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					Christian Men’s Network
                          Christian Men’s Network
Christian Men’s Network
                          Statement of Purpose
                          Edwin Louis Cole
                          • “I believe God has called me to speak
                            with a prophetic voice to the men of this
                            generation. “

                          • He has commissioned me with a ministry
                            majoring in men, to bring them to an
                            identification with Christ and impress
                            them with the reality that "manhood and
                            Christlikeness are synonymous."
Christian Men’s Network
                          Development of the Ministry

                          • The original message God gave me, with
                            which the ministry began, is stated in the
                            book, Maximised Manhood.

                          • Continuing understanding of the Word
                            has caused it to grow and be multiplied.
Christian Men’s Network
                          Development of the Ministry

                          • However, the basic truth of being
                            identified with Christ, which is the
                            essence of salvation, is finding greater
                            application in men's lives today than ever

                          • We do not minister for reaction but for
Christian Men’s Network
                          Development of the Ministry

                          • In 1981, after twenty-eight years of
                            ministry, we began "majoring in men.”

                          • We have now ministered to 10,000,000
                            men in Christian Men's events, retreats,
                            church services, videos, radio, television,
                            books, tapes and satellite broadcasts.
Christian Men’s Network
                          Development of the Ministry

                          • It is estimated that thousands have had
                            life-changing experiences, or their
                            marriages have been saved from

                          • To see men change through the power
                            of the Gospel is our goal.
Christian Men’s Network
                          Development of the Ministry

                          • For that purpose, to that end, and for
                            God's glory, my life is given to fulfil His
                            calling and to impact men with the
                            manhood of Christlikeness.

                          • Edwin Louis Cole
Christian Men’s Network

                          "Being a male is a matter of
                          birth, being a man is a matter of
                          Ben Kinchlow

                          “Manhood and Christlikeness are
                          Edwin Louis Cole
Christian Men’s Network
                          Brief History

                          The Christian Men’s Network was
                          born of the Holy Spirit as a unique
                          resource to teach men the truth of
                          God’s Word.

                          It is comprised of men whose hearts
                          have been touched by God to teach the
                          truth that “Manhood and
                          Christlikeness are Synonymous.
Christian Men’s Network

                          To enable the discipling of men to take
                          place, in a biblical pattern.

                          Developing a strong and effective
                          ministry to men through resources
                          through resources such as monthly
                          videos, books, audio tapes, ministry,
                          ideas and opportunities.
Christian Men’s Network
                          Mature men make a strong church.

                          A strong church makes a strong

                          Strong communities make the nation
Christian Men’s Network
                          RESULT (Continued)
                          When men accept their responsibility to
                          guide, guard and govern in
                          righteousness both at work and home,
                          stability and strength are provided.

                          All the materials offered by the network
                          are for the definitive purpose of
                          discipling men, which in turn will bless
                          women and children.
Christian Men’s Network
                          How Do I Join?

                                    1. Complete Form
                                    2. Sign Cheque
                                       and/or complete
                          Easy         Standing Order

                                    3. Post Completed Form
                                       and Cheque to CMN.
Christian Men’s Network
                          What Next?
                          Upon receipt of your completed form and
                          cheque, CMN will forward a full Leadership Pack
                          which will contain the following items:
                          • Leadership Manual.
                          • Video, Introduction to the Men’s Ministry.
                          • Six audio tapes.
                          • Book, “Maximised Manhood” by Dr. Cole.

                          • CMN Leaflets and Bookmarks.
Christian Men’s Network
                          Any Questions?

                          If you have any questions.

                          Do not hesitate to contact a member of
                          our staff.

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