692        U.S. GOVERNMENT MANUAL

Sources of Information                                 the Administrative Services and
Complaints Complaints alleging denials                 Clearinghouse Division, Room 550, 624
of civil rights may be reported to                     Ninth Street NW., Washington, DC
Complaints Referral, 624 Ninth Street                  20425. Phone, 202–376–8105. A catalog
NW., Washington, DC 20425. Phone,                      of publications may be obtained from
202–376–8513 or 800–552–6843 (toll-                    this office.
free).                                                 Reading Room The National Civil
Employment Personnel Office, Room                      Rights Clearinghouse Library is located
510, 624 Ninth Street NW., Washington,                 in Room 602, 624 Ninth Street NW.,
DC 20425. Phone, 202–376–8364.                         Washington, DC 20425. Phone, 202–
Publications Commission publications                   376–8110.
are made available upon request from

For further information, contact the Public Affairs Unit, United States Commission on Civil Rights, Room
730, 624 Ninth Street NW., Washington, DC 20425. Phone, 202–376–8312. TTY, 202–376–8116.

301 Fourth Street SW., Washington, DC 20547
Phone, 202–619–4700. Internet, http://www.usia.gov/.

Director                                                       JOSEPH D. DUFFEY
  Chief of Staff                                               JOYCE KRAVITZ
Deputy Director                                                PENN KEMBLE
Counselor                                                      HARRIET L. ELAM
Chairman, U.S. Advisory Commission on                          LEWIS MANILOW
    Public Diplomacy
Vice Chairman, U.S. Advisory Commission on                     WILLIAM HYBL
    Public Diplomacy
Director, Office of Civil Rights                               HATTIE P. BALDWIN
General Counsel                                                LES JIN
Director, Office of Congressional and                          RONNA A. FREIBERG
    Intergovernmental Affairs
Director, Office of Public Liaison                             MARTHENA COWART
Director, Office of Research and Media                         ANN T. PINCUS
  Deputy Director                                              STEPHEN M. SHAFFER
Associate Director for Broadcasting                            KEVIN KLOSE
  Director, Voice of America                                   EVELYN S. LIEBERMAN
  Director, Office of Public Affairs                           SIDNEY DAVIS
  Director, Office of Budget and Planning                      (VACANCY)
  Director, Office of Affiliate Relations and                  MYRNA WHITWORTH
       International Media Training
  Director, Office of Personnel and                            EVA JANE FRITZMAN
  Director, Office of Policy                                   STEVE MUNSON
  Director, Office of Program Review                           FRANK CUMMINS
  Director, Office of Engineering and                          ROBERT E. KAMOSA
       Technical Operations
  Director, Office of WORLDNET Television                      JOHN LENNON, Acting
       and Film Service
  Director, Office of Cuba Broadcasting                        HERMINIO SAN ROMAN
                                    UNITED STATES INFORMATION AGENCY          693

