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					                                                                                                                                     WINTER 2006

                                   fairfax inspired by
                                   cultural influences
                                   Thibaut’s new collection, Fairfax, is a compilation       “Winchester Paisley” features the classic and
                                   of traditional, casual designs with regional               ageless teardrop motif, a design element that
      We hope you enjoy this       influences from Western India, South-East Asia             traces back 2000 years to shawls fabricated in
edition of Thibaut’s newsletter,   and Eastern Europe. Inspiration for the collection         Kashmir. The paisley pattern is renewed with
      The Hummingbird.The          came from woven fabrics, embroidered tapestries,           fresh, soft color combinations of sage, wheat, light
                                   and artifacts gathered from exotic ports of call.          blue and grass green; azure, light blue, camel and
 Hummingbird includes news
                                   Textural elements are incorporated into the                taupe; and asparagus, gold, apricot and muted
  about our collections as well
                                   background of some of the designs, and the                 berry. “Jacobean Trail,” based on a 17th century
      as trends in home decor.     color palette is softened with light, muted hues           fabric, is also infused with soft colors like pear
     Created especially for the                                                               and cornflower blue. Stylized flowers, pottery,
       design professional, the                                                               and collectibles from Moroccan markets can be
                                                                                              found in “Marrakesh,” while “Ikat” presents soft,
publication provides articles to
                                                                                              subtle color that mimics a special weaving style
    help increase and manage                                                                  of Southeast Asia using hand-dyed threads.
   your home design business.
                                                                                              In Fairfax you will also find damasks, patterns
                                                                                              with fanciful plumed birds, and designs resembling
                                                                                              woven tapestries, embroidered crewel work, and
                                                                                              block prints. There are many accompanying
     IN THIS ISSUE                                                                            fabrics, including “Nicolette Plaid,” which is
                                                                                              available in 7 colorways. The plaid design
Thibaut Classics 02                                                                           coordinates with all patterns in the collection,
                                                                                              and is a perfect compliment for draperies,
       Small Print
       Resource II 02                                                                         pillows, and upholstery.

     New Website 03
     Fabric Books 03               of apricot, pear and azure. The tone of the
                                   collection is comfortable yet tailored and
       Style Trends 04             polished. A loose, block-print-like style can
                                   be found in many of the designs, and various
                                   patterns have a worn, aged appearance.

                                                                                              Marrakesh from Fairfax

                                                                thibaut wallpaper        &   fabrics      winter 2006        the hummingbird         01
 WINTER 2006

                                       thibaut classics
                                                                                                Everyone is sad to hear when we discontinue
                                                                                                older collections. Some of the more popular
                                                                                                designs from these books can be sorely missed!
                                                                                                Well, there’s no need to be sad anymore—now
                                                                                                that we’ve introduced Thibaut Classics. This is
                                                                                                an open sheet assortment of “hot sellers” from
                                                                                                discontinued books. Thibaut Classics currently
                                                                                                has 16 wallpaper and 7 fabric designs (including
                                                                                                favorites like “Chartier” teacups, “Palm Court,”
                                                                                                and “Monkey Swing”) and additional patterns
                                                                                                will be added over time. Thibaut Classics are
                                                                                                not bound in a book—they are viewable only
                                                                                                via Thibaut’s web site, so make sure to check
                                                                                                out the assortment when you visit
                                       Birdcage from Thibaut Classics                 

         MAILING LIST                  small prints
                                       resource volume ii
                                       Thibaut’s new Small Print Resource II collection
                                       is filled with little delights.Versatile, dynamic
                                       and charming patterns range from demure floral
                                       designs to chic novelty prints. Each pattern is
                                       in itself a grand design—presented in a small-
                                       scale package!

