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                                     PowerPoint Digital Scrapbook

To practice using all the tools available in PowerPoint, I would like you to complete a digital
scrapbook. This is similar to a scrapbook, in that it contains pictures, captions, and other graphics.
It is electronic, and to view it, one must have PowerPoint but we can arrange it so that you can take
it home to keep and still view it without having PowerPoint on your computer at home.

The following is a list of tools I want you to use in your scrapbook:
Pictures from file (you supply)
Graphics (clip-art or autoshapes)
Hyperlinks, Action Buttons
Video, is optional as not everyone will have a video file available to them.
Self-running with Transitions
Narration, optional as you will need a microphone and can only be done at home (I don’t have one)

You need to have at least ten slides. Every slide must have a caption with an explanation to it.
Your first slide is your title slide, from there it is up to you. You can make this a scrapbook of your
entire life thus far, a particular event in your life or a theme (i.e., a family trip, a weekend spent with
friends, a project you have going at home on your own or with a sibling/parent/friend). You need
to be able to have pictures of this. If you don’t have them, see me and we can discuss what you
can do.

I will be the only one viewing this, in addition to whomever else you would like to share it with. I
encourage you to take it home, share it, and keep it as a memento. Keep in mind the “rules” for
PowerPoint, but remember that this is a creative project, so lots of pictures are to be expected.


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