the majority of research has tended to       pathways.                                     help to shape the future of nursing,
be specific to individual professions.                                                     midwifery and the allied health
However, in reality, people often need a     The grant, which is provided by The           profession by bringing together a critical
range of coordinated health services to      Scottish Higher Education Funding             mass of expert researchers to
fully aid their recover. For example, if     Council, the Scottish Executive Health        investigate common and complex issues
someone has suffered a stroke they may       Department, NHS Scotland and The              leading to significant improvements in
need the services of a speech therapist,     Chief Scientist Office will support the       the provision of Scottish healthcare.”
a physiotherapist, an occupational           research work of the Centre in three
therapist and nurses, in addition to         main areas:

           TO LEAD COPA
           Two outstanding appointments have
           been made for the Directorship of the
           Royal Bank of Scotland Centre for the
           Older Person's Agenda (COPA). The
           post will be shared by two of Scotland's
           foremost authorities in this field:
           Professor Alan Gilloran and Ms Maureen
           O'Neill. Professor Gilloran (who will
           continue as Dean of QMUC's Faculty of
           Health & Social Sciences), will have
           responsibility for the development of
           academic research. Ms O'Neill, who is
           currently Director of Age Concern,
           Scotland, will oversee practice
           development and policy formulation,
           and will manage the Centre.

RESEARCHERS AIM TO THROW NEW                                                             PROFESSOR HARDCASTLE
                                                                                         BECOMES FELLOW OF
LIGHT ON ASPERGER’S SYNDROME                                                             THE BRITISH ACADEMY

A major new study into prosody - not         got out of the wrong side of the bed this   Bill Hardcastle, Professor of Speech
what you say but how you say it - in         morning”, which are used in everyday        Sciences at QMUC, recently became a
children with one of the most                speech.                                     Fellow of the British Academy.
frequent variants of autism is to go
ahead following an announcement of           Partnered by the University of Edinburgh    The British Academy is the National
£178,000 funding from the Economic           and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children,   Academy for the Humanities and Social
and Social Research Council to an            the QMUC team will also collaborate         Sciences. Professor Hardcastle was
Edinburgh research team.                     with Oxford University’s Experimental       elected to the position by his peers in
                                             Psychology Laboratory. The project will     recognition of his contribution to
Led by Professor Fiona Gibbon, Head of       involve 40 children with Asperger’s         Linguistics.
Speech and Language Sciences at              Syndrome between 6-13 years and 50
QMUC, the two-year project aims to           control children who have typical           On 1 July 2004, this prestigious title was
throw new light on the prosodic abilities    language development.                       awarded to 35 academics, mostly from
of children with Asperger’s Syndrome.                                                    leading British research institutions,
The results of the project will also help    “By providing a better understanding of     including Oxford and Cambridge.
children with other communication            the role of prosody in language             Professor Hardcastle was one of only
disorders.                                   development, this research will help        two to gain the title from a new
                                             speech and language therapists and          university and one of only three to
Just as punctuation helps us to              other professionals to develop better       receive the title in Scotland.
understand a sentence or paragraph,          diagnostic procedures and intervention
prosody helps us to understand more          strategies for prosodic difficulties in     Professor Hardcastle is now the second
easily the meaning behind what               children with Asperger’s, and also in       Fellow of the British Academy at QMUC
someone is saying through inflection -       children with other communication or        - the other, Professor John Laver, also
raising your voice at the end of a           language impairment disorders, which        received the title in 1990 for his
sentence to sound questioning -              will help them achieve and maintain a       contribution to Linguistics.
emphasis and tone of voice. Children         better quality of life,” said Professor
with Asperger’s Syndrome may have            Gibbon.                                     Professor Hardcastle said:
unusual sounding speech, which may be                                                    “I am very honoured and privileged to
monotonous, exaggerated or sing-song.                                                    have been elected. As a new
Their unusual speech is one of a number                                                  academician, I intend to play my part in
of reasons why these children are often                                                  promoting, maintaining and representing
socially isolated.                                                                       advanced research and will take every
                                                                                         opportunity to raise the profile of QMUC
Asperger’s is a type of autism that                                                      and the excellent research its staff are
affects from three to six people in every                                                doing”.
thousand. It is a lifelong condition
characterised by social and
communication difficulties. Although
most children with Asperger’s have
average or above average intelligence
and are in mainstream education, they
fail to grasp the basic rules that govern
social interaction, such as choosing
suitable topics for conversation. They
can also have difficulty understanding
some aspects of language. For example,
they find it difficult to understand jokes
and they interpret very literally phrases
like “he is too big for his boots” and “I
                                                                                          ALUMNI WELCOME - PAGE 07


