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									Covert Hypnosis

Have you ever tried to hypnotize someone in order to make them obey you?

Most people are curious about how to use hypnosis outside of clinical settings. But did you know that
therapeutic hypnosis or stage hypnosis are not the types of hypnosis that the art of persuasion revolves
around? Successful powerful people are not using language patterns or stage hypnosis to get the things they
want. Powerful people are all (either accidentally or intentionally) using Disguised forms of hypnosis that
are based upon hypnotic frames.
Disguised hypnosis is the only realistic program that allows you successfully persuade people to give you
the things you want. These are the type of powerful persuasive techniques that politicians, world leaders,
and wealthy people have used for years. People practicing Disguised Hypnosis have admitted to getting
raises in their jobs, improving their relationships, getting the most powerful alliances in any social
environment, and getting treated with more respect.

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Conversational Hypnosis

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