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John Terry may face FA charges after being
found not guilty in court
The Football Association will study findings of the John Terry
court case before deciding whether to bring any charges against the
Chelsea captain Page 2

Formation of SPL2 could save Rangers
newco from life in Third Division
The SPL is due to discuss an SPL2 which Rangers would be invited
to join and other clubs offered financial incentives to leave the SFL
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Victoria Pendleton sets heart on Olympic
gold as tribute to fiance
Victoria Pendleton has her heart set on Olympic gold for the love of
cycling and her fiance, she tells Donald McRae Page 4

London 2012: Perri                           How Britain became a                         Tour de France 2012:
Shakes-Drayton breaks                        cycling nation Page 8                        domestique bliss
through to Games                                                                          for Team Sky’s Chris
medal zone Page 6                            London 2012 Olympic                          Froome Page 10
                                             security guards may
David Haye seeks                             not speak English, says
redemption at the                            G4S boss Page 9
expense of Dereck
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                                                                        governing body read: “The FA notes the decision in the John
                                                                        Terry case and will now seek to conclude its own inquiries. The
John Terry may face FA charges after                                    FA will make no further comment at this time.”
being found not guilty in court                                             The Professional Footballers’ Association voiced its disquiet
                                                                        that two of its more prominent members have caused serious
• Chelsea defender acquitted over Anton                                 damage to their profession. Gordon Taylor, the chief executive,
Ferdinand abuse                                                         said: “You have to respect what has happened in court and
                                                                        there has been a judgment made but it has not been the best
• FA decision on next step expected within
                                                                        of weeks for football. It has been an unedifying process and
a week                                                                  the game has been damaged as a result of the dirty linen being
Jamie Jackson                                                           washed in public.
                                                                            “I now want to see an improvement in the Respect
                                                                        campaign. It is not just the line between what is banter and
                                                                        what is illegal – so much of what we have heard this week needs
                                                                        to be cut out.”
                                                                            Taylor is, though, unsure whether Terry will face a racial
                                                                        abuse charge from the FA. “Football has shown that it has
                                                                        been quick to deal with such issues and move on, and needing
                                                                        a lower burden of proof [than court] puts the FA in a difficult
                                                                        position now. Some people may say we should draw a line
                                                                        under it and really reinforce the campaign at the start of the
                                                                        new season but at the same time we must not sweep it under
                                                                        the carpet and say everything is fine when it’s not.”
                                                                            Buck said: “Chelsea Football Club notes and, of course, we
                                                                        respect the decision of the magistrate today. We are pleased
Chelsea’s John Terry, centre, could face charges from the
                                                                        that John can now put his mind to football and go back to
FA even though he was found not guilty of racial abuse in a
                                                                        training and do what he’s done for many years.”
magistrates’ court. Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP
John Terry and Anton Ferdinand could each face disrepute
charges from the Football Association when it assesses the
evidence that was disclosed during the court trial that found
the Chelsea captain not guilty of racially abusing the Queens
Park Rangers defender last October.
   The FA’s brief differs to that of the legal process in that it has
responsibility for the day-to-day disciplinary process regarding
players. The ruling body will now resume the investigation
being pursued following the incident, which was halted when
the Terry-Ferdinand case became a matter for Westminster
magistrates’ court.

   A disrepute charge for Terry and Ferdinand regarding
the language they admitted using during QPR’s 1-0 defeat of
Chelsea at Loftus Road is one possible outcome from the FA’s
inquiry. Terry could also still potentially be charged with a
racially aggravated offence. Yet while it is difficult to second-
guess the governing body’s independent commission, it is
understood that as a court of law found Terry not guilty of the
charge there may be difficulty in the FA finding he still has a
                                                                          From Beirut to Big Brother,
case to answer. No decision regarding what course of action it            Murdoch to Millionaire,
will take is expected before the end of next week at the earliest.
   The players admitted to an exchange studded with offensive
                                                                          discuss the hot topics in the
terms including “cunt”, “fuck off” and “knobhead”, plus                   media on not one, but two blogs
derogatory personal comments, with Ferdinand referring to
claims Terry had an affair with Vanessa Perroncel, the former
                                                                          Organ Grinder and Greenslade
partner of his ex-team-mate Wayne Bridge.                       
   One of the FA statutes deals with foul and abusive language
and the governing body will also be concerned about the
damage done to its Respect campaign for which Terry, as the     
then England captain, would have been expected to show                    greenslade/
support and leadership.
   While Bruce Buck, the Chelsea chairman, confirmed that
Terry is free to focus on his career at Stamford Bridge – and it is
understood he will face no club inquiry – a statement from the © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                               
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                                                                     “SPL2” is set to be discussed. Under that plan, Rangers would
                                                                     be invited to join with other clubs offered financial incentives to
Formation of SPL2 could save Rangers                                 leave the SFL and take part in a new setup. The rejection by SFL
newco from life in Third Division                                    chairmen of the First Division proposal, nonetheless, highlights
                                                                     the scale of such a task.
• Clubs would be offered financial                                       SPL clubs have a serious fear about the potential loss of
incentives to leave SFL                                              commercial contracts – notably key broadcast agreements – if
                                                                     Rangers are not part of their setup. A four-year television deal
• Majority of clubs voted against Rangers
                                                                     between the league and both Sky and ESPN, due to start at the
entering First Division                                              beginning of next season, remains unsigned. Sky is yet to clarify
Ewan Murray                                                          its position but a critical component of earlier arrangements has
                                                                     been its screening of four Old Firm matches per season.
                                                                         One SPL club, Inverness, spoke out about its fears. “There
                                                                     will now inevitably be serious consequences for the game in
                                                                     Scotland,” said their chairman, Kenny Cameron. “We have all,
                                                                     as clubs, accepted the views of our stakeholders in making the
                                                                     initial judgement to uphold sporting integrity.
                                                                         “All clubs will now have to live with the repercussions of this
                                                                     decision. Scottish football was at a crossroads today in terms
                                                                     of what was on the table for all clubs regarding reorganisation,
                                                                     financial distribution and a road map that would have taken the
                                                                     game forward.