                                    Welcome to our newly designed ‘QM           REUNION NEWS
                                    News’, which includes your dedicated
                                    alumni section. The new format              Diploma 1 & III 1960-1961
                                    allows us to bringer you a bigger and
                                    (we hope!) better product                   Dorothy McLauchlan (nee Coutts) is
                                    incorporating the latest news from          trying to make contact with former
                                    QMUC whilst keeping you in touch            classmates from Diploma 1 & III class of
                                                                                1960-61 for a reunion and would love to
                                    with your former classmates, staff
                                                                                hear from anyone in her class. Tel:
                                    and friends. Don’t forget you can           01764 652 688.
                                    keep in touch online too at
                                    www.qmuc.ac.uk/visitors/alumni.             HND in Institutional Management,
                                    Thank you to everyone who responded
                                    to our first graduate questionnaire in      Anne Turnbull (nee Thompson) is
                                    January, we had thousands of                organising a 30 year reunion. If you
                                    responses. This has enabled us to           would like further details contact her at
                                    update your details and avoid sending       anne@annet81.freeserve.co.uk
                                    the magazine to old addresses. We have
                                    also greatly enjoyed reading your news      BSc Dietetics 1994
                                    and hearing how much you enjoyed your
                                    time here and the positive impact it has    Heather Nunn is organising a 10 year
                                    had upon your lives - even engineering a    class reunion for the 1994 BSc Dietetics
                                    few weddings along the way! There is        class on Saturday 25 September 04,
                                    an extra large ‘Classnotes’ in this issue   contact her at h.nunn@btinternet.com
                                    but if you don’t appear this time around,
                                    we will try and include your news in a      Diploma in Physiotherapy, 1984
                                    future edition.
                                                                                The reunion date is 18 September 2004.
                                    As usual, the Graduate’s Association        Contact: Valerie Peat, 30 Meggetland
                                    page updates you on their activities and    Terrace Edinburgh EH14 1AR or e-mail
                                    holiday home in Gullane. Having spent       valeriepeat@aol.com
For all Alumni enquiries            a few days at Madras Lodge, I can
please contact:                     highly recommend it for a seaside break.    Diploma in Hotel, Catering and
Development & Alumni Office                                                     Institutional Management 1988-1991
QMUC                                I hope you enjoy the magazine and look
Duke Street                         out for our next issue in November.         Message from Sandra Black (nee
Edinburgh                                                                       Owen); “Calling the intellectuals (of
EH6 8HF                                                                         which there were not many so don’t all
                                                                                rush at once) to help me organise the
                                                                                class 13 year reunion in
Tel:     0131 317 3359
                                                                                September/October 2004. Hope to hear
Fax:     0131 317 3380                                                          from you soon and look forward to
Email:   alumni@qmuc.ac.uk          Joanne Finnie                               counting your grey hairs. Contact me at
Web:     www.qmuc.ac.uk/visitors/   Development & Alumni Manager                Sandraowen@ukf.net.”

ANNUAL FUND NEWS                              IN THE SPOTLIGHT

Thank you to all of you who continue to       Name: Jennifer McGonigle (nee Fowler)            and built up kids/youth brand Ollie and
support the QMUC Annual Fund and                                                               run the Scottish division for the brands
exceptional student projects which            Course: Communication Studies                    Bench and Hooch.
otherwise would not happen. This year,
you have helped students, such as             Graduated: 1994                                  4. Describe a normal day at work
Maria Giatsi (Phd Occupational Therapy),
present her first paper at a conference.      Current Job: Founder and Director of             In for 8am, brief the team. Liaise with
With increasing financial burdens on          Fashion Business                                 factories in the Far East regarding
students, a small award from the Annual                                                        product and ensure all the import
Fund can make a real difference,                                                               documents are correct. Meet with the
enabling a project or practical placement     1. Why did you choose QM?                        designers to run through next season
to go ahead.                                                                                   collections and colour palettes. Read
                                              QM offered a friendly environment in             trade press. Meet the marketing team on
Please consider supporting the Annual         which I felt comfortable and I was able to       photo shoots – locations, models,
Fund. A donation, even £2 a month, will       carry on working part time in the fashion        product and props. Make phone call
make an enormous difference to                industry while studying. This helped me          deals to retailers - sell, sell, sell! Kick our
students today. Alternatively, you may        build on my contacts and my reputation           sales team up the backside and get
wish to plan further ahead and consider       in the industry prior to graduation and          them out there!
a legacy gift to QMUC. If you would like      seeking full time employment.
further information please contact                                                             5. What ambition would you most
Joanne Finnie, Development & Alumni           2. How has your degree course                       like to achieve?
Manager on 0131 317 3359,                        influenced your career?
jfinnie@qmuc.ac.uk or return the back of                                                       I would like to have a globally recognised
the address form and we will send you         I was given a fantastic opportunity to           clothing brand or Europe would do!
more details.                                 spend my 2nd year at New York State
                                              University, probably one of the most             6. Any advice for new graduates?
                                              influential years of my life. The people
                                              and the environment made a huge                  Always show enthusiasm. Get some
INTERNATIONAL NEWS                            impression on my outlook towards my              work experience in your chosen field.
                                              future career and fuelled my drive to            Follow up any letters with a phone call.
QM Comes to Call                              succeed.                                         Speak to the decision maker direct and
                                                                                               use your persuasive powers.
Staff from the International Office will be   3. How did you get to where you
visiting the following cities and countries      are today?
over the next year and would be
delighted to meet with our graduates,         Hard work, ambition, determination and
please email international@qmuc.ac.uk         enthusiasm! I have always set myself
to find out the exact dates and venues.       goals and had long-term plans. I knew
                                              exactly what I didn’t want to do or be!
                                              While studying at QM I worked part time
2004                                          in fashion stores in Edinburgh. This
September Taipei and Kaohsiung,               experience was crucial as it began my
          Taiwan                              reputation in the industry and got me
                                              mixing in the right circles. I truly believe a
October       Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya,        degree and work experience goes hand
              Japan                           in hand. After graduating I got a fantastic
                                              grounding in marketing for Levi Strauss
November      Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai          UK. I was sent on training and
              and Chandigarh, India           development courses. When I didn’t feel
                                              challenged anymore I set up my own
December      Dubai, Jordan, Bahrain          business as a fashion agent in Scotland.
              and Kathmandu, Nepal            Over the last 4 years I have launched
                                                                                         QMUCGA NEWSLETTER - PAGE 09

QMUCGA NEWSLETTER                                                                     QMUCGA
by Graduates’ Association President, Pat Denzler                                      DIARY DATES & CONTACTS