    Director, Radio Marti                         ROLANDO BONACHEA
    Director, TV Marti                            ANTONIO DIEGUEZ
  President, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty,     (VACANCY)
       Inc. (RFE/RL)
Broadcasting Board of Governors:
Chairman                                          DAVID W. BURKE
Members                                           JOSEPH D. DUFFEY, CHERYL
                                                     HALPERN, EDWARD E. KAUFMAN,T
                                                      OM C. KOROLOGOS, BETTE BAO
                                                     LORD, ALBERTO J. MORA, MARC
                                                     B. NATHANSON, CARL SPIELVOGEL
  Chief of Staff                                  KATHLEEN HARRINGTON
  Director of Evaluation and Analysis             BRIAN T. CONNIFF
  Legal Counsel                                   JOHN A. LINDBURG
  Budget Officer                                  MIKE RINGLER
  Program Review Officer                          BRUCE SHERMAN
  Confidential Assistant                          BRENDA THOMAS
Associate Director for Information                (VACANCY)
  Deputy Associate Director                       MYRON L. HOFFMANN
  Director, Geographic Liaison                    J. DAVIS HAMELL
  Director, Thematic Programs                     JUDITH S. SIEGEL
  Director, Foreign Press Centers                 MARJORIE RANSOM
  Director, Support Services                      C. ANTHONY JACKSON
  Executive Officer                               STEPHEN SINCLAIR
Associate Director for Educational and Cultural   JOHN P. LOIELLO
  Deputy Associate Director                       ROBERT L. EARLE
  Executive Director, Cultural Property Staff     MARIE PAPAGEORGE KOUROUPAS
  Staff Director, J. William Fulbright Foreign    RALPH H. VOGEL
        Scholarship Board
  Director, Office of Citizen Exchanges           BRIAN SEXTON
  Director, Office of International Visitors      LESLIE A. WILEY
  Director, Office of Academic Programs           KEITH GIEGER
  Director, Office of Policy and Evaluation       VAN S. WUNDER
  Executive Officer                               J. DAVID WHITTEN
Associate Director for Management                 HENRY HOWARD, JR.
  Deputy Associate Director                       JOHN BAKER
  Director, Office of Administration              EILEEN KEANE BINNS
  Director, Office of Technology                  DANIEL S. CAMPBELL
  Director, Office of Human Resources             JAN BRAMBILLA
  Comptroller, Office of the Comptroller          STANLEY M. SILVERMAN
  Director, Office of Security                    LARRY CARNAHAN, Acting
  Director, Office of Contracts                   EDWARD G. MULLER, Acting
  Executive Officer                               DANIEL D. DUNNING
Director, Office of African Affairs               MARILYN HULBERT
  Deputy Director                                 PATRICK J. CORCORAN
Director, Office of Inter-American Affairs        LINDA JEWELL
  Deputy Director                                 BARBARA MOORE
Director, Office of East Asian and Pacific        WILLIAM MAURER
  Deputy Director                                 NICHOLAS MELE
Director, Office of West European and             C. MILLER CROUCH
    Canadian Affairs
  Deputy Director                                 SUSAN ANN CLYDE

Director, Office of East European and NIS                       ROBERT E. MCCARTHY
  Deputy Director                                               PAUL R. SMITH
Director, Office of North African, Near Eastern,                DAVID P. GOOD
    and South Asian Affairs
  Deputy Director                                               JONATHAN OWEN
[For the United States Information Agency statement of organization, see the Code of Federal Regulations,
Title 22, Part 504]

The mission of the United States Information Agency is to understand, inform, and
influence foreign communities in promotion of the national interest; and to broaden
the dialog between Americans, their institutions, and counterparts abroad. In support
of that mission, the Agency conducts academic and cultural exchanges, international
broadcasting, and a wide variety of informational programs. The Agency is known
as the U.S. Information Service overseas.

The legislative mandates of the United                  governments. Increasingly, foreign
States Information Agency (USIA) derive                 relations are not simply the prerogative
from the United States Information and                  of foreign ministries conducting
Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (22                    communications along narrowly defined
U.S.C. 1431) and the Mutual Educational                 bureaucratic channels. On this basis,
and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 (22                   USIA has three established goals:
U.S.C. 2451). The U.S. Information and                     —increased understanding and
Educational Exchange Act’s purpose is to                acceptance of U.S. policies and U.S.
increase mutual understanding between                   society by foreign audiences;
the people of the United States and the                    —broadened dialog between
people of other countries. It prohibits,                American and U.S. institutions and their
with certain exceptions approved by                     counterparts overseas; and
Congress, dissemination within the                         —increased U.S. Government
United States of materials produced by                  knowledge and understanding of foreign
the Agency for distribution overseas. It                attitudes and their implications for U.S.
also requires the Agency to make its                    foreign policy.
overseas program materials available for                   To accomplish its goals, the Agency
public inspection at its Washington, DC,                conducts a variety of activities overseas,
headquarters. The Mutual Educational                    including educational exchanges,
and Cultural Exchange Act authorizes                    international radio and television
educational and cultural exchanges                      broadcasting, distribution of transcripts
between the United States and other                     and official texts of significant U.S.
countries, as well as United States                     Government policy statements,
participation in international fairs and                maintaining information resource centers
expositions abroad.                                     overseas with online reference
   The executive level offices of the                   capabilities, assisting the mass media in
Agency are the Office of Public Liaison,                bringing information about U.S. foreign
Office of the General Counsel, Office of                policy to audiences around the world,
Congressional and Intergovernmental                     and facilitating linkages between
Affairs, Office of Civil Rights, and the                American and foreign nongovernmental
Office of Research and Media Reaction.                  institutions.

