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Musical Instruments Pro Audio For Worship Yamaha by jennyyingdi

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									Musical Instruments & Pro-Audio for Worship
  The evolution of church music has seen the addition of instrumentation with a
  contemporary touch. Designed to inspire and captivate an audience, this music
 includes a variety of instruments coupled with modern electronic and amplified
equipment. The role of sound and amplification has become more central to praise
  music and poor sound quality can interfere with the acoustic experience within
 the sanctuary. This gives rise to the need for professional sound equipment that is
      capable of reproducing live performances and improving sound clarity.

    Yamaha, a name synonymous with high-quality sound equipment, boasts a
   repertoire of innovative audio equipment including mixers, amplifiers, effect
 processors and loudspeakers that are specialized in acoustics for worship music.

Tailored to suit the individual needs of churches, these state-of-the-art equipment
  are built to enhance the overall quality of sound and performance, creating the
           ultimate worship experience for the church and its members.
Yamaha has been designing and manufacturing
musical instruments since 1887, and it is this perfect
understanding of sound and music that has made it
one of the world’s largest general musical instrument
manufacturers today.

Yamaha has over 37 years in producing analog mixing
consoles, 32 years in manufacturing professional power
amplifiers and 22 years in making industry-leading
digital consoles.
                                                           We believe in education
Yamaha boasts an extensive line-up of sound gear – from
the finest microphone pre-amplifiers and A/D converters
                                                           and support for our
to some of the best-sounding speakers designed for
installations in places such as churches.

Music and preaching of the Word has always been an
                                                           digital audio equipment
important part of the Church. Yamaha offers just about
every component you need to build a state-of-the-art
sound system to help you reinforce the vibrant Worship
and deliver the message to your congregation with

Yamaha not only produces powerful and great sounding
equipment but also easy-to-use equipment that is
suitable for both the seasoned professionals and even
young volunteers who help out on Sundays.

This section of the church catalogue gives you an idea
of the range and scope of Yamaha’s current professional
audio line-up.

Yamaha believes in education and support for its digital
audio equipment and has started the Yamaha Digital
Audio Creative Centre (Y-DACC) worldwide for the
training and support of users and prospective users.
                                         M   A H A M u s i c al I n
                                      YA                              str

                                                                             ts C
                                                                              at a l o g u e

    PROFESSIONAL AUDIO EQUIPMENT              COMBO                                            SILENT INSTRUMENT
    5-23                                      37-49                                            68-73

       Digital Audio Mixing                       Synthesizer                                     Drum
       Professional Audio Equipment               Guitar                                          Guitar
       Portable Pa Systems Stagepas               •     Steel-String Guitar                       Brass
       Power Amplifier Tn Series                  •     Electric Acoustic Guitar                  Strings
       Mini Ygdai Cards                           •     Silent Guitar
       Mic Line Amplifier Mla8                    •     Electric Acoustic Guitar               WENGER
                                                  •     Hand-Crafted Models                    74-75
    HOME KEYBOARD                                 •     Electric Classical Guitar
    24-36                                         •     Bb / Trb / Rbx Series
                                                  •     Pacifica Series
       Grand Piano                                •     Aes / Aex Series
       Upright Piano                              Drum
       Electone                               BAND & ORCHESTRAL
       Portatone                              50-67

                                                  Concert Percussion


                      With the rapid advancement of audio technology, digital audio has
                      come of age with cleaner sound and powerful processing. However,
                      many audio engineers are wary of digital consoles because they do
                      not understand or have the know-how to make full use of the new
                      digital audio equipment.

                      The Y-DACC was then established to give engineers, sound operators,
                      pastors and church staff alike a place to test, evaluate and learn how
                      to use Yamaha’s digital equipment.

                      Y-DACC is a knowledge-based centre that conducts various training
                      programs and seminars such as the Yamaha Commercial Audio
                      Training Seminars (Y-CATS), as well as a place to exchange the latest
                      information on Digital Audio Technology.

                      Y-DACC Singapore aims to help users familiarise themselves with
                      Yamaha’s range of digital systems. At our Y-DACC Centre, we have
                      digital consoles ranging from the PM1D-V2 flagship digital audio
                      mixing system to the very affordable LS9 digital mixers and training
                      sessions are conducted to teach users how to use the digital mixers.

                      Yamaha advocates active pre-sales and post-sales support and
                      training to churches and the industry as a whole. To find out more
                      about Yamaha’s range of professional audio equipment or learn how
                      to use Yamaha’s digital mixers, feel free to speak to us to arrange a
                      date to visit the Y-DACC Singapore.

                      Yamaha-Digital Audio Creative Centre
                      Tel: 65-6747-4374 Fax: 65-6747-2668

    D i gi t al Au d i o M i x in g System

    The flagship of the PM Series, and a new
    direction for the future of Live Sound

                 The PM1D continues to lead in a new era of mixing performance and quality for Large Churches, Concert Tours and Broadcast
                 Applications. If your church requires the multiple functions for Live Sound, Monitoring, and even broadcast, the PM1D will
                 meet and exceed your requirements.

                     Distributed modular concept with revolutionary digital technology for unmatched sonic realism.
                     A new more assertive PM sound from PM5000 analog head amplifier design
                     Comprehensive channel functions including Yamaha’s intuitive Selected Channel Interface
                     Advanced scene memory function for Total console recall.
                     System Scalability with component architecture and generous bus complement
                     PM1D Manager software reduces setup time, aids mixing, provides failsafe security and much more.
                     Rugged hardware and thoroughly tested software provides superior reliability

                                                     Version 2 with powerful new features:
                                                            REV-X and VCM effects included
                                                            Control the PM1D from a DM2000 VCM, O2R96 VCM or DM1000 VCM
                                                            New features for Live Sound, Theatre, Broadcast, and Installations
                                                            include Auto Gain Adjust, Fader View, Full GR Meter

                                                     PM1D, 2 Basic configurations of 48 & 96 Channels System
                                                     48 Ch System
                                                             48 Mono, 4 St, 8 insert (Total 72 Ch in)
                                                             2 stereo, 24 mix, 12 matrix, 8 insert out, 16 extra out (Total 64 out)

                                                     96 Ch System
                                                             96 Mono, 8 St, 32 insert (Total 144 in)
                                                             2 stereo, 24 mix, 12 matrix, 8 insert out, 32 extra out (Total 96 out)

                                                     Both configurations include:
                                                            8 Effect Processors and 24 Graphic EQs
                                                            Scalable System, such as Inputs, Outputs, Redundant DSP, Control Surface
                                                            and Power Supply

D i gi t al Au d i o M i x in g System

The Scalable Standard for Digital Live Sound - PM5D-EX
Since launched of the PM5D in 2004, it has become the standard for digital live mixing, and the first choice of legions of discerning
engineers and sound companies throughout the world. Why? Simply because it offers extraordinary sound and versatility in a relatively
small, lightweight system that is intuitive to use and delivers unmatched sound, control, and reliably without the need for additional
outboard processing gear. Of course programmability and recall capability are of monumental importance in today’s live sound scene
as well.

System scalability was another big advantage to PM5D users and now this is achieved by adding Yamaha DSP5D Digital Mixing System
units. DSP5D provides essentially all the functionality of a PM5D-RH V2 in a rack-mountable unit that can be seamlessly controlled from a
PM5D V2 console. Up to two DSP5D units can be used with a single PM5D V2 console. A PM5D V2 plus one DSP5D gives you a total of 96
mono and 16 stereo input channels, while adding two DSP5D
units to a PM5D V2 provides 144 mono and 24 stereo
input channels to comfortably handle large-scale
applications. And of course your processing power
is doubled or tripled, respectively.

   A Choice of Head Amps: PM5D or PM5D-RH
   Versatile Configuration with Flexible I/O
   Patching Capability
   PM5D-EX Expanded Digital Mixing System
   for Double I/O Capacity and Processing
   Open Architecture for Flexible Live Sound
   and Recording
   Virtual Sound-check Capability
   96-kHz Processing for Superior Sound and
   Advanced Analog Circuitry, Including Top-
   quality Head Amps
   Extensive Channel and Output Functions
   8 Effect Processors and 12 Graphic EQs                                                              Digital Cabling Capability
   Optimized for Live Sound Applications
   Software Built on the PM1D Experience                                                               Although you can directly connect
                                                                                                       the DSP5D digital mixing system
                                                                                                       to the PM5D console via standard
                                                                                                       cascade cables if they are to be used in
                                                                                                       relatively close proximity, if you want to
                                                                                                       locate the DSP5D on stage — for use as
                                                                                                       remote I/O for example — the DCU5D
                                                                                                       Digital Cabling Unit lets you locate
                                                                                                       the DSP5D as far as 120 meters* from
                                                                                                       the PM5D console, connected only by
                                                                                                       one high-performance Cat-5 or better
                                                                                                       Ethernet cable. The DCU5D converts
                                                                                                       signals appearing at the PM5D’s 68-
                                                                                                       pin D-sub cascade connectors to
                                                                                                       and from Cat-5 audio, dramatically
                                                                                                       reducing cabling requirements while
                                                                                                       maintaining solid audio and control
                                                                                                       reliability over extended distances. By
                                                                                                       adding redundant link management
                                                                                                       devices such as the AuviTran AVRed-
                                                                                                       ES units shown in example below,
                                                                                                       it becomes possible to connect the
                                                                                                       PM5D and DSP5D via redundant
                                                                                                       optical cabling over distances as great
                                                                                                       as one kilometer!

                                                                                                       * Subject to Cable Manufacturer’s specification

    D i gi t al Au d i o M i x in g System

    Digital Live Sound Mixing with the Comfort and Efficiency
    of Analog - M7CL
    The M7CL series is a digital live-sound console that carries on the digital evolution from the acclaimed PM1DV2 and PM5D consoles. It includes
    an impressive array of advanced concepts such as the “Centralogic™” control interface that makes it as easy and intuitive to use as an analog
    console and in-depth access management facilities that will be particularly appreciated in installations.

       M7CL-48 provides 56
       inputs – 48 mono mic/line and 4
       stereo line inputs. M7CL-32 provides 40 inputs
       – 32mono mic/line inputs and 4 stereo line inputs
       27 buses from 16 mix buses, an LCR bus, 8 matrixes
       16 analog “omni”outputs as well as 2 Track digital output
       Three mini-YGDAI I/O card slots for up to 16 channels of digital or analog I/O each.
       8 DCA groups and 8 Mute groups
       Virtual 8 unit rack for effects and graphic EQ
       Advanced access management functions for multi-level user access
       Recallable right down to head amp gain, including safe and focus functions
       M7CL Editor software application supplied

                                                                                     M7CL Key Features

                                                                                         Fast and easy control surface for operation and
                                                                                         All channel faders in one layer – no flipping
                                                                                         Built-in processors like compressors and graphic
                                                                                         equalisers meant fewer cables to manage and
                                                                                         Easy wireless control option thru laptop / Tablet
                                                                                         User access control thru password or USB
                                                                                         500 scene recall will give consistent quality and
                                                                                         sound even with different operators / user

    Centralogic™ and Selected Channel Control
    - Two Intuitive Approaches to Mixing

    Centralogic™ is an innovative Yamaha approach to console operation that allows total control from an easily accessible central area. Blocks of
    eight channels can be brought to the center of the console via simple navigation keys, and operated via a central interface including a touch-
    panel display and encoders directly below the display. Yamaha’s acclaimed Selected Channel interface is also implemented, providing a range
    of operating options that make this advanced digital console as easy and intuitive as an analog console to use in live sound applications.

D i gi t al Au d i o M i x in g System

Lightweight, Compact Digital Mixers – LS9

                                                       The LS9 series consoles follow in the distinguished footsteps of the Yamaha PM1D,
                                                       PM5D, and M7CL, expanding Yamaha’s digital mixing console lineup for live sound and
                                                       installations. The LS9 series consists of the 32-mic/line input 64-channel LS9-32, and the
                                                       16-mic/line input 32 channel LS9-16.

                                                       While being compact and light enough for one person to move and set up easily,
                                                       both models include features that have been field-proven in previous Yamaha digital
                                                       consoles as well as outstanding sonic quality. In addition to an extensive range of gating,
                                                       compression, and equalization capabilities, there’s also a built-in USB memory recorder/
                                                       player for recording or BGM playback, and other functionality that give you everything
                                                       you need for small to medium scale live sound or installed applications in remarkably
                                                       compact, all-in-one consoles.

DIGITAL MIXING CONSOLE                                                     DIGITAL MIXING CONSOLE
                                       LS9-32                                                                     LS9-16
High Input Capacity and a Generous Bus Structure for Serious Live          Anywhere You Need Advanced Live Sound Support
Sound                                                                      The surprisingly small size and lightweight of the LS9-16 make it a
With 32 input head amps the LS9-32 can comfortably handle the              perfect choice for applications that require maximum portability
complex and varied source requirements presented by a wide range           and handling ease. Use it for events or temporary live sound setups,
of live sound applications, but it’s always reassuring to know that        and benefit from the power and performance of much larger and
you can expand it up to 64 channels by just adding external preamps        more complex systems in an eminently portable package that can
and Mini-YGDAI interface cards for those extra demanding line-ups.         be set up and operated anywhere with ease.
Whether used in an installation or on the road, the LS9-32 will deliver
the performance and versatility of large-scale systems in dramatically
less space, with less hassle, and significantly lower overall cost.

LS9 Key Features
   16 or 32 top-performance recallable head amplifiers deliver microphone and line
   sources with extraordinary presence and realism.
   An additional 16 or 32 channels of processing power ready to receive audio via
   the Mini-YGDAI expansion slots, providing a total of 32 or 64 channels!
   4 stereo input channels.
   An extensive range of channel functions accessible via Yamaha’s acclaimed
   Selected Channel interface.
   Versatile bus architecture with comprehensive digital patching capability: 16 mix
   buses, 8 matrix buses, and a stereo and mono bus that can be used in LCR mode.
   Virtual GEQ and effect rack offers easy access to built-in graphic equalization and
   effects that would fill a full-size rack or two if similar analog gear were used.
   Built-in USB Memory Recorder/Player eliminates the need for an external device
   for simple off-board recording, and can supply background music and sound
   effects as required.
   Full-console scene Store and Recall.
   Ready to use out of the box with pre-patched effects and pre-fader aux mixes for monitor sends.
   One or two Mini-YGDAI slots for easy system expansion.
   Compact size 480 x 220 x 500 and 884 x 220 x 500 weigh only 12 and 19.4 kg, respectively.

     D i gi t a l Au d i o N e t wo r k i n g Sys te m

     Ethersound Compliant 16in/8out Stagebox - SB168-ES
                                                                          The SB168-ES is an affordable 3U-size stage box that utilizes EtherSound
                                                                          technology to propagate digital sound signals. When connected to
                                                                          popular all-in-one digital consoles like the PM5D, LS9, or M7CL, the SB168-
                                                                          ES offers superb support for live sound. 16 channels of sonically-superb
                                                                          remote analog input — each with its own head amp — combine with 8
                                                                          channels of analog output to let you chain multiple units in sequence for
                                                                          simultaneous use. The SB168-ES also functions as both as a conventional
                                                                          EtherSound device — an analog input-output box. Compared to a
                                                                          conventional analog console + analog multicore the SB168-ES is noise
                                                                          resistant, and lets you boost quality by keeping the length of microphone
                                                                          cables as short as possible. Even more, the SB168-ES is easy to set up,
                                                                          so that any time, effort, or money needed for equipment installation are
                                                                          significantly reduced.
     Perfect Propagation of Digital Sound
     Data transmission generally utilizes CAT5e cable, which offers the ability to carry uncompressed 24-bit / 48 kHz or 44.1 kHz high-quality sound
     over distances up to approximately 100 meters*. You can even activate the SB168-ES head amp remote function from the mixing console
     to adjust mic gain levels so that they match specific sound scenes. Coupled with the superior sonic quality of the head amps, this capability
     presents huge advantages for live performance.

     Using EtherSound for Digital Sound Propagation
     The SB168-ES uses the well-known EtherSound technology. Of the digital audio signal transmission protocols currently available, EtherSound
     is highly regarded for its low latency, high-quality bidirectional multi-channel transmission capabilities, and its use of easily obtainable
     CAT5e cable. Moreover, EtherSound allows you to combine sound signals with control signals for the SB168-ES head amp remotes, or +48V

     You can daisy chain connections through MY16-ES64 and MY16- EX mini-YGDAI cards to connect to a Yamaha digital console, which makes
     setting up easy anywhere - from up on stage to front of house. And since the SB168-ES is capable of operating as a generic EtherSound device,
     you can also use AuviTran’s AVS-ESMonitor to control its parameters.