President’s Report                          Special plea from the President           Networking Lunches
I have been delighted to be the             We are seeking members for the            Last Saturday of the month
Graduates’ Association President for the    committee and your help is appreciated,   September 2004 to April 2005
past two years and have been privileged     contact me on denzler@qmucga.org.uk.      (not December)
to attend many QMUC events. We are                                                    Contact:
looking for a successor to fill my role     With best wishes to you for a relaxing    Mary Cursiter
and welcome volunteers for the              summer.                                   E: mcursiter@qmucga.org.uk
Committee. Meetings are fun – at our
January get-together over mulled wine,                                                Committee & Gateway visits
Anne Scagell regaled us with tales of the                                             Contact:
Christmas market in Prato and dinner                                                  President, Pat Denzler
with QM Graduate, Moira Macfarlane,                                                   10 Abercromby Place,
the British Consul General in Florence.                                               Edinburgh, EH3 6LKB
                                                                                      T: 0131 558 1378
Social Programme                                                                      E: pdenzler@qmucga.org.uk
The lunches have been a great success
with members from across the UK                                                       QMUC Graduates’ Association
catching up with friends at Howie’s in                                                All graduates, present and former staff of
Waterloo Place, on the last Saturday of                                               QMUC are eligible for ‘life’ membership
the month with an “r”. The next lunch is    Enjoying a hot toddy and mince pies at    of 40 years.
                                            the Georgian House, Edinburgh             Cost:
in September. Liz Brash reports that 40
people enjoyed a stimulating wine                                                     £25 in graduation year, £30 for others
tasting event with Master of Wine, Rose                                               Contact:
Murray Brown, where they learned some                                                 Membership Secretary, Mary Cursiter
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for a fine lunch and update on the latest                                             Visit our website on www.qmucga.org
developments at QMUC.

We have had an overwhelming                             1945                                                  Diploma 1. Over the last eight years, a group of
                                                        Miss Cecily Brash, Diploma 1. As I am now 80          us has met six times. The years roll away as we
response to our graduate                                years old, my life and career details come under      reminisce about our AC days and bring ourselves
questionnaire when we asked you to                      the heading of Ancient History! I still have vivid    up to date with recent happenings. Our next
tell us your news, thank you to                         memories though of life at ‘Atholl Crescent’ and      reunion is scheduled to take place in Bath in
                                                        am in touch with ex students.                         November 2004.
everyone who responded. If your item
does not appear on these pages                          Mrs Irene Morton (nee Miller), Diploma 1. Still in    1955
                                                        touch with 3 other ‘old students’, 59 years after     Mrs Mary Askew, Diploma 1, Married to Derek,
(listed by graduation year), please be
                                                        leaving college. We are all ‘Melvin House’            worked as a teacher and latterly ran a bookshop.
assured that we will publish it in a                    students.                                             Has two daughters and recently became a
future issue.                                                                                                 Grandmother. Now living in Church Stretton,
                                                        1946                                                  Shropshire.
1926                                                    Culpin, Helen (nee Dilworth), Diploma 1. A
Miss Anne Beard, Housekeeper Catering. I                group of ex AC friends meets twice a year in          Elinor, Carruthers (nee Shoolbread),
trained with all Scottish girls who had just left the   North West England. We have lunch together &          Dressmaking Certificate and Household
HM Forces. My mother and aunt both took the             enjoy reminiscing and getting news updates on         Institutional Management (’57). Married with
Teachers training course at AC.                         family & friends.                                     three married grown up daughters, four
                                                                                                              grandsons and one granddaughter.
1936                                                    1947
Mrs Rosemund Berry (nee Gregory), Diploma               Mrs Margaret Bruce (nee Goodfellow), Diploma          Mrs Catherine MacPherson (nee Leitch),
1. At A.C. high standards were expected of us           in Household Management and Diploma in                Diploma 3. I greatly appreciate receiving QM
from our very first day. I now live in Poole – just     Institutional Management (’47). A wonderful           Scene and feel proud of the way AC has
reaching my 90 years.                                   training and in those days of A.C. a lot of fun!! I   developed into Queen Margaret University
                                                        am still close friends with my cookery partner        College, with the widely diverse disciplines that it
1939                                                    Pam Jarrett (Jagger)                                  offers.
Mrs Irene Thompson OBE (nee Laird), Diploma
1. Married in March ’42 and was a supply                1948                                                  1956
teacher before joining Y.W.C.A welfare and              Mrs Margaret Walker (nee Towler), Diploma 3.          Mrs Margaret Sheperd (Baron), Diploma 1.
serving in South East Asia Command, returning in        We hope there will be at least 10 of us to            Obtained BA in Geography at Cambridge
’46. Four children (1 son & 3 daughters), now           meeting for a 60th reunion in Edinburgh on May        University, followed by a PhD study on economic
have 9 grandchildren & 5 great grandchildren.           22nd. Unfortunately we cannot trace some of our       and social change in rural Cumbria 1840-1895.
Still drive a sports car & am a Co-Director of          colleagues but if they hear about our proposed        My book on this subject ‘From Hellgill to Bridge
family fun.                                             reunion and would like to join in would they          End’ was published by the University
                                                        contact me through QMUC please?                       Hertfordshire Press in December 2003.
Miss Alice Barrowman, Diploma 1. Taught in              1949                                                  Mrs Frederica Graham-Brown (nee Stileman),
Scotland, England, Canada and Australia,                Mrs Rachel Wightman (nee Webster                      Housekeeper Matron Diploma. I married Rev
finishing as Grade I Lecturer at Larnook Teachers       Swinnerton), Diploma 1. Married John Douglas          Francis Gordon Brown and we have retired to
College in Melbourne. Have written the book ‘The        Wightman in 1952, two sons, Matthew and               Hemel Hempstead.
Will To Do’, available from some Scottish libraries.    Timothy.
                                                                                                              Mrs Shona Hamilton (Douglas Bruce), Diploma
1941                                                    1950                                                  1. Married Doug in 1970, daughters Annie and
Mrs Margaret Hendry (nee Gair), Diploma.                Mrs Sheila Lowit (nee O’Neill), Diploma 3. We         Emma. Now retired to our hometown of
Worked part-time in Dalry Primary School until          had our 50th reunion a few years ago.                 Carnoustie.
1980, has three children and five grandchildren.
                                                        1951                                                  1959
1942                                                    Mrs Jean Teesdale (nee Lindsay), Diploma 3.           Mrs Fiona Haig (nee Frost), Diploma in
Mrs Olive Broad (nee Plevin), Diploma Home              After living in Somerset for nearly 30 years my       Household Management. Currently studying City
Economics. Taught Domestic Science and after            husband and I moved up to Campeltown, Argyle          & Guilds Photography & Digital Imaging, a shock
marrying and having a family, Home Economics            in 2000.                                              to my quietly subsided retired little grey cells!
until retired in 1980. Now visits relatives in the US                                                         Spent New Year 2003 in the Antarctic &
every year.                                             1952                                                  Christmas 2003 in the Arctic.
                                                        Mrs Stephanie Jones, Certificate in Plain Class
Mrs Margaret Ann Clayton (nee Maughan),                 Cookery. I always find The News interesting and       1960
Diploma in Household Management & Canteen               still have a soft spot for Edinburgh.                 Mrs Gwendoline Anderson (nee Roberts),
Management, Dip Institutional Management                                                                      Diploma 1. Married, 4 sons aged from 26-31
(1944) & Dip in Dietetics (1946). Atholl Crescent       1953                                                  years. In a 1st year city & Guilds Creative
training & expertise has been invaluable                Mrs Jean Illingworth (nee Smellie), Diploma in        Embroidery, loving it. I call it ‘my day release’.
throughout my life - hospital work, marriage,           Institutional Management, Diploma in Dietetics
bringing up children & coping with grandchildren.       (’55). Married Bob 1956 and have 4 sons, all          Mrs Phyllis Anne Elizabeth Henderson (nee
                                                        married, with 11 grandchildren aged 7 – 20 who        White), Diploma 3. Taught at Ainslie Park
1943                                                    all live locally. Worked as a Dietician until         Secondary & Montrose Academy. Married,
Mrs Jean Millar (nee Gordon), Diploma 1. Over           retirement in 1989, specialising in Diabetes.         brought up family, went into Tourist industry then
60 years on, four of us from our class are still in                                                           went back to teaching at Grantown Grammar
touch, five of us met in 1991, 50 years after           Miss Monica Macpherson, Diploma III. After            before taking up position as HoD (APT) at
meeting at AC.                                          retiring from teaching Home Economics I               Kingussie High until retirement in ’02. Now
                                                        undertook a course of study with the Open             enjoying freedom!
1944                                                    University, graduated BA (Hons) in 1996.
Mrs Patricia Edwards (nee Williams), Diploma                                                                  1961
in Household & Institutional Management.                1954                                                  Mrs Elizabeth Frost (nee Ingue), Diploma in
Attended the 125th reunion in June 2000.                Mrs Edith Margaret Phillips (nee Pooley),             Institutional Management. I was so fortunate to
                                                                                                                              CLASSNOTES - PAGE 11