                                                                         “But this has now been thrown into disarray by this decision.
                                                                     This is a sad day for all clubs in Scotland. We will be convening
                                                                     an emergency board meeting over the weekend to discuss
Rangers xx Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
                                                                     the very serious financial implications for us as a club going
Scotland’s football authorities are to enter a desperate race        forward.”
against time to oversee a league reconstruction model aimed              A Rangers statement, issued in the immediate aftermath of
at preventing Rangers from starting next season in the Third         the SFL announcement, claimed Regan and Doncaster “will
Division.                                                            introduce a plan for SPL 2 – which would include Rangers – and
   At a meeting of Scottish Football League clubs at Hampden         invite existing Division One members to join.”
Park on Friday – at which representations were made by the               Intriguingly, the club swiftly amended those words to state
Rangers manager, Ally McCoist, and the chief executive,              an SPL2 “was mooted last week” when it was suggested that it
Charles Green – 25 out of 30 votes rejected the possibility of       could “swing into action in the event of today’s outcome but it
the team entering Division One. The upshot of that was an            is not known if this will be the case”.
announcement that Rangers must enter Scotland’s league                   Given that Rangers are perfectly aware of the precarious
set-up in the fourth tier; where they are due to face the likes of   financial position of so many SPL clubs, their public utterances
Peterhead and Annan Athletic.                                        must be placed in context. Green said: “From the outset, we
   That would represent a catastrophic fall from grace for a         made clear we would play where we were told to play and we
club historically regarded as part of Scotland’s establishment       just want to get back to playing football.
and which only recently featured regularly in the Champions              “This decision maintains the sporting integrity that clubs
League.                                                              and fans across Scotland have been calling for but it also
   Those overseeing the game in Scotland have been vocal –           impacts massively on Scottish football as a whole and only time
and controversially so – about the need for Rangers to compete       will tell what the consequences will be.
more prominently in the professional game than at the bottom             “Rangers have been handed the ultimate punishment of
rung. Such comments have roused anger amongst supporters;            starting again from the bottom of the leagues but there is
Rangers entered administration in February and are now in the        an overwhelming feeling among fans and within the club of
process of being liquidated, hence a “newco” business has been       ‘wiping the slate clean’ as a club free of sanctions.”
formed.                                                                  McCoist added: “I fully accept the decision of the SFL today
   Stewart Regan, the Scottish Football Association’s chief          and thank them for allowing us into the SFL. Clearly, starting
executive, said last week: “There’s really only one decision for     again from the bottom league is not ideal and makes the task
the game now – that Rangers come into football in the First          of rebuilding Rangers a longer one but the SFL was placed in an
Division.”                                                           impossible situation and I respect its decision.”
   Regan had estimated a potential loss of £16m and impending            David Longmuir, the chief executive of the SFL, said: “I’m
disaster for Scottish football if Rangers competed in Division       comfortable today that the Scottish Football League made a
Three. Nonetheless, his organisation is yet to grant Rangers         very, very decisive decision that was based on sporting fairness
membership of the association.                                       and I think the Scottish Football League were in the right place
   Neil Doncaster, the chief executive of the Scottish Premier       to make that decision.
League, even made several public pitches aimed at readmitting            “Today’s decision has been one of the most difficult for all
Rangers into the top-flight. That notion was rejected by             concerned but it has been taken in the best interest of sporting
member clubs, much to the general delight of supporters.             fairness which is the fundamental principle of the Scottish
   The SPL is due to meet on Monday, when the concept of an © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                             
Page  G24 Sport                                                                        Saturday July 14 2012             11:16 GMT

Football League.”                                                         Over the last three years I have spent many hours in this
                                                                      house, observing the making of Daniel Gordon’s riveting
                                                                      documentary, while also working on a different kind of book
Victoria Pendleton sets heart on                                      with Pendleton. My bias towards the film is plain but my
Olympic gold as tribute to fiance                                     contribution is negligible. Apart from asking Pendleton some
                                                                      questions during filming it became my job to drink lots of red
                                                                      wine and be the chief tea-boy while Gordon’s crew followed
Victoria Pendleton would love to put tears                            Pendleton.
aside and end her amazing cycling career on                               Yet I felt a certain responsibility. Gordon was a lauded film-
a personal high at the Olympics                                       maker, but we barely knew each other when I suggested to
                                                                      Pendleton that she should commit herself to a documentary
Donald McRae
                                                                      which, for all the laughter, has been painful and revealing. And
                                                                      our Guardian interview started everything. Gordon had been
                                                                      struck by the way in which Pendleton confessed to me that,
                                                                      standing on the podium in Beijing, she had felt empty and
                                                                      drained. That raw candour convinced Gordon she was different
                                                                      to most champions.
                                                                          “It’s quite surreal that I haven’t grown up dreaming about
                                                                      doing this – at all,” she says of a career which, three months ago,
                                                                      reached another exhilarating crescendo when, after beating
                                                                      Meares in Melbourne, Pendleton won her sixth individual
                                                                      sprint world title in eight years. “It just happened. I quite enjoy
                                                                      sport and I’m now an Olympic champion. It’s a bit weird, isn’t
                                                                          Pendleton is often criticised for excessive vulnerability and
Victoria Pendleton is determined to go out on an Olympic              being “a bit of a girl” in a sporting environment dominated by
high. Clive Mason/Getty Images                                        swaggering masculinity. “I used to wear miniskirts with my
“It made me cry,” Victoria Pendleton says through a helpless          GB top, and sparkly sandals, and the boys would be like: ‘Oh
laugh on another rainy Sunday morning in Wilmslow. The                my gosh, this girl cannot be serious’,” she remembers. “A lot
pancakes and strawberries on the breakfast table give more of a       of women in sport tend to take on a very masculine, aggressive
summery shine to the day than the brooding sky outside. Yet,          look. They want to be perceived as being strong and powerful. I
just weeks before she defends her Olympic sprint cycling title in     never lost that sense of wanting to retain my femininity.”