     Ethersound Networking Applications

     Large-Scale Systems for Live Sound                                                            Medium Scale System

                               Small/Medium Scale System

A m p l i f i e r D r i v i n g Te c h n o l o g y

                     Yamaha’s EEEngine Amplifier Driving Technology
A revolutionary power amplifier technology patented by Yamaha, the EEEngine redefines all the boundaries of conventional amplifiers. An
integral part of several Yamaha power amplifiers, this technology has proved its utility in all kinds of situations, from sound reinforcement to
permanent installation.

The EEEngine technology is not only able to overcome common problems faced by conventional amplifiers, such as a loss of efficiency and
high heat dissipation, it realizes an efficiency level that matches Class D without compromising the sound quality of a Class AB amplifier.

EEEngine is designed to operate perfectly while keeping heat generation to a minimum – approximately up to 35% in comparison to the
conventional systems!

This highly-effective technology contributes greatly to the durability and reliability of Yamaha’s power amplifiers, giving you definite value for

EEEngine delivers incredible power while                                  Conventional Amplifier - Class AB
                                                                          Until now, the Class AB system has been the norm for power
preserving sound quality Combines highly                                  amplifiers. This system offers a simple circuit configuration and
efficient driving function with tremendous                                superb sound quality. However, its drawback is that its output stage
power conservation                                                        always requires driving at the voltage
                                                                          for maximum output, resulting in a
As a power amplifier’s output increases, its driving mechanism             great deal of heat dissipation.
becomes more significant. Yamaha’s exclusive EEEngine amplifier             Various methods have been developed
driving technology supplies the voltage level necessary for the           to overcome this drawback in Class AB
level of input signal through switching circuit and smoothing             systems. Class H and Class D are typical
circuit, producing a highly effective driving mechanism. This is           of these developments, but they have
a revolutionary power amplifier driving technology that offers              their problems as well.
the function of a Class AB amplifier and the efficiency of a Class D
amplifier. EEEngine gives you fantastic power, highly efficient driving      Voltage Switching - Class H
function, and tremendous energy savings, all without sacrificing the       Class H uses a method that switches the voltage level according to
sound quality demanded of a professional power amplifier. This             the input signal. This can vastly improve output stage heat dissipation
technology is included in many of Yamaha’s power amplifiers, and           when driving with a small signal at low power source. However, as
proves its utility in all kinds of situations, from sound reinforcement   the signal level increases, the system functions in the same way
to permanent installation.                                                as a Class AB system, and efficiency is lost. Class H is not intended
                                                                          for music signals with wide dynamic
                                                                          ranges. A system that uses a multi-
                                                                          step voltage switching method could
                                                                          be considered to improve efficiency
                                                                          for music signals, but this would
                                                                          increase switch loss and the number
                                                                          of elements, making it impractical as
                                                                          a solution.

                                                                          PWM: Pulse Width Modulation - Class D
                                                                          Class D systems utilize PWM. First, a PWM signal is created from the
                                                                          inputted audio signal. Voltage is then switched accordingly, and a
                                                                          high-power PWM signal is created to drive the speaker. The elements
                                                                          used for the switching operation require only a minimum of voltage,
                                                                          making efficiency outstanding. However, to convert the audio signal
                                                                          to a rectangular wave PWM signal, a high power consuming low-
                                                                          pass filter must be used at the output stage to eliminate pulse, or
                                                                          the original audio signal cannot be recovered. The audio signal’s
                                                                          frequency response, distortion, and damping factor are worsened
                                                                          in this low-pass filter environment. Also, PWM signals at high power
                                                                          also have the side effect of emitting
                                                                          harmonic electromagnetic waves
                                                                          within radio frequency range. Class
                                                                          D audio power amplifiers may be
                                                                          convenient on the efficiency side, but
                                                                          they could never be considered an
                                                                          optimum choice for sound quality.

     A m p l i f i e r D r i v i n g Te c h n o l o g y

     State of the Art: YAMAHA EEEngine                                        Keeps up with sharp increases in sound
     EEEngine overcomes these problem spots while providing advantages        EEEngine’s auxiliary power supply works with the main power supply
     in all areas, offering a dramatic leap in power amplifier design. It       to always drive at just the right power current to obtain maximum
     realizes efficiency that matches Class D without compromising the          output, providing a high following capability even when there are
     sound quality of a Class AB amplifier. Furthermore, EEEngine solves       steep increases in sound.
     all of the problems of weight, size, and heat generation that users of   This reduces power
     large-output power amplifiers often encounter.                            consumption          while
                                                                              maintaining the special
     EEEngine tracks the audio signal to always provide the minimum           features of a “Fast amp.”
     power needed for the final output stage, allowing for surprising          Plus, even when driving
     improvement in efficiency. It utilizes Class D operation to provide        the fast auxiliary power
     the power at the final output stage of Class AB operation. Almost         supply in this method
     all of the current energy is outputted as the audio signal, and just a   at ample voltage, power
     small fraction of the remaining energy is emitted as heat dissipation    provided from the main
     through the heat sink.                                                   power supply unit is very
                                                                              efficient at normal times,
     With the final output stage operating at Class AB, the output signal      reducing the average
     is of remarkably high sound quality. The signal remains analog from      current      value    and
     input to output, without being converted to a PWM signal. There          dramatically improving
     is none of the deterioration of frequency response and damping           power loss.
     factor found with Class D systems.
     Plus, EEEngine is designed to
     operate perfectly while keeping the
     power amplifier heat generation to                                        Improved parts life and reliability
     a minimum, regardless of the load                                        In addition to its tremendous improvements in efficiency and
     requirements. All together, you get                                      preservation of great sound quality, EEEngine plays yet another
     Class AB sound quality with efficiency                                     important role. It is
     that matches Class D.                                                    often said that a power
                                                                              amplifier’s parts will
                                                                              last twice as long if the
                                                                              internal temperature is
                                                                              reduced by 10 degrees
                                                                              Celsius. EEEngine’s heat
                                                                              generation during usage
                                                                              is 35% less than previous
                                                                              systems,     contributing
                                                                              greatly to improvements
                                                                              in      durability    and

        A main power supply line that supplies driving power to the
        A high-efficiency current buffer combing a switching element
        that switches the main power supply line on and off with a
        leveling circuit
        A control circuit that varies the on/off switching frequency
        according to the input signal level
        An auxiliary power line that supplies power independent of
        the main power supply in quick response to the input
        signal level
        A high-speed voltage buffer and current
        detector that adjust and control the
        auxiliary power supply level
        This arrangement ensures efficient
        and highly accurate power
        amplification even when input signal
        amplitude rises steeply

Power Amplifications

A Brilliant Fusion of Leading Yamaha Power, DSP
and Network Technologies
Touring Amplifiers
TXn & Tn Series
TXn and Tn series amplifiers bring together several industry-leading Yamaha technologies for the ultimate in power, processing (TXn), and
networking performance. These touring amplifiers not only deliver extraordinary efficiency and stunning sound quality reliably into 2-ohm
loads, but also offer sophisticated DSP onboard.

                                           TX6n – 3000W/Ch @ 4Ω                                                    T5n – 2300W/Ch @ 4Ω

                                           TX5n – 2300W/Ch @ 4Ω                                                    T4n – 2050W/Ch @ 4Ω

                                           TX4n – 2000W/Ch @ 4Ω                                                    T4n – 1400W/Ch @ 4Ω

The input configuration for TXn can be changed as required using optional plug-in Yamaha mini-YGDAI interface cards. With the appropriate
I/O cards these advanced amplifiers are fully compatible with CobraNet or EtherSound audio networks as well as a variety of digital audio
formats. Built-in Ethernet port allows Yamaha’s NetworkAmp Manager II software for comprehensive remote control and monitoring.

Installation Amplifiers
XP, XM, XH Series & IPA8200                                                                                      XP1000 – 155W/Ch @ 4Ω
The Yamaha XP series amplifiers boast a multitude of features ranging
from powerful sound quality, extended reliability to excellent                                                   XP2500 – 390W/Ch @ 4Ω
stability. Tailored for a wide range of installed sound systems as well
as portable live sound applications, the XP series is dedicated to                                               XP3500 – 590W/Ch @ 4Ω
delivering unrivalled quality and value.
                                                                                                                 XP5000 – 750W/Ch @ 4Ω
The XP power amplifier series includes 5 models with different outputs
ranging from 700W (stereo, 8ohms) to 100W (stereo, 8ohms). The                                                   XP7000 – 1100W/Ch @ 4Ω
environmentally friendly XP series amplifiers also use lead-free parts.

                                                                          The XM series multi-channel power amplifiers are ideal for theater,
                                                                          hall, and conference room installations. The XM amplifiers are a
                                                                          compact 2U size and surprisingly lightweight, making them easy to
                                     XM4180 – 250W/Ch @ 4Ω                handle and install. The amplifier has monitor/remote jacks that allow
                                                                          external devices to be connected for status monitoring or control
                                     XM4080 – 120W/Ch @ 4Ω                from a remote location.

                                                                          The XH200 is the ideal distribution power amp for use with
                                     XH200 – 200W/Ch @ 70V / 100V         numerous high-impedance speakers in theatre, hall, and conference
                                                                          facility installations. In addition to being remarkably lightweight, the
                                                                          XH200 is a compact 2U size that will fit comfortably in just about any

The IPA8200 is an installation dedicated power amplifier using Class D technology. Efficiency of conventional Class AB or Class H amplifiers
is in the range of 20% to 30%, meaning that 70% to 80% of electricity drawn is lost as heat. Class D technology greatly improves efficiency
to over 60%. Higher efficiency not only means the amplifier will require less power to run,
but will dissipate considerably less heat. As a result, the amplifier is much smaller in size,
saving precious rack space in an installation. Lower heat dissipation also reduces stress
put on each component part in the amplifier and will prolong product life of the

The IPA8200 is a perfect match for use with the IMX644 digital rack mount
mixer or the Installation Series range speakers various installations from bars,
restaurants, retail stores, to corporate meeting rooms and auditoriums.

     D i gi t al M i xi ng En gin e

     Digital Mixing Engine (DME)
     A Component Approach to Versatile System Design
     With unparalleled DSP power the Yamaha DME64N and DME24N Digital Mixing Engines offer customizable audio system solutions for a wide
     range of applications.

     These versatile mixing engines are supported by an intuitive interface and offer an impressive array of DSP components that can be
     programmed to accommodate any audio requirements —
     even in highly complex systems.

     Its superior sound quality, generous DSP power, extensive
     scalability and network capability offer unprecedented
     freedom and efficiency for designing audio systems for
     installations and live sound.

        DSP Power that Rivals Advanced Digital Mixers
        24-bit 96-kHz Processing and Circuitry Designed for
        Superior Sound
        Exceptional I/O Flexibility and Expandability -
        Cascade Up to 8 DME64N Units for 512 Inputs and
        512 Outputs
        Control Integration with the PM5D Digital Mixing
        8 Analog Inputs and Outputs on the DME24N
        CobraNet™ or Ethersound™ Connectivity with
        Optional MY16-CII & MY16-ES64 Card
        GPI, RS232C/RS422, USB, and MIDI Interfaces
        Large LCD Display with Comprehensive Panel

                                                                        Digital Mixing Engine - Satellite
                                                                        High-performance terminal I/O processors for a DME network. DME
                                                                        Satellite devices can also function as stand-alone DSP engines The
                                                                        DME8i, DME8o and DME4io are the latest additions to Yamaha’s
                                                                        innovative DME series of digital mixing engines that allow complex
                                                                        audio systems to be designed and created via software running on a
                                                                        computer. The “C series” models (DME8i-C, DME8o-C and DME4io-C)
                                                                        feature a CobraNet™ network interface for advanced networking
                                                                        flexibility in complex installations, while the “ES series” models (DME8i-
                                                                        ES, DME8o-ES and DME4io-ES) come equipped with EtherSound™
                                                                        networking capability that provides easy setup for remote placement
                                                                        of analog input and output devices in temporary sound reinforcement

        Ideal for Expanding DME64N or DME24N Based Systems
        Plenty Of Processing Power for Stand-alone Applications
        Superior Sound and Reliability from a World Leader in Pro Sound
        Ideal for Small Systems as well as Large Distributed I/O Systems
        Comprehensive Control Terminals
        DME Designer for Flexible System Construction and Centralized Control
        Basic Control Panel Options

     Programmable, Networkable Mixing Engines for a Range of
                 Audio Processing Applications
A n a l o g M i x i n g Co n s o l e s - I M 8 S e r i e s

Analog Mixing Console - IM8 Series
Solid performance and superior sound for professional applications

The importance of music in a “House
of Worship, like churches, cannot be
emphasized enough and often, worship
experiences are disrupted due to a poor
mix of sound and vocals.

Rising to the occasion is the Yamaha IM8
series – a culmination of over 35 years of
Yamaha’s expertise in the production of
mixing consoles. These three mid-size
consoles cut no corners when it comes to
delivering the ultimate audio quality and
sound performance.

The epitome of style and functionality,
the IM8 series deliver a basic but plentiful
complement of features plus truly
transparent, high-resolution sound with
tireless reliability.

Unique consoles designed for serious sound applications, this series is the answer to transforming an awe-inspiring experience for
contemporary worship music.

These are consoles for serious sound applications, and will provide eminently professional performance, sound, and control in permanent
installations or on the road.

    Professional build, features, and performance for serious live sound applications.
    Unique Yamaha one-knob compressor on all mono input channels - Input section.
    Comprehensive master section provides extensive signal routing and control versatility — Master section.
    Output matrix affords extra output flexibility, particularly for installations.
    USB audio I/O allows direct digital recording and playback with the supplied Cubase AI4 audio workstation software

USB audio I/O allows direct digital recording and playback with the supplied Cubase AI4 audio workstation software.
The IM8 consoles feature 2-track input and stereo record output facilities in both analog and digital formats. Analog 2-track input can be
connected to the console via the rear-panel stereo pin jacks or a stereo mini-phone jack on the front panel. Assign switches allow the received
2-track signal to be sent to the stereo and/or mono buses, while a rotary control adjusts the signal level. A PFL switch and indicator are also
provided for easy monitoring of the 2-track signal. Conversely, the signal from the stereo and/or mono buses can be assigned to a pair of
pin-jack record outputs on the rear panel for connection to an external 2-track recording or similar device. The functions of the 2-track inputs
and record outputs are duplicated by a USB terminal that can be used to transfer the corresponding digital audio signals to and/or from
a computer running the supplied Cubase AI4 audio workstation software for direct digital recording from the console or playback via the

     A n a l o g M i x i n g Co n s o l e s - M G S e r i e s
                                                                The Genesis of the New MG Mixers
                                                                Whether you have a mixing applications that involves only a few channels, or up to 32 inputs with substantial’s signal routing versatility.
                                                                Yamaha MG Series offers a console that will give you the capacity, control and performance you deserve. All models are remarkably
                                                                compact and lightweight for superior handling and portability.

                                                                The MG Mixer offer an extraordinary blend of technology, some inherited from Professional Yamaha mixing consoles you’re likely to see
                                                                in distinguished halls throughout the world, and some developed specifically to deliver optimum performance in the MG console format.

     MG Series – C Model
     A n a l o g M i x i n g Co n s o l e s - M G S e r i e s

     MG Series – CX Model

     A n a l o g M i x i n g Co n s o l e s - M G S e r i e s

     MG Series - USB Model                                      MG Series - 32 & 24 CH FX model
Po r t a ble PA Sys tems

Live Sound Has Never Been Easier
No matter where your music leads, Yamaha’s new STAGEPAS™ Portable PA system has the power and portability to go with you. It has all
the power and high-quality sound you need to fill a small performance space, yet it is small and light enough to take wherever is needed.
Combining a built-in powered mixer and PA speakers, it’s incredibly easy to use — you can be set up and playing in a matter of minutes!
STAGEPAS™ is the perfect road companion, providing powerful, reliable, convenient sound reinforcement for a wide variety of applications.

                             P     O      R    T       A   B   L    E         P    A         S    Y     S     T    E    M

            S TA G E PA S
                      Lightweight, Compact, and Simple to Set-Up and
                            Fit A Wide Variety of Applications.