have the opportunity to graduate from such a          Institutional Management. Returned to full-time      Economics. Married to Paul, happily living on a
marvellous institution, especially as I am very       employment 18 months ago managing the                farm at Parton, Castle Douglas.
dyslexic. For the first time in my academic life I    catering & housekeeping teams at our local
found that I could succeed and was the first          hospice. One daughter, 1 grandson and another        Mr Colin Salter Diploma in Drama. The mobile
student in 15 years to gain a distinction. I have     expected. Now re-married to Tom and have 2           disco I run now is a direct link to my time at
had a wonderful, successful life since then.          stepdaughters, 1 stepson.                            QMC, when I was president of Radio Claudine -
Currently working as freelance florist, teacher &                                                          (when I should probably have been learning
demonstrator.                                         Mrs Fiona Davies (nee Shiels), Domestic              something else)! Celebrating 25 years in the
                                                      Science with Food Nutrition. Spent 2 years with      entertainment industry, all thanks to my QMC
1962                                                  VSO in Malawi (1969-71), now working with The        Diploma in Drama. (Still playing the same records,
Mrs Maybel Buchanan (nee Rae), Diploma in             Open Door charity. I have been happily married       too…)
Institutional Management. I was a staff member        for 29 years and have 2 daughters.
at Atholl Crescent for 2 years after I graduated,                                                          1982
then I married and had my family. I am now            1970                                                 Mrs Julie Hooper (nee Vaughan), Diploma in
widowed and live in the central belt of Scotland,     Mrs Alison Morag Ross (nee Cameron),                 Physiotherapy, BSc (Hons) Health Studies (’94).
where I am a Community Councillor.                    Diploma in Domestic Science with Food &              Moved to London & specialised in the treatment
                                                      Nutrition. Wprked as a Home Economics teacher        of neurological patients. Married Ian in 1988 & we
1963                                                  before marrying Tom and setting up our business      have 2 children. I completed a PhD at the
Mrs Alison Rennie (nee Austin), Domestic              ‘Tour Organisers’, now has global connections.       University of Edinburgh in 2001 & now teach
Science Diploma. I lectured at Robert Gordons                                                              physiotherapy at QMUC.
Institute of Technology (now R.G.U.) until 1974       1973
when I left to have my family. Completed a City &     Mrs Elizabeth Brautaset (nee Mohr), BSc in           Mrs Julie Mackenzie-Dewhirst (nee
Guilds course in Creative Embroidery in 1990 and      Physiotherapy. I have my own practice in Oslo,       Mackenzie), Diploma in Occupational Therapy.
tutored this course for 12 years – it was a pity it   but currently not working as my husband is           Married with 2 children. Still working in Mental
took me 20 years to find my niche!                    ambassador for Norway here in London.                Health. Currently involved with developing
                                                      Daughter Kristin will qualify as a physiotherapist   services within Primary Care. Would love to hear
1964                                                  from QMUC this summer.                               from old mates Gilly Cruickshank and Maureen
Mrs Michele Abson (nee Bent), Diploma 1 and                                                                Reid.
Diploma 3 (1965). I’ve come to an end of a varied     1975
career – first in school teaching and then in FE      Mrs Lesley Gallacher (nee Wearmouth),                Mrs Isobel Roast (nee Scott), BA Home
colleges where I eventually ran the Home              Diploma in Dietetics & Catering. Married with 3      Economics. QMC had prepared me well and I
Economics Department. I returned to school            children. Have lived in the south for 28 years and   was fortunate enough to land a job with British
teaching and was Head of Dept. In March 1993, I       work occasionally for local GP.                      Midland where I met my husband to be. Two
became a Practice Manager for a G.P. – much                                                                children followed and a career break before my
more rewarding (though not financially!).             1976                                                 PG Cert of Education. Thank you QMC. I’m now
                                                      Mrs Helen Margaret Cameron (nee Millar),             working full-time as a reception teacher in
1965                                                  Diploma Domestic Science & Diploma Secondary         England and love it!!
Mrs Evelyn Mellor (nee Struthers), Certificate in     Education. I gained my Ski Leader qualification
Institutional Management. My catering career          and work part-time for Glen Shee Chairlift           Mrs Gillian Scott (nee Helliwell), BSc Speech
spanned 36 years, before retiring in 2002. I held     Company. Married to Ken, no children, but I am       Pathology & Therapy. I am married to Graeme,
many interesting posts in the UK before moving        lucky enough to be stepmother and step-              we have 2 children.
to Hong Kong with my husband in 1981. I               grandmother to Ken’s children, which is a great
worked in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University        joy.                                                 1983
in the School of Hotel & Tourism Management.                                                               Mrs Gillian Jordan (nee McGregor), BA Home
                                                      Mrs Carrie O’Regan (nee Overell), Diploma in         Economics. Married Joe Jordan, 2 children.
1966                                                  Domestic Science with Dress & Design. We             Working at Dundee University. Met up in 2002
Shaw, Katherine (nee Gardiner), Diploma 3.            arranged a visit to the College on our 25 years      with Rachel Keleher (nee Wells) and Fiona Baird
Organised many class reunions in the past but         following graduation and I have it in my diary to    (nee Morrison) in New York to celebrate our 40ths
not this year’s on 8 May 2004.                        as a similar thing when you move to the new          and going back this year with all the children!
                                                      campus, we wouldn’t wait another 25 years!
Mrs Elizabeth Taylor (nee Bielska), Domestic                                                               Mrs Elizabeth Nicoll (nee Matheson), BA Home
Science Diploma. My year group meet every 5           1977                                                 Economics. Married with 3 children, 2 girls and
years. I’d be interested in contacting Margaretta     Mrs Margaret Williamson (nee Toynbee),               one boy. Work as H.E. teacher but also
Pachico Fitzsimmons (Fitzie) from Dundee.             Diploma Home Economics. Married in 1978 &            volunteers for Girlguiding Scotland.
                                                      had two children. Teacher since 1980 in various
1968                                                  Edinburgh High Schools and external moderator        Mrs Marion F Wiebe (nee Kirkpatrick), Diploma
Mrs Jane Cantova (nee Swanston), Diploma 3.           for SCOTVEC/SQA.                                     in Physiotherapy. I moved to Canada in 1984,
Fully integrated into Swiss life. Husband retired                                                          married in 1986 and have 2 children. Have
and I teach English as a foreign language. Son,       1978                                                 worked in acute/rehab and LTC. Am presently in
16, going into mechanical engineering, is very        Mrs Rosie Wallace (nee Fraser), Diploma              Home Care and love it.
practical with his hands and shows amazing skills     Speech Therapy. I am now working in the private
with the sewing machine!                              sector as a speech and language therapist &          1984
                                                      dyslexia assessor and tutor.                         Baroness Bronwen Hawke (nee James), BA
Miss Eileen Corkery, Diploma 2. I took a                                                                   Home Economics. Married to Lord Edward
degree in English and Geography and taught            1981                                                 Hawke, 1 son & 1 daughter. Live in Cheshire,
these subjects for many years and gave                Mrs Margaret Paxton (nee Smith), BA Home             running a big house on a small budget. Thank
needlework classes to adults. I became Principal      Economics. Lives near Brussels with husband          goodness for QMC training!
eight years ago and the teacher training I            and two sons and works as a Business Manager
received at AC was an excellent preparation for       of a British school. Currently studying for a        Ms Lucy Hurst-Brown, BSc Speech Pathology
my career.                                            qualification in School Business Management.         & Therapy. Working for a charity in London that
                                                                                                           provides services for adults with learning
Mrs Christine Smeaton (nee Payne), Diploma in         Mrs Sheelagh Rusby (nee Halliday), BA Home           disabilities.

