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									Mt. Carmel SUN
              Features                B7                                                                      May 11, 2012

Lip dub strives to leave lasting legacy
In the wake of a pop culture phenomenon,
students from MC attempt to create a music
video that shows school spirit.

 DANiELLE DAmPER                                The class rehearses weekends          come out of this project,” he said.
 ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR                      as well as well as during their second     “I hope the students see the value
                                           period class to ensure the lip dub         of taking on a big project and seeing
      Schools across the nation have       will run smoothly. The class makes         it from start to finish, I also think it
 been creating and posting music video     decisions about the songs featured,        would be great PR for the school and
 mashups called lip dubs to showcase       the placements of clubs and sports,        show us all how many activities we
 their school.                             props needed, and various “gags” to        have at MC.”
      However, as of yet, no schools       keep the video interesting.                      Many clubs and teams at MC have
 in southern California have attempted          Senior Gary Cameron will be           signed up to participate in the video,
 to create such a project.                 filming the event, and he believes this    each will be featured somewhere
      On May 24 all 1,952 MC               gives him a unique insight to what the     along the 12 minute long route.
 students will participate in MC’s own     final product will look like.                    Senior Adam Martucci believes
 Lip Dub.                                       “I have a better idea of what it’s    that showing off all of the clubs and
      The project is headed by the         all going to look like because I see       sports at MC is one of the greatest
 Digital Media teacher Sanford             what the camera sees as well as the        things about the lip dub.
 Carvajal and his digital media class.     music,” he said.                                 “People will watch this video and
 The class has been in preparation              These weekend rehearsals are          see that our school spirit is through
 since last trimester for the May 24       part of the reason why Carvajal            the roof,” he said. “They’ll be inspired
 date.                                     believes that creating such a large,       and think I want to join this club or
      Junior Brittany Wallace believes     complex project is both a fun and          do this sport. They’ll see that our
 that although the lip dub requires a      educational.                               school knows how to have fun.”
 lot of planning, the end result will be        He hopes to teach the digital               Martucci believes that the lip dub
 worth it.                                 media class the realities of the movie     is an exciting feat that is well worth all
      “You put a lot of time and effort    industry as well as demonstrate the        the hard work in preparing for it.
 to make sure everything will go well,     clubs and activities at MC                       “I want to inspire people with
 but it’s also a lot of fun,” she said.         “There are lots of things I hope      my brains in this lip dub,” he said.
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MC environmentally sound due to student help around campus
                                                                                                                           PAULA BERNAL                 steps to reach this goal.”                   in my house,” Nguyen said. “I reuse
                                                                                                                           STAFF WRITER                       Grossman also tries encouraging        my shopping bags and I try to print at
                                                                                                                                                        other people to start making greener         home using both sides of the paper.”
                                                                                                               There are many students at MC            choices.                                     “Simple things can make a difference.”
                                                                                                         that make environmentally friendly                   “I have asked several people to use          The MC Go Green Club has many
                                                                                                         decisions in their everyday lives. A           reusable water bottles all my track and      ideas to help our school become more
                                                                                                         little bit can definitely go a long way in     field friends already do, which is great,”   ecologically friendly.
                                                                                                         improving our local community.                 Grossman said. “If I see someone who               “Some of the ways we can make
                                                                                                                Juniors Megan Grossman, Hanna           is not using one I casually mention          school greener is to place recycling
                                                                                                         Hunter and Ivy Nguyen all have                 where’s your reusable water bottle. It’ll    bins and various areas around the
                                                                                                         different ways in which they contribute        make you more attractive if you use          school,” Nguyen said. “Our club does
                                                                                                         to the environment.                            one.”                                        not currently have the funds for this
                                                                                                               For Grossman, the way she                      For Hunter, recycling is a very        but we are collecting money to make
                                                                                                         supports the environment is by using a         important part of her life and her           it happen. It’s also a club tradition to
                                                                                                         reusable water bottle.                         family’s lifestyle.                          plant new trees in the school at the end
                                                                                                               “I started carrying reusable                   “I started recycling with my family    of the year. We also plan to have some
                                                                                                         water bottles when I was around 12,”           about five years ago,” Hunter said. “We      days for trash pick-up around school.”
                                                                                                         Grossman said. “My mom brought                 do it every day making it a fun family             MC Go Green has also participated
                                                                                                         them home and I thought it was weird           affair. We have four bins in our house       in many community service activities
                                                                                                         at first but then I realized that the          where we place all of our recyclables.       that clean our local communities.
                                                                                                         planet is being abused and we need to          Even though I have to empty them                   “We do volunteer work at canyons
                                                                                                         be more aware of it.”                          out, it still feels great knowing I get to   and parks such as Canyon Crusaders
                                                                                                               Grossman stopped using plastic           help the environment.”                       and we have worked with the San
                                                                                                         water bottles not only because of the                Hunter recycles not for her            Diego River Foundation,” Nguyen
                                                                                                         pollution it creates, but because it was       benefit but for the benefit of the           said. “We mainly did maintenance to
                                                                                                         more convenient.                               environment.                                 preserve the trails. We also picked up
                                                                                                               “I bring two reusable bottles to               “A couple of times we collected        trash and planted plants.”
                                                                                                         school every day and I have several            some recyclables and we received about             Nguyen explains the importance
                                                                                                         at home that I just keep refilling,”           two dollars at the recycling center,”        of conservation and preservation to
                                                                                                         Grossman said. “It’s a lot easier than         Hunter said. “As you can imagine, we         help our society in the future.
                                                                                                         throwing plastic bottles away and              don’t do it for the money. We do it                “What being green means to me is
                                                                                                         getting a new water bottle every time.”        because recycling is a good cause and        protecting the environment for future
                                                                                                               Grossman feels responsible about         it’s easy to do.”                            generations,” Nguyen said. “We need
                                                                                                         helping the environment even if it                   Nguyen is the current president of     to act now because as we grow older we
                                                                                                         means by taking simple measures.               the MC Go Green Club. She has made           want to have a healthy environment to
                                                                                                               “I’m at an age where I would like        several changes in her everyday lifestyle    live in. We don’t want to be surrounded
                                                                                                         to help change the world,” Grossman            since being elected.                         by pollution so our children will not
                                                                           PHOTOGRAPHER | ZACHARY JENSEN said. “By recycling I’m taking small                  “I decided to get a recycling bin     have to suffer.”