                                       STAGEPAS 300M

                                                                                                            STAGEPAS 500M

                                                                        STAGEPAS 150M

      STAGEPAS 250M

  MSR SERIES                                                       MSR250

  Portable, Compact Solution For                                                                              MSR800W

  Superior Sound and Convenience
  Sound reinforcement systems that deliver the power
  and coverage you need for success in just about any
  venue or at any event.
     High-quality Portable Power
     Multiple Inputs Configuraton
     Built for Heavy Duty Use

     The New Shape
        of Sound
         • The Sound Company •
               Total System Solutions
          Digital Audio Network Solutions

                                            Yamaha Music (Asia) Pte Ltd

I ntegrated S ound Reinforcement System

World Leader in Loudspeaker Systems for
Sound Reinforcement Industry
NEXO provides a range of integrated sound reinforcement system & product that meet the needs of different industries from Touring to
Entertainment Venues and from School Sound Applications to Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions (M.I.C.E) Venues, Broadcast
Applications; and Theatre Live Performance Sound System to Houses of Worship Live Sound Applications.

What separates NEXO from the competition is an innovative, integrated systems approach to loudspeaker research and development. Each
new product/system begins with sophisticated computer simulations, executed by your highly specialized proprietary software. After the
design specification stage, the entire electro-acoustic signal chain is modeled thoroughly and place the product performance rigorously and
evaluated to the maximize system performance in an incredibly short time frame. That’s what make NEXO Innovative!

Multi-Purposes Portable PA System                                                           Power & Control
                                                                                            The NXAMPS use complex digital software algorithms
                                                                                            to combine calibrated data with sensed voltage and
                                                                                            current measurements, precisely controlling the
                                                                                            temperature and displacement of each driver. This
                                                                                            ensures that all NEXO systems deliver optimum sonic

                                                                                            The primary objective
                                                                                            of the strategic alliance
                                                                                            created        between
                                                                                            NEXO and Yamaha in
                                                                                            2005 was to create
                   PS15U       PS10U                                                        products that would
                                                                                            profoundly       elevate
                                                                                            system solutions in the
                                                                                            sound reinforcement
                                                                                            industry. NEXO was seeking a solution that would
Install & Touring Alpha System                                                              provide full optimisation and performance of its
                                                                                            speaker systems.

                                                                                            Digital Integrated Powered TD Controllers

                        Alpha System         Alpha E System

                                                                                             NAXAMP 4 CH
Install & Touring GEO System

                                                           GEO S12 in Vertical
                                                           & Horizontal Array

   GEO S8 + CD12
                                                                  RS 15
                                                                                   GEO D10 + GEO Sub           GEO T + CD18

     D i gi t a l Au d i o N e t wo r k i n g Sys te m

     Yamaha Adopts Open Architecture for Flexible Live Sound and Recording

     Yamaha Digital Audio Mixing System feature expansion slots that accept a wide range of Yamaha MY cards as well as cards from other manufacturers. Open slots on the Yamaha Digital Mixing Consoles allow
     not only I/O expansion in a variety of analog and digital audio formats, but also digital networking via CobraNet and EtherSound protocol.

                      Digital Audio Networking System Applications

                                     Example #1 Large Scales Networking System for FOH, Monitoring, Broadcasting and Recording (Yamaha-Nexo Synergy)
D i gi t a l Au d i o N e t wo r k i n g Sys te m

                      Example #2 Large Scales Networking System for FOH, Monitoring and Recording

24   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
   Pianos and Keyboards
  There is no other single instrument so vital to worship performances as
  the piano. Whether solo or as part of an ensemble, your piano is central
 to setting the tone. Since 1887, Yamaha has been perfecting the art and
    science of making music. With this intense devotion and the help of
 professional musicians, educators, and pianists, Yamaha today makes the
               world’s best-selling acoustic and digital pianos.

    Yamaha Keyboards, on the other hand, are popular for their versatility
   and affordability. These keyboards possess the heritage of an organ and
  the adaptability of a digital piano. Expand the new level of sonic realism
 and expressiveness - the real joy of music lies in the freedom to indulge in
Yamaha’s versatile range of keyboards. This advanced technology evolution
is sure to get the worship performances to greater heights — sound system
                             without compromise.

                                                                                Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   25
26   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
Learn to
play your
in just 5
Clueless in
Piano Playing?
Yamaha's Club Keyboard Course is tailor-made for absolute
beginners like yourself! You will be able to play your favourite
tunes, anything from classicals to pop titles, with just 5 hours of
hands-on practice on the Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano. Our
teachers will accompany you in this journey in accordance with
your level of music knowledge and rate of learning progress.
Want to learn how to play in just 5 hours?

Lesson Format : Individual Tutoring 10 x half hour session
                over 4 months
Certification : Certificate of Completion
Course Fee    : $157.50(inclusive of 5% GST)

This course is conducted on the Yamaha Clavinova, a digital
piano tailor-made for anyone to have fabulous fun while
enjoying the benefits of music making. The sizzling features on
the Yamaha Clavinova provides endless musical possibilities for
beginners as well as advanced piano players. It has a realistic
touch and beautiful sounds while maintaining a true grand
piano style, that will continuously amaze you as you tinkle on
the Yamaha Clavinova.

                                      Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   27
     Acoustic Grand Piano

                      Grand Piano


                                                                              Unparalleled in their beauty and musical range, grand pianos are
                                                                              the ultimate expression of the piano maker’s art. Yamaha is proud
                                                                              to present a comprehensive line of incomparable grands, reflecting
                                                                              the very latest in Yamaha acoustic and technological advances.
                                                                              Embodying over 100 years of accumulated expertise, these
                                                                              instruments epitomize the quality, performance and value of Yamaha,
                                                                              the company that continues to write the history of grand pianos.

                                                                              The Yamaha C3 embodies an awe-inspiring grand piano experience
                                                                              with its superb sound, broad dynamic range and fine expressive

                                                                              For a truly professional responsive action and supreme tonal quality,
                                                                              Yamaha C3 will sure to bring any life to any worship session!

       Grand Piano
      Model                          GB1       GC1      C1       C2       C3           C5           C6       C7        S4             S6       CFIIIS
      Length             (cm)        151       161      161      173      186          200          212      227       191           212        275

                         (ft)        4’ 11’’   5’ 3’’   5’ 3’’   5’ 8’’   6’ 1’’       6’ 7’’       6’ 11’   7’ 6’’    6’ 3’’        6’ 11’’    9’ 0’’

      Width              (cm)        146       149      149      149      149          149          154      155       150           154        160

      Height             (cm)         99       101      101      101      101          101          102      102       101           102        103

      Weight             (kg)        261       285      290      305      320          350          405      415       335           383        500

      Center Pedal                  Bass

28   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                     Aco u s tic Upr igh t Pi a n o

                                                                 The perfect addition to your church band, the M112
                                                                 is the epitome of meticulously crafted Yamaha style.
                                                                 Made from selected natural woods to produce
M112                                    U1J                      resonant tone and responsive touch, the simple yet
                                                                 sleek M112 carries on the Yamaha tradition of stellar
                                                                 acoustic performance, affordability and exclusivity.

                                                                 Based on Yamaha’s acclaimed U Series, the U1J
                                                                 blends excellent tonal characteristics with exterior
                                                                 refinements, featuring a well-polished finish that
                                                                 maintains the beauty of the instrument over a

                                                                  U1, U3
U1                                      U3
                                                                 A perennial favourite among discerning pianists,
                                                                 the Yamaha U-Series offers outstanding musical
                                                                 performance, setting the standards by which may
                                                                 other upright pianos are measured.

                                                                 With the YUS5, Yamaha takes quality and
                                                                 performance of professional upright piano series
                                                                 to a higher level. The very finest materials combine
                                                                 for a solid piano that delivers inspiringly rich sound
                                                                 and delicate balance. Designed to produce superb
                                                                 acoustics right down to the subtlest note, the YUS5
                                                                 offers a very special and unique touch, comparable
                         YUS5                                    with grand pianos.

 Upright Piano
Model        M112               U1J       U1      U3     YUS5
Height       112cm          121cm        121cm   131cm   131cm
Width        148cm          152cm        153cm   153cm   152cm
Depth            54cm           61cm     61cm    65cm    65cm
Weight           195kg          235kg    228kg   245kg   253kg
Finishes          PE        PE, PM        PE      PE      PE

                                                                                            Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   29
     D i gi t al Pi a no

                                   CLP Series

                                                                                            Polished Ebony

     The Beauty of the Grand                                                    Clavinova Grand CLP Series
                                                                               Model                            CLP-265GP
     The sound is unmistakable. At the same time both beautifully simple
                                                                               Keys                            88-key Graded
     and gorgeously complex, the sound of an acoustic grand piano is                                         Hammer 3 Keyboard
     immediately recognizable. The new CLP-265GP Clavinova elegantly           Tone Generator                AWM Stereo Sampling
     captures the sound of the piano in all of its natural grandeur and
                                                                               Polyphony                             64
     beauty. Featuring both improved piano voices and built-in speaker
                                                                               Voice                                 14
     system for authentic reproduction, these new instruments deliver the
                                                                               USB Connectors                    USB to Host
     rich grand piano sound everyone knows and loves The GH3 keyboard –
                                                                               Dimension(WXDXH)-mm            1434 x 1146 x 931
     gives the CLP-265GP exceptional playability and expressiveness, while
                                                                               Dimension(WXDXH)-mm (With      1434 x 1146 x 1400
     the stylish Grand Piano design and attractive Polished Ebony finish        the Music Rest / Lid up)
     reflects the true sonic beauty within.                                     Weight-kg                             97
                                                                               Finish*                               PE
     A Joy to Play Both in Practice and Performance
                                                                              PE           Polished Ebony
     The CLP-265GP brings stylish looks and professional sound together
     in an instrument that’s highly affordable and exceptionally easy to
     use. It features Yamaha’s famed GH3 (Graded Hammer 3) technology
     to effectively recreate the feel of an actual grand piano. Combine this
     with the incredibly realistic piano voices and the spacious sound of
     the built-in two-way speaker system, and you have an instrument that
     inspires you with every note you play.

30   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                                                                             Digit a l Pi a no

                       CLP Series

                                                                                                                                                  Polished Ebony

                          Dark Rosewood

                        CLP-330C                                                            CLP-340M                                                     CLP-370M
                        Cherry                                                              Mahogany                                                     Mahogany

  Clavinova CLP Series
 Model                                    CLP-380                       CLP-370                        CLP-340                      CLP-330                        CLP-320
 Keys                                88 keys Natural Wood        88 keys Natural Wood      88 keys Graded Hammer 88 keys Graded Hammer                     88 keys Graded Hammer
                                 Keyboard with Synthetic Ivory Keyboard with Synthetic    3 Keyboard with Synthetic    3 Keyboard                                 Keyboard
                                             Keytops                 Ivory Keytops              Ivory Keytops
                                  (with real-wood white keys) (with real-wood white keys)
 Tone Generator                  5 Levels AWM Dynamic Stereo      4 Levels AWM Dynamic          4 Levels AWM Dynamic         3 Levels AWM Dynamic          3 Levels AWM Dynamic
                                           Sampling                  Stereo Sampling               Stereo Sampling              Stereo Sampling               Stereo Sampling
 Polyphony                                   128                           128                            128                          128                            128
 Voice                                   38 + 480 XG                 14 X 2 variations              14 X 2 variations                   14                            10
 USB Connectors                          USB to Host                   USB to Host                    USB to Host                  USB to Host                         -
                                        USB to Device                 USB to Device                  USB to Device                USB to Device
 Internet Direct Connection       LAN Port, Wireless Game        LAN Port, Wireless Game     LAN Port, Wireless Game                    -                              -
                                 Adaptor (LAN Port), External   Adaptor (LAN Port), External   Adaptor (LAN Port),
                                 Adaptor (via USB to Device)    Adaptor (via USB to Device) External Adaptor (via USB
                                                                                                    to Device)
 Dimension(WXDXH)-mm                  1406 X 512 X 943               1408 X 511 X 917              1408 X 514 X 917             1408 X 514 X 917              1387 X 424 X 819
 Dimension(WXDXH)-mm                  1406 x 512 x 1037             1408 x 511 x 1018              1408 X 514 X 1018           1408 X 514 X 1019              1387 X 424 X 972
 (With the Lid up)
 Weight-kg                                   95                             78                             69                           65                           45.5
 Finish*                                     PE                          DR, C, M                       DR, C, M                     DR, C, M                      DR, C, M

Finish*                                                                                  * Specifications and descriptions in this owner’s manual are for information purposes
DR           Dark Rosewood                                                                 only. Yamaha Music (Asia) Pte Ltd reserves the right to change or modify products
C            Cherry                                                                        or specifications at any time without prior notice. Since specifications, equipment or
M            Mahogany                                                                      options may not be the same in every locale, please check with your Yamaha dealer.
PE           Polished Ebony

                                                                                                                                                   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   31
     D i gi t al Pi a no

                                CVP Series
                                                                                                         Truly Grand

                                                                                                         With its gorgeous, realistic sounds and
                                                                                                         beautiful elegant appearance, the new
                                                                                                         CVP-409GP provides all the musical
                                                                                                         enjoyment of a real grand piano – and

                                                                                                         The incredibly natural voices and
                                                                                                         dynamic styles deliver truly professional
                                                                                                         quality sound, while the advanced,
                                                                                                         comprehensive features – including
                                                                                                         Internet connectivity and full song
                                                                                                         recording/playback functions – make this
                                                                                                         one of the most sophisticated yet easy-
                                                                                                         to-use musical instruments you’ll ever lay
                                                                                                         your hands on.

                                                                                                         Moreover, the CVP-409 GP radiates the
                                                                                                         impressive, commanding presence of
                                                                                                         a grand piano. Featuring both a finely
                                                                                                         finished grand piano style polished
                                                                                                         ebony cabinet and a new fallboard that
                                                                                                         incorporates the panel controls inside, this
                                                                                                         new instrument looks every bit as good
                                                                                                         as it sounds. Just one touch and you’ll
                                                                                                         understand… why it’s truly grand!!
                            Polished Ebony

                                                                                    Clavinova Grand CVP Series
                                                                                   Model                                          CVP-409GP
                                                                                   Keys                                  88 keys Natural Wood Keyboard
                                                                                                                        (wood is used for the white keys)
     Natural Wood Keyboard for an authentic grand piano feel                       Tone Generator                             4-step AWM Dynamic
                                                                                                                                 Stereo Sampling
     The new CVP-409GP utilizes the exclusive Natural Wood Keyboard                Polyphony                                        128+128
     feature, with real wood keys and sophisticated technology that faithfully
                                                                                   Voice                                           590 Voices
     reproduces the experience of playing an actual acoustic grand piano.                                                        + 480 XG Voice
     From the natural, balanced weight and key mass to the authentic wood
                                                                                   Accompaniment Style                                 408
     touch and feel – including rounded key tips and other genuine key
     shape features – this new keyboard has a playability and expressiveness       USB Audio Recorder                                  Yes
     that goes beyond anything ever available in an electronic instrument.         Connectors                                      USB to Host
     The sound response varies according to velocity and key position (low                                                        USB to Device

     notes having a slightly delayed response), and the characteristic weight      Internet Direct Connection           LAN Port, Wireless Game Adaptor
                                                                                                                                   (LAN port),
     gradations of the keys – heavy in the lower end, light in the upper keys –                                        External Adaptor (via USB to Device)
     make you feel as if you’re playing a real grand piano.
                                                                                   Dimension(WXDXH)-mm                          1435 x 1147 x 905
                                                                                   Dimension(WXDXH)-mm                         1435 x 1147 x 1555
                                                                                   (with the lid up)
                                                                                   Weight-kg                                           108
                                                                                    Finish*                                            PE
                                                                                  PE           Polished Ebony

32   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                                                                       Digit a l Pi a no

                     CVP Series
                                                                                                                          Yamaha's CVP-401 has all the luscious,
                                                                                                                          expressive sound of an acoustic grand
                                                                                                                          piano coupled with the same kind of
                                                                                                                          touch, weight and feel of a real piano.
                                                                                                                          The CVP-401 is packed with hundreds of
                                                                                                                          dynamic, realistic instrument voices, as
                                                                                                                          well as 191 accompaniment styles that
                                                                                                                          give you professional sounding backing
                                                                                                                          tracks for your performance.
                             CVP-401                                                CVP-403PE
                             Dark Rosewood                                          Polished Ebony

                                                                                                                          The Yamaha CVP-403 provides more
                                                                                                                          extensive features than its already
                                                                                                                          impressive stablemate, the CVP-401.
                                                                                                                          It boasts a Graded Hammer 3 Effect
                                                                                                                          Keyboard, 243 Accompaniment Styles
                                                                                                                          as well as a USB Audio Recorder, letting
                                                                                                                          you capture your entire performance for
                                                                                                                          easy transfer into your computer for CD
                                                                                                                          burning or uploading onto your website.