Activities                                              Functional Elements
The activities of the U.S. Information                  The four major functional elements of
Agency are based on the premise that                    the Agency are the International
government-to-government relations                      Broadcasting Bureau, the Bureau of
depend on public diplomacy strategies,                  Educational and Cultural Affairs, the
because they affect individuals and                     Bureau of Information, and the Bureau of
institutions who influence their                        Management.
                                                          UNITED STATES INFORMATION AGENCY

                                                                                         DIRECTOR                                U.S. ADVISORY
                                                                                                                                COMMISSION ON
                                                                                 DEPUTY DIRECTOR                               PUBLIC DIPLOMACY

                                                                                                                             COUNSELOR OF
                                                                                                                              THE AGENCY

  BROADCASTING BOARD                                               BUREAU OF                          BUREAU OF EDUCATIONAL                               BUREAU OF
     OF GOVERNORS                                                 INFORMATION                          AND CULTURAL AFFAIRS                              MANAGEMENT

                                                           •GEOGRAPHIC LIAISON OFFICES               •ACADEMIC PROGRAMS                           •ADMINISTRATION
                                                           •THEMATIC PROGRAMS                        •INTERNATIONAL VISITORS                      •TECHNOLOGY
    INTERNATIONAL                                          •FOREIGN PRESS CENTERS                    •PROFESSIONAL AND CULTURAL PROGRAMS          •HUMAN RESOURCES
 BROADCASTING BUREAU                                       •SUPPORT SERVICES                                                                      •COMPTROLLER
                                                                                                     •SUPPORT SERVICES                            •CONTRACTS
•VOICE OF AMERICA PROGRAMS                                                                                                                        •SECURITY
•ENGINEERING AND TECHNICAL OPERATIONS                                                                    CULTURAL PROPERTY
                                                                                                         ADVISORY COMMITTEE
                             RADIO FREE ASIA                                                              FULBRIGHT FOREIGN
                                                                                                          SCHOLARSHIP BOARD

                                                                                                                                                OFFICE OF
CONGRESSIONAL AND                  OFFICE OF                     OFFICE OF                                     OFFICE OF
                                                                                                                                            RESEARCH AND MEDIA
INTERGOVERNMENTAL                PUBLIC LIAISON            THE GENERAL COUNSEL                                CIVIL RIGHTS

                                           OFFICE OF                  OFFICE OF                         OFFICE OF                          OFFICE OF                      OFFICE OF
            OFFICE OF
                                        INTER-AMERICAN              EAST ASIAN AND                  WEST EUROPEAN AND               EAST EUROPEAN AND NEW        NORTH AFRICAN, NEAR EASTERN,
                                            AFFAIRS                 PACIFIC AFFAIRS                  CANADIAN AFFAIRS             INDEPENDENT STATES AFFAIRS       AND SOUTH ASIAN AFFAIRS
                                                                                                                                                                                                UNITED STATES INFORMATION AGENCY