Mrs Sarah McCormack (nee Cuthbertson),                 1989                                                 Ms Ruth Wolseley, BA Hospitality, Enterprise,
Diploma in Occupational Therapy. Married in ’89.       Mrs Janet Burgon (nee Maciver), BA Nursing           Tourism. Worked for Disney and a travel company
Worked in Australia and NZ 1 year, as an OT for        Studies. Married to James and have two children.     before studying Midwifery. I have been qualified
10 years in Mental Health and University               Completed midwifery registration and mental          18 months & now work at the RVI in Newcastle.
research. Now full-time Mum to 3 children and          nurse registration.
doing small contract upholstery work from home.                                                             1993
                                                       Mrs Elizabeth Farthing (nee Butler), Diploma in      Mrs Kathryn Brechin (nee Ritchie), BA(Hons)
Mrs Sue Vlissidis (nee Callow), BSc Speech             Podiatric Medicine. Worked in chiropody, then        Nursing Studies. Married in 1999, gave birth to
Patology & Therapy. Qualified as a Solicitor whilst    spent a year in Palestine. Now working as an         baby Stuart in Sept ’03. After 10yrs nursing in
bringing up 3 children. Now working in                 Outdoor Education Instructor in the Lake District    London, I’m planning to move back to Scotland
conveyancing dept of a firm in Cheshire.               with my husband and expecting our first child.       to be near family and friends.