                             CVP-405PM                                               CVP-407
                             Polished Mahogany                                       Dark Rosewood
                                                                                                                                         DR            Dark Rosewood
 Clavinova CVP Series                                                                                                                    PE            Polished Ebony
                                                                                                                                         PM            Polished Mahogany

Model                                 CVP-407                             CVP-405                               CVP-403                                 CVP-401
Keys                        88 keys Natural Wood Keyboard      88 keys Graded Hammer 3 Keyboard      88 keys Graded Hammer 3 Keyboard     88 keys Graded Hammer Keyboard
                           (wood is used for the white keys)
Tone Generator               4 level AWM Dynamic Stereo           4 level AWM Dynamic Stereo            3 level AWM Dynamic Stereo                 AWM Stereo Sampling
                                       Sampling                             Sampling                              Sampling
Polyphony                              128+128                                128                                   96                                     96
Voice                        590 Voices + 480 XG Voices            414 Voices + 480 XG Voices            340 Voices + 480 XG Voices           296 Voices + 480 XG Voices
Accompaniment Style                      408                                  344                                   243                                    191
USB Audio Recorder                       Yes                                  Yes                                   Yes                                     -
USB Connectors                       USB to Host                          USB to Host                           USB to Host                            USB to Host
                                    USB to Device                        USB to Device                         USB to Device                          USB to Device
Internet Direct            Lan Port, Wireless Game Adaptor,     Lan Port, Wireless Game Adaptor,      Lan Port, Wireless Game Adaptor,     Lan Port, Wireless Game Adaptor,
Connection                         External Adaptor                     External Adaptor                      External Adaptor                     External Adaptor
                                  (via USB to Device)                  (via USB to Device)                   (via USB to Device)                  (via USB to Device)
Dimension(WXDXH)-mm               1430 X 609 X 885                     1430 X 609 X 890                      1432 X 614 X 888                        1372 X 595 X 894
Dimension(WXDXH)-mm               1430 X 609 X 1042                    1430 X 609 X 1047                     1432 X 614 X 1045                      1372 X 595 X 1049
(with the music rest up)
Weight-kg                                 84                                  79                                    73                                     59
Finish*                                   DR                              DR, PE, PM                            DR, PE, PM                                DR, PE

                                                                                                                                           Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   33
     E le c tone

                                                                                                                                          Touch Screen
                                                                                                                                      LCD & 2nd Expression


                                                                               Easy Set up
                                                                               & Removal

                                                                          DDK-7                                            ELB-01
                                                                          Speakers are optional

       Electone STAGEA
      Model                                                ELS-01C                                          DDK-7                                  ELB-01
      Keys (Upper, Lower, Pedal)                          49, 49, 20                                       49, 61, 20                             49, 49, 20
      Tone Generator                        4 Layers AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling 2 Layers AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling               2 Layers AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling
                                                      + VA + Organ Flutes
      Voice                                                  509                                              415                                    245
      Rhythms                                                274                                              274                                    133
      Registration Menu                                  300 patterns                                     288 patterns                          240 patterns
      Effects                                     15 categories, 183 variations                    29 categories, 183 variations               97 sound effects
      USB Connectors                                     USB to Host                                      USB to Host                            USB to Host
                                                        USB to Device                                    USB to Device                          USB to Device
      Dimension(WXDXH)-mm                             1229 X 574 X 1017                                1150 X 424 X 173                     1112.3 X 485.8 X 936
      Weight-kg                                              109                                               18                                     55
      Colour                                            Silver Metallic                                  Silver Metallic                        Silver Metallic

34   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                                         Po r tabl e Ke ybo a rd

        Digital Workstation

                                                                                                                              Optional stand L-7S

                                        Beginners Keyboard

                                                                          Optional stand L-2C

                                                    Optional stand L-2C

Portable Keyboard
                                    Digital Workstation                            Beginners Keyboard                    Beginners Keyboard
Model                                    PSR-S900                                       PSR-E413                              PSR-E313
Keys                         61 regular-sized touch sensitive keys         61 regular-sized touch response keys   61 regular-sized touch response keys
Tone Generator                      AWM Stereo Sampling                            AWM Stereo Sampling                   AWM Stereo Sampling
Polyphony                                    128                                                32                                  32
Voice                                        891                                                509                                482
Accompaniment Style                          305                                                165                                106
On-Board Recorder                          16-Track                                              -                           2Track, 5 Song
USB Audio Recorder                           Yes                                                 -                                   -
USB Connectors                        MIDI, USB to Host,
                                                                                         USB to Host                              MIDI
                                       USB to Device
Internet Direct Connection    Lan Port, Wireless Game Adaptor,
                                                                                                 -                                   -
                             External Adaptor (via USB to Device)
Dimension(WXDXH)-mm                   1003 X 433 X 148                                1050 X 500 X 210                      945 X 370 X 128

Weight-kg                                    11.5                                                7                                  4.9
Finish*                                 Silver Metallic                                 Silver Metallic                      Silver Metallic

                                                                                                                          Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   35
     Po r t a ble Ke y board

                                                                                              (keyboard stand is included)

                                                                                                            NP-30 (optional stand L2C)

       Portable Keyboard                                                                                Digital Percussion
      Model                                        DGX-630                     NP-30
      Keys                                   61 regular-sized touch     61 regular-sized touch
                                                 sensitive keys             response keys
      Tone Generator                         AWM Stereo Sampling        AWM Stereo Sampling
      Polyphony                                       128                         32
      Voice                                           891                        509
      Accompaniment Style                             305                        106
                                                                                                        Connect CD, MD or
      On-Board Recorder                             16-Track                       -                    MPS player to AUX IN
      USB Audio Recorder                              Yes                          -                    jack, and play along with
      USB Connectors                                 MIDI                    USB to Host                your favourite music
                                                  USB to Host                                           (2 footswitch pedals are included)
                                                 USB to Device
                                                                                                          Digital Percussion
      Internet Direct                        LAN Port, Wireless Game               -
      Connection                            Adaptor, External Adaptor                                                                   DD-65
                                               (via USB to Device)                                       Touch-sensitive pads                          8
      Dimension(WXDXH)-mm                       1003 X 433 X 148           945 X 370 X 128               Voices                                 Drum Voice X 254
      (Keyboard only)                                                                                                                             Phrase X 25
      Weight-kg                                       11.5                        7                      Dimension (W x D x H) mm                602 x 411 x 180
      Finish                                     Silver Metallic            Silver Metallic              Weight                                      4.5kg

36   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
       Combo Instruments
Churches that offer solid music programs with readily available instruments
    bring both youths and adults together in a nurturing environment of
   worship and praise. One of the best and most affordable investments
    a church can make is the addition of a few guitars, a bass and a set of
 drums to a central electronic piano or synthesizer setup – nothing is more
 inspirational than hearing a musical combo playing in harmony to elevate
              the congregation to greater heights of devotion.

                                                                              Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   37






              The Yamaha MOTIF XS6 keyboard workstation gives you the power to create a studio-style mixing environment and provides
               modeling effects to fire your imagination. Featuring high-quality sounds, easy song creation, computer connectivity and an
                                intuitive interface, the Yamaha MOTIF XS7 is your self-contained songcrafting solution.

     MOTIF-XS6/7/8                                              •Expressive surface for real-time control, USB hosting   MM8 / MM6
     •128-note polyphony, 175MB wave ROM (in 16-bit              for storage to USB devices, and new 24-bit/96kHz        •88-key Graded Hammer action Yamaha keyboard
      linear format)                                             mLAN interface option                                    delivers natural, smooth and responsive playability
     •1.024 normal voices, 65 drum kits, new ethnic             •Bundled CD-ROM “Tools for S90ES” voice editor, multi-    (MM8 only)
      instruments amd Arabic tuning presets                      part editor, Studio Manager Host 2                      •418 high quality voices and 22 drum kits based on the
     •1,787 preset arppeggiator and DIMM sample RAM                                                                       pro-level MOTIF series synthesizers
      support, up to 512MB                                      S08                                                      •Real-time knobs offer extensive control
     •Expressive surface for real-time control, USB hosting     •88-key Balanced Hammer Effect keyboard                   •Pattern and arpeggiator generators provide dynamic
      for storage to USB devices, and new 24-bit/96kHz          •Over 800 high-quality AWM2 voices and 24-bit digital     music creation
      mLAN interface option                                      effects                                                  •Performance memory provides instant full panel
     •Bundled CD-ROMs: Over 150MB of new sounds                 •Sleek, lightweight design                                setting changes
      including MOTIF piano, S90 piano, sweet voices and        •SmartMedia™, card slot and SMF playback sequencer       •Built-in sequencer features 8 normal tracks plus 8
      many more                                                 •Built-in USB MIDI interface                              pattern tracks
     •MOTIF-XS6: 61 keys, initial touch/after touch             •Bundled with SQ01 sequencing software and voice         •USB connector offers convenient data storage and
     •MOTIF-XS7: 76 keys, initial touch/after touch              editing software                                         music production system connection
     •MOTIF-XS8: 88 keys, initial touch/after touch (Balanced
      Hammer Effect keyboard)                                    S03
                                                                •Regular 61 keys                                          Tone Generators
     S90ES                                                      •Over 700 high-quality AWM2 voices and 24-bit digital
     •88-key Balanced Hammer Effect keyboard with                 effects                                                  MOTIF-RACK XS
      aftertouch                                                •64-note polyphony with 16multitimbral parts                Same voices as the MOTIF-ES (1,152 normal voices and
     •128-note polyphony, 175MB wave ROM (in 16-bit             •3 on-board effects processors                            65 drum kits)
      linear format) including MOTIF-ES sounds and              •Full XG/GM compatibility                                   128-note polyphony
      renewed sophisticated piano sounds                        •To Host PC interface                                       2 systen effects and 8 insert effects
     •Damper reverb and half damper-capable                                                                                 2 expansion slots for Modular Synthesis Plug-in boards
     •8-part insertion, stereo 3-band part EQ, 1,787                                                                        USB ports, digital I/O, and Studio Connections Recll
      arpeggios                                                                                                          compatible software editors
     •3 expansion slots for Modular Synthesis Plug-in boards                                                                1,787 arpeggios

38   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue

   Electronic Piano                                                                     Computer Music Product





Electronic Piano                                        •Graded Hammer Standard Keyboard, 88 keys                 Accessories
                                                        •Max. 32-note polyphony
CP-300                                                  •10 voice demo songs, 50 preset songs                    BC3
•88-note Graded Hammer Effect Keyboard for acoustic      •High-performance and speaker system (12 x 6cm x 2)      Breath Controller
 piano feel and response                                •Sustain Pedalo when an optional FC3 Foot Pedal is
•50 outstanding voices including stereo acoustic          connected, the half-damper pedal effect can be used     FC3, FC4, FC5
 pianos,                                                                                                         Foot Switch
•Electric pianos, vibraphone, strings, organ and bass
•128-note polyphony                                      MIDI                                                    FC7, FC9
•64 performance setup                                                                                            Foot Controller
•High-performance amplifier and speaker system           WX5
 (13cmx2)                                               •Plays like a wind instrument: controls and MIDI tone    AIEB2
•16-track sequencer with song memory, USB interface      generator or sequencer                                  I/O Expansion Board for MOTIF-ES, RS7000 and A5000/4000
• Built-in digital effects and 5-band equalizer
                                                        VL-70m                                                   L140/L140S
P-140 / 140S                                            •Acclaimed physical modeling synthesis delivers          Stand for P-140, P-70/P140S
•Graded Hammer Standard keyboard, 88 keys                realistic and expressive wind and string instrument
•Max. 64 notes polyphony                                 sounds
•Tone Generator: AWM, 3-layer Dynamic Stereo            •An ideal match for the WX5 Wind MIDI Controller or
•Sampling, Key-off Samples, Stereo Sustain Samples       •G50 Guitar MIDI Converter
  (open-string effect with sustain pedal)
•High-performance amplifier and speaker system
  (12 x 6cm x 2)                                         Computer Music Product
•14 voice demo songs, 50 preset songs
CP-33                                                   • 6 MIC channel input, 4 Line channel input
•88-note Graded Hammer Effect Keyboard for acoustic      •4 insert I/O                                             FC4
 piano feel and response                                •2 AUX sends, 1 stereo return channel
•64-note polyphony                                      •1 stereo In / Out
•Dynamic stereo sampling delivers the ultimate in       •2 Group out / 1 stereo Control room monitor                                           FC7
 piano expression                                       •+48 phantom power supply
•64 performance setup                                   •3-band channel equalizer
•PC-MIDI interface for direct connection to a PC        •USB interface direct connection for recording without
                                                         driver install
                                                        •Steinberg Cubase LE bundled

                                                                                                                                         Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   39

                           FG700S                                      FG720S                                           LL36                        LS26

       Steel-String Guitars
      Model                                      F310/TBS                               FG700S                                 FG700MS                   FG720S
      Top                                           Spruce                            Solid Spruce                             Solid Spruce            Solid Spruce
      Back & sides                                 Meranti                                 Nato                                   Nato                     Nato
      Neck                                           Nato                                  Nato                                   Nato                     Nato
      Fingerboard                                 Rosewood                             Rosewood                                 Rosewood                Rosewood
      Finish                                       Natural,                              Natural                                  Satin           Natural, Dusk Sun Red,
                                            Tobacco Brown Sunburst                                                                                 Oriental Blue Burst,
                                                                                                                                                  Brown Sunburst, Black

      Model                                       FG730S                                FG750S                                  FS720S
      Top                                        Solid Spruce                         Solid Spruce                             Solid Spruce
      Back & sides                                Rosewood                                 Nato                                   Nato
      Neck                                           Nato                                  Nato                                   Nato
      Fingerboard                                 Rosewood                             Rosewood                                 Rosewood
      Finish                        Natural, Tobacco Brown Sunburst,                     Natural                         Natural, Dusk Sun Red,
                                        Vintage Cherry Sunburst                                                           Oriental Blue Burst,
                                                                                                                        Tobacco Brown Sunburst

                                                                       LL: dreadnough, LS: small size, LJ: auditorium

      Model                                      LL/LS/LJ36                          LL/LS/LJ26                                LL/LS/LJ16              LL/LS/LJ6
      Top                                   Solid Engelmann Spruce            Solid Engelmann Spruce                    Solid Engelmann Spruce    Solid Engelmann Spruce
      Back & sides                          Solid Indian Rosewood              Solid Indian Rosewood                        Solid Rosewood              Rosewood
      Neck                                    Mahogany, Padauk                    Mahogany, Padauk                       Mahogany, Rosewood        Mahogany, Rosewood
      Fingerboard                                   Ebony                                 Ebony                                  Ebony                    Ebony
      Finish                                       Natural                            Natural                                  Natural             LL: Natural, Sunburst,
                                             *High-Gloss (Lacquer)              *High-Gloss (Lacquer)                    *High-Gloss (Lacquer)     Tinted LS, LJ: Natural
                                                                                                                                                        * High-Gloss

40   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                                                          G ui t a r

               FGX720SC                                LLX6                             LLX36C                       LJX36C

From design to manufacture, Yamaha’s top craftsmen carry a tradition of exacting
standards and experience; there really is no substitute for their skilled hands and eyes!

From the very start, our L series guitars are in the safe hands of Mr. Shizuo Suzuki; he has over thirty years
experience in choosing quality materials for guitar making. His knowledge ensures out timber is of the
highest grade and has the correct grain angle and width required for a quality instrument.

Tradition blended with innovation typifies an L series guitar. Through the decades, Yamaha has made acoustic
guitars for legends and virtuosos alike. The new L series guitars are the result of the wealth of guitar-making
knowledge we have gained over many years.

