2g to 3g by harshithdcosta


									Hi friends, I think many of you are excited to know how you can get the
3G speed with 2G network SIM card and at the cost of 2G internet
vouchers. I thing you are thinking that how it is possible. Yes of course
itis possible. To get 3G net speed you need a 2G SIM card of any network
provider and a 3G Data Card. If you are having that good! You can
continue to following steps. But the 3G network coverage is required in
your city or area.

STEPS:-THe MAin THing REquired is that your USB modem Should BE
unlocked........U will get many procedures in google as how to unlock the
modem.After Unlocking the Modem pls follw the steps below..

Step1. Insert your Data Card to the computer as usually you do.

Step2. Click on the Network menu. Under the network menu set the network
selection from manual to auto.

Step3. Then below the Network Selection menu a Mode Selection menu is
present. In Mode Selection Menu set it to UMTS/HSPDA/WCDMA option.

Step4. Click on apply button.

Then reconnect your Data Card. Now you can see the difference in previous
browsing and downloading speeds and after browsing speeds. Your Net
speeds are increased by up to 10 x. if you are getting faster speed after
this trick its great! Enjoy.From now on u can recharge 2g internet packs
and surf the net at 3g speeds.Remember this only works if the usb modem
is unlocked.

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