London, Pendleton’s tears relate to a film about her tumultuous           Shane Sutton, the head coach at GB cycling and a tough
career rather than the miserable British weather or her deeply        former professional rider from Australia, says: “I vividly
personal sporting quest.                                              remember Vicky walking past me in her England skinsuit and I
    Pendleton recently watched the BBC documentary                    looked at her physique and thought: ‘There is no way this girl
sparked by a Guardian interview she and I did in the wake             is a sprinter’ … but for me Vicky has probably been the greatest
of her winning gold at the Beijing Olympics. The film will be         woman sprinter of all time. If people could appreciate the
screened on Wednesday, but back in October 2008, soon after           hurdles she has overcome to achieve that greatness they would
annihilating Anna Meares of Australia in the Olympic final,           be amazed. I don’t suppose anyone call tell the full story apart
Pendleton emerged as a fascinatingly complex and brutally             from Vicky.”
honest woman.                                                             Pendleton is ready to tell that gripping and often distressing
    Instead of trading in evasive cliches, Pendleton bared her        story. Gordon’s film marks the first stage and then, after the
soul. The Guardian headline consisted of a stark quote: “I’m          Olympics, our book will follow. “I compete in a sport on an
striving for something I’ll never achieve – I’m a mess.”              individual basis but I’ve never done it for me,” Pendleton says.
    She does not look a mess this morning. In strict training for     “I was always cycling for my dad and then the coaches and my
London 2012, Pendleton watches cheerfully while her fiance,           results got better and suddenly the responsibility grows and I’m
Scott Gardner, piles pancakes on my plate rather than hers.           doing it for a programme. I’m doing it for the country. It’s like
But she also remembers how the film unleashed such emotion            I’m trapped within it. I’m going downhill way too fast and there
inside her. “As weird as it is it to see yourself on screen it made   are no brakes. I can’t stop.”
everything we’ve been through seem very real. And, well,                  Steve Peters, the psychiatrist at GB cycling, explains the
London is only weeks away now.”                                       extent of Pendleton’s past fragility. Recalling their first meeting
    The intense pressure on Pendleton, as she prepares to             in 2003, Peters says: “Vicky had no self-confidence. She had
ride the final competition of her exemplary career, can feel          no way of controlling impulsive thinking. She had no way
excruciating. Apart from facing the threatening challenge of          of containing emotion. She couldn’t communicate well. She
a rejuvenated Meares, Pendleton competes in three events.             wasn’t assertive. The list went on and on.”
Four years ago, women sprinters could ride only the individual            And yet, within 18 months, Pendleton had become a world
match at the Olympics. Chris Hoy, her male counterpart, won a         champion. Over the next three years she was as dominant on
trio of gold medals in Beijing. Pendleton, at the age of 27 and in    her bike as she had once been uncertain off it. Her success was
imperious form in 2008, would probably have matched him had           bolstered by the team around her. Iain Dyer, Jan van Eijden
she been given the chance.                                            and Gardner were a diverse trio – an Englishman, a German and © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page  G24 Sport                                                                        Saturday July 14 2012             11:16 GMT

an Australian – whose skills complemented each other. Dyer                Isolated from her team, Pendleton assumed control of her
brought a coherent structure to the GB programme while Van            training programme. Sutton concedes that: “We didn’t deal
Eijden, a former world champion sprinter, instilled tactical          with it the best way. Some of the coaching staff didn’t deal with
awareness into Pendleton’s training. Gardner, meanwhile, as           it very well. A lot of infighting, hassle 24/7, unbearable working
a sports scientist with a PhD in sprint cycling, was the most         conditions. There’s been a lot of bloody tears.”
intriguing addition.                                                      Peters has worked hard to forge a reconciliation. “This
    Poached from Australia’s national squad by Sutton, Gardner        is a girl who likes a team and wants that team to love her,”
was the antithesis of the traditional brash man Pendleton was         he says. “We’ve got phenomenally gifted people with this
used to seeing in cycling. He brought a theoretical insight and       phenomenally gifted rider and there’s nobody nasty or
hard statistical evidence to every sprinter that worked with him      malicious and yet there’s a bit of unresolved conflict. If that
– and Hoy and Pendleton benefited from his expertise.                 team comes together and Vicky can get strength from herself
    Yet there is a love story at the heart of this film. Shortly      you won’t stop her. She’ll go to London and win again.”
before Beijing, Pendleton and Gardner fell for each other. They           The nadir for Pendleton came in Apeldoorn in March last
did not begin their relationship until they had first told Sutton.    year. For the first time in five years she lost her world title when
Their mentor was taken aback, if not entirely surprised. He           Meares beat her. Six months later, at the same venue in Holland,
advised Pendleton and Gardner not to reveal their feelings            Pendleton was defeated in the European Championships.
publicly until after the Olympics.                                    She disappeared into the night like a great champion fighter
    “The bottom line is that Scott broke protocol,” Sutton            stripped of her title.
suggests now. “You don’t get involved with the athletes. Had              The next day, however, showing incredible tenacity,
the real Shane Sutton stepped up to the mark at that particular       Pendleton returned to the Apeldoorn velodrome and became
point I would have said for Scott to probably walk then. But the      European champion in the keirin – riding with her old speed
problem then was that he added so much value.” “It was hard,”         and verve. That was the day, an otherwise dreary Sunday in a
Gardner says simply. “It was hard but you can’t deny love. And        small Dutch town, when I decided Pendleton was as brave as
we fell in love … at work.”                                           any iconic boxer I had ever revered.