  Electric Acoustic Guitars
 Model                             FGX720SC                      FX310A                       LLX6
 Top                              Solid Spruce                    Spruce              Solid Engelmann Spruce

 P.U. system                    System 55 Piezo               System 53 1 Way            System 54 1 Way

 Electronics                    3 Band EQ, AMF                  Gain, Tone              Direct Out System
 Finish                     Natural, Brown Sunburst,              Natural                 Natural/White

Model                             LLX36C/26                       LJX6C
Top                         Solid Engelmann Spruce        Solid Engelmann Spruce
P.U. system                     System 42 2 Way               System 42 2 Way
Electronics                3 Band EQ, AMF, Mic Tone,          3 Band EQ, AMF,
                           Mic Volume, Phase Switch,     Mic Volume, Phase Switch,
                                Master Volume                 Master Volume
Finish                              Natural                       Natural

                                                                                                                         Music Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                                             cal     r            o
                                                                                                                  Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   41

                            CG171S                              CG101A                                C70                                   C40

                         CG171S                                 CG101A                               C70                                        C40

       Electric Classical Guitars
      Model                                     CX40                  CGX101A                 CGX171CCA             CG171S/C
      Top                                       Spruce                  Spruce             Solid American Cedar     The CG171 is available with either a solid
      Back & sides                              Meranti                  Nato                   Mahogany            spruce cedar top. Its back and sides are of
      Neck                                      Chrome                 Chrome                      Gold             high quality Indian rosewood. Tone is rich
      Fingerboard                             Mono 1 Way           System 48 1 Way           System 49 2 Way        and expressive with excellent playability.
      Bridge                                  Rosewood                Rosewood                  Rosewood            Fine grades materials make it an excellent
      Finish                                  Gloss Finish            Gloss Finish             Gloss Finish         choice for the serious student who is ready
      Feature                                                                                 Cutaway Body          for performing on the stage

       Electric Acoustic Guitars
      Model                                      C40                     C70                    CG101A                     CG111S
      Top                                       Spruce                  Spruce                    Spruce                  Solid Spruce
      Back & sides                              Meranti                 Meranti                    Nato                       Nato
      Neck                                       Nato                    Nato                      Nato                       Nato
      Fingerboard                             Rosewood                Rosewood                  Rosewood                   Rosewood
      Bridge                                  Rosewood                Rosewood                  Rosewood                   Rosewood
      Finish                                  Gloss Finish            Gloss Finish             Gloss Finish               Gloss Finish

      Model                                    CG111C                  CG131S                   CG151S                     CG151C                       CG171S/C
      Top                               Solid American Cedar       Solid Stika Spruce       Solid Stika Spruce       Solid American Cedar           Solid Stika Spruce,
                                                                                                                                                  Rosewood / Solid Cedar
      Back & sides                               Nato                    Nato                   Ovangkol                   Ovangkol                         Nato
      Neck                                       Nato                    Nato                      Nato                       Nato                         Ebony
      Fingerboard                             Rosewood                Rosewood                    Ebony                      Ebony                       Rosewood
      Bridge                                  Rosewood                Rosewood                  Rosewood                   Rosewood                      Rosewood
      Finish                                  Gloss Finish            Gloss Finish             Gloss Finish               Gloss Finish                  Gloss Finish

       Hand-Crafted Models
      Model                                    GC21/C                  GC31/C                    GC41/C                     GC50/C                        GC60/C
      Top                              Solid European Spruce     Solid European Spruce     Solid European Spruce    Solid Romanian Spruce         Solid Romanian Spruce
                                      or Solid American Cedar   or Solid American Cedar   or Solid American Cedar   or Solid American Cedar       or Solid American Cedar
      Back & sides                          Indian Rosewood      Solid Indian Rosewood       Indian Rosewood        Solid Brazillian Rosewood     Solid Brazillian Rosewood
      Neck                                    Mahogany                Mahogany                  Mahogany              Honduras Mahogany             Honduras Mahogany
      Fingerboard                               Ebony                   Ebony                     Ebony                      Ebony                         Ebony
      Bridge                                  Rosewood                Rosewood                  Rosewood              Brazillian Rosewood           Brazillian Rosewood
      Finish                                 Polyurethane            Polyurethane              Polyurethane                 Lacquer                       Lacquer

42   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                                                                       G ui t a r

              BB415                      BBNEII                     TRB5PII                             TRB1005                         TRBJPII

 BB Series
Model                           415/414                            615/614                              NE2
                                                                                                  Nathan East Model

Construction                      Bolt-on                           Bolt-on                        Through Neck
Fingerboard                     Rosewood                           Rosewood                            Ebony
Frets                               21                                 21                                 24
Bridge                            Vintage                           Vintage                          Solid Brass
Colors                Black Metallic, Metallic Orange,   Black Metallic, Pewter, Yellow             Black, White
                                Wine Red                           Natural

 TRB Series
Model                            TRB5PII                           TRB6PII                     1005/1005F/1005L                              JP2
                                                                                                                                      John Patiucci Model

Construction                      Spruce                            Spruce                          Solid Spruce                           Spruce
Fingerboard                     Rosewood                           Rosewood                          Rosewood                               Ebony
Frets                               21                                 21                                 24                                  26
Bridge                            Vintage                           Vintage                 Yamaha Original Solid Brass                  Solid Brass
Colors                 Black Pearl, Metallic Orange,     Black Pearl, Metallic Orange,     Transulent Dark Red, Transulent      Amber, Transulent Dark Red
                                Wine Red                          Wine Red                         Black, Natural

 RBX Series
Model                              170                               270J                            374/375
Construction                      Bolt-on                           Bolt-on                            Bolt-on
Fingerboard                     Rosewood                           Rosewood                          Rosewood
Frets                               24                                 24                                 24
Bridge                         Light Weight                         Vintage                            Diecast
Colors                      Black, Red Metallic,         Black, Mist Green, Mist Purple,   Black, Flat Silver, Red Metallic,
                            Dark Blue Metallic               Mist Raspberry, Yellow            Dark Oriental Green,
                                                           Natural Satin, Red Metallic          Mustard Pearl Effect

                                                                                                                               Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   43

     The All New RGX A2 electric
     guitar is a marvel of modern
     technology. The proprietary
     A.I.R. (Alternative Internal
     Resonance) construction
     body, LED lit cylindrical
     diecast knobs, diecast
     cylindrical tuners, and
     Yamaha Alnico soapbar
     pickups make this a high
     tech transport for your
     musical creativity.                                  RGXA2                                        Pacifica112J                    Pacifica1511MS

      Pacifica Series
      Model                                  012                  112JM                     112J              112JX/JMX             120SJ                     412V
      Construction                          Bolt-on                Bolt-on                 Bolt-on              Bolt-on             Bolt-on                   Bolt-on
      Fingerboard                      Sonokeling                  Maple               Rosewood/Maple          Rosewood              Ebony                  Rosewood
      Frets                                   22                     22                       22                     22                22                       22
      Vibrato system                        Vintage                Vintage                 Vintage              Vintage          Non-Vibrato             Vintage Tremolo
      Pickup switch                     5-Position                5-Position              5-Position           5-Position          3-Position               5-Position
      Colors                       Black, Red Metallic,      Natural Satin, Black     Old Violin Sunburst,    Natural Satin   Natural Satin, Black,    Traslucent Black , Old
                                   Dark Blue Metallic                                   Lake Placid Blue,                       Vintage White         Violin Sunburst, Natural
                                                                                    Translucent Dark Green,
                                                                                      Red Metallic, Natural
                                                                                          Satin, Black

      Model                                 612V                   812V                   1511MS
      Construction                          Bolt-on                Bolt-on                  Bolt-on
      Fingerboard                       Rosewood                  Rosewood                  Maple
      Frets                                   22                     22                       22
      Vibrato system                 Yamaha Original          Yamaha Original            Non Vibrato
                                     R1000V Tremolo           R1000V Tremolo
      Pickup switch                     5-Position                5-Position              3-Position
      Colors                      Translucent Black, Or-      Translucent Blue              Natural
                                   ange Stain, Natural      Sunburst, Translucent
                                                             Dark Red, Old Violin
                                                              Sunburst, Natural

      RGX Series
      Model                                 220DZ                    A2                The Secret of A.I.R. Technology
      Construction                          Bolt-on                Bolt-on
                                                                                       Alternative Internal Resonance (or A.I.R.) technology utilizes a lightweight
      Fingerboard                       Rosewood                  Rosewood
                                                                                       wood core sandwiched between a harder, heavier wood on both the front
      Frets                                   22                     22
                                                                                       and back of the guitar’s body. Special sound tubes pass through the body
      Vibrato system                 Double Locking             Non Vibrato
                                        Tremolo                                        so that string vibrations normally resonating only the guitar’s top are
      Pickup switch                     3-Position                3-Position
                                                                                       transmitted through the entire body. By exciting the entire body structure
      Colors                         Metallic Black,              /Aircraft
                                                             White/Aircraft Gray
                                                                                       and shaping the tone with the hard top and back, A.I.R. construction creates
                                      Metallic Red,                                    a full, powerful, and resonant tone with distinctive presence and body that
                                      Metallic Blue,                                   are truly unique.
                                    Dark Metallic Gray

44   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                                                       Gu i t a r

               AES420                                AES720                           AES620                   AEX 1500

 AES/AEX Series
Model                                          AES720                               AES 620/SH
Construction                                     Set-in                                Set Neck
Fingerboard                                    Rosewood                    Rosewood/with Cabo Wabo Inlay
Frets                                              22                                     22
Bridge                                Yamaha Original AES Bridge             Yamaha Original AES Bridge
Colors                           Black/Gray Metallic, Black/Pacific Blule   Translucent Dark Red, Royal Blue,
                                                                            Faded Burst/ Red Rocker™ Red

Model                                          AES420                                AEX 1500
Construction                                     Set-in                               AEX 1500
Fingerboard                                    Rosewood                                 Set-in
Frets                                              22                                   Ebony
Bridge                              Yamaha Original Wrap-Around                           20
Colors                                     Black, Red Metallic                  Bone+Ebony, Natural,
                                                                              Antique Stain, Faded Burst

The new AES620 is an emotional rock machine of the highest magnitude. Sporting a carved, highly
figured Maple top, this handsome setneck instrument speaks through a Seymour Duncan JB™ bridge
pickup and a custom Alnico humbucker in the neck position. Separate volume controls for front and
rear pickups, a master tone control, and a three-way toggle selector get you from power chords to solo
in no time. Grover tuners keep the AES620 solidly in tune. The smooth Nato/Rosewood neck feels like
an extension of your arm. Rich new colors include Faded Burst, Translucent Dark Red, and Royal Blue.
AES620 – If you rock, your vehicle is ready.

                                                                                                                       Music Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                                           cal     r            o
                                                                                                                Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   45
     D r um

                                                                                                                 Maple Custom
                                                                                                                 Innovation .With new designed
                                                                                                                 lugs and 11 Basic- and 38
                                                                                                                 (!) Custom-Finishes you can
                                                                                                                 rest assured the three new
                                                                                                                 Absolute Series ( maple, birch
                                                                                                                 and beech) represent the
                                                                                                                 ultimate instruments for the true
                                                                                                                 professional drummer of today.
                                                                                                                 And due to the fact that all three
                                                                                                                 series are available in the same
                                                                                                                 thrilling finishes, you can combine
                                                                                                                 e.g. a maple bassdrum, with
                                                                                                                 birch toms and a beech snare.
                                                                                                                 Whatever you will do: it looks (and
                                                                                                                 sounds) awesome! Just feel free to
                                                                                                                 experiment with different setups
                                                                                                                 to find the sound that best suits
                                                                                                                 your style.

                                                                                                                 New Finish: Cherry Black Fade.

                                                                 Component                              Bass Drums
                                                                    Diameter     26”         24”            22”              20”            18”
                                                             x Depth                                                                      x14”
                                            Standard Size                         -           -              -                -
                                                             Model No.                                                                  ABD1518JF
                                                             x Depth
                                            Universal Size                        -           -              -                -              -
      Maple Custom Absolute                                  Model No.
      (Nouveau Lug type)                                     x Depth                        x16”           x16”             x16”           x16”
                                            Power Size                            -
                                                             Model No.                   ABD1524 (R)    ABD1524 (R)      ABD1520 (R)     ABD1518F
                                                             x Depth                        x18”           x18”            x18”
                                            Turbo Size                            -                                                          -
                                                             Model No.                   ABD1524T (R)   ABD1522T (R)    ABD1520T (R)
                                                             x Depth                                       x14”             x14”           x14”
                                            Standard Size                         -           -
                                                             Model No.                                   MBD1322J         MBD1320J       MBD1318J
                                                             x Depth                        x16”           x16”             x16”
      Maple Custom                          Power Size                            -                                                          -
                                                             Model No.                    MBD1324        MBD1322          MBD1320
                                                             x Depth                        x18”           x18”            x18”
                                            Turbo Size                            -                                                          -
                                                             Model No.                    MBD1324T       MBD1322T        MBD1320T
                                                             x Depth             x14”        x14”           x14”            x14”            x14”
                                            Standard Size
                                                             Model No.         BD926YJ     BD924YJ        BD922YJ         BD920YJ         BD918YJ
                                                             x Depth                        x16”           x16”             x16”
      Recording Custom                      Power Size                            -                                                          -
                                                             Model No.                     BD924Y         BD922Y           BD920Y
                                                             x Depth                        x18”           x18”             x18”
                                            Turbo Size                            -                                                          -
                                                             Model No.                    BD924YT        BD922YT          BD920YT
                                                             x Depth
                                            X9                                    -           -              -                -              -
                                                             Model No.
                                                             x Depth                        x17”           x17”            x17”            x15”
      Oak Custom                            Universal Size                        -
                                                             Model No.                    NBD824UA       NBD822UA        NBD820UA        NBD818FA
                                                             x Depth
                                            Power Size                            -           -              -                -              -
                                                             Model No.

                                                             x Depth                        x17”           x17”             x17”           x15”
      Stage Custom Birch                    Size                                  -
                                                             Model No.                    BBD624U        BBD622U          BBD620U        BBD618U

46   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                                                  D ru m

                                                                                                  Oak Custom
                                                                                                  With the new Oak Custom Yamaha
                                                                                                  brings the rich appearance and
                                                                                                  powerful sound of the mighty
                                                                                                  oak to a mid-priced, professional
                                                                                                  quality drum set. Shells are
                                                                                                  constructed from 100% oak—a
                                                                                                  material known for its brilliant
                                                                                                  grain, unsurpassed strength
                                                                                                  and durability. The Oak Custom
                                                                                                  produces a distinctive, bright and
                                                                                                  remarkably loud, yet harmonically
                                                                                                  rich, sound that is particularly
                                                                                                  ideal for live performance.

                               Mounted Toms                                              Floor Toms                         COLOR
  16”       15”       14”          13”          12”        10”         8”        18”        16”           14”
                                    x9”          x8”      x7 1/2”      x7”
                                                                                  -          -             -
                                 ATT1513J     ATT1512J   ATT1510J   ATT1508J
                                  x10”           x9”        x8”
                                                                       -          -          -             -
                                ATT1513U      ATT1512U   ATT1510U
  x14”                x12”         x11”         x10”       x9”        x8”        x16”       x16”         x14”
ATT1516             ATT1514      ATT1513      ATT1512    ATT1510    ATT1508    AFT1118    AFT1116      AFT1114

                                    -            -          -          -          -          -             -

                      x10”        x9”           x8”       x7 1/2”     x7”
                                                                                  -          -             -
                    MTT1314J    MTT1314J      MTT1314J   MTT1314J   MTT1314J
                                                                                                                        Black Maple,
 x14”      x13”      x12”         x11”         x10”        x9”        x8”       x16”       x16”         x16”
                                                                                                                      Turqouise Maple ,
MTT1316   MTT1315   MTT1314      MTT1313      MTT1311    MTT1310    MTT1308    MFT1318    MFT1316      MFT1314
                                                                                                                       Vintage Natural
                                    -            -          -          -          -          -             -

            x12”      x10”         x9”          x8”       x7 1/2”
                                                                       -          -          -             -
          TT915YJ   TT914YJ      TT913YJ      TT912YJ    TT910YJ
 x14”      x13”                   x11”          x10”        x9”        x8”      x16”       x16”          x16”           Cherry Wood,
TT916Y    TT915Y                 TT913Y        TT912Y     TT910Y     TT908Y    FT918Y     FT916Y        FT914Y           Solid Black

                                                                                  -          -             -

                                    -            -          -                     -          -             -
                                                                    NTT808JA                                            Red Oak, York
                                                                                                                        Honey Amber
                                  x10”           x9”        x8”
                                                                       -          -          -             -            Oak, Musashi
                                NTT813UA      NTT812UA   NTT810UA
                                                                                                                         Black, Silver
  x14”               x12”                                                        x16”       x16”         x16”              Sparkle
                                    -            -          -          -
NTT816A             NTT814                                                     NFT818A    NFT816A      NFT814A
                                                                                                                       Raven Black,
                                                                                                                      Sapphire Black,
                                                                                                                      Cranberry Red,
                                                                                                                      Natural Wood,
 x14”                 x12”         x10”         x9”        x8”                  x16”       x16”          x16”
                                                                                                                     Rasberry Metallic,
BTT616               BTT614      BTT613U      BTT612U    BTT610U               BFT618     BFT616        BFT614
                                                                                                                       Gold Metallic,
                                                                                                                     Dark Blue Metallic,
                                                                                                                        Dark Silver

