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         Designation                      “Is an outstanding school” – Ofsted May 2007

                       11- 19
                                               From 11 -             11 – 19 from September 2008

“Youngsters at Newall Green High School in Wythenshawe are more likely to achieve their potential than at almost any
school in the country.” – Manchester Evening News, April 2007.
Situated in an attractive area of South Manchester, Newall Green High School is a co-educational comprehensive school
with a full complement of 914 students on roll and a waiting list for all years. It is a city comprehensive serving the large
estate of Wythenshawe. We have very pleasant grounds with mature trees, a beautiful pond, dining room and conservatory
that overlooks it, and an architecturally pleasing building. The proximity of the M56 and the M60 makes the school easily
accessible from the north and south. Manchester International Airport is a ten minute drive away. We are engaged in a
building schools for the future programme and are due to open September 2008.

Candidates who are joining our school should be aware that:

            We are a specialist college in three subjects, Arts, Science with Mathematics, Vocational.
               We were offered an out-of-cycle opportunity to take on a third specialism from April 2006. We chose Vocational
               5 A*-C grades at GCSE have improved again to 69% 2007, 64% in 2006, 52% in 2005, 50% in 2004, 41% in
                2003,38% in 2002, 32% 2001 from 17% in 2000.
               Our contextual value added from KS2 is 1055. This places us in the top 1% nationally and 12th overall. We have
                the highest CVA in Greater Manchester
               We serve the most socially deprived ward in England (Benchill).
               We have very challenging behaviour.
               44% of the students are on free meals.
               35% of students are on the special needs register.
               97% of our students leave with at least 1 qualification with 69% gaining 5+ A*- C grades.
               55% of our Year 7 intakes have literacy and numeracy problems, that takes up considerable resources at Key
                Stage 3.
               We are a uniform school, strong on relationships between staff and students, strong on mutual respect. All
                students from Year 7 to Year 11 are in blazers.
               We have recently received eleven awards from the Specialist School’s Trust for our value added and improved
                GCSE scores. 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.
               We have received Leading Aspect awards for Transition and our Extended Full Service School provision. We
                are a Social Emotional and Behaviour Skills National Pilot School.
               Ofsted 2007 gave us grade 1 outstanding.

M/Admin/JOB DESC/about the school April 2008
                Newall Green High School is an outstanding school. The following areas have been identified as being
               Overall effectiveness
               Capacity to improve
               Curriculum
               Care and Guidance for learning
               Leadership and management
            When comparing our examination results using the DfES comparative data for school of similar types, based on
                free school meals, we are in the 99th percentile (A and A*).
            We recently featured in a video training pack for schools, produced by the DfES. We are a case study for
                involving parents in Raising Attainment.
            All staff recently completed a Pacific Institute training programme.
            Year 10 and 11 currently follow the “Go for it” programme (Pacific Institute).
            We currently have ten Barrier Free students (disabled students).
            We currently have eleven students with Severe Learning Difficulties.
            We currently have 282 students on School Action & School Action Plus.
               We have become a pilot school for Enterprise Pathways, a DfES sponsored programme.
               We are a pilot school for a LEA collaborative teaching programme.
               All year groups are full with waiting lists. Currently we have 914 students on roll and Year 7 intake in
                September 2004 was 190.
               We took 140 Year 7 students on a residential to Warwickshire in September 2005, together with their form
                tutors and Head of Year.
               We took 120 students to Paris (year 8).
               We took 120 students to Barcelona.
               We took Year 9 students to Belgium for 5 days.
               We recently received the Schools Inclusion Charter Mark from the LEA.
               In July 2004 we received Investors in People, and again in 2007
               During August 2004 six of our students, accompanied by a member of staff, attended the Olympic Games as
                part of a cultural delegation. The three weeks included being present at Kelly Holme’s Gold Medal in the
               At the Brit Awards in February 2006 we were the backing group for the Gorillaz.
               We have recently gained the ICT kite mark.
               We have recently gained the 6th form presumption
               We are a national SEAL pilot school
               We are a national PLTS school
               We have published a pamphlet about our Full Service School

M/Admin/JOB DESC/about the school April 2008
We were more than delighted when the DfES invited us to take on a second specialism during the summer of 2004. We
have accepted the invitation and decided on Science with Mathematics. This initiative began on September 1 st 2004. We
are currently implementing action plans for this exciting development and anticipate that we will be a centre of excellence for
Science and Mathematics in an urban context in the very near future.
 Vocational status from April 2006 brings with it immense opportunities for the school the local community and the
collaborative. The developments of a vocational sixth form takes us in to new territory. We are immensely excited by the
opportunities in front of us. We are also fully aware of the additional workload and challenges these will bring.
Applicants who wish to join the school should therefore be under no illusion as to expectations, and demands of the job.
The school is vibrant and thriving with the staff working collectively to serve the needs of the students.
We aim to be recognised by the community as being a valuable and necessary resource for both the present and future.
However, all applicants should be aware that we serve a city council estate that is one of the biggest in Western Europe,
which is predominantly working class with a high proportion of unemployment and one parent families. One of our wards,
Benchill, has been designated the poorest in England. We take approximately 30% of our intake from this ward. The
school is a pleasant place to work in and the students themselves are, by and large, pleasant and outgoing. There is
disaffection amongst some of the students and reluctance to learn. All the staff acknowledges that to be successful in our
school requires a sociable disposition that welcomes and builds upon students experiences. Only applicants who want to
work with our students, are prepared to put in the time that is necessary and have a genuine regard for their overall welfare
should apply.

The successful candidate will gain experience across a wide range of programmes. Innovation within the school is
encouraged by the Headteacher but success is measured by the impact it has on raising standards. Staff joining our school
will be impressed by the calibre of staff, both teaching and associate, the purpose and ambition they possess and the
collective confidence of raising attainment. The students are friendly, ambitious and intelligent. They require and deserve
the highest quality staff to support their personal needs and aspirations. People who work in our school are at the cutting
edge of education and really do change lives.
We welcome such applicants who share our motto, which is-

                                  “Winning Together”

M/Admin/JOB DESC/about the school April 2008
M/Admin/JOB DESC/about the school April 2008
M/Admin/JOB DESC/about the school April 2008

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