    At the time Pendleton was 27, Gardner 32. They were                   It was clear that she needed Gardner. The disappointments
both single and their relationship affected no one else.              of Apeldoorn, Pendleton says, set “a lot of cogs in motion to try
Falling in love with a work colleague is not an entirely novel        and fix me. Fix what went wrong”.
concept. It’s only forbidden in elite sport. “We knew that any            Sutton is typically forthright in stressing that, “I didn’t
relationship between an athlete and a coach was fraught with          feel Scott should come back in. But there’s no one in this
complications,” Pendleton tells me, “and regarded as unethical        programme that can win like Vicky can win and, therefore,
and unacceptable. There are justified reasons for strict              maybe we’ve had to accept defeat within victory. The choices
boundaries between a male coach and a much younger female             have been made and we’ve got to support her and win that gold
athlete. The scope for abuse is obvious if a teenage gymnast          medal.”
or swimmer is being courted by her adult coach. I thoroughly              Gardner rejoined the programme and, in an intensely
support all limitations which curb the chances of a grown man         thrilling last third of the film, her gradual return to form
taking advantage of a vulnerable girl. It was different with          unfolds. Pendleton’s compelling series against Meares in
Scott and me. We were consenting adults. It felt natural and          London in February, when the old rivals produced the three
lovely. But it unleashed a situation we’re still recovering from.”    fastest races in the history of women’s sprinting, is captured
    Sutton admits: “I wanted to keep it hush-hush. I was              in rollicking detail. “We kicked the shit out of each other,”
holding all the cards and I played the wrong ones.” A day             Pendleton says.
after Pendleton won gold in Beijing, Sutton spelt out the                 Her epic feat of will six weeks later, in Melbourne, when she
consequences of a sudden decision which meant Gardner had             again became world champion despite crashing and against
to leave British cycling.                                             all expectations, grips hardest. The delighted reaction of her
    “I decided Scott was going and I just pushed on with it,”         coaches, and her tearful interaction with them, offers rare
Sutton says. “The carnage left behind, and the damage, was            insight into the usually hidden and bruising intimacy of elite
massive.”                                                             sport.
    “Winning the gold medal should have been the happiest                 In the final scene, at a deserted Olympic Velodrome,
day of my life,” Pendleton says. “I won … [but] it felt like the      Pendleton sits on her bike. Her battered body is patched up and
saddest day of my entire life. Everyone was so angry Scott and I      she laughs: “I don’t think I’ve learnt anything in 10 years. I’m
had fallen in love because it was so unprofessional and we were       still crying, still crying.”
a disgrace and had betrayed everybody.”                                   “Still winning,” Gardner responds.
    Gardner confirms that, “Jan and Iain, in particular, felt quite       “Still winning,” Pendleton concurs. “That’s good. But I’m
betrayed by me … and I never wanted anyone to feel that way”.         going to give up crying after the Olympics – I’ve decided. I’m
    For Pendleton the burden has often felt unbearable. “Scott        gonna give it up forever.”
having to leave the team and everything he’s worked for – that            There are no tears now, just the resounding words of a
was a huge deal and I’ll be forever in his debt,” Pendleton           champion racer. “The only thing that matters to me is going
says, as the tears fall. “Sorry,” she says, turning away from the     well in London,” Pendleton says. “That’s all I’m trying to do. I
camera before composing herself. “He’s given up everything            want it to be the most amazing exit I could possibly have from
to be with me and that means a lot. That’s why I need to              the sport and say, ‘Thank you very much and now I’m done’.”
do him proud at the Olympics – to prove it wasn’t in vain. That           Victoria Pendleton: Cycling’s Golden Girl, 9pm, Wednesday
it was all worth it.”                                                 18 July, BBC One. ‘Between The Lines’ by Victoria Pendleton © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                               
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& Donald McRae will be published by Harper Collins on 13             new 2012 best of 47.78.
September                                                                Having run a personal best in Paris last week of 47.84,
                                                                     following the knee operation during the winter months that
                                                                     threatened to derail his Olympic campaign, Greene was satisfied
London 2012: Perri Shakes-Drayton                                    with his performance.
breaks through to Games medal zone                                       “It was OK,” he said. “I would have liked a bit more but it
                                                                     was a good race. I think it was my third fastest time ever so I
                                                                     can’t be too disappointed. I’ve got a few more weeks to get a bit
• Londoner smashes 400m hurdles pb                                   sharper for the Olympics and I’m going in the right direction I
with 53.77sec                                                        think. So I’m looking forward to the Olympics and hopefully
• Olympic and European champions are                                 I can get one over Culson then.” Former world champion
beaten                                                               Bershawn Jackson was disqualified after a false start.
                                                                         Chris Tomlinson produced a season’s best in the long jump
Anna Kessel at Crystal Palace
                                                                     with a final round effort of 8.26m, beating Olympic silver
                                                                     medallist Godfrey Mokoena and finishing just 4cm short of
                                                                     world-leading Mitchell Watt’s winning jump. A first effort
                                                                     beyond the Olympic ‘A’ standard this season will come as a huge
                                                                     relief for the 28-year-old joint British record holder, who has
                                                                     struggled for form in the early part of the season. “Five jumps
                                                                     over eight metres,” he said. “Things are starting to take shape.
                                                                     It’s all really a one competition season with the Olympic Games
                                                                     but I’ve got to be happy with today’s performance.”
                                                                         Team GB’s Olympic gold medal hope Mo Farah put in a
                                                                     commanding performance to win the 5,000m. The 29-year-old
                                                                     looked comfortable all through the race, taking the lead with
                                                                     two laps to run, slowly beginning to stretch out his legs. At
                                                                     the bell Farah kicked to sprint home the final 400m in 54sec,
Britain’s Perri Shakes-Drayton reacts after winning the              accompanied all the way by a standing ovation from the crowd.
women’s 400m hurdles in the Diamond League meeting at                “I’m in great form, it’s important that I work on my speed but it
Crystal Palace. Photograph: Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images           was a great race given the tough weather conditions,” he said.
                                                                         There were no Britons in the men’s 100m final after Dwain
Perri Shakes-Drayton gave an emphatic performance at Crystal
                                                                     Chambers, Mark Lewis-Francis and Simeon Williamson failed
Palace on Friday night, staking her claim for an Olympic medal
                                                                     to qualify. Tyson Gay won in a relatively slow time of 10.03sec.
just weeks out from the London Games. The 23-year-old set
                                                                     “I got another win under my belt which gives me a little bit of
a personal best in the 400 metres hurdles of 53.77sec to lift
                                                                     confidence going into the Games,” said the 29-year-old, who
herself to joint second in the world this season, and second on
                                                                     ranks second fastest of all time over the distance with 9.69.
the British all-time list behind the former world record holder
                                                                         Three Britons competed against a world class field in the
Sally Gunnell.