                                                                                                         Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   47
     D r um

                                                                                               Recording Custom

       Maple Custom Absolute (Nouveau Lug type)
                                            AYN2F41A   ABD1522    AFT1516       -       -
      AYN2F4A                                                                                     HW870 ASD0545
                                            AYN2F42A   ATT1512    ATT1513    TH945B     -
                                            AYN2T41A   ABD1522    ATT1514      -        -         HW870 ASD0545
                                            AYN2T42A   ATT1510    ATT1512    TH945B   CL945B        CSAT924A
                                            AYNOT41A   ABD1520    ATT1514       -        -        HW870 ASD0545
                                            AYNOT42A   ATT1510    ATT1514    TH945B   CL945B        CSAT924A

       Maple Custom
                                            MYA2F41    BBD1522    BFT1516       -       -
      MYA2F4                                                                                      HW870 MSD0545
                                            MYA2F42    BTT1512    BTT1513    TH945B     -
                                            MYA2T41    BBD1522    BTT1514      -        -         HW870 MSD0545
                                            MYA2T42    BTT1520    BTT1512    TH945B   CL945B        CSAT924A
                                            MYA0T41    BBD1520    BTT1514       -        -        HW870 MSD0545
                                            MYA0T42    BTT1520    BTT1512    TH945B   CL945B        CSAT924A

       Recording Custom
                                             RY2F41     BD922Y     FT916Y       -       -
      RY2F4                                                                                       HW870 BSD0545
                                             RY2F42     TT912Y     TT913Y    TH945B     -
                                             RY2T41     BD922Y     TT914Y      -        -         HW870 BSD0545
                                             RY2T42     TT910Y     TT912Y    TH945B   CL945B        CSAT924A
                                             RYOT41     BD920Y     TT914T       -        -        HW870 BSD0545
                                             RYOT42     TT910Y     TT912Y    TH945B   CL945B        CSAT924A

       Oak Custom
                                            NYSFS41A   NBD822UA    NFT816A      -       -
      NYSFS4A                                                                                     HW870 NSD0545
                                            NYSFS42A   NTT812UA   NTT810UA   TH945B     -
                                            NY2T41A    NBD822UA   NTT814A      -        -         HW870 NSD0545
                                            NY2T42A    NTT812UA   NTT810UA   TH945B   CL945B        CSAT924A
                                            NYOT41A    NBD820UA   NTT814A       -        -        HW870 NSD0545
                                            NYOT42A    NTT812UA   NTT810UA   TH945B   CL945B        CSAT924A

48   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                                           D ru m

                                                                                       Stage Custom Birch

                                                                                       100% Birch Shell Stage Custom
                                                                                       has evolved again As with the
                                                                                       introduction of Stage Custom in
                                                                                       1995 Yamaha once again sets the
                                                                                       standards of value and sound.

                                                                                       By borrowing from our legendary
                                                                                       Recording Custom drums, we are
                                                                                       proud to introduce new 100%
                                                                                       Birch Shell Stage Custom.

 Stage Custom Birch
                        SCB4F1         BBD624U             BFT616    CL945LB           SD266A                       -
                        SCBW12         BTT612U             CS755x2   HS740A            SS740A                    FP7210A
                        SCB2FS51       BBD622U             BFT616    BTT610U           TH945B                    BSD0655
                        SCBHW12        BTT612U             CS755x2   HS740A            SS740A                    FP7210A
                         SCB0F51       BBD620U             BFT614    BTT610U           TH945B                    BSD0655
                        SCBHW12        BTT612U             CS755x2   HS740A            SS740A                    FP7210A

 Snare Drums
Model                                            Size(inch)               Material                          Colors
Maple Custom Absolute       ASD0534                13x4
                            ASD0535               13x15½
                            ASD0544                14x4                    Maple                  VN, HY, CW, BLP, RPN, BUP
                            ASD0545                14x5½
                            ASD0547                14x7
Steve Gladd Models         MSD14SG                 14x5                    Maple                              SOB
                            BSD14SG                14x5                        Birch
                            SD255SG                14x5½                       Steel                  Black Plated Finish
Dave Wecki Models          MSD131DW                13x5                                                       SOB
                           MSD14DW                 14x5
Peter Erskine Models        MSD10PE                10x4                                                       VN
                            MSD12PE                12x4
Billy Cobham Model         ASD1460BC               14x6                    Maple                           SOB, SLS
David Garibaldi Model       SD435DG                14x3½                       Brass                   Clear Blue Finish
Steve Jordan Model         MSD1365SJ               13x6½                   Maple                     Natural Wood Finish
Akira Jimbo Model           WSD13AJ                13x7                    Beech                     White Sparkle Finish

 Club Jordoan Cocktail Drum System
Model                                            Size(inch)               Material                          Colors
Bass drum                   CD15CJ                 15x24                   Birch &                     PKS (Pink Sparkle)
Tom tom                      TT10CJ                10x5                   Phiippine                   SLS (Silver Sparkle)
Snare drum                  SD08CJ                  8x5                  Mahogany
                            ASD0545                14x5½

                                                                                                Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   49
50   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
  Orchestral Instruments
      Yamaha is known over the world for the most consistent musical
 instruments in the industry. Yamaha offers a complete range of orchestral
instruments and concert percussion for participation in any situation from a
             simple five-piece praise band to a full orchestra.

                                               Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   51
     Fl u te





       Handcrafted Professional Series Flutes
                                              Key         E                       Headjoint      Body &                          Pivot screws
      Model              Key types          systems   mechanism    Footjoint      & lip plate   footjoint    Keys      Springs   (pivot point)    Pads     Finish
      YFL-784/H                             In-line       -
                          Ring keys                                                                         Sterling
      YFL-774/H                                                                                              silver
                                            Offset G    Included
      YFL-714/H         Covered keys                                               Sterling     Sterling
      YFL-684/H                             In-line       -                          silver      silver
                                                                                                                       White       Tapered       Double
                          Ring keys                               C footjoint/      (Gold-                             gold      (with head)     bladder   Silver-
      YFL-674/H                                                   B foot joint*   plated lip                                                               plated
                                            Offset G    Included
      YFL-614/H         Covered keys                                                 plate                  Nickel
                                                                                  available)                silver
      YFL-584/H                             In-line       -
                          Ring keys                                                              Nickel
                                            Offset G    Included                                  silver
      YFL-514/H         Covered keys

52   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                                        BAND & ORCHESTRAL
                                                                                                                                                                              Fl ute




Intermediate Model Flutes
                                Key          E                        plated lip       Headjoint        Body &                                  Pivot screws
Model           Key types     systems    mechanism    Footjoint         plate          & lip plate     footjoint        Keys       Springs      (pivot point)       Pads      Finish
                                                        C foot-
YFL-481/H                     In-line        -         joint / B
                Ring keys                             footjoint *     Available
YFL-471                       Offset G     Included                                                      silver
                                                       C foot-
YFL-421                                      -                            -
               Covered keys                             joint
YFL-411                                   Included
                                                                                        Sterling                        Nickel    Stainless                       Double      Silver-
                                                        C foot-                                                                                   Straight
                                                                                         silver                         silver      steel                         bladder     plated
YFL-381/H                     In-line        -         joint / B
                                                      footjoint *     Available
                Ring keys
YFL-371                                   Included                                                      Nickel
YFL-361                                                C foot-
                              Offset G        -
YFL-321                                                 joint             -
               Covered keys
YFL-311                                   Included                    Available

Standard Model Flutes
Standard                        Key          E                           Headjoint           Body &                                      Pivot screws
Model Flutes    Key types     systems    mechanism       Footjoint       & lip plate        footjoint            Keys        Springs     (pivot point)           Pads        Finish

YFL-281                        In-line           -

YFL-271         Ring keys                  Included
                                                                              Nickel          Nickel         Nickel          Stainless                          Double       Silver-
YFL-261                                                 C footjoint                                                                           Straight
                              Offset G            -                            silver          silver         silver            steel                            bladder      plated
YFL-221        Covered keys
YFL-211                                    Included

Alto & Bass Flutes
                                Key                                     Lip plate          Body &                         Headjoint      Pivot screws
Model            Key types    systems     Toneholes    Headjoint         & riser          footjoint         Keys            type         (pivot point)           Pads        Finish
                                                                                                           Silver-                                              Double
YFL-A421         Alto in G                                                                                                 Straight*
                              Covered                                    Sterling                          plated                        Tapered (with          bladder        Clear
                                           Drawn       Gold brass                         Gold brass
                               keys                                       silver                           nickel                           head)                            lacquer
YFL-B441         Bass in C                                                                                 silver           Curved                              Leather

                                                                                                                                                    Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   53


                             YCL-250                     YCL-450                     YCL-CX                    YCL-CSG                           YCL-681

       B and A Clarinets
                                                Fingering                                   Body
      Model                       Key            system            Barrel length           material          Key material            Toneholes          Thumb-rest        Mouthpiece
                                                                     56.5mm                                  Silver-plated/
      YCL-CSG                                                                                                                                              Fixed             5CM
                                                                                                              nickel silver
                                                                                                                                   Tapered tone-
      YCL-CSGH                                                                                             Hamilton-plated       holes with hand-     Fixed (Adjustable
      YCL-CSV                                                                                                                    tapered undercut         optionally         4CM
      YCL-SEV                                                                                                                                             available)
      YCL-CX                                                                                                 Silver-plated           Tapered             Adjustable
                                                                                                             nickel silver        toneholes with
      YCL-650                                                                                                                    tapered undercut
      YCL-450                                    Boehm                                                                                                                       4C
                                                 17 Keys,                                                                        Straight toneholes
                                                 6 Rings                                                     Nickel-plated          with tapered
                                                                                          Matte ABS           nickel silver           undercut             Fixed
                                   A                                                                         Silver-plated/
                                                                     56.5mm                                   nickel silver                                                  5CM
      YCL-CSG-AH                                                                                           Hamilton-plated         Tapered tone-
                                                                                          Grenadilla                             holes with hand-
      YCL-CSV-A                                                       65mm
                                                                                                                                 tapered undercut     Fixed (Adjustable
      YCL-SEV-A                                                       64mm                                                                                optionally         4CM
                                                                                                             nickel silver
      YCL-CX-A                                                        66mm

       Bb Bass Clarinets
      Model                     Key              Fingering system             Body material                  Key material                Toneholes         Thumb-rest     Mouthpiece
      YCL-622 II                            24 keys, 7 covered finger holes                                                               Straight
                                                                                   Grenadilla          Silver-plated nickel silver                             Fixed
      YCL-621 II               Bb Bass      20 keys, 7 covered finger holes                                                            toneholes with                          4C
                                                                                                                                     tapered undercut
      YCL-221 II                            19 keys, 7 covered finger holes    Matte ABS resin         Nickel-plated nickel silver                           Adjustable

       Eb Alto Clarinets
      Model                     Key              Fingering system             Body material                  Key material                Toneholes         Thumb-rest     Mouthpiece
      YCL-631 II               E Alto       19 keys, 7 covered finger holes         Grenadilla          Silver-plated nickel silver    toneholes with           Fixed          4C
                                                                                                                                     tapered undercut

       Eb Clarinets
                                                Fingering                                   Body
      Model                       Key            system            Barrel length           material          Key material            Toneholes          Thumb-rest        Mouthpiece
      YCL-881                                    Boehm                                                                             Tapered tone-
                                   E             17 Keys,             42mm                Grenadilla                             holes with hand-          Fixed             4C
      YCL-681 II                                                                                             nickel silver
                                                 6 Rings                                                                         tapered undercut

54   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                        BAND & ORCHESTRAL
                                                                                                                                                S a xop ho ne

             YSS-875EX                    YAS-62            YAS-875EX              YTS-82Z              YTS-875EX                    YBS-62

 Custom Alto & Tenor Saxophones
Model                    Auxiliary Keys            Bell decoration   Thumb hook       Pivot screw        Key buttons                       Finish
YAS-875EX/EXS                                                                                                                   Gold lacquer/Silver-plated*

                         High F#, Front F                                                                                       Gold lacquer/Silver-plated*
YAS-82Z/ZS                                                                          New bullet point
                                                   Hand engraved      Adjustable                        Mother of pearl          (Unlacquered available)
YTS-875EX/EXS                                                                           design                                  Gold lacquer/Silver-plated*
                    High F#, Front F (Without                                                                                   Gold lacquer/Silver-plated*
                       high F available)                                                                                         (Unlacquered available)

 E Alto Saxophones
Model                    Auxiliary Keys            Bell decoration   Thumb hook       Pivot screw        Key buttons                       Finish
YAS-62/S                                           Hand engraved                      Tapered, nylon                            Gold lacquer/ Silver-plated*
YAS-475                           #                   Engraved                      tipped, with head
                         High F , Front F                                                                  Polyester
                                                                                      Tapered, nylon                                    Gold lacquer
YAS-275                                               Stamped         Adjustable    tipped, non head
                                                                                      Tapered, nylon
YAS-23                          Front F               Stamped                       tipped, non head       Polyester      Nickel-plating, Clear baked epoxy lacquer

 B Soprano Saxophones
Model                    Auxiliary Keys            Bell decoration   Thumb hook       Pivot screw        Key buttons                       Finish
YSS-875EX/EXS                                                                         Bullet point      Mother of pearl         Gold lacquer/ Silver-plated*
                                                   Hand engraved
YSS-675/S/R/RS                                                                      design with head
                         High F#, Front F                             Adjustable
                                                                                    New bullet point,      Polyester                    Gold lacquer
YSS-475 II                                         Laser engraved
                                                                                       non head

 E Alto Saxophones
Model                    Auxiliary Keys            Bell decoration   Thumb hook       Pivot screw        Key buttons                       Finish
YTS-62/S                                           Hand engraved                      Tapered, nylon                             Gold lacquer,Silver-plated*
YTS-475                                               Engraved                      tipped, with head                                   Gold lacquer
                         High F#, Front F                                             Tapered, nylon
YTS-275                                               Stamped                                                                           Gold lacquer
                                                                                    tipped, non head
                                                                      Adjustable                                          Gold baked epoxy lacquer, Silver-plated,
YTS-875EX                                          Hand engraved
                                                                                     Bullet-tip, with                                 Black-plated
                                                                                                        Mother of Pearl
                       High F#(available                                                  head                             Unlaquered, Gold lacquer, Silver, Back
YTS-82Z                                            Hand engraved
                    without F#key) , Front F                                                                                            lacquer
                                                                                     Tapered, nylon
YTS-23                          Front F               Stamped                                              Polyester      Nickel-plating, Clear baked epoxy lacquer
                                                                                     lock, non head

 Baritone Saxophones
Model                    Auxiliary Keys            Bell decoration   Thumb hook       Pivot screw        Key buttons                       Finish
YBS-62/S             High F , Low A, Front F       Hand engraved                      Bullet point                               Gold lacquer/Silver-plated*
                                                                      Adjustable                           Polyester
YBS-32                   Low A, Front F               Stamped                       design with head                                    Gold lacquer

                                                                                                                                  Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   55
     Pi ccolo / Oboe s




                                                                                                                  YOB-431                                 YOB-832
                                                                                                                                                Pivot                        Post
      Model                   Headjoint          E mechanism         Keys          Body         Bore        Toneholes        Springs           screws           Pads       mounting
                                                                   Sterling                                                                  Tapered
      YPC-91                  Grenadilla                                                                                   White gold
                                                                    silver                                                                 (with head)
      YPC-82                 Sterling silver
                              Grenadilla                                         Grenadilla
      YPC-62                                                                                                                                                   Double
                                                   Included                                    Conical                                                                       Ribbed
                                                                 Silver-plated                                              Stainless                          bladder
                          Silver-plated nickel                                                                                                 Straight
                                                                 nickel silver                                                steel
      YPC-62M               silver with silver
                          Silver-plated nickel
      YPC-32                                                                     ABS resin

      Model                                      System                          Bore style    Mechanical features                Trill keys              Body material      Keys
                                                                                              3rd octave key, Left-hand                #
                                                                                                                            Low B-C , low C-D ,   b