                                                         UNITED STATES INFORMATION SERVICE POSTS

International Broadcasting Bureau The       encompass: producing programs and
International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB)     interactive press conferences for the
was established by the United States        WORLDNET satellite delivery system;
International Broadcasting Act of 1994.     newsfiles in English, Spanish, French,
While a part of USIA, IBB receives          Arabic, Mandarin, Polish, Serbian,
decisionmaking and operational              Ukrainian, and Russian; producing and
guidance from the Broadcasting Board of     acquiring films and videotapes for direct
Governors. The Bureau consists of the       projection or placement overseas;
Voice of America, the Office of Cuba        providing facilitative assistance to
Broadcasting, and WORLDNET                  visiting foreign television and film
Television and Film Service. Two other      producers; operating television news
U.S. Government entities, Radio Free        bureaus at foreign press centers;
Europe/Radio Liberty and Radio Free         providing assistance to foreign
Asia, are grantee organizations that        broadcasters in the production and
receive annual grants of congressionally    telecast of cooperative television
appropriated funds from the                 programs; serving as the Bureau’s
Broadcasting Board of Governors.            primary point of contact with American
   The Voice of America (VOA) is the        motion picture and television industries;
International Broadcasting Bureau’s         and coordinating with other U.S. and
functional element for worldwide radio      foreign government agencies on the
broadcasting. VOA operates in               dissemination of information overseas
accordance with the act of January 27,      through motion pictures and television.
1948, as amended (22 U.S.C. 1463),          Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Radio
which requires that it serve as a           Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Inc. (RFE/RL)
consistently reliable, authoritative,       is a private, nonprofit corporation funded
accurate, objective, and comprehensive      by U.S. Government grants. It broadcasts
news source. It must present a balanced     more than 700 hours weekly of news,
and comprehensive projection of             analysis, and current affairs in 23
significant American thought and            languages to more than 25 million
institutions. VOA produces and              regular listeners in Central Europe and
broadcasts radio programs in 52             the former Soviet Union. RFE/RL also
languages, including English, for
                                            reaches listeners from U.S. Government-
overseas audiences, and to over 1,100
                                            funded shortwave stations in Spain,
affiliate stations worldwide. Its
                                            Portugal, Germany, Thailand, and the
programming includes world and
                                            Philippines and via satellite to local AM/
regional news, reports from
correspondents on the scene, analyses of    FM stations including national networks
worldwide events, feature programs,         in Ukraine, the Baltic States, Bulgaria,
music, and editorials.                      the Czech and Slovak Republics, and
   The Office of Cuba Broadcasting          Kyrgyzstan. Major AM/FM stations in
oversees all programming broadcast for      Russia, the former Yugoslavia, Romania,
Cuba on Radio Marti and TV Marti            the Caucasus, and Central Asia also
programs. In keeping with the principles    carry RFE/RL programs.
of the VOA charter, both services offer     Radio Free Asia Established in 1996,
their audiences accurate and objective      Radio Free Asia is a private, nonprofit
news reports and features on American       corporation funded by U.S. Government
culture and opinion. Radio Marti            grants. It provides news and commentary
broadcasts on medium and shortwave          about regional events, broadcasting in
frequencies. TV Marti is available on       Mandarin Chinese, Tibetan, Burmese,
VHF (very high frequency) and               Korean, Lao, Khmer, and Vietnamese.
international satellite.                    Bureau of Information The Bureau of
   The WORLDNET Television and Film         Information is USIA’s primary source of
Service is responsible for organizing and   information products for its posts and
directing the International Broadcasting    publics abroad. It is moving into new
Bureau’s worldwide television and film      electronic communications media as fast
activities. The areas of responsibility     as technology permits, while maintaining
                                      UNITED STATES INFORMATION AGENCY               697