1985                                                   Mr Graham MacGregor, Diploma Drama.                  Mr Tony Brewerton, BA Hospitality Enterprise
Mr David Nimmo, HND Hotel, Catering &                  Recently returned to QMUC to study for a B.A         with Tourism. I did an MSc Information Systems
Institutional Management. Married in 1989 to           Acting (conversion course).                          Management in 2001, now working for Diageo in
Heidi, 3 children.                                                                                          Amsterdam managing a service team - sending
                                                       1990                                                 over 2m cases of alcohol all over the world. QMC
Mr Andrew Walker, HND Hotel, Catering &                Miss Helen Fordyce, BA Applied Consumer              taught me how to serve it in a restaurant/bar (and
Institutional Management. Married to Lucy, triplet     Studies. Currently working for the Scottish          how to drink it!) and now I make the stuff!
sons aged six. Now living in Cheshire, I have          Refugee Council and expecting first baby in
returned to the yachting industry, Lucy runs our       September.                                           Ms Jennifer Fowler, BA Communication
catering business in Manchester.                                                                            Studies. Started up own business 2002 after
                                                       Dr. Caroline Ruxton, BSc(Hons) Dietetics. One        working for Levi Strauss & Co as Brand Manager.
1986                                                   son born 2000 and started own business 2003.         Ollie is a children’s wear clothing brand, stocked
Mrs Donna Marquardt (nee McCulloch), BA                                                                     by dept stores and mail order catalogues, now
Communication Studies. Completed a PGCE and            Mrs Lesley-Anne Sommerville, BA                      exporting to Holland, France & Belgium.
taught in the UK, then taught ESL in Brunei            Communication Studies. I must have been the
before moving to Germany where I now live with         longest serving ‘student’ at QMC! Following a        Mrs Marie Stirling (nee MacCuish), BSc in
husband Stefan and our 2 daughters. I miss             postgraduate course, I’ve pursued a career in        Podiatry. Baby Emily born September 2003.
Scottish people a lot, but not the weather!            Human Resources, now a Director at TrinityMirror.
                                                       Married to Stuart and have two daughters.            1994
Mrs Jane Mclaren (nee Porter), HND Hotel,                                                                   Mrs Julie Boertien (nee Hogg), BA Information
Catering & Institutional Management. Worked as         1991                                                 Management. Married to Tony and we have a
a Camp America counsellor in NY State then             Ms Kirsty Archer, HND Hotel, Catering and            little girl and are expecting another baby in July.
worked in the Civil Service until I had my children.   Institutional Management. Joined Police Force in
Now help to run husband’s farm (I knew that            August 1991, took a 2 year career break in 2001,     Mrs Linsey Clarke (nee McMichael), BSc Hons
accounting would come in useful!), we have 3           now Acting Sergeant on a team of 20 PC’s.            Speech Pathology and Therapy. Married Rob,
sons and a Dalmatian dog!                                                                                   first baby due in April 2004. Recently moved to
                                                       Mrs Claire Birkwood (nee Hughes), HND in             new job at Southampton General Hospital and
Ms Anne Sibbald, Diploma in Podiatry and BSc           Hotel, Catering & Institutional Management.          living in Winchester.
in Podiatry (’88). Trying to organise a 20 year        Married fellow student Stuart (same degree/year)
class reunion for class of ’86 in Podiatry in 2006!    in 1995. Son Josh was born in 2003, 7 weeks          Miss Kausar Parveen, MSc International Health.
                                                       early on a trip to our hometown Newcastle!           I got a high profile job with the Canadian
1987                                                                                                        International Development Agency to develop
Mrs Christine Donaldson (nee Will), BA Home            1991                                                 Pakistan Nursing Council to create a Nursing
Economics. I have worked at the Edinburgh              Mrs Heidi Bowcher (nee Bates), BSc in                Registration system. Recently been appointed 1st
Woollen Mill Head Office for 17 years and am           Occupational Therapy. I started my NHS career        Principal of the College of Nursing. Please pass
now a Senior Buyer, responsible for all the            at the Royal Free Hospital, London. Now married      on my love & best wishes to my classmates.
accessory ranges for all 280 stores. Married to        to Adrian and settled with 2-year-old son Charlie.
Alan, 2 daughters and live in Carlisle.                I still remember QMC & Edinburgh very richly.        1995
                                                                                                            Ms Pamela Blackwood, BA Retail Business.
1988                                                   Mrs Eleanor Brown-Nevin (nee Brown), BA              Married Derek Jones in April 2001. Work as a
Ms Jennifer Gerrie, BA Nursing Studies. Busy           Applied Consumer Studies. Son, Thomas was            Corporate Banking Manager for Bank of
studying for my MSc Health Studies at University       born September 2003.                                 Scotland, living in Arundel, West Sussex. Would
of Abertay and looking after my 2 daughters and                                                             like to hear from Emma Saunders who has gone
living with my long-term (and long suffering!)         Mrs Louise Philip (nee Allen), BA Nursing            to New Zealand.
partner Dougie.                                        Studies. Married to Mark and now full-time Mum
                                                       to our 3 children, still work occasionally at the    Mrs Claire Ebbinghaus (nee Thomson),
Mrs Kirsty Roed (nee Arbuthnott), Diploma in           Sick Kids in Aberdeen.                               BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy. Gave birth to baby boy
Physiotherapy. Worked as a physiotherapist and                                                              Patrick on 14th August 2003.
as a lecturer. I have been fortunate to work with      1992
some fantastic people at several Paralympic &          Mrs Lesley Devlin (nee McDiarmid), BA Applied        Mrs Rosemary Harvey (nee Barr), BA
Commonwealth games. Achieved an MSc in                 Consumer Studies. Married in 1996 to Paul, had       Hospitality & Tourism. Married and have a
Sports Medicine from Dublin University in ’94 and      a baby daughter, and am expecting 2nd baby in        daughter of 9 months.
a PG Diploma in Manual Therapy from GCU in             May 2004. Have worked with mothercare since
2003. Now married to Peter & expecting our first       2002.                                                Mrs Alison Rae (nee Mather), BSc Applied
child in August.                                                                                            Food Science with Marketing. Achieved BSc
                                                       Mr John Reid, BSc in Applied Food Science &          (Hons) Environmental Health then worked for
Ms Susan Stockton, BA Nursing. Currently in            Marketing. Have worked for last 4 years at Park      Aberdeen City Council then Angus Council.
final year of an MSc in Nursing distance learning      Cakes firstly as a senior development                Married Malcolm in October ’01. Would love to
course with the RCN Institute.                         technologist and now as a plant process              hear about Michelle in Donegal and Louise in
                                                       technologist. Married and have a 7-year-old son.     Halifax!
                                                                                                                            CLASSNOTES - PAGE 13