      YOB-832                 Conservatoire (full-automatic octave system)                     F key, Triple C, Low B-C,   C#-D#, D#-E, F#-G#, G#-A,
                                                                                                Fork F resonance key        Ab-Bb, A#-B, B-C#, C-D
      YOB-831                Conservatoire (semi-automatic octave system)        European                                          (RH, LH)                 Grenadilla
                                                                                                   3rd octave key,                                                        Silver-plated
      YOB-432                                              Full-automatic                      Left-hand F key, Fork F     C#-D#, F#-G#, Ab-Bb, A#-B,                     nickel silver
                                                                                                   resonance key                   B-C#, C-D
      YOB-431                                                                                                                      (RH, LH)
                          Simplified Conservatoire
                                                                                                                           C#-D#, F#-G#, A#-B, B-C#,
      YOB-241                                                                    American          Lowest note: Bb                                          ABS resin
                                                                                                                                  C-D (RH)

56   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                          BAND & ORCHESTRAL
                                                                                                                                                      Tru mp et






Model                     YTR-8335              YTR-8335RGS              YTR-8345              YTR-8310Z               YTR-6335                   YTR-6345G
Key                            Bb                      Bb                     Bb                     Bb                     Bb                          Bb
Weight                   Heavyweight             Heavyweight             Heavyweight            Lightweight           Regular-weight             Regular-weight
Bell                        123mm                  Gold brass               123mm                 127mm                   123mm                    Gold brass
                      with gold brass bell          123mm             with gold brass bell                                                          123mm
Bore                     Medium large:           Medium large:              Large:               Medium:              Medium large:                  Large:
No. of Tuning Bolts       11.65mm                 11.65mm                  11.73mm               11.3mm                11.65mm                      11.73mm
Others                     with silver-        Reversed leadpipe        GS:with silver-      with silver-plating    with silver-plating        with silver-plating
                            plating                                        plating

Model                    YTR-4335G                YTR-2335               YTR-1335            YTR-9445CHS               YTR-8445                    YTR-2435
Key                            Bb                      Bb                     Bb                     C                       C                 In C, Bb tuning slide
Weight                  Regular-weight          Regular-weight          Regular-weight         Heavy-weight           Heavy-weight               Regular-weight
Bell                       Gold brass               123mm                Yellow brass             123mm                  123mm                       123mm
                            123mm                                          123mm                                    with gold brass bell
Bore                     Medium large:           Medium large:          Medium large:         Large: 11.73mm         Large: 11.73mm              Medium large:
                          11.65mm                 11.65mm                11.65mm                                                                  11.65mm
Others                1st valve slide thumb   1st valve slide thumb   with silver-plating    Reversed leadpipe     GS:with silver-plating
                              hook                    hook
                       with silver-plating     with silver-plating

                                                                                                                                   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   57
     Tr u m p e t / Co r n e t / Fl u e g e l h o r n

                                       YHR-314                                          YHR-567S                                       YHR-668II                              YFH-631G

      Model                         YTR-9820C                    YTR-9830                  YTR-9710                YTR-9635              YTR-9610              YTR-6810              YTR-6610S
      Key                            Bb/A piccolo                Bb/A piccolo                 G/F                       E/Eb                Eb/D               Bb/A piccolo               Eb/D
      Bell                             101mm                       101mm              101mm, 110mm                    123mm                120mm                  94mm                 120mm
      Bore                             11.3mm                     11.3mm                     11.3mm                  11.65mm              11.3mm                  10.5mm               11.3mm
      Others                      4th rotary valve on        With leadpipes for        With bells and             With bells and        With bells and    With leadpipes for      With silver-plating
                                    3rd valve slide,            Bb & A, silver             slide for                 slide for             slide for            Bb & A
                                  with leadpipes for               plating           G & F, silver-plating            E & Eb,               Eb & D,              with
                                 Bb & A, silver-plating                                                           silver-plating        silver-plating      silver-plating

       Rotary Valve Trumpets
      Model                            YTR-936G                       YTR-946G
      Key                                      Bb                          Bb
      Bell                         Gold brass 138mm               Gold brass 130mm
      Bore                              11.24mm                        11.24mm
      Others                      3rd valve slide trigger        3rd valve slide trigger
                                    with silver-plating            with silver-plating

       French Horns
      Model                                     YHR-891                          YHR-881                          YHR-667V                      YHR-668II                         YHR-667
     Key                                    F/Bb/high F triple         Bb/high F double descant                   F/Bb double                   F/Bb double                      F/Bb double
     Bell size                                   MS/ML                            MS/ML                               ML                             LL                               M
     Bore                                        12mm                             12mm                               12mm                          12mm                             12mm
     Finish                                   Unlacquered                       Unlacquered                      Unlacquered                   Epoxy lacquer                    Epoxy lacquer
     Others                                                                A/plus stop valve                  -S: detachable bell             -N: nickel silver               -D: detachable bell
                                                                                                                                            -D, -ND: detachable

      Model                                     YHR-567                          YHR-881                          YHR-314II
     Key                                      F/Bb double                        Bb single                          F single
     Bell size                                      M                               M                                  M
     Bore                                        12mm                             12mm                              12mm
     Finish                                  Epoxy lacquer                   Epoxy lacquer                      Epoxy lacquer
     Others                             -D: detachable bell                                                  -S: with silver lacquer

      Model                                    YFH-6310Z                         YFH-631G                          YFH-631G
      Bell                                   151.8mm                            151.8mm                            151.8mm
                                    Yellow brass bell and clear            Gold brass bell and
                                               laquer                         clear lacquer
      Bore                                    10.5mm                             11mm                              11.3mm
      Others                            With 3rd valve slide              -S:with silver-plating             -S:with silver-plating
                                   trigger -S:with silver-plating

58   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                        BAND & ORCHESTRAL
                                                                                                                                                      Cor n e t

                                                                          YCR-6330 SII

                                                                            YCR-8335 SII
  Bb Cornets
Model                                YCR-8335H (NEW)                        YCR-6330II                  YCR-2330II                       YCR-2310II
Weight                                   Heavyweight                       Regular-weight             Regular-weight                   Regular-weight
Bell                                       125.5mm                            119.4mm                     119.4mm                         131.7mm
Bore                                       11.9mm                             11.73mm                     11.73mm                         11.73mm
Others                        With 1st & 3rd-valve slide triggers/     -SII: with silver-plating   -SII: with silver-plating       -SII: with silver-plating
                                    -S: with silver-plating

  Eb Cornets
Model                                    YCR-6610T                          YCR-2610SII
Bell                                      119.4mm                             119.4mm
Bore                                      11.68mm                             11.65mm
Others                              3rd-valve slide trigger                 Silver-plated
                                    -ST:with slide-plating

                      TD-100                         TD-5                 ME-150
       Digital chromatic tuners and the ME-150 pocket-sized metronome are designed especially
       for use with wind instruments.

                                                                                                                               Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   59





       Tenor Trombones
                                                                                              Slide Material                                Mouthpiece
      Model               Key               Bore size          Bell size      Bell material   (Outer/Inner)      Weight       Finish          shank      Mouthpiece

      YSL-881                                                                 Yellow brass
                                     L: 13.89mm (0.547")   220.0mm (8-2/3")                                      Heavy     Clear lacquer       Large      SULLIVAN
      YSL-881G                                                                 Gold brass
      YSL-630                       ML: 13.34mm (0.525")                                       Yellow brass/                                   Small         48
                                                           214.4mm (8-1/2")                     Nickel silver
      YSL-610                        L: 13.89mm (0.547")                                                                                       Large        48L
                                    Dual: 12.29-12.45mm                       Yellow brass
      YSL-697Z            B b                              190.4mm (7-1/2")                                                                                 46C2
                                        (0.484-0.490")                                                                     Gold lacquer        Small
      YSL-691                        M: 12.9mm (0.508")     204.4mm (8")                                          Light                                     45C2
      YSL-447G                       L: 13.89mm (0.547")                                                                                       Large        48L
                                                           214.4mm (8-1/2")    Gold brass      Nickel silver/
      YSL-445G                      ML: 13.34mm (0.525")
                                                                                               Nickel silver    Standard
                                                                                                                           Gold lacquer/       Small         48
      YSL-354/S                      M: 12.7mm (0.500")     204.4mm (8")      Yellow brass

       Bb/F Tenor Bass Trombones
                                                                                              Slide Material                                Mouthpiece
      Model               Key               Bore size          Bell size      Bell material   (Outer/Inner)     Weight        Finish          shank      Mouthpiece

      YSL-882O                                                                Yellow brass
                                     L: 13.89mm (0.547")   220.0mm (8-2/3")                                      Heavy     Clear lacquer      Large       SULLIVAN
      YSL-882GO                                                                Gold brass     Yellow brass/
      YSL-640                       ML: 13.34mm (0.525")                                       Nickel silver                                  Small          48
                                                                              Yellow brass
      YSL-620             Bb         L: 13.89mm (0.547")                                                                                      Large         48L
                                                           214.4mm (8-1/2")
                                     L: 13.89mm (0.547")                                                                                      Large         48L
      YSL-448G                                                                                                  Standard   Gold lacquer
                                    ML: 13.34mm (0.525")                                      Nickel silver/
                                                                               Gold brass
                                    Dual: 12.7-13.34mm                                        Nickel silver                                   Small          48
      YSL-356G                                              204.4mm (8")

60   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                         BAND & ORCHESTRAL




Bass Trombones
                                                           Bell        Slide Material                                                     Mouthpiece
Model          Key         Bore size        Bell size     material     (Outer/Inner)     Weight        Finish          Comments             shank          Mouthpiece

            Bb/F/Eb/Gb                                                                                                In-line valves
YBL-830                                                                                                                                                       59L-GP
                                                                       Yellow brass/                                D slide included
                                                                                          Heavy     Clear lacquer
                                                                        Nickel silver                                Off-set valves,
YBL-822     B/F & B/F/D   LL: 14.3mm        241.0mm                                                                    2nd valve
                                                          Gold brass                                                  detachable              Large
                            (0.563")         (9-1/2")
                                                                                                                     Off-set valves,                             58L
YBL-620G                                                                Nickel silver/              Gold lacquer    Nickel-silver side,
              Bb/F/D                                                                     Standard
                                                                        Nickel silver                               D slide included
YBL-421G       B /F                                                                                 Clear lacquer            -

Valve Trombones
                                                           Bell        Slide Material                                                     Mouthpiece
Model          Key         Bore size        Bell size     material     (Outer/Inner)     Weight        Finish          Comments             shank          Mouthpiece

YSL-354V        Bb        M: 12.7mm         204.4mm        Yellow
                                                                       Nickel silver/-   Standard   Gold lacquer     3 piston valves          Small              48
YSL-354VC       C          (0.500")           (8")          brass

Compact Trombone
                                                           Bell        Slide Material                                                     Mouthpiece
Model          Key          Bore size        Bell size    material     (Outer/Inner)     Weight        Finish          Comments             shank          Mouthpiece
                             Dual: 12.7
                                             204.4mm                   Yellow brass/
YSL-350C       Bb/C         - 13.34mm                     Gold brass                     Standard   Gold lacquer             -                Small              48
                                               (8")                     Nickel silver

Alto Trombone
                                                            Bell       Slide Material                                                     Mouthpiece
Model          Key          Bore size         Bell size    material    (Outer/Inner)      Weight       Finish          Comments             shank          Mouthpiece
                                              181.8mm       Yellow      Yellow brass/                               With 1/2 step trill
YSL-671       Eb Alto     11.95-12.45mm                                                  Standard   Gold lacquer                              Small             48A
                                               (7-1/8")      brass       Nickel silver                               rotor YSL-671T

                                                                                                                                       Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   61

                 YEP-842S                             YEP-642                            YAH-602                       YBH-301

      Model                                 Key     Bore size           Bell size           Material        Valves               Finish      Mouthpiece
      YEP-842S                                      15-16.8mm                                               4 valves,       Silver-plated       53HL
                                                                     300mm (11-4/5")
      YEP-642/S                                    (0.591-0.661")                                         compensating
                                                   14.5-16.8mm                                                                                  51L
                                                                                                            4 valves
                                             Bb    14.5-15.5mm                             Yellow brass                     Clear lacquer/
                                                   (0.571-0.610")                                                           Silver-plated*
                                                                       280mm (11")
      YEP-211/S                                                                                                                                  48
                                                  14.5mm (0.571")                                           3 valves

       Alto (Tenor) Horns
      Model                                 Key     Bore size           Bell size           Material        Valves               Finish      Mouthpiece
                                                                                                                            Clear lacquer/
      YAH-602/S                                   11.9mm (0.469")
                                                                                                                            Silver-plated*      38D4
                                            Bb                       204.7mm (8-1/16")     Yellow brass     3 valves
                                                                                                                            Gold lacquer/       37C4
      YAH-203/S                                   11.73mm (0.462")

       Baritone Horns
      Model                                 Key     Bore size           Bell size           Material        Valves               Finish      Mouthpiece
      YBH-621/S                                                                                             4 valves        Clear lacquer/
                                            Bb     (0.504-0.531")    211.4mm (8-3/8")      Yellow brass                                         45C2
      YBH-301/S                                   12.8mm (0.504")                                           3 valves

62   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                     BAND & ORCHESTRAL

                      YBB-321                                  YBB-641                                 YBB-841

BBb Tubas
Model       Key     Bore size          Bell size      Material             Valves           Finish            Mouthpiece
YBB-841                                               Yellow brass
                  20.7mm (0.815")   450mm (17-3/4")
YBB-841G                                              Gold brass
                                                                     4 rotary valves     Clear lacquer
YBB-641           20.6mm (0.811")                     Yellow brass
                                    419mm (16-1/2")
YBB-645G          20.7mm (0.815")                     Gold brass
                   17.5-19.5mm                                        3 pistons + 1
YBB-631/S                           443mm (17-1/2")
                   (0.689-0.768")                                    compensating                                  67C4
            BBb    17.5-18.5mm
YBB-621/S                           366mm (14-3/8")                  Front 4 pistons
                   18.5-19.5mm                                                           Clear lacquer /
YBB-321/S                                             Yellow brass       Top 4 pistons
                   (0.728-0.768")                                                        Silver-plated*
                                    443mm (17-1/2")
YBB-201/S         18.5mm (0.728")
                                                                         Top 3 pistons
YBB-105/S         16.8mm (0.661")   366mm (14-3/8")                                                                  67

                                                                                              Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   63
64   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
           Concert Percussion
   Yamaha instruments and percussion are painstakingly designed, offering
     superior sound and practical features; Yamaha horns have a very even
  tone from top to bottom, making them easy to use with any type of sound
   reinforcement; Yamaha acoustic violins combine handcrafted quality and
 tonal characteristics normally found only on far more expensive instruments;
Yamaha concert percussion are crafted using the latest design and production
    techniques, producing percussion unrivaled in aural and visual beauty.

                                               Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   65
     Co n ce r t Pe rc u s si o n

         The YM 1430 marimba’s exclusive tuning method ensures true
         pitch and full sound from the genuine Burmese padauk graduated
         wood bars. It features a reinforced frame and a unique adjustable
         height system, perfect for the younger percussionist.

