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									          Endangered Species Research Project
      Create a special project about one endangered species with your choice of
       media incl. but not limited to poster, ppt presentation, or video to inform others
       about that particular species.
      Persuade others with the use of the project the importance of saving the species

You do not have to choose an animal; you may choose a plant species. Species
must be approved by me. No two people may present the same species!

Each student is to create a presentation that includes the following information:


1. Introduction – A brief description of your species including:
      Scientific name
      Size and physical description of the organism, what it eats, how it
       reproduces and its life span
      Habitat
          o Where it prefers to live
          o Climate & geographic location/Biome –
      Any adaptations that the species has that enables it to lives in its habitat

2. Issues
      Explain why your species is endangered and at what level (critically
       endangered, endangered, threatened etc). What is the current status of
       the species in the wild? In captivity?

3. Preservation Plan
      Explain why this species should be preserved. (EXAMPLE: If this species
       were to go extinct, how will it affect the habitat/food web where it is
       found?) What other factors must be considered when making decisions
       about this species. Support your statements with factual information, not
       emotional reactions.
       Persuade your classmates in the importance of saving this species

4. Decision Making
      What is or can be done regarding your endangered species? In some
       cases, wildlife preserves may be an option. In other cases, negotiations
       with industries or other segments of society may be called for.
       Sometimes, it may appear that the species is not worth saving because
       the cost of preservation is greater than the cost of extinction.

            Project will be due ______________________________

5. Recommendation:
      Based on the information that you have gathered, what do you think
       should be done & why?

Graphic Components (Can be in poster form)
   1. Geographical location: Use an atlas or other resources to mark the
      location of the species’ territorial range on a world map. Identify on your
      map all the areas where the species is found.
   2. Biology: Draw a food web that includes your endangered species and at
      least three producers, three herbivores and three carnivores.

Format Guidelines
      At least 3 – 5 minute presentation containing the information as requested
       in numbers 1 – 5
      Power point, video, posters or overhead transparencies are all acceptable
      A clear picture of the species at least 8X10
      A map as indicated in Graphic components # 1
      A small food web diagram as indicated in Graphic components # 2
      You must include a works cited page containing at least 3 resources; one
       of those must be a form other than the internet!!!!!!!
           o No wikipedia
           o Use proper MLA format

Project and presentation will be worth one test grade of a total of 100 points.
(The project component is worth 56 points and the presentation is worth 44

No Lates accepted! NO excuses or NO exceptions. DO NOT wait until the night

Please consult the website below for the listing of various endangered species.
Be sure to choose 1 that is endangered, not threatened or foreign/invasive!.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature – Red List


            Project will be due ______________________________


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