an extensive line of print products,           conferencing with their counterparts
operating a specialized wire service,          abroad.
facilitating the activities of foreign media      Foreign Press Centers have been
in the United States, and operating a          established in Washington, DC, New
worldwide speakers bureau on                   York City, and Los Angeles to give
significant issues in foreign affairs.         foreign journalists visiting or residing in
   The Bureau has created an interactive       the United States information about U.S.
CD–ROM on student counseling and a             policies and access to policymakers. The
weekly series of Internet-based electronic     Centers are affiliated with a network of
journals covering major issues to              locally initiated and funded International
complement its wide range of electronic        Press Centers in Atlanta, Chicago,
media. These products focus on                 Houston, Miami, and Seattle.
representing enduring American values,         Bureau of Educational and Cultural
particularly individual freedom and            Affairs The Bureau of Educational and
equality under the law, and on                 Cultural Affairs administers programs
promoting democratization, market              authorized by the Mutual Educational
economics, human rights, the rule of           and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 (the
law, and the peaceful resolution of            Fulbright-Hays Act), including academic
disputes.                                      exchanges, short-term professional
   The Bureau’s offices and teams are          exchanges, youth exchanges,
organized around major themes in               cooperative projects with private
public diplomacy, regional concerns and        organizations, and English-teaching
interests, and media specialties. Its          programs. It also provides staff support
products and services are produced in          for the Presidentially appointed J.
response to requirements set by USIA           William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship
field posts and U.S. foreign affairs           Board and for the Cultural Property
priorities.                                    Advisory Committee. The Bureau
   The Office of Geographic Liaison            consists of the following offices:
serves as the primary point of contact            The Office of Academic Programs
with the field. In addition, it provides       develops and coordinates a wide variety
comprehensive research and                     of academic educational exchange and
bibliographic assistance and editing and       English language-teaching programs. It
distribution for time-sensitive texts. The     oversees the administration of more than
Office functions as a regional news            7,000 grants each year to U.S. citizens
service, providing operational support         to study, teach, and conduct research
and advice to more than 100 USIS               abroad, and for foreign nationals to
documentation and information resource         conduct similar activities in the United
centers and libraries overseas, and            States. The best known of the exchanges
managing regional operations of the            supported by this office is the Fulbright
Bureau’s international wire service, the       Program which operates in more than
Washington File. The Office responds to        120 countries. The Office of Academic
the special needs of each of the               Programs maintains a worldwide
Agency’s overseas posts.                       information network about educational
   The Office of Thematic Programs             opportunities in the United States, and
creates information products keyed to          supports programs which enhance the
themes in American foreign policy that         experiences of foreign students enrolled
have been identified as vital: Economic        in U.S. colleges and universities. The
Security, Political Security, Democracy        Office also encourages and supports
and Human Rights, U.S. Society and             U.S.-based studies at foreign universities
Values, and Global Issues and                  and other institutions of higher learning.
Communication. Equally important is the        Worldwide support for English language
Office’s active speakers program, in           training is provided through overseas-
which physical travel by the Nation’s          based language consultants,
leading experts on identified issues is        development of English language
supplemented by video and audio                teaching materials, and a variety of