                                                                     women’s 1500m, with youngster Laura Weightman – coached
    Despite the wet and windy conditions Shakes-Drayton took
                                                                     by Steve Cram – finishing fourth above her domestic rivals.
0.41sec off her previous best as she broke 54sec for the first
                                                                     There was disappointment for the two world silver medallists
time and beat a world-class field that included the Olympic
                                                                     with Lisa Dobriskey finishing seventh and Hannah England,
champion Melaine Walker and the European champion Irina
                                                                     recovering from an Achilles tendon injury, last.
                                                                         China’s former Olympic 110 metres hurdles champion Liu
    Only Natalya Antyukh of Russia has run faster this year
                                                                     Xiang withdrew from the final with a back injury after easing up
– 53.40sec – while on the Crystal Palace track Davydova lagged
                                                                     in winning his semi-final. In his absence, the event was won by
behind Shakes-Drayton by almost a second. The time betters
                                                                     Aries Merritt of the United States in a time of 12.93.
that of her compatriot Tasha Danvers in winning Olympic
                                                                         At the world junior championships in Barcelona Katarina
bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and marks a
                                                                     Johnson-Thompson, the 19-year-old heptathlete dubbed the
veritable breakthrough for a young woman so long talked about
                                                                     “new Jessica Ennis”, beat the event specialists to win the long
as a potential talent.
                                                                     jump title with an impressive new personal best of 6.81m.
    “I’m over the moon at the time,” said Shakes-Drayton, who
                                                                         “I am really pleased with that, especially because I didn’t
has not improved her personal best since 2010, “today I thought
                                                                     expect it,” she said. “I thought I would be in with a shot at a top
it’s an opportunity to race against the best girls and I haven’t
                                                                     five, top three maybe, if I hit the board right.
really had the chance. I’ve had niggles and I’ve had to pull out
                                                                         “This performance is a massive performance boost for the
of races as a precaution. I thought today: ‘Come on girl, pull
                                                                     Olympic Games, but my focus is not going to change after that.
your socks up’ and went for it. I had aggression and belief in
                                                                     People ask me if I am going to be a long jumper, but my focus
myself. I had a very good day at the office today and it gives me
                                                                     will remain the heptathlon.”
confidence. I’ve just got to keep going as I’m going.”
                                                                         Debbie Dunn, the former world indoor champion over
    Dai Greene, the 400m hurdles world champion, had to settle
                                                                     400m, has withdrawn from the US Olympic team after a sample
for second place against the world’s fastest man in his event this
                                                                     she gave at the national trials revealed an elevated testosterone-
year – Javier Culson. The 26-year-old Briton ran the third best
                                                                     epitestosterone level. Dunn, 34, finished fourth at the US trials
time of his career, 48.10sec, while the Puerto Rican posted a © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                             
Page  G24 Sport                                                                        Saturday July 14 2012             11:16 GMT

but had been selected for the women’s 4x400m relay.                   and then let the German, American and British public demand a
                                                                      fight with someone like Vitali Klitschko.”
                                                                          Were Haye to triumph on Saturday he would still have to get
David Haye seeks redemption at the                                    in line to fight the older Klitschko brother, who having beaten
expense of Dereck Chisora                                             Chisora in Munich five months ago – moments before Chisora
                                                                      and Haye looked to beat each other up at the press briefing
                                                                      – is scheduled to face the undefeated German Manuel Charr in
• David Haye eager to make up for loss to                             Moscow in September and may even announce his retirement
Wladimir Klitschko                                                    after the bout in order to focus on being elected to the Ukrainian
• Haye has high hopes of fight sparked by                             Parliament. Wladimir, meanwhile, has recently completed a
Dereck Chisora brawl                                                  six-round stoppage of the American Tony Thompson
                                                                      p/38pnq and, according to his manager, Bernd Boente, has no
Sachin Nakrani
                                                                      interest in a rematch with Haye.
                                                                          All of that is irrelevant should Haye suffer what would be
                                                                      the third loss of his career, against Chisora at Upton Park. What
                                                                      has been lost somewhat amid the controversy and distaste
                                                                      surrounding this bout – the first ever to be sanctioned on British
                                                                      soil by Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Boxe – is that it has
                                                                      the potential to be rather good. Haye claims to be in the sort
                                                                      of shape he was in prior to dismantling Enzo Maccarinelli four
                                                                      years ago and, contrary to how he took on Klitschko and, before
                                                                      that, Nikolay Valuev, has vowed to press forward and use his
                                                                      superior hand speed to finish off his opponent.
                                                                          But, as the promoter Frank Warren never tires of saying,
                                                                      Chisora has the superior chin and given that he goes into this
                                                                      contest with a 37lb advantage over Haye and having sparred
David Haye, left, and Dereck Chisora eyeball each other during        with the WBO light-heavyweight champion Nathan Cleverly,
the weigh-in for Saturday night’s fight. Andrew Redington/            it would be foolish to rule out a win for Finchley’s “craziest”
Getty Images                                                          man. It should also not be forgotten that before he lost his
                                                                      mind and manners in Munich, threatening to shoot Haye
Shortly after 10pm on Saturday evening, in what is likely to be
                                                                      and subsequently having his licence withheld by the British
a raucous corner of east London, David Haye will aim to punch
                                                                      Boxing Board of Control, Chisora had taken Vitali Klitschko the
away the frustrations of what has been a sobering year in the
                                                                      distance with a display of encouraging gutsiness. That was,
fighter’s life. Standing in front of him will be Dereck Chisora, an
                                                                      though, after he had slapped Vitali at the weigh-in and spat
opponent carved from the rubble of an ugly and senseless brawl
                                                                      water in Wladimir’s face before the opening bell.
between the pair in Munich last February but,
                                                                          “Dereck has done a lot of bad things in his life but he’s never
in truth, it will be the ghost of Wladimir Klitschko that Haye is
                                                                      really been punished,” Haye said in the buildup to Saturday’s
really looking to overcome.
