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									                                      Monica G. Lynn
                                  13201 Buckskin Rd., NE
                                  Albuquerque, NM 87111
                                       (505) 822-1897

                                 PROFESSIONAL PROFILE

Highly organized professional with ability to assess, analyze and evaluate organizational
systems. Proven success at bringing public safety strategic technology initiatives into
alignment with organizational goals and resources, as well as facilitating organizational
change to make possible the realization of those initiatives. Excellent project
management experience with complex multi-million dollar information systems.

Professional experience in information technology management, strategic planning,
policy and procedure analysis, business process analysis, systems architecture design,
procurement and contracting, and project implementation management and oversight.
Familiar with public safety culture and operations from experience as a law enforcement
officer. JIEM certified and acquainted with Global Justice XML initiative.

Exceptional analytical, writing, and presentation skills. Extensive training and
experience reviewing, analyzing, and summarizing literature relevant to a particular
topic; conducting research; analyzing data; writing research and concept papers; editing
professional articles; managing research projects; and presenting ideas and research


1995            Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
                PhD, Management, Sloan School of Management
1984            University of California, Berkeley, CA
                Bachelor of Arts, Economics


2005-            Consultant.
present          Monica G. Lynn, Consulting. Albuquerque, NM.
                 Consultant providing information technology and management consulting
                 services to public safety agencies. Specific services provided include strategic
                 assessment and planning; IT project management and oversight; vendor
                 selection assistance, including RFP development and proposal evaluation;
                 contract negotiation and development; and change management.

                                                                         September, 2006
                                                                               M. Lynn
                                                                        September, 2006


2002-2005    Information Technology Project Manager.
             City of Albuquerque Police Department. Albuquerque, NM.
             Key job components included IT operations review and assessment; strategic
             planning; project planning and management; RFP development; vendor
             evaluation; contract development and negotiation; and task force participation.
             Provided additional value through structural and cultural organizational changes
             that enabled the Department to manage and use IT more effectively. Please see
             attached detailed description of APD career accomplishments.

2000-2002    Patrol Officer, First Class.
             City of Albuquerque Police Department. Albuquerque, NM.
             Duties ranged from neighborhood patrol to misdemeanor case prosecution.
             Special training included crisis intervention, crisis negotiation, and drug
             recognition. Received special honors for “Officer of the Month” and “Top
             Physically Fit Female Officer.”

1995-2000    Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources.
             University of New Mexico, Anderson Schools of Management. Albuquerque,
                Teaching. Taught core graduate and undergraduate courses in
                 Organizational Behavior and an elective course in Organizational Change
                 and Development.
                Research field. Human resource management.
                Service. Course development, teambuilding innovations, faculty research
                 seminar development, and community event participation. Involved with
                 UNM’s Latin American and Iberian Institute, developed teaching and
                 research relationships with South American universities, and participated in
                 hosting the 1998 Mercosur/NAFTA conference. Reviewed papers and
                 symposia for annual Academy of Management meetings.

1996-1997    Associate Professor of Management
             Universidad Adolfo Ibàñez, Vina del Mar, Chile.

                Teaching. Taught graduate courses in Organizational Behavior, Leadership,
                 and Organizational Change. Conducted a 4-week teambuilding seminar for
                 the MBA program. Guest teaching engagements continued through June,

                Service. Designed and oversaw construction of a low ropes teambuilding
                 course. Trained facilitators on the use of the course and the integration of a
                 low ropes course into a teambuilding program.

                                                                             M. Lynn
                                                                      September, 2006


1995         Instructor, Research Methods and Data Analysis.
             California State University, Hayward, Hayward, CA.
             Taught research design, survey and experiment design, and data analysis.
             Guided students through the design, implementation, and analysis of a social
             science research project.

1986-1994    Graduate Assistant.
             Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management,
             Cambridge, MA

                Teaching Associate. Co-facilitated Interpersonal Dynamics and Group
                 Relations. Taught Organizational Behavior and Theory and Social Science
                 Research and Data Analysis.
                Teaching Assistant. Assisted in course development, preparation, grading,
                 and student facilitation for the following courses: Technology Strategy,
                 Corporate Strategy, Organizational Sociology and Psychology, and
                 Organizational Behavior.
                Research Assistant. Assisted several professors with research projects,
                 primarily in the area of Technology Strategy. Managed a Sloan Foundation
                 Grant Study researching why students study science or engineering. I was
                 responsible for managing the research team; overseeing and assisting in
                 data collection; compiling, organizing, and analyzing the data; and writing
                 the final research report.

1987-1991    Camp Owner.
             On The Right Trail, Berkeley, CA.
             Organized and led one and two week backpacking trips for children.