1996                                                 provides programme support in HIV/AIDS              December 2004.
Ms Leanne Archibald, BA(Hons) Applied                prevention and care to local NGO’s.
Consumer Studies. Did Post Grad in Human                                                                 Ms Jennifer Lunan, BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy.
Resources at RGU. Then worked in HR for              Mr Hamish Dick, BA Communication Studies.           Volunteering in Cambodia for six months with
Bechtel in London and US. Met future husband         Doing a PGCE at the University of Aberdeen to       Outreach International, to treat landmine victims
and married on 30th birthday last year in N.Y.C,     become a probation teacher then I will be fully     and teach rehabilitation principles to Cambodian
now living on west coast, ‘traditional’ wedding      qualified, teaching in the North of Scotland.       Therapists.
reception in Scotland in September.
                                                     Ms Victoria Fleming, BA Acting. Worked              Ms Amy Pattenden, BSc(Hons) Speech
Ms Marlis Bunyan, BSc(Hons) Health Studies.          extensively in theatre and have appeared on a       Pathology & Language Therapy. Just returned
Studying at QMUC gave me the impetus to              BBC advert and an episode of Coronation Street.     from Australia, New Zealand & Fiji, now back in
continue professionally and develop my academic                                                          Kent working as a Speech & Language Therapist
studies further. Now hold a research and Training    Ms Rose Nimmo, PG Dip Art Therapy. I hope           for North Bexley Sure Start.
Fellowship from CSO and working towards a PhD        everyone I knew at QMUC is doing well. I’m now
- lifelong learning in the true sense!               very involved in music. I sing in 2 bands, both     2002
                                                     called Rosy Blue. We play regularly in pubs,        Ms Jennifer Bell, BA(Hons) Retail Business and
Miss Emma Peters, BA (Hons) Nursing Studies.         hotels and blues & jazz festivals.                  Consumer Studies. Will marry Andrew Campbell
Would appreciate hearing from any fellow nurses                                                          on 21/8/04.
on emmapeters44@hotmail.com                          Mr Andrew Ralton, BA in Tourism Management.
                                                     Have worked at Scotways since ’01, theoretical      Mr Graeme Kemp, MA Media & Cultural Studies.
1997                                                 knowledge gained from studying has proven           Worked at West Lothian College, moved to New
Ms Lynda Anderson, BSc(Hons) Social Sciences         useful in work. I enjoyed my time at QMUC and       College, Wellington, in Shropshire. The MA in
& Health Promotion. In November ’03 I graduated      look forward to hearing about the latest            Media & Cultural Studies proved invaluable in
with CertHE in Community Education, enabling         developments.                                       getting a post, teaching Media & Film studies. I
me to further my career in pastoral care in my                                                           miss Scotland and QMUC!
church as well as setting up courses in parenting.   2000
                                                     Mrs Susanna Coan (nee Gibbs), PG Dip Art            Mrs Amelia Short, BSc Occupational Therapy. I
Sister Dolly Rozariio, MSc in International          Therapy. Married Richard on 16.03.02.               started Uni with a 2 year old and my second
Health Study. I am Nun Sister for Associates of                                                          baby was born 3 weeks before year 2 started,
Mary Queen of Apostles. We run 14 dispensaries       Ms Emma Lowes, BA Retail Business. Studied          but managed to graduate on time. I married my
and 4 maternity centres, all charitable, most of     for an MA in Human Resource Management in           husband in 2002 and found a great job with Fife
the patients are poor and needy.                     London. Now back in Shetland, working as a          council which I love. I wouldn’t change anything
                                                     Personnel Officer, overseeing all graduate          about my time at Uni, it was truly life changing
Mrs Louise Wellington (nee Gilchrist),               recruitment into Shetland Island’s Council. It      and enhancing.
BSc(Hons) Nursing Studies. Worked in Leeds           always brings a smile to my face to see fellow
then moved back home to get married and got at       graduates of QMUC applying for positions within     Mr Thomas Thornton, BA Media & Cultural
job at the RIE. Now working at the WGH in            the SIC.                                            Studies. Using my knowledge of TV & Films to
H.DU. Travelled to Asia, Australia, NZ. Had a boy                                                        write scripts in my spare time, a sitcom and a
(Callum) on New Years Day 2003.                      Ms Molly Johnson, BA Acting. Just been cast in      drama. Hopefully they should be finished
                                                     next series of Murphy’s Law, playing an             sometime soon. Thanks QMUC!
1998                                                 undercover cop posing as a hooker. Have bought
Ms Martina Glennon, BA(Hons) Information             my own flat in SW London and living with            Ms Michelle Wood, BSc(Hons) Nursing. Living
Management. Got married last year in Las Vegas       Billyboy.                                           with partner of 7 yrs and expecting 1st baby in
- expecting first baby in September!                                                                     September.
                                                     Ms Judith MacLellan, BA Applied Psychology &
Mr I Haji Md. BSc in Applied Human Nutrition,        Applied Sociology, got married 12/3/04.             2003
now working as a community dietitian. My                                                                 Miss Rabha Al-Suleimany, MSc Medical
experiences in Edinburgh were really wonderful.      Ms Susan Mills, BSc Occupational Therapy            Science in Human Nutrition. Working in the
My wife is expecting our second child soon. I        (conversion course) (also Diploma Occupational      MoH(HQ) in Oman, thanks to QMUC I am now
would love to get in touch with my QM friends.       Therapy ’82). Married in 2001 to Ian Beven,         able to advocate healthy eating concepts back
                                                     Australian, expecting first baby.                   home. I also intend to come back one day for a
Mrs Amanda Milner (nee Lusby), BSc(Hons) in                                                              visit or as a student!
Speech Pathology & Therapy. I worked as a            Ms Rebecca Sleeman, BA Acting. Living in
Speech & Language Therapist for 3 years, then        London. Working for CBBC as the voice of a          Ms Julie Brown, MSc in Nursing, BSc in Nursing
for Disney Cruise Line running the Childrens         cartoon presenter ‘Nelly-Nut’. Previously spent a   Studies (’98). Married in July 2002 and had a little
Nursery travelling from Florida to Bahamas. I am     year with Dundee Rep ensemble and toured with       boy called Liam in September 2003.
now preparing to buy a day nursery in Yorkshire.     ‘Girls Night Out’.
                                                                                                         Ms Katrina Dodds, BSc (Hons) in Dietetics.
Mrs Kirsty Niblock (nee Douglas), BSc in             2001                                                Currently studying Medicine at Glasgow
Nursing. Married in Mauritius Sept 28th ’02. 1st     Mrs Fiona Eckford, MSc in Physiotherapy. Gave       University.
baby due July’04.                                    birth to 2nd child, Grace, on 25 August 2003.