         The YV 1605 uses the same high-grade bar material and bar
         surface treatment as in the high-end vibraphones. This professional
         intermediate vibraphone produces a clear, focused tone with a
         very broad dynamic range.
                                                                                                              YM1430                                                       YM40

                                  YV1605                                                                                                  TP5000 Series

                                                                                                                            CH500                                   CB632
                             YX350A                                          YG1210                                                                           (Drum Stand))

                                                                                                                                                          FRP Pedal                       Concert
       Vibraphones                                                                                                          Metallophone                  Timpani                         Timpani
      Model                     YV 3710                   YV 2700              YV 1605                 YV 520               YT 280D                       TP 3000 Series                  TP 5000 Series
      Range                   f-f3, 3 octaves             300mm              f-f3, 3 octaves           280mm                280mm                         TP 3023: 23''                   TP 5020: 20''
      Bars                   Gold mirror finish      Silver satin finish     Silver matte finish     Aluminium alloy           14.5mm                        TP 3026: 26''                   TP 5023: 23''
                             aluminium alloy        aluminium alloy         aluminium alloy                                                               TP 3029: 29''                   TP 5026: 26''
      Dimensions               143 x 82cm                143 x 82cm           129 x 83cm             106 x 68cm             106 x 62cm                    TP 3032: 32''                   TP 5029: 29''
      Weight                       56kg                    52kg                    38kg                   31kg              24kg                                                          TP 5032: 32''

       Marimbas                                                                                                                                                                             Chimes
      Model                    YM 6000*                  YM 5100A           YM 4900A              YM 4600A                YM 410             YM 1430                    YM40              CH500
      Range                        C-c4                     C-c4                  F-c4                 A-c4                  c-c4                A-c4                    c-f3             c1-f2
                                5 octaves                5 octaves           4 1/2 octaves        4 1/2 octaves           4 octaves         4 1/2 octaves          3 1/2 octaves          1 1/2 octaves
      Bars                      Honduras                 Honduras            Honduras              Honduras               Honduras              African              Burmese              Chrome
                                rosewood                 rosewood            rosewood              rosewood               rosewood              padauk               padauk
      Dimensions               275 x 116cm            261 x 103cm            235 x 96cm            219 x 91cm            183 x 83cm         188 x 84cm             154 x 80cm             180 x 86cm
      Weight                      107kg                    96kg                 78kg                   68kg                  49kg                 49kg                    39kg            84kg

       Xylophones                                                                                                                                         Glokenspiels
      Model                    YX 350A              YX 335               YX 300A               YX 135              YX 35G              YX 30G               YG 1210                YG 50D            YG 250D
      Range                        f1-c5                f1-c5               c2-c5                 f1-c5                c1-f4            c2-c5                  f2-c5                  f2-c5              f2-c5
                              3 1/2 octaves        3 1/2 octaves          3 octaves          3 1/2 octaves        3 1/2 octaves       3 octaves           2 1/2 octaves          2 1/2 octaves      2 1/2 octaves
      Bars                     Honduras            Acoustalon            Honduras              Burmese             Burmese          Japanese birch        Steel alloy            Steel alloy         Steel alloy
                               rosewood                                  rosewood              padauk              padauk
      Dimensions              143 x 78cm          137.3 x 80cm           103 x 62cm          123 x 62cm           120 x 66cm          106 x 55cm          79 x 48cm              73 x 46cm           65 x 45cm
      Weight                     36kg                    36kg               12kg                22kg                 21kg                21kg              15.7kg                  9.3kg               7.6kg

       Concert Bass Drums                                                                      Bass Drum Stands
             700 Series                 600 Series                   500 Series              BS 752/750,
             CB 74OB: 40''                CB 636: 36''               CB 532A: 32''           BS 510/512
             CB 736B: 36''                CB 632: 32''               CB 528A: 28''
             CB 732B: 32''                CB 628: 28''               CB 524A: 24''

66   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                             BAND & ORCHESTRAL
                                                                                                                                                               Vi o li n

 Using the latest in digital technology, Yamaha measured and carefully analyzed some
 of the world’s greatest violins such as those created by Guarneri del Gesu and Antonio
 Stradivari. This meticulous study uncovered intricacies that had been hidden in these
 instruments for over 300 years. This data is the key to the remarkable qualities of
 Yamaha’s own orginal master pieces.

                                                                                                                 V20G                                       V5SA

                      YVN200S/100S                                     YVN200G/100G

                                                                                                                 V10G/10SG                                   V7SG


Acoustic Violins
Model                      YVN200S/100S              YVN200G/100G                   V20G             V10G/10SG                V7SG                        V5SA
Keys Tone Generaor        480 x 45 x 372.5mm        480 x 232 x 45.5mm       480 x 93.4 x 230mm   480 x 49.4 x 353.5mm   480 x 44 x 353.5mm        480 x 44 x 375.5mm
Weight                            4 kg                     2.5 kg                    4 kg                 3 kg                  5 kg                      4.7 kg

                                                                                                                                       Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   67
               Silent Instruments
      The silent & electric strings series of Yamaha is sure to blow your practise
     experiences away. With its easy amplification without feedback, this series is
             the perfect marriage for an worship-inspired environment.

     Church bands may not practise confidently without disturbing any others.
       Barely a whisper, you may virtually hear yourself in performing in the
                      environment of resonant auditorium.

68    Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   69
     Silent Drum

       DTXTREME III Special Set
      Description                 Model            Content               Remarks
      Drum trigger               DTXT21s
      Rack system                 RS150
      Pad set                   DT2K10SP1             KP65               Kick-pad
                                                    TP120SD          3-zone snare pad
                                                     SS652              Snare stand
                                                    PCY150S         3-zone cymbal pad
                                                    RHH130            Real hi-hat pad
                                                     HS740              Hi-hat stand
                                DT2K10SP2           TP100x4          3-zone tome pads
                                                    PCY130S          Dual-zone cymbal
                                                    PCY130          Single-zone cymbal
     Note: Foot pedal (FP7210) and monitor system (MS100DR) are not included

       DTXTREME III Standard Set
      Description                 Model            Content               Remarks
      Drum trigger                DTXP3
      module                                                                              DTXPRESS IV Special Set
      Rack system                  RS70
      Pad set                    ST2K95M             TP65S               3-zone pad       Description       Model      Content         Remarks
                                                    TP65x4           Single-zone pads     Drum trigger      DTXP4
                                                    PCY65S           Dual-zone cymbal
                                                                             pad          Rack System        RS85
                                                     PCY65          Single-zone cymbal    Universal Size   DTP4K2SP    PCY155    3-zone Cymbal Pad (x1)
                                                                             pad                                       PCY135    3-zone Cymbal Pad (x2)
                                                     KP65                 Kick-pad                                     RHH135    2-zone Hi-Hat Pad (x1)
                                                     HH65             Hi-hat controller                                  TP65     Single-zone Pad (x3)
                                DT2K10SP2           TP100x4          3-zone tome pads                                   TP100        3-zone Pad (x1)
                                                    PCY130S          Dual-zone cymbal                                   KP65          Kick Pad (x1)
                                                                             pad                                       HS650A       Hi-Hat Stand (x1)
                                                    PCY130          Single-zone cymbal
     Note: Foot pedal is not included                                                     DTXPRESS IV Standard Set
                                                                                          Description       Model      Content         Remarks
       DTXPLORER                                                                          Drum trigger      DTXP4
      Description                 Model            Content               Remarks          Rack System         RS70
      Drum trigger                DTXPL
                                                                                          Universal Size   DTP4K2STD   PCY135    3-zone Cymbal Pad (x2)
                                                                                                                        TP65      Single-zone Pad (x3)
      Rack system                  RS40
                                                                                                                        TP65S        3-zone Pad (x2)
      Pad set                      DTLK9             TP65x5          Single-zone pads
                                                                                                                        KP65          Kick Pad (x1)
                                                     PCYx2          Single-zone cymbal
                                                                            pad                                         HH65      Hi-Hat Controller (x1)
                                                      KP65                Kick-pad                                      HH65        Hi-hat controller
                                                      HH65            Hi-hat controller
                                                      RS40              Rack system
                                                     FP6110              Foot pedal
                                DT2K10SP2           TP100x4          3-zone tome pads
                                                    PCY130S          Dual-zone cymbal
                                                    PCY130          Single-zone cymbal
     Cable are not shown in the photo. Monitor System and Drum Stool are not included

70   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                 BAND & ORCHESTRAL

Silent Guitar

                                                                                               Silent Guitar
                                                                                             Neck                                 Mahogany,
                                                                                             Bosy                                    Maple
                                                                                             Fingerboard                          Rosewood
                                                                                             Bridge                               Rosewood
                                                                                             Frame Unit                              Maple
                                                                                             Strings                              Nylon/Steel
                                                                                             Pickup                           B-Band/L.R. Baggs
                                                                                             Feature                                 Silent

                      SLG-100S                               SLG-100N

Personal Brass System                                                                                      ST9 Personal Studio

                                 ST5 Personal Studio

                                                                                         PM6 Series
Pickip Mutes
                                   PM9             PM6            PM3           PM7               PM5             PM2                 PM1
Universal Size               Piccolo Trumpet   Fluegelhorn     French horn   Trumpet,          Trombone        Euphonium              Tuba
Nominal Level                                                                   -25dB to -30dB
No. of Tuning Bolts                                                              ABS resin
Dimensions(diameter x L)         70x145mm      108x270mm       108x270mm     70x200mm          108x270mm       190x410mm      380x980mm (380x250 mm
                                                                                                                                    when folded)

                                                                                                                       Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   71
     Silent Electric Strings

     Silent Electric Strings

                      SV130                                      SV150                                           SV200                                      EV205
                      Brown                                      Black                                           Black                                      Amber

                                                                     Silent Violins                                                         Electric Violins
      Model                                 SV200                          SV130                               SV150            EV205 (5-string)              EV204 (4-string)
      Body Color                 Brown, Black, Cardinal              Brown, Black,                             Brown,                  Amber, Pearl Red, Cosmic Blue
                                    Red, Ocean Blue            Candy Apple Red, Navy Blue                   Black Sparkle
      Size                                                                  4/4                                                                      4/4
      Neck                                                                 Maple                                                                    Maple
      Body                                                                 Spruce                                                                   Maple
      Frame                                                          Molded Plastic                                                                 Maple
      Finger Board                                                         Ebony                                                                    Ebony
      Tuning Pegs                                                          Ebony                                                        Lightweight Worm Gear Type
      Bridge                                                         Maple (Aubert)                                                     Pickup Sensors Pre-Installed
      Tailpiece                             Ebony                                     Molded Plastic                                    Ebony (with Master Volume)
      Fine Tuner                     1 (for E-string)                4 (for each string)                   Wittner™ Ultra                              -
      Chin Rest                             Ebony                                     Molded Plastic                                                Ebony
      Sensor                        2 Piezo Pickups                    Pieze Pickup                             Pieze                 High Power Pickup for Each String
      Electric Controls                 Volume                             Volume                          Control box for                     Master Volume
                                                                                                            Music Player
                                    EQ Mode Switch                    Aux-In Volume                         Metronome                          Phones Volume
                                       EQ Control           Reverb SW (ROMM/HALL1/HALL2)                       Effects              Mode Select Switch (Controlled/Direct)
                                                                                                              Line Out
      In/Out Jacks                  Headphone Out                    Headphone Out                        Headphone Out           Pickup level Control (Each strings & Main)
                                        Line Out                           Line Out                           Line Out                        Headphone Out
                                                                            Aux In                                                                 Line Out
      Power Supply                   9V battery 1pc.      AA size 1.5V battery 2pcs. Or AC adapter       AA size 1.5V battery                  9V battery 1pc.
                                                                         (optional)                          2pcs. Or AC
      Battery      Manganese         approx. 5 hrs.                approx. 2.5 ~ 15 hrs.                   Client to advise                  approx. 6.5 ~ 8 hrs.
      Life *       Alkaline          approx. 12 hrs.                approx. 10 ~ 36 hrs.                   Client to advise                  approx. 15 ~ 18 hrs.
      Weight                                620g                            690g                                490g                          717g (1 lbs. 9 oz.)
      Standard Accessories             Earphone             Earphone /                  Earphone /         Client to advise                    9V battery 1pc.
                                     9V battery 1pc.        Audio Cable                Audio Cable
                                                            AA size 1.5V               AA size 1.5V
                                                           battery 2pcs.               battery 2pcs.
                                                           Shoulder Rest              Shoulder Rest /
                                                                                         Hard case
                                                                                    Carbon Bow / Rosin

72   Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue
                                                                                                                   SILENT INSTRUMENT
                                                                                                                                      Silent Electric Strings

  Electic Viola                                                Silent Cello
Model                              SVV200                  Model                                SVC110                           SVC210                       SVC50
Size                             16'' (406mm)              Size                                                                   4/4
Neck                                Maple                  Neck                                                                  Maple
Body                                Spruce                 Body                                               Spruce/Maple                                     Alder
Frame                              Plywood                 Frame                                Plywood                                            -
Finger Board                        Ebony                                                            -                  Beech (Folding Type)           Beech (Detechable)
Tuning Pegs                         Ebony                  Finger Board                                                          Ebony
Bridge                          Maple (Aubert)             Tuning Pegs                           Ebony                                     Worm Gear Type
Tailpiece                           Ebony                  Bridge                                           Maple (Aubert)                                Maple (PANPI)
Fine Tuner                      1 (for A-string)           Tailpiece                          Wittner Ultra                      Wittner                      Ebony
Chin Rest                           Ebony                  Fine Tuner                                      4 (for each string)                                   -
Sensor                         2 Piezo Pickups             Sensor                                                            Piezo Pick up
Electric Controls                   Volume                 Electric Controls                                                  Volume
                               EQ Mode Switch                                                                              Aux-In Volume
                                  EQ Control                                                                         Reverb switch (RM/HL1/HL2)
In/Out Jacks                   Headphone Out               In/Out Jacks                                            Headphone Out, Line Out, Aux-In
                                   Line Out                Power Supply                                  AA size 1.5V battery X 2. or AC adapter (optional)
Power Supply                    9V battery 1pc.            Battery Life *      Manganese   approx. 3 ~ 10 hrs.                                         approx. 2.5 ~ 15 hrs.
Battery Life *   Manganese      approx. 5 hrs.                                 Alkaline    approx. 9 ~ 25 hrs.                                         approx. 10 ~ 35 hrs.
                 Alkaline       approx. 12 hrs.            Weight                          3.7 kg (8 lbs. 2 oz.)          3.9 kg (8 lbs. 2 oz.)        3.5 kg (7 lbs. 11 oz.)
Weight                        740g (1 lbs. 10 oz.)         Standard Accessories                          Stereo Headphones , Audio Cable , Chest Support,
Standard Accessories               Earphone                                                                    AA size 1.5V batteries 2pcs., Soft case

                                9V battery 1pc.

  Silent Bass                                                                                               SVC100
Model                              SLB200                              SLB100
String Length                  1,040 mm (41")                   1,054 mm (41-1/2'')
Neck                                                   Maple
Body                                            Spruce/Mahogany
Frame                                          Beech (Detachable)
Finger Board                                           Ebony
Tuning Pegs                                 Custom Worm Gear Type
Bridge                                     Maple (Height Adjustable)
Tailpiece                    Ebony (Reverse type)                      Ebony
Sensor                           Piezo Pickup                     2 Pieze Pickups
Electric Controls                   Volume                           Volume
                                     Treble                        Tone control
                                      Bass                        Aux-In Volume
In/Out Jacks                       Line Out                    Headphone / Line Out,
                                                                     Aux In
Power Supply                    9V battery 1pc.                9V battery 1pc. Or AC
                                                                adapter (optional)
Battery Life*    Manganese     approx. 350 hrs.                   approx. 12 hrs.
                 Alkaline      approx. 500 hrs.                   approx. 24 hrs.
Weight                       7.2 kg (15 lbs. 14 oz.)               10 kg (22 lbs.)
Standard Accessories               Soft case                      9V battery 1pc.
                                9V battery 1pc.


                                                                                                                                             Yamaha Musical Instruments Catalogue   73
     Nota™ Standard and Premier Chairs                    Student Chair                                   Musician Chair
     Our newest posture chair innovation,       The original posture of chair can be               Posture chair design with extra
         No other chair can match it.             found just about everywhere.                       padding for extra comfort.
                                              Promotes proper posture and breathing.

                Playright Chair                          Symphony Chair                                     Cellist Chair
           Designed for beginning and           Classic back styling meets proper              Specifically designed for cellists, with
                young musicians.                  posture. Designed for concert                posture, stability and comfort in mind.
                                                   halls and top-tier programs.

String Bassist/Percussionist Chair                                                                                 Ensemble Stool
                                           Sousaphone Chair                    Portable Audience Chair
   Provides elevation to give the                                                                              Telescoping legs, seated
                                     The original Wenger innovation!         A flexible alternative to fixed
   musician more control and the                                                                                  natural wood seat.
                                     60 years of allowing musicians to       audience seating. Available in
  conductor more visibility from a      concentrate on technique.               many widths and colors.
          seated position.

                                                            EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR FOR SINGAPORE
                                                            Head Office: 140 Paya Lebar Road, #03-11 A-Z Building, Singapore 409015

       YAMAHA Music (Asia) Pte Ltd                          Co. Reg. No. 19660213D
   Classic 50 Music Stand                 Bravo™ Music Stand             Roughneck™ Stand                Gig Stand® Music Stand
Traditional design that’s built           Nearly indestructible      The metal stand that’s still the   Patented, fold-down design
from tough, durable polymer           polystyrene desk with double       standard for quality.          makes this a great portable
  that will not bend or dent                tray. Five colours.                                          stand. Perfect for groups
like metal. Perfect for rugged                                                                           or individuals who travel
        environments.                                                                                           frequently.

                           Conductor and
                           Director Stands
                           Well-built, classic styling for
                           leading the group.

    The perfect way to conduct rehearsal or
    Built with heavy-duty construction and
    unwavering stability. System includes stand
    (with optional shelf ), double podium, and chair.
Musical Instruments &
Pro-Audio for Worship
                                        YAMAHA Music (Asia) Pte Ltd
                         140 Paya Lebar Road, #03-11 A-Z Building, Singapore 409015
                                         Tel : 67474374 Fax : 67472668


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