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									                                                                    The Community Development
REFERENCES                                                      Department is responsible for Planning      VILLAGE OF GLENDALE
                                                                & Zoning Enforcement; Engineering;
                                                                    Plan Review; Building Permits;
•    2000 International Property Maintenance
     Code                                                         Construction Inspection; Property
                                                                  Maintenance Enforcement; Flood                  DEPARTMENT
•    Official Village Code                                                                                            OF
                                                                 Information; and a variety of other
•    Village of Glendale Heights Zoning                                                                           COMMUNITY
                                                               duties. If you have any questions relating
                                                                  to any of the above, please call the           DEVELOPMENT
                                                               Community Development Department at
                                                                             (630) 260-6030.

                                                                      Mission Statement
                                                                The Glendale Heights Department of
                                                                 Community Development strives to
                                                                  provide professional assistance in
                                                               planning, development and construction
                                                               by adopting and enforcing current codes
                                                               and standards in a uniform and unbiased
                                                                   manner, in order to establish and        INOPERABLE VEHICLES
                                                                maintain a safe, healthy and attractive
                                                               community for all residents and business     • Why is this a concern?
                                                                               owners.                      • The Ordinance
                                                                                                            • My car works and I don’t want
                                                                                                                 to get rid of it
                                                                                                            • What can I do with my old
                                                                   Village of Glendale Heights                   vehicle if I don’t want it?
                                                                     Department of Community                • I can’t find the title.
                                                                                                            • Additional Property
                                                                            300 Civic Center Plaza            maintenance codes regarding
                                                                          Glendale Heights, IL 60139
                                                                            Phone (630) 260-6030              vehicles.
                                                                             Fax (630) 260-1317
Inoperable vehicles clutter the community and are an eyesore
                                               WHAT  CAN I DO WITH MY OLD
WHY IS THIS A CONCERN?                         VEHICLE IF I DON’T WANT IT?                 I CAN’T FIND THE TITLE
Improper storage of an inoperable              There are several organizations that will   You can obtain a duplicate copy of the
vehicle can be a serous problem for the        gladly accept your old car or truck as a    title through the Secretary of State’s
entire community. These vehicles are           donation. In many cases your donated        office or call the toll free number 1-
unsightly, clutter the neighborhood,           motor vehicle may qualify as a tax write    800-252-8980.
provide a harborage for rodents and are        off. These organizations can be found
an attractive nuisance for children. Lack      in the phonebook or over the internet.      WHAT IF I GET A VIOLATION
of concern regarding such vehicles can         For your convenience the following are      NOTICE?
often contribute to a blighting effect on      known organizations that accept old         If you receive a violation notice, you
the community.                                 motor vehicles.                             will be given 15 days to bring your
                                                                                           property into compliance. We
THE ORDINANCE                                  Alzheimer’s Association                     understand that you may have a
                                               American Diabetes Association               circumstance in which may it is difficult
The International Property
                                               Arthritis Foundation                        to comply within the time designated
Maintenance Code, as adopted by
                                               Boy Scouts of America                       on the violation notice. Please contact
Village ordinance, prohibits inoperable
                                               The Caring Closet                           the code enforcement officer listed on
unlicensed vehicles from being parked,
                                               Community Link                              the violation notice to arrange for an
kept, or stored on any premises except
                                               Easter Seals                                extension for compliance of the
inside an enclosed structure- i.e. garage.
                                               Illinois Right to Life Committee            violation. We are here to improve the
Motor vehicles are considered
                                               Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation       community and will do everything we
unlicensed whenever the displayed
                                               Kids in Danger                              can to help you achieve compliance
state license plate is expired and/ or
                                               National Alliance for the Mentally Ill      with your property.
the Village sticker is expired or not
                                               Starlight Children’s Foundation
properly displayed on the windshield.
                                               The above organizations can be              ADDITIONAL PROPERTY
Furthermore, the Village ordinance             contacted by calling America’s Car          MAINTENANCE CODES
considers any vehicle having not moved         donation center at 1-800-513-6560           REGARDING VEHICLES
in 30 days as potentially being inoperable.                                                Commercial trucks are not to be parked
                                               The American Lung Association 1-800-        or stored in a Residential District unless
MY CAR WORKS AND I DON’T                       5-VEHICLE (1-800-583-4425)                  they are in a completely enclosed garage.
                                               The National Kidney Foundation 1-           A single recreational vehicle (RV) may be
As long as your vehicle is properly            800-488-CARS (1-800-488-2277)               parked or stored on a residential district
licensed and registered (i.e. current
state license plate and village sticker), in                                               lot provided that it is not occupied,
                                               The above list is only for your             hooked up to gas, water, or sanitary
running condition, not in a state of           convenience and is a recommendation
major disrepair and moved                                                                  services. It can be parked in a garage or
                                               of support from the Village of              on a driveway without encroaching on
occasionally; it is considered as being in     Glendale Heights. Please consider
compliance with the village ordinance.                                                     the public sidewalk.
                                               which ever organization you would
It could also be stored inside the             desire to support.                          All vehicles and trailers are required to be
                                                                                           completely parked or stored on an
                                                                                           impervious (paved) surface.

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