Ms Katherine Shannon, BA(Hons) in Applied            Ms Christine Hobbs, BA(Hons) Combined
Consumer Studies. I followed a career in the         Studies. Enjoying working in promotions for         Look out for your item or news on
Fashion Industry. Currently working for a            Budweiser. Big thanks to QMUC & all my              your friends or former classmates in
handbag/accessories supplier on product              lecturers for helping me get where I am today!
                                                                                                         another bumper Classnotes in the
development. I’m working towards the Chartered
Institute of Marketing Certification.                Mrs Morven Leader (nee MacInnes),                   next edition. If you would like to
                                                     BSc(Hons) Nursing. Married in September 2001.       submit news, please e-mail it to
Ms Ellita Chatipwa, MSc in International Health.     Ms Rhona Livingstone, BA(Hons) Hospitality &        jfinnie@qmuc.ac.uk or contact the
I work for Family Health International which         Tourism Management. Getting married 18th            Development Office.

In May, the planning committee of          QMUC is estimated to bring a £32             development and we will create an
East Lothian Council backed their          million boost to the local community         academic and social environment
officers’ recommendation and               alone, and £90 million to the Scottish       which will be an asset to the
declared themselves ‘minded to grant’      Economy as a whole. Employment               community and provide state of the art
planning permission for Scotland's first   attributable to QMUC, including direct       facilities for our students, staff and
University campus of the 21st Century.     employment, is around 1200 and               visitors. This is a very exciting time.
The application will now be considered     there will be around 500 jobs on site        We look forward to playing a vital role
by the Scottish Executive. QMUC, in        during the construction phase.               in East Lothian as higher education
association with architects Dyer                                                        providers and through our constructive
Associates, will now prepare detailed      Commenting on the news QMUC                  relationships with business, health and
plans for the 35 acre site at Craighall.   Principal Professor Anthony Cohen            the arts."
Over 4000 staff and students will          said: "We are of course delighted at
relocate from existing campuses at         the news. We have worked extremely           As well as academic buildings the
Corstorphine and Leith in 2007. The        hard to produce an exciting design fit       campus at Craighall will also contain
£multi million development will largely    for purpose and which is sensitive to,       student accommodation, sports and
be financed by a deal with property        and will enhance, the local area. We         leisure facilities and social spaces
developers Persimmon, which will           received very few objections to the          including landscaped parkland and
inherit the prime residential site at      scheme but we paid careful attention         cafes. Local residents will be
Corstorphine. Other cash will be           to the comments made and will be             encouraged to use the facilities at
raised from the sale of the Leith          making some alterations to the original      QMUC, especially the high tech
campus and the new Development             masterplan as a direct result.               Learning Resource Centre, which will
Office fundraising campaign.               Sustainability is a high priority for this   form the entrance to the site.

TOP RATING FOR                             an exciting and inspired initiative to       exhibition, 'Invisible', by Scottish
INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW                       showcase Scottish theatre during the         photographer Douglas McBride in the
                                           Edinburgh Festival - Scotland's              foyer.
Excellent news from the QAA: the           Theatre Gateway. This initiative,
outcome of the recent Enhancement-         potentially worth £135,000 over three        Paul Gudgin, Director of the Edinburgh
led Institutional Review received a        years to QMUC, will be a golden              Festival Fringe said "The Fringe is the
judgement of 'broad confidence', the       opportunity for The Gateway Theatre          world's largest artistic showcase,
most positive of the three standards       to develop its reputation in an              packed with international media and
used by the QAA. This gives QMUC           international context as well as             promoters, and to have a venue
every reason to be confident as it         broadening the existing international        dedicated to the best Scotland's
prepares to submit its application for     profile of the companies it showcases.       theatre community has to offer is an
university title. Congratulations to all                                                enormous opportunity for this country
who were involved in the preparation       Festival 2004 will see Scotland's            to sell itself internationally."
and presentation of the Review.            Theatre Gateway showcase three
                                           already internationally acclaimed
                                           Scottish theatre companies: Catherine
                                           Wheels' enchanting revival of the
GATEWAY TO SHOWCASE                        children's piece, 'Martha'; Theatre
SCOTTISH THEATRE TALENT                    Cryptic's provocative 'Each and Every
                                           Inch'; and Theatre Babel's 10th
In May, the Scottish Arts Council          anniversary new production of
announced its support and funding for      'Macbeth'. There will also be an

Marketing and Communication Office
Queen Margaret University College
Corstorphine Campus, Edinburgh, EH12 8TS
Tel. 0131 317 3000 Fax. 0131 317 3256
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