                                       Pedigree dogs are the highlight of “Best in Show,”
                                       where dalmations, greyhounds, Jack Russell
                                       terriers, poodles, boxers, and daschunds proudly
                                       exhibit their distinctive profiles. The design           Best in Show from Small Print Resource Volume II
                                       occurs in striking combinations such as aqua and
                                       bronze, with metallic shadows that enhance each          In the collection you will also find bouquets of
     Be among the first to learn       canine silhouette. The design is cleverly paired         seashells, embroidered-looking vines, vignettes
        the inspiration and trends     with a leopard print fabric called “Cat’s Meow.”         of tiny woodland animals, and traditional floral,
            behind Thibaut’s latest    Another playful design, “Duds” is dotted with            trellis, and medallion-type patterns. Some have
      collections. To be a part of     polo shirts, shorts, dresses, skirts, sweaters, jeans,   hints of a linen, woven, or polka-dot texture in
     this exclusive group, simply      coats, bikinis and pairs of socks. This is a great       the background, which add dimension and
       visit www.thibautdesign.        pattern for laundry rooms or a girl’s bedroom!           interest. Fresh colors can be found throughout
                 com/mailinglist       The clothing articles are illustrated with a loose,      the book, along with a few vividly colored
                                       painterly hand, giving the design a look that’s          grounds in raspberry, aqua and periwinkle.
                                       informal, but still upscale. Colorways include           The designs are perfect for kitchens, guest rooms,
                                       cornflower blue and white on an apple green              powder rooms, laundry areas, and other places in
                                       ground, and grassy green and white on a                  the home as coordinates to bolder wallpaper and
                                       light pink ground.                                       fabric patterns.

02     thibaut wallpaper      &   fabrics     winter 2006         the hummingbird
                                                                                                                            WINTER 2006

enhanced thibaut fabric sample books

Coral Gables from Laguna

You are constantly stating how much you love            released (i.e., the Fairfax fabric book will issue
Thibaut fabrics, that we have a great print line        shortly after the Fairfax Collection sample book is
at a reasonable rate.You consistently tell us we        introduced and shipped.) In each fabric book, we
should remind everyone that all Thibaut designs         will include new coordinates such as non-printed
are exclusively ours and designed in our studio. In     linens and matelasse fabrics, which provide
an attempt to expand the impact and utilization         additional decorating options. The books will also
of Thibaut fabrics, we are changing our books           contain roomset photos displaying fabrics in full
to provide you with added value and greater             scale, full view shots. Overall we hope the new
impact. Starting this fall, we will issue each fabric   Thibaut Fabric book enhances your total Thibaut
collection shortly after the complete collection is     Fabric experience!

thibaut’s new website
 Have you visited Thibaut’s website recently?           conducted within a specific Thibaut collection,
 If you haven’t, come take a look! We’ve unveiled       or across all books.
 a new version with the same ease of use and
 beautiful graphics, but with larger, broader           With these convenient new search tools, you can
 room set shots, a greater focus on fabrics, and        download high-quality PDF images of roomset
 handy new “search” features.You can now search         shots and print them out to show customers.
 for patterns based on color, size and design           The Thibaut company name, collection name,
 style. There are over 40 design styles to choose       and pattern name automatically print alongside
 from—such as “floral,” “damask,” “chinoiserie,”        each photo. The search features will also save you
“nautical,” “tropical,” etc.You can also specify        time and effort as customers can do research on       Search Results Page
 whether you are looking for a fabric, wallpaper,       their own at home.
 or a combination of both. Searches can be

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                                              style trends
                                              Lori Reagle
                                              Trends in home décor are forever changing. While
                                              we continue to see bold and graphic looks selling
                                              well, a new subtle contemporary movement is coming.
                                              Warm, inviting color palettes with soft contrast are
                                              emerging as a new trend, after we’ve seen so much
                                              in the way of strong color and pattern lately. Taking
                                              a cue from antique Asian weavings and paintings,
                                              designs on the horizon include watercolor tones of
                                              natural greens, pairings of stone blues, corals, sandy
                                              beiges and browns, and accents of metallic that offer
                                              a clean yet classic effect. The designs are sharp with
                                              a modern touch, but with layers of color and texture
                                              to give depth and warmth. This emerging trend is
                                              best exemplified in Thibaut’s upcoming Waterlily
                                              collection. Existing Thibaut fans and new, younger
                                              customers will be drawn to the new style direction
                                              for this collection.
Kaleidoscope from Waterlily

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