1984-1986    Consultant/Research Analyst.
             Econominc, Berkeley, CA.
             Conducted industry and market share analyses, summarized and organized
             relevant documents, wrote reports, and maintained client relationships for a
             consultant providing economic expertise and expert witness testimony for
             companies involved in anti-trust lawsuits.

1984         Market Analyst.
             Pacific Fruit Express, Brisbane, CA.
             Provided econometric analysis and forecasts for existing and potential markets.
             Searched for new market opportunities. Wrote contracts with new customers.

                                                                                   M. Lynn
                                                                            September, 2006


                    SEARCH JIEM Training (2004).
                    SEARCH COPS Technical Assistance Conference Series – Law
                     Enforcement Information Technology Planning (2002).
                    Crisis Negotiation Training (2002).
                    Drug Recognition Expert Training (2001).
                    Crisis Intervention Training (2001)
                    Albuquerque Police Academy (2000).
                    NTL Institute Team Building Workshop (1994).
                    MIT Group Dynamics Seminar (1992).


2005 and 2006       Creating a Project Plan; Creating a Project Success. COPS Technical
                    Assistance Conference Series – Law Enforcement Information Technology
                    Planning. Charlotte, NC; San Diego, CA; Portland OR; Nashville, TN.

2004                Picking the Right RMS: Elements to Look for in a Records Management
                    System. Tribal Crime Data Training Conference. Albuquerque, NM.

2004                Performance Metrics. COPS Technical Assistance Conference Series – Law
                    Enforcement Information Technology Planning. Atlanta, GA.

2000                The ‘who,’ the ‘what,’ and the ‘why’ of privilege in organizations: A framework
                    for dialogue. Western Academy of Management Conference. Kona, Hawaii.

1996                Do Diversity Strategies Make a Difference?          Academy of Management
                    Conference. Boston, MA.

1992                Relational demography in internal labor markets: Determinants of wage
                    attainment in a pay-for-knowledge program. Academy of Management
                    Conference. Las Vegas, NV.


                     Rock climbing backpacking, hiking, skiing, biking, and sailing.

                                                                    Attachment 1: Career Accomplishments

                                        Monica G. Lynn
                                    13201 Buckskin Rd., NE
                                    Albuquerque, NM 87111
                                         (505) 822-1897


Strategic Planning. Conducted a situational assessment and strategic analysis of the police
department, including its information technology structure and systems, organizational culture,
constituents, and operating environment. Facilitated the creation of an information technology
vision that led to the development of a five-year comprehensive strategic plan with a built-in
process for annual re-evaluation and budget analysis. Created city- and department-wide
commitment to the plan. Spearheaded efforts to develop multi-agency strategic planning
process for the development of a regional integrated justice information system.

Strategic Information Technology Plan Implementation. Ensured realization of Strategic Plan
initiatives by developing an IT management structure; bringing hardware and network
purchases and maintenance in alignment with software and business needs; consolidating
technology and ensuring that purchases are consistent with the strategic plan; working with
other criminal justice and law enforcement agencies to increase operational efficiencies,
communication, and connectivity; and leading the organizational changes necessary for the
long-term viability of the plan.

Project Management. Performed a needs analysis and assessment of alternative courses of
action to increase APD’S vision from one of a stand-alone police RMS to that of a
comprehensive information system comprising a police RMS and automated reporting system, a
police and fire CAD and mobile computing system, and multi-agency/jurisdiction data sharing.
Developed a project charter and governance structure to justify the project and define
management roles and responsibilities. Instituted and followed standard project management
practices for project design, planning and integration; scope and risk management; and activity
monitoring and reporting. Responsible for project team management, resource and task
scheduling, project steering committee coordination, and procurement, including RFP
development and evaluation, vendor selection, and contract development.
Organizational Change. Managed the change effort to develop an organizational structure and
culture enabling APD to achieve technology goals that are aligned with agency business
objectives. Some specific changes included developing an information technology unit to
centralize information technology decision-making processes, eliminating duplicate information
technology efforts and purchases, and creating fiscal controls and accountability.

Research. Researched and managed information pertaining to public safety information
technology. Acted as contact point for vendors disseminating information and for department
members requesting information. Developed and maintained an in-house information
technology website.

State Traffic Records Coordinating Committee. Represented the Albuquerque Police
Department on a statewide project to develop electronic and standardized traffic citation, crash,
and DWI reporting, information storage, and data retrieval procedures. APD is a pilot site for
the project, which, if successful, will pave the way for future inter-agency collaboration.

                                                                                    September, 2006

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