                                                                      fight, one that has featured the expected exchange of insults
    Saturday 2 July 2011 is a date that however hard he tries,
                                                                      alongside the more unusual sight of a steel fence separating the
Haye simply cannot move on from. It was meant to be the
                                                                      pair every time they have met. “The British Board of Control
night that defined him as an icon of British boxing, the night he
                                                                      didn’t ban him and the law hasn’t really punished him, so it’s up
become a unified heavyweight champion of the world. Instead,
                                                                      to me to punish him.”
in Hamburg’s sweeping rain, Haye was out-thought and out-
                                                                          If he is to challenge for a world title then Haye has no choice
boxed by Klitschko and ultimately reduced to blaming the loss
                                                                      but to triumph, although the reported £3m fee he is receiving
of his WBA title on a broken toe . In an instant
                                                                      should soften the blow of any subsequent loss. Ultimately,
he had gone from here to zero, from Brutus to Bozo the Clown.
                                                                      however, this fight is about restoring Haye’s reputation,
    As promised, Haye did retire shortly after turning 31 last
                                                                      making good on his pre-Wladimir Klitschko promises and even
October, but given his preoccupation with reputation and
                                                                      repairing some of the damage he and Chisora did to themselves
legacy it never seemed likely that he would allow the defeat to
                                                                      and their sport earlier this year.
Klitschko to be his swansong. And so here is the “Hayemaker”
                                                                          “It still hurts him,” said Haye’s long-standing trainer Adam
once again, back in the ring 12 months after attracting the likes
                                                                      Booth of the defeat suffered in Hamburg just over 12 month ago.
of George Foreman and Rory McIlory to watch him in northern
                                                                      “You are only as good as your last fight and on Saturday David
Germany. Against Chisora he has the chance for redemption
                                                                      has a chance to put a fresh memory in people’s minds.”
and a return to the big time.
    “I’ve had a lot of good nights and ideally I don’t want to be
remembered for a bad night,” Haye said. “I believe Saturday
will be a good night, whether I’m remembered for Saturday
night, I don’t know. The aim is to win the heavyweight title back
– in terms of legacy that would be great. If that happens remains
to be seen; it’s down to whoever has the titles and if they want
to fight me. The best way to get to that point is to do a good job
on Dereck Chisora, beat him like he’s never been beaten before, © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page  G24 Sport                                                                         Saturday July 14 2012           11:16 GMT

                                                                       currently cycle at least once a week. That’s reflected in the
                                                                       buoyant state of the cycle industry. A joint report by British
How Britain became a cycling nation                                    Cycling and the London School of Economics in August last year
                                                                       estimated that as a pastime and industry it is worth £2.9bn to
The Tour de France and Olympic golds                                   the national economy . Their estimated spend
are well within the grasp of British riders,                           of £230 per cyclist will make any two-wheeled widow smile
and nearly two million of us are now                                   wryly: the most expensive top-end racing bikes cost as much as
regular cyclists. Yet a decade ago, this was a                         a small car, so that might just about cover a pair of brakes.
                                                                           The LSE figure is borne out by a simple rule of thumb: visit
minority pursuit. So what has changed?                                 any major cycle event or do a quick commuter count, estimate
William Fotheringham                                                   the value of the bikes within view, and extrapolate. Or you
                                                                       could compare the magazines I edited in the 1990s with their
                                                                       editions now, in terms of page count and advert count. This
                                                                       summer, retailers suggest that mid-range bike sales have been
                                                                       hit hard by the poor weather – one shop reported in June that
                                                                       its top-selling clothing line was winter overshoes – but in 2010
                                                                       and 2011, the market in high-end bikes, those costing more than
                                                                       £5,000, was more than bucking the recession.
                                                                           “The massive difference in the last three years is the number
                                                                       of serious, first-time buyers – that’s increased enormously.
                                                                       There is a huge increase in people buying a first serious bike,
                                                                       costing £1,000 or more, it’s more than doubled,” Phil Weaver,
                                                                       who runs Shropshire-based Epic Cycles, told me. The classic
                                                                       pattern, according to Weaver, is that cyclists begin with a
                                                                       commuter bike, buy a low-to-mid-range road bike, get hooked,
Bradley Wiggins during the 11th stage of the 99th Tour de
                                                                       then look to the top end of the market.
France: seven years ago there wasn’t a single Briton competing
                                                                           The rise and rise of cycling can be traced back to two
in the event. Photograph: Stephane Mahe/REUTERS
                                                                       coaches, Peter Keen and Dave Brailsford and one event: the
Bradley Wiggins and his team-mate Chris Froome are odds-on             Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, when Chris Boardman won
to win the Tour de France when it finishes in Paris next Sunday,       the gold medal in the individual pursuit, Britain’s first cycling
holding first and second place with a week to go, but amid the         gold since 1920. That created massive short-term hype, but
celebration one salient fact could go unnoticed: seven years           nothing concrete for five years, until Boardman’s trainer Peter
ago, in 2005, there was not a single cyclist from these shores in      Keen sat down and wrote a long-term plan for the sport in order
the race. The dramatic rise of British cyclists riding for a British   to attract funding from the National Lottery: Boardman’s gold,
team to dominate the toughest race in the cycling calendar is          and the bronze he won in Atlanta, indicated that British cyclists
the mirror image of a sport and pastime that has boomed in             could compete on the international stage if well resourced. But
the last few years, whether you measure it by medal count,             by then the sport was in crisis, the governing body had been
participation or cash spent on bike bling.                             riven with dissent and members had deserted in droves. Major
    The Tour de France is the start of what could be the perfect       sponsors had disappeared and while Boardman had won a time
summer for cycling, on the results side if not in terms of the         trial in the Tour de France, he was the only Briton in the race.