Travel Corner: Haiti
UmA VAiNgANkAR                            However, Coulapides feels          bered her from her first trip.
STAFF WRITER                         lucky to have been able to help               “I knew the kids more, I
                                     with the relief efforts at such a       knew their names, and they knew
      It’s not everyday that some-   young age.                              me and remembered me, and we
one can say they visited Haiti.            Not many students are able        did different work there,” she
      “Going to Haiti has made       to aid countries in devastation.        said.
me very thankful for what I have          Many organizations make                  Although there is a language
and having so many opportuni-        trips to places in need in groups.      barrier, Coulapides was able to
ties,” freshman Rachel Coulapides         “I recommend that they             get close with the kids at the or-
said.                                go with a group that could take         phanage.
      Coulapides went to Haiti for   them to different orphanages or               “They spoke a version of
the first time over the summer       to different places of poverty,”        French so we couldn’t really talk
of 2011 and again over spring        Coulapides said as advice to any        to them,” she said. “You just learn
break.                               people interested in helping out.       what they meant. I got really close
      “I went to help out an or-          Going to Haiti has not only        to a girl named Daphne, who is
phanage there,” she said. “I went    helped the people there, but it has     four years old.”
with my church, and my mom and       changed Coulapides’ life.                     Coulapides said she learned
sister also went and it was with a        “Being able to go to school        a lot of important lessons both
group called Children’s Heritage     everyday and not having to pay          times she went to Haiti.
Foundation.”                         is a blessing,” she said. “We have            She had gone to make a dif-
      The earthquake in January      everything much easier than they        ference in the lives of orphans.
2010 left many Hatians in devas-     do.”                                          She encourages people who
tation.                                   Her second time visiting,          have the time to help people suf-
      Since the catastrophy, many    Coulapides was able to be more          fering in Haiti and around the
people from all over the world       assisting at the orphanage. She         world by finding, supporting, and           Rachel Coulapides poses with
have taken relief trips to help      was able to rekindle old relation-      joining an international aid orga-          friends she met in Haiti
them.                                ships with the kids who remem-          nization                                                                                                        PHOTO COuRTEsy Of RACHEL CouLApidES

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