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					    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD                                     HOUSE
               lMfi mi
               v. «•.«*)
»   •'«-'-
        R.R.     114011                            9-25-69

                 latrodttced ty Hr. Koch, «t al.
                                                should be reduced and perhaps elimi-
traneout mncter.)                               nated witii civil penalties being Imposed
   Mr.jaxaL Mr. Speaker, today I .am            for users as opposed to pusher*, then
idHiuiluUU(-m> LUl providing for tfce           are questions about the lone-term ef-
fgtaMlflimrnt of a Presidential Oommis--        fects of the drug on the individual and
sion. on Marihuana. Joining me today in         the effect on society-because of It* wide-
«pnnc.THnr this Ifghtlattm aw 27 Mem-           spread use: We. have to ask the question
bers of the Hbuae. bringing tbe total bi-       and find the answer to how much protec-
partisan sponsorship to 37.                     tion we are obliced to fire the individual
   The bffl provides fora 1-year study b*y      against his own acts visited oh HJ«"«*I*
a blue ribbon panel of expert* on the           if be is not encaged in antisocial be-
medical, sociological, and legal factors        havior. Ibis is a question for philosphers
related to P*y use of marihuana. The es-        as wen as medical practitioners—and a
                                        -       question for sociologists, 'legal experts,
would prejudge the findings of the panel        and most all-legislators. That is why it
whose participants would represent aU           is so Important that we have a broad-
dfadplines involved in the issue and both       based panel and not simply settle for the
Government and private officials.               medical studies being performed by the
   The use of marihuana, particularly           National Institute of Mental Health.
among our college students has grown               Some say that we do not need a Com-
tremendously in the past few years; It          mission because studies bare-been, and
                                                are being conducted on the medical as?
                                                pects of marihuana. But only a Presi-
                                                dential Commission can gto-thfe-sofc-
 people has been a major- <
  the generation gap. I tellers- it fc ttaat
 that we—of all generation* gat the             own personal lives—acted upon by legis-
.facts on"pot."                                 lators desirous of enacting laws that deal
    One of ts.e basic misunderstandings         with the realities rather than reacting
  arises from the customary lumping of          to panic and fear which come from a
 marihuana with narcotic*. While in sci-        lack of knowledge.
 entific and mfrtlral lexicons It is classi-      A list of sponsors follows:
 fied not as a .narcotic, but as an hallu-                     Bnx. SroMeou
 cingen, because of the marlhvma scare            Mward I. Koch (D-N.T.).
 of the lato 1830's the Marihuana Act of          Glenn Anderaon (D-Callf.).
 1937 was passed Imposing severe penal-           Charlee Dlggc D-Jflch.).
 ties for the sale and possession of mari-        John Duncan (R-Twm.).
                                                  DonBdwardi (D-Callf.).
 huana. Today, among those conversant           ' Gilbert Oude(R-l(d.).
 with the subject, It is widely agreed that       Ahner MlkTa (D-HL).
 the penalties are excessive and that the         Claude Pepper (D-PIa.).
 punishment and criminal record for any-          BenjaminRoeenthal (D-N.T.).
 one, but particularly a young college stu-       Jamec Scbeuer (D-N.T.).
 dent, who Is arrested for the possession of      WUllam Hathaway (D-Malne).
 marihuana are far more devastating               Lee Hamilton (D-Ind.).
                                                  Adam C. Powell (D-N.T.). •
  than any medical consequences which             Allard Loweneteln (D-N.T.).
 may flow from the act of smoking pot             Hamilton Plan (B-N.T.).
 Such feeling is perhaps best expressed in        BertramPodell (D-N.T.).
 the words of Dr. Koger O. Egeberg. As-           Thome* H. Bee* (D-Callf.).
 sistant Secretary for Health and Scien-          Jorge L. Cordor* (P.R.).
 tific Affairs, who recently said:                Joeeph Addahbo (D-N.T.).
  X think the penaltlc* for marihuana are         Leonard Parbeteta (D-N.T.).
punitive, YlndlcUre, and utterly out of rela-     Paul UcCkMkey. Jr. (B-Callf.).
tionship to the importance of marihuana.-         Seymour Halpem (B-N.T.).
                                                  John Conyen (D-lOch.).
  Under Federal law. the first offense for        OadenBeld (R-N.T.).
the possession of marihuana •§                    Donald W. Riegle, Jr. (R-lfich.).
                                                  Shirley Chlaholm (D-N.T.).
                                                  LudenNedsi (D-Mlch.).
                                                  Howard W. Pollock (R-AUaka).
                                                  WUUam'Clay (D-Mo.).
                                                  JohnDellenback (R-Oreg-)*
          • a BtMBBssm a< u >«an n                Oeorge Brown (D-Callf.).
prison: Mot only an ttw praaMM••*•<*              Jarae* Clereland (B-N. H.).
                  the crime. •'UMJT alao
                    " "
                                                          ratsm (IWfJ.)
                                                         nistOmajMtt (
                                                  D*!rt« m. Ohey (D-lls<.).