weather for actually being in the saddle. The dream scenario               Keen’s plan seemed outlandish: he proposed the funding be
for the men who run the sport in Britain would be that, six days       directed mainly at track cycling and women’s racing. These, he
after Wiggins or Froome wins the Tour de France, the reigning          suggested, were areas where medals could be won in the short
world road race champion Mark Cavendish sprints up the Mall            term, attracting more funding and creating a virtuous cycle of
to win the opening event in the London Olympic Games, the              forward progress. There was an outcry from traditionalists,
men’s road race. The script climaxes the following week with a         offended partly by the fact he was only intending to fund teams
rush of medals at the London Velodrome, building on the track          in road racing – the most prestigious and popular side of the
cycling team’s dominance in Beijing in 2008. New national              sport – as part of preparation for track racing. Keen also felt
heroes then emerge to act as flagbearers alongside Cavendish           that, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the professional road
– BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2011            side was riddled with drugs and it would be unethical to launch
– Wiggins, Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton.                       young riders into that milieu. The diehards also hated the lime-
    Those who underestimate cycling have only to stand by              green jerseys that Keen’s national team wore, briefly, to mark a
the side of a major road leading to the centre of London at            complete break with the past.
rush hour and watch the endless stream of bikes passing as                 His vision bore fruit almost immediately, with Jason
commuters beat congestion on the tube, or see the hordes who           Queally’s gold medal in the kilometre time trial at the Sydney
watch the Tour of Britain each September           Olympics, where Hoy and a 20-year-old Bradley Wiggins were
(official crowd figures topped a million in 2011). Cycling is no       also among the medallists. The momentum continued at the
longer at the margins and this summer’s events will help it grow       Athens Games, where Wiggins and Hoy both took gold. But
further, in terms of participation and economics.                      as the track cyclists flourished, the road racers were nowhere:
    British Cycling’s membership has               Boardman had retired in 2000, and his apparent successor,
doubled since 2008 to 50,000, while Sport England’s latest             David Millar, was busted for drugs in 2004 and
participation survey suggests nearly two million people © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page  G24 Sport                                                                        Saturday July 14 2012             11:16 GMT

banned. (He has since returned, reinventing himself as an anti-
doping campaigner, and on Friday won a stage of the current
tour.) In 2004 and 2005, there was not one British cyclist in the
                                                                      London 2012 Olympic security guards
Tour de France.                                                       may not speak English, says G4S boss
    The key years were 2007 and 2008. By then Keen had moved
on, succeeded by Brailsford, who ran the sport along the same         Nick Buckles says he found out the
lines as Keen, but with a key twist: Brailsford was a road racer at   company would not be able to fulfil its
heart, a would-be pro before turning his attention to business.
                                                                      Olympic contract only a few days ago
In 2007, when the tour started in London, the first products
of the Great Britain cycling academy – run by a passionate            Ben Quinn and Conal Urquhart
young coach, Rod Ellingworth – were coming through, led by
Mark Cavendish, and Brailsford had spotted the potential for a
British-based professional team. The talent was there, he felt,
but the sport was clearly changing, with stricter testing pushing
drug taking increasingly to the margins. Young British cyclists
no longer had to face the ethical minefield that had ensnared
    Beijing in 2008 saw Brailsford’s cyclists dominate with
eight golds; James Murdoch’s Sky had come on board as a
major sponsor for the Olympic team just before the Games
and by 2009 they were lined up to back the pro team project.
Serendipitously, that same year Wiggins achieved his
breakthrough performance in the tour, finishing fourth after
finally paying his full attention to the road after his years
                                                                      Nick Buckles, chief executive of G4S, who said he could not
of concentrating on the track at the Olympic Games. At the
                                                                      confirm all the company’s London 2012 Olympic security
same time, there had been a massive boom in participation at
                                                                      guards would speak English. Photograph: Newscast/Alamy
grassroots level, fuelled largely by the emergence of the Mamil:
Middle Aged Men in Lycra, able to commit time and money to            Security guards provided for the Olympics by the firm G4S may
pursuing their passion, largely mass-participation events based       not be able to speak English, the company’s chief executive has
on the format of the Etape du Tour , in           admitted.
which leisure riders get to cycle the route of a stage of the great       Nick Buckles, who admitted he had not realised that the
race.                                                                 company would not be able to provide sufficient staff to fulfil
    At the top of the tree, in 2011, British pro cyclists won a       its contract until a few days ago, told the BBC’s Radio 4 Today
record 46 races, partly spurred by Team Sky’s formation,              programme he could not confirm that all G4S guards were
but also because of Cavendish’s rise to dominate the mass             fluent in English.
sprints that decide many professional events. The highlight               “That is a difficult question to answer. They all have a right
was Cavendish’s victory in the world professional road race           to work in the UK and have been vetted to very high standards.
championship , a feat no Briton had managed            I cannot say categorically as I sit here today [that all the guards
since 1965. It was a team performance of striking dominance           speak English],” he said.
– confirmation that Keen’s goal of making Britain the world’s             Buckles said there were roles in which fluency in English was
top cycling nation had been achieved – masterminded by                not a necessity. “I’m saying there probably are roles within the
Ellingworth in a two-year campaign that bore echoes of Sir Clive      security structure where there is not a direct communication
Woodward’s single-minded march towards the 2003 Rugby                 with the public,” he said.
World Cup.                                                                He confirmed that G4S stood to lose up to £50m because of
    Unlike Woodward’s players, Britain’s cyclists have kept           the fiasco, which forced the government this week to call up
going, without a pause for breath. In February 2009, Brailsford       3,500 troops to meet the shortfall in security for the Games.
had stated his goal of winning the Tour de France                 The chief executive, who has been summoned with his
p/25tyk with a British cyclist. It was met with widespread            chairman to appear next week before the Commons home
scepticism. That is now within reach, whether or not it happens       affairs select committee to explain the failures, said he only
this year. Asked what he would do next if it were to happen,          became aware G4S would be unable to provide enough staff for
whether he might feel he had nothing else to achieve, he had no       the Olympics eight or nine days ago.
hesitation: “Win it again. And again.” After this July, few would         “The workforce that we are recruiting for the Games come
gainsay him. And looking back further, the original visionary,        from different backgrounds,” he said. “Some are in current
Peter Keen, wrote in an early Olympic plan that he felt Britain       employment so clearly they are not going to be available for
had to aim to be the number one cycling nation in the world.          training until quite close to the Games and others are students
That looked outlandish, but, again, it is perfectly on the cards.     that clearly aren’t available until closer to the Games.”
