28 September 2011

                              Plethora Solutions Holdings plc
                                 (“Plethora” or “the Company”)

                               Amendment to PSD502 Agreements

Plethora announces that it has today entered into an amendment to its 2009 licensing
agreement with Shionogi Pharma, Inc. (“Shionogi”) under which Plethora will assume control of
the registration and commercialisation of PSD502 in Europe and a number of other territories in
the Rest of the World (the “Amendment”). PSD502 is a treatment for premature ejaculation
developed by Plethora through successful phase III clinical trials.

Plethora and Shionogi entered into two licensing agreements in 2009 firstly for the United States
and secondly for the Rest of the World. Over the course of the last two years, Plethora has
developed a commercial infrastructure in the United Kingdom and is planning to expand this
into Europe via distribution arrangements. Shionogi and Plethora have agreed that due to this
developing strength and strategic focus, it is appropriate for Plethora to undertake registration
and commercialization of PSD502 in Europe and certain other territories. Both companies will
collaborate to share information to their mutual benefit as they proceed in their respective

The Amendment provides that Plethora will undertake the regulatory filing and business
development activities for PSD502 in a number of territories including Europe and the Rest of the
World but excluding the United States, North America, South America Japan, Korea, China and
Taiwan. Under the Amendment, Plethora will fund the costs of commercialisation but will receive
a majority share of the income arising from PSD502 in the relevant territories. In respect of North
America (excluding the United States), South America, Korea, China and Taiwan these
geographies remain covered by the existing 2009 agreement, with Plethora earning a share of
upfront and milestone income earned by Shionogi and a royalty on product sales. In relation to
the United States and Japan Plethora will not earn any further income from PSD502.

It is Plethora’s intention to file PSD502 for registration in Europe at the earliest practical
opportunity and to seek approval in line with normal timescales. Work has already commenced
to meet this objective. In addition, Plethora will seek to partner PSD502 with larger
pharmaceutical companies with the marketing strength and product support to achieve the
product’s full potential. In order to fund this activity, the Company has in a separate press
release today announced a financing to provide the funds the Company will require to achieve
European registration.

Ronald Openshaw, Chief Executive, Plethora said:

“Premature ejaculation is a serious problem for many men and we believe that the market for a
clinically proven and effective product remains unsatisfied. PSD502 has successfully completed
multiple pivotal clinical trials and represents an important potential treatment to fill the unmet
clinical needs of patients.
We believe that the value of this product is substantial. We are grateful for Shionogi’s support
and the agreement reached today protects and enhances our position enables us to deliver
this value for both companies.”



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About Plethora:
Plethora is focused on the development and marketing of products for the treatment of
urological disorders. The Company is focussed on: (i) driving the development of its speciality
sales and marketing business, The Urology Company; and (ii) seeking to increase the value of its
development assets the most advanced of which is PSD502 being developed for the treatment
of premature ejaculation.

Plethora’s subsidiary, The Urology Company Limited, established in 2009, markets and distributes
a range of branded and generic pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical specials, medical
devices and nutritional supplements for the treatment of urology, andrology and obstetric
conditions. Its products fall into to categories (i) Professional – where a physician, nurse or other
healthcare professional makes a prescribing decision and include Striant ® SR, Urolieve®,
Hyalofemme® and Dianatal®; and (ii) Consumer – where the consumer/patient makes a buying
decision and include Hyalofemme®, Multi-Gyn®, Multi-Mam® and hI-Cran®.

The Company is headquartered in the UK and is listed on the London Stock Exchange (AIM:
PLE.L). Further   information  is   available     at and

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