teacher training seminars and                    In addition, the Office identifies and
fellowships.                                  recruits specialists in the fields of
                                              literature, film, and the visual and
   The Office of International Visitors       performing arts to speak at or work with
arranges informative visits to the United     host country institutions in their fields of
States for almost 5,000 influential foreign   expertise. The Office awards grants to
leaders each year in such fields as           American nonprofit institutions involved
government, economics, labor,                 in the international exchange of
journalism, the arts, and education.          performing and visual artists and
Selected individuals, who are nominated       encourages linkages between U.S. and
by United States Information Service          foreign cultural institutions. The Office
posts, travel throughout the country          also represents the Agency in the Fund
meeting counterparts in their fields of       for U.S. Artists at International Festivals
interest. They also meet with Americans       and Exhibitions.
in their homes or other informal settings.
The Office also manages the Agency’s             The Office of Policy and Evaluation
New York reception center; serves as the      provides policy analysis, coordination,
Agency’s liaison with the large network       and evaluation of the activities and
of public and private organizations           programs of the Bureau of Educational
involved in the international visitor         and Cultural Affairs. The Office also
program; and arranges programs in the         analyzes U.S. Government-funded
United States for United Nations fellows      international exchanges and training
and foreign government trainees.              programs with the objective of
                                              promoting better coordination among
  The Office of Citizen Exchanges             government agencies. The Office is
provides funding to American nonprofit        responsible for advising the Associate
institutions for international exchange       Director on conceptual approaches to
and training programs which support           the Bureau’s activities and on the
agency goals and objectives. Nonprofit        development and implementation of its
institutions may submit proposals only in     policies. It coordinates activities with the
response to requests for proposals (RFP’s)    Bureau to ensure consistency of
published by the Office, and these            approach; evaluates the success,
proposals are judged among others in          strengths, and weaknesses of programs;
the competition. Programs usually             and provides staff support to the Cultural
involve professional, nonacademic             Property Advisory Committee, which
exchanges—often with study tours,             advises the Director on U.S. efforts to
workshops, and internships as key             curb illicit trade in artifacts.
components, and taking place in                  Under Executive Order 13055, the
multiple phases overseas and in the           Associate Director for Educational and
United States. Emphasis is usually on         Cultural Affairs chairs a senior-level
nontechnical themes such as democracy-        Interagency Working Group on United
building, journalism, the role of             States Government-Sponsored
government, or conflict resolution. The       International Exchanges and Training.
Office also administers all high school       The Bureau provides staff support for the
exchange programs sponsored by USIA,          working group, which is responsible for
including major special initiatives in East   ensuring that the U.S. Government’s
Europe and the former Soviet Union, and       international exchanges and training
the Congress-Bundestag program with           activities are consistent with U.S. foreign
Germany.                                      policy and avoid duplication of effort.
                   U.S. INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION AGENCY                               699

Overseas Posts                                          Employment For information
                                                        concerning employment opportunities,
Principally an overseas agency, USIA’s                  contact the Office of Human Resources,
work is carried out by its foreign service              Civil Service Division, United States
officers and staff assigned to American                 Information Agency, Washington, DC
missions abroad. Overseas posts engage                  20547. Phone, 202–619–4659. For
in political advocacy of American                       Voice of America and WORLDNET
foreign policy objectives and conduct                   Television and Film Service employment
cultural and educational exchanges and                  information, contact the Office of
informational activities in support of                  Personnel, International Broadcasting
those objectives. The Agency maintains                  Bureau, United States Information
192 posts in 141 countries.                             Agency, Washington, DC 20547. Phone,
                                                        202–619–3117. For Office of Cuba
                                                        Broadcasting employment information,
Sources of Information
                                                        contact the Office of Personnel, Office of
Administrative Regulations Inquiries                    Cuba Broadcasting, United States
regarding administrative staff manuals                  Information Agency, Washington, DC
and instructions to staff affecting                     20547. Phone, 202–401–7114.
members of the public that were issued,                 International Audiovisual Programs For
adopted, or promulgated on or after July                information concerning a certification
5, 1967, should be directed to the                      program under international agreement
Directives, Management Staff, United                    to facilitate the export and import of
States Information Agency, Washington,                  qualified visual and auditory materials of
DC 20547. Phone, 202–619–5680.                          an educational, scientific, and cultural
Contracts Contact the Office of                         character, contact the Chief Attestation
Contracts, United States Information                    Officer of the United States, United
Agency, Washington, DC 20547. Phone,                    States Information Agency, Washington,
202–205–5498.                                           DC 20547. Phone, 202–401–9810.

For further information, contact the Office of Public Liaison, United States Information Agency,
Washington, DC 20547. Phone, 202–619–4355. Internet, http://www.usia.gov/.

1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20523–0001
Phone, 202–712–0000

Director, U.S. International Development                        J. BRIAN ATWOOD, Acting
    Cooperation Agency
Deputy Director                                                 (VACANCY)

1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20523–0001
Phone, 202–712–0000. Internet, http://www.info.usaid.gov/.

Administrator                                                   J. BRIAN ATWOOD
Deputy Administrator                                            HARRIET C. BABBITT
Counselor                                                       KELLY C. KAMMERER
Chief of Staff                                                  RICHARD L. MCCALL, JR.
Executive Secretary                                             RYAN CONROY

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