                                                                          The beleaguered security company said in a statement on
                                                                      Friday night that it “deeply regrets” the problems, adding: “G4S
                                                                      accepts its responsibility for the additional cost of the increased
                                                                      military deployment resulting from the shortfall in workforce
                                                                          The company’s admission that it is in line to take a major © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page 10 G24 Sport                                                                        Saturday July 14 2012           11:16 GMT

financial hit over the shambles came hours after the prime                Locog, which has also been summoned to appear before
minister weighed into the row, warning that firms that failed to       the home affairs select committee along with the Home Office
deliver on their contracts would be pursued for the money.             and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, admitted
     The security firm had been committed to supply 13,700             in December it had wildly underestimated the number of staff
guards as demanded in its contract, worth £284m, which it now          required to deliver security at 34 Olympic venues in London
says it is unlikely to be able to fulfil. Overall, the 23,700-strong   and around the country.
security force for the Games will include a mix of military,
private security guards and at least 3,000 unpaid volunteers.
Buckles said it would cost G4S between £314m and £324m to              Tour de France 2012: domestique bliss
fulfil its contract and pay penalties.                                 for Team Sky’s Chris Froome
     Contingency plans have also been drawn up for police
officers to secure venues in the days leading up to the start of
the Games because of G4S’s recruitment shortage. The original
                                                                       How the Guardian has reported on the
plan was for specialist police teams to search the venues before       unsung role of cycling’s domestiques down
lockdown was carried out by either G4S or the military.                the years
     But plans are now being made for the potential need to
                                                                       Jason Rodrigues
deploy hundreds of officers to control what goes into the arenas
until the extra military personnel arrive.
     Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison, head of Scotland
Yard’s security operation, said: “Delivering a safe and secure
Games is a priority but we will not compromise on keeping the
streets and our local communities safe.
     “The 12 venue police forces are working closely with the
Locog [London Organising Committee], G4S and the military to
ensure that the venues have the necessary levels of security as
they move into lockdown.
     “The police service always had to operate to a very tight
timescale to deliver the defensive search regime at venues and
so in some cases forces may have to deploy officers into duties
at venues that we had not anticipated. Plans are being worked
up to deliver this where necessary.                                    Chris Froome, a climbing domestique for Team Sky, riding in
     “These forces are taking measures to maximise available           the 2012 Tour de France. Photograph: Lionel Bonaventure/
officers to support venues if necessary, on top of continuing to       AFP/Getty Images
deliver policing to our communities. This is not impacting on          When Chris Froome was asked about challenging his team
our existing plans for the safety and security operation, which        leader, Bradley Wiggins, for the yellow jersey in this year’s
we are confident we can still meet.”                                   Tour de France, the talented British rider, currently in second
     In a statement, G4S said on Friday: “The company is also          place behind Wiggins, said exactly what every
incurring other significant costs as it endeavours to meet the         domestique should say: “I’ll follow orders at all costs. I’m part
contract challenges.                                                   of a team and I have to do what the team asks me to do”. It was a
     “Whilst it is not possible to gauge the precise financial         statement that reinforced cycling’s reputation as being a feudal
impact, it is estimated that the company will incur a loss on the      sport.
contract in the range of £35m to £50m, all of which will fall in          More than a century ago, the domestique was a description
the current financial year.”                                           given to a rider whose self-sacrifice allowed his team leader to
     The home secretary, Theresa May, had been pressing G4S            focus on personal glory. As a domestique (literally “servant”
to provide assurances over its commitments, but patience in            in French) a rider would sometimes stop at a stream to fill his
Whitehall ran out last weekend and talks began to establish            captain’s water bottle. If a team leader had been dropped by the
whether the Ministry of Defence could fill the gap.                    pack because of a puncture his domestique rode in front of him,
     As May came under sustained opposition attack in                  shielding him from the wind, so he could return to the front.
parliament this week, she repeatedly refused to spell out what         The job description hasn’t changed much.
penalties G4S would face, insisting that the contract was with            In terms of reward, some domestiques dreamed of spending
Locog and not the Home Office.                                         their share of the team’s prize money on a small farm in the
     The depth of the crisis over G4S’s Olympic security               French coutryside. At least nowadays, a talented domestique
preparations became increasingly clear on Thursday as recruits         can be promoted to super-domestique and eventually team
revealed to the Guardian details of a “totally chaotic” selection      leader.
process and police joined the military in bracing themselves to           Although the current crop of British cyclists may have won
fill the void left by the private security contractor.                 the respect of their continental peers, in the past many found
     Opposition politicians have called for a pause in the award       themselves stuck in the domestique role, a kind of ‘Jeeves on
of any more government contracts to G4S, and there had been            wheels’ as some saw it. In 1985, Paul Sherwen, now a cycling
speculation in recent days that it would face financial penalties      broadcaster, talked to the Guardian about leaving the UK to
amounting to tens of thousands of pounds per venue per day             become a domestique in France.
for failing to deliver sufficient staff.                                  Another British rider content to leave the podium to others © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page 11 G24 Sport                                                   Saturday July 14 2012   11:16 GMT

was Sean Yates, the current sports director of Team Sky, whose
many years as a domestique were at least rewarded with a
single day spent in the yellow jersey during the 1994 Tour.
    Occasionally, the domesitique might win an individual stage
of a race by slipping away from the pack
to cross the line first. For the most part, he is expected to be
near his leader’s side. This rule is relaxed somewhat in the Tour
de France when the race passes through the home town of a
domestique, and he is allowed, momentarily, to ride ahead of
the pack to enjoy the applause of family and friends.
    For a domestique not content with a life in service, there’s
always the dream of emulating US rider, Greg LeMond, dubbed
‘L’Américain’ by the French, whoes undoubted talent helped
him rise up the ranks and go on to win the Tour de France
three times (1986, 1989, 1990) and become World Road Race
Champion (1983, 1989